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The quickest way to get this law reversed is if businesses start leaving the state or refuse to do any business in it. Now I have no problem with this law and I think Tim Cook should stick to running Apple or let someone else be CEO so he can go fight for LGBT rights. I just want to see him put his money where his mouth is. Boycotting these states would be one way to do that. Of course he never would because the stock would tank and shareholders would be up in arms. Those...
I'm patiently awaiting Apple to stop selling their products in the 19 states that have religious freedom laws. And I assume too then that Apple will move its offices from Austin to a state that doesn't have this so-called bigoted law? Put your money where your mouth is Tim.
It seems to me the complaints are coming from those who just wanted a retina display in the MBA. But then at what point do the MBA and MBP become too similar to be separate product lines? I'm sure Apple's ultimate goal is to phase out the MBA and get the MBPs to be thinner and lighter. For people that need more ports, why not just buy a 13" rMBP? The 13" rMBP starts at $1299 - the same starting price as the rMB. The rMB wasn't designed for power users and with 9-10 hours...
I can't wait for taptic engine and force touch to come to iPad in some way.
 So content is considered a 'spec'? 
 No but that's because I have no plans to sign up with Apple's rumored new service. So far I don't see how it's better than what I have.
Maybe over time but it seems like Apple wants to control the buying experience for now. Horace Dediu talked about this on his latest podcast. Apple has pretty much designed every aspect of the buying experience. Even the charging stands inside the case were designed to hide the cord from the inductive charger. Only thing I'm unsure of is he said at the event the lighting was dim and they used spotlights that focused directly on the watch. Not sure how they'll implement...
Point is Tim Cook isn't selling a $10K watch for personal wealth enrichment.
None of the watches in Apple stores are going to be security locked to a counter via cable.
All stores but only certain stores will carry the Edition watch. So my guess is smaller Apple stores or ones inside malls won't get the Edition watch.I love that Apple is driving people crazy with this though. While people complain about Apple selling a $10,000 watch, Tim Cook tells Fortune magazine he's going to pay for his nephews college education and then give the rest of his money away to charity.
New Posts  All Forums: