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This phone looks very pink. I hope 9to5Mac is right and it is rose gold like Apple Watch which would be more copper than pink.
Blech. If Apple is going to have a musical guest get someone better than that. But if Eddy Cue is deciding than I won't be surprised if we get some top 40 crap.
Well PED thinks the larger venue is so Apple can throw a Taylor Swift concert for Apple employees. He claims there is no evidence more journalists than usual got invites to the event so thinks the additional space is for Apple employees. http://fortune.com/2015/09/04/apple-taylor-swift-appearance/?xid=yahoo_fortune
So this is a calculator watch look?Anyway if all I wanted was a watch I wouldn't be buying a smart watching the first place.
Um, that's why Apple offers two sizes.
There have been rumors that Apple would be doing gold anodized aluminum watches. I'm still skeptical about that but I wonder if this less expensive gold is really an anodized aluminum watch. Although it's weird that the NYT would refer to it as gold.
As I've said before I haven't had one person look at me funny or ask me why my watch is square instead of round. They ask me what it does and if I like it and they think being able to pay from my wrist is very cool. Of course most of these Android Wear watches don't currently have NFC so they can't do payments. But hey they're round and look like a knockoff version of a traditional watch and I guess that's all that matters.
What is the point of round other than aesthetics? People here are showing how round *could* work but not why it's better. And who knows what the future of wearables will be? Why do we assume it will forever be first and foremost about telling time (which is the only reason for a round form factor)?
And that's why this obsession over round vs square baffles my mind (even though yes I admit I'm participating in it ). Why does it matter? If the public says 'sorry Apple we prefer round' then Apple will have no choice but to go round. But if the public likes the watch and its utility then what's the point of going round? Just because most mechanical watches are round? The coolest things I do with my Apple Watch have nothing to do with telling time.
It boggles my mind that some think just going from rounded rec to circular makes something not look like a "mini computer" strapped on to a wrist. How does that Samsung watch not look any more like a computer than the Watch does? And those mockup ups of Watch's app constellation on a round form factor certainly don't make it look any more jewelry like than the square Watch IMO.Square watches have existed in the traditional watch space for a long time. Is this considered...
New Posts  All Forums: