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Hmm..I'd be curious to know your opinion the more you use it. Is it something people need to get used to and then it won't both them or is it going to be an annoyance? I wonder if the speakers are different than with the 1st gen Air or if it's all due to the device being 18% thinner.
The Nexus 9, which has a bigger battery and thicker case claims 9.5 hours of video playback. Engadget got over 11 with the Air 2 and people are still finding reasons to complain?
How do they fill it with a larger battery if it's the same size and thickness? When Apple went retina with the iPad 3 people complained because it was noticeably heavier and thicker. I for one will take any weight reduction I can get. But then I'm never away from power long enough where 11 hours of battery life wouldn't be enough.
For me battery life complaints are only legit if someone had to change their real world usage because of shorter battery life. I'd love to know who needs to use an iPad for more than 11 hours without a charge. Even if you're on a long plane ride are you really going to be using your iPad for 11 hours straight? I doubt it. I'll wait to see what people's real world usage is a month or two into using their device.
I have no idea because I don't use Android tablets. And honestly I don't care. I care about a great user experience, not well it's better than a piece of garbage Android tablet.
Who says profits were down because products were too cheap? And who's to say 2012 was the norm and not the exception?
Apparently Control Center with the Air 2 contains a toggle for both rotation lock and mute. Nice. I won't be missing the mute switch button now.
Some MacRumors users are complaining about feeling a vibration when playing video/audio. I'm sure that will be the next "gate".
Wow you're really setting a low bar there. iOS 8 on an A5 chip with 512MB ram is not a great experience. It might be marginally better than a cheap Android tablet but that's not saying much. I would expect Apple's bar to be set higher than that.
I'm certainly not suggesting Apple forgo profits. But it's not like they're struggling to make money. $8B quarterly profit isn't chump change. My concern people will start wondering if they're getting the best 'bang for their buck', if they're getting the best products or if Apple is more concerned about upselling so ASPs and margins remain high. The 1st gen iPad mini only exists so Apple can say "for $50 more you can get a much better product". Same with the mini 3. In...
New Posts  All Forums: