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Oh please. Munster came up with that silly channel fill excuse because the sales figures were a lot higher than what he predicted and he didn't have the balls to admit he got his prediction wrong.
This is bullshit. I've been using 1Password with iOS 8 extensions for the past day and it is awesome. Same with quick replies for instant messaging. Stubbornly holding back features is not keeping something clean and good. Apple was losing sales to the competition because they were holding back useful features in iOS.
So Reuters says Apple is losing its cool factor with consumers. And now we have a story from BusinessWeek with a headline that Apple's phones won't change the world but Nokia's will. And just the other day they put up a story telling android users not to buy the new iPhones because it's too difficult to switch ecosystems. I'd love to know who's paying for this...
Not sure about #2 as Apple will never break out sales by model. As far as #1, that's laughable. Apple wants to do one thing and one thing only....sell as many iPhones as they can. You can't sell something that doesn't exist.
Photos after photos showing long lines outside Apple stores and yet the stock is down right now while the rest of the market is up. When Apple announces sales figures on Monday I wonder if Gene Munster will start spewing channel fill nonsense again.
They wouldnt have to as page views rule these days. What blows my mind is for how many years now have the media and Wall Street been saying Apple needs to make bigger phones, they're losing share to Andorid and Asia loves big phones, blah blah blah. Now Apple makes bigger phones and we get stories wondering if they're too big. Big ass phones were great until Apple did them, now they're too big.EDIT: and right on cue, Reuters has a story about Apple allegedly losing it's...
I have to say kudos to AI for not stooping to the Clickbait whoring of MacRumors. Right now on their front page is an article about the phones not survivng a drop test. But there's another video (link below) from Android Authority that also does several drop tests on both phones and the only damage was some scuffs/nicks on the aluminum case. This video though doesn't make it into MR's story. Shameful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS8f-hVsDzA
There is no open option. I used to be able to select copy and then paste in the address bar and it would paste the image url. From there I could copy that and then paste that url anywhere. Doesn't seem to work any more.
How do you copy an image url in Safari in ios 8? If I long press on an image I get a copy option but it does nothing. If I try to paste into Safari address bar I don't get paste option; nothing happens. Is that a bug?
Love this tweet from Tim Bradshaw who works for the Financial Times. Tim Bradshaw Consumer Technology Reporter about 17 hours ago In product reviews, Cook "asks managers pointed questions about spending & hiring projections" businessweek.com/articles/2014-… This is controversial?
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