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Then that means the new iPads will have more RAM. When I go into the diagnostics & usage log on my Air I see a ton of LowMemory crash reports.
I hope those fugly bands are not in the final product or if they are they don't look that fugly.
I hate big ass phones. How do you use a 5.5" device comfortably with one hand? Or does that not matter anymore?
I was really hoping Apple wouldn't copy Samsung and the phablet trend. Sigh.
You think Apple is going to charge $100 more to increase the RAM to 2GB? Not sure why Apple would start raising prices on iPad when YOY sales have been declining. Isn't the price of technology supposed to come down over time not get more expensive?If that's what Apple does they won't be getting a sale from this Air owner. But if they do all that and keep the price the same I'll be one of the first in line to buy.
For Sog
I wonder if Tim Cook runs into this experience since he does 80% of his work on an iPad.
I'm sure Sog wouldn't have done that. Sog would have raised the price to $399 and and stuck an A6 in it. All about making sure the profit margins are as high as possible.
Then why even offer the mini. That would force everyone to the higher margin Air. So when Cook and Ive say Apple is all about making the best products what they really mean is Apple is all about making sure the products with the highest profit margins sell the most.
They increased the price to $399. No way that price increase would fly if all they did was add retina screen. Larger screen device should only be better/more powerful if it has additional functionally. Last year the Air didn't have any functionality that the mini didn't have. It's possible this year that changes I guess.
New Posts  All Forums: