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Wow Apple's on a full court press here. WSJ has a story with Ed Catmull talking about what these movies don't get about Steve.
 I don't think anything Apple has done had been copied more than the Unibody. And it's easy for your laptop to look nice when it doesn't have to be covered in Intel and Windows stickers.
 I think it's unfair to throw OEMs under the bus for lack of innovation. There have bee some really nice laptops from OEMs. Prior to Surface Book everyone was ogling over the Dell XPS 13. Now it's as if that doesn't even exist. And of course it was Bill Gates that said hardware would just be a cheap commodity. So what are OEMs supposed to do when they share the same OS and have razor thin margins? The products become cheap and full of bloatware. I think Microsoft bears...
And yet people refer to them as "iVerge". The hyperbole around this product is ridiculous. But it's not surprising as the narrative has already been set. I knew before the event started that the tech press would gush over whatever Microsoft announced. If anybody but Microsoft (and perhaps Google) released a laptop with that hideous hinge and a detachable display that only gets 3 hours battery life (what's the point?) the tech press would've been merciless in their mocking.
Sounds intentionally disingenuous to me. If they're comparing the top-of-the-line Surface Pro they should say so, oh and also note it's a lot more expensive than $899.
Agreed. I wonder if these speakers are Apple designed? They look nicer than any speakers Beats has released before.
Bose Soundlink mini is awesome for $199.
The Microsoft fanboys would argue these are just reference designs to light the fire under OEMs to create better stuff. I don't buy that. You can create reference specs without designing and selling your own product. Look what Intel did with Ultrabooks. Also I think it's really unfair to put all the blame on OEMs. It's easy for Microsoft to make great hardware when they don't have to worry about selling in volume, being profitable or competing on cost. Microsoft is...
And Microsoft wasn't the first PC maker to create a laptop with detachable screen. Convertible aka 2-in-1 laptops have existed for a while now. Every time I turn on the TV I see an Intel commercial for one of these things. I'm not convinced this is going to take share from Apple. If anything it's going to take share from premium offerings from the likes of Dell or Lenovo. PC makers that are strong in enterprise sales might fair OK but the rest are going to be stuck in a...
The Verge says the iPad Pro is "far less powerful" than the Surface Pro 4. What are they basing that on? We really know nothing about the A9X chip.
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