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There are existing Apple products that are thinner than the iPhone that still use the standard headphone jack. Apple may have legitimate reasons for losing the headphone jack I just don't see how thinness is one of them. And are there any iPhone owner saying I wish my iPhone was thinner? I highly doubt it. If anything people want more battery life, but for whatever reason Apple has decided that nine hours is good enough (yes I know the iPhone Plus gets more). I would much...
No you didn't and why do you have to curse at people?
What does that have to do with thinness though? Apple has existing products thinner than the iPhone that use this jack. So I don't think the thickness of the iPhone is being determined by this jack.
Just what people want, more dongles. What's Apple going to sell this one for $29? Sigh.
Do you really think this is all down to Jony? I don't doubt he's a very powerful person inside Apple but I do doubt that he and he alone makes these kind of decisions. Also the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPad Air 2 are thinner than the iPhone 6S and they use the standard headphone jack so I'm a little skeptical that this is about making the iPhone thinner as it seems Apple could do that without replacing the existing headphone jack.
Both the iPod touch and iPod nano are thinner than the current iPhones but use the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. So is this really about making the phone thinner?
Except that 99.9% of people aren't audiophiles and don't want a price increase.
Ok I'm confused. Why would the MacBook make people jump ship as it didn't replace any existing computer? It's not like people can't buy a MacBook Air or Pro...Anyway I can't get worked up over rumors. I'll believe this when I see it.
I think we're seeing the effects of a resource constrained Apple. Steve Jobs designed Apple 2.0 to work a lot like a start-up. But Apple's way to big to work like that now. Go back to that New Yorker profile of Jony Ive. The interviewer mentions Ive sometimes nodding off as they were speaking because he was so tired. Ive mentions that towards the end of 2014 he caught pneumonia because he said he worked himself into not being well. Look at everything Eddy Cue oversees....
Right. I'm not talking about that. There are people that hate the remote. I don't know why. For what it does it works great, IMO. But yes I agree there should be other input methods.
New Posts  All Forums: