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What is "breaking" about this?
I wouldn't mind iOS going darker at all. Yosemite has a dark theme, iOS should too. I think iOS and Watch UI should be similar as much as possible.
So personal tastes define innovation? What's innovative about a smart watch that desperately tries to immitate a traditional watch in the looks department? If I want something that looks just like a traditional watch, I'll buy a traditional watch. And obviously a device that has way mote capabilities and functionality than a device that just tells time isn't going to have the same kind of battery life. People that want this kind of functionality on their wrist will make...
In that New Yorker profile Ive said:The Watch screen looks fantastic. The motion watch faces are gorgeous. When does this come to iPhone? What are the drawbacks of going AMOLED vs LCD? Currently the jellyfish photo is my iPhone wallpaper. It's absolutely gorgeous but just being a static image doesn't give the same effect. I'd love it if we could get something similar to the motion watch face for our lock screens.
I gotta say though if we ever see an 18-karat gold iPhone I might just vomit a little in the mouth. Thankfully I don't think we ever will.
I'm not completely convinced. By pricing it where they did it's so out of reach for most people and watch connoisseurs with lots of money are probably not interested in it. I think it was more about getting the watch on the wrist of celebrities and taste makers and dipping a toe in the luxury market. I don't see it as much more than that. I certainly don't expect 18-karat gold iPhones any time soon. And since Ive has so much respect for traditional watchmakers I think he's...
So Ive said Apple Watch is not competing with high-end mechanical watches and Apple's intention was not to compete with traditional watchmakers. I see Apple Watch being a threat to cheaper to mid priced watches not high end mechanical watches.
MG Siegler tweeted that he thinks Watch is a product that will be harder for the die-hards to use than regular folks. I agree. I'm seeing Tweets, Instagrams and other posts from average folks who seem to be loving the device. But the John Gruber's of the world are decidedly 'meh'. Same with the MacBook. Average Joe's that have it are much more positive about it than some of the reviews were.
How does this watch face look at 6:30?
I know deferring to content on such a small screen is vitally important but I wonder if there might be a software update giving you the option to show the scroll bar before you start turning the crown - at least so one could use it while they're still figuring out when to use the crown and when not to. Unless it's always obvious when there's more content see?
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