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Except that Luca said OVER 100% of the quarter over quarter change in "other" was due to Watch. We don't know how profitable "other" is as Apple doesn't report profits by product segment.
Loving my Watch so far. Going to try out the Sleep Pulse sleep tracking app tonight. I haven't found anything confusing about the interface other than glances and notifications not available when you're on the app constellation. I think Apple should make those available everywhere just for consistency sake. Also boneheaded me spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get podcast audio to my Bluetooth headphones. Finally after 10 minutes the lightbulb went off and I...
And let's not forget this is the same WSJ that ran a front page story on January 13, 2013 that Apple was cutting iPhone 5 production in half because of less than expected demand. On Jan 11 the stock price was $520. The close on Jan 14 was $501. If someone wants to drive the stock down they know what to do.
Well I broke down and bought one this afternoon. Two reasons: one, I had a $350 gift card from work burning a hole in my pocket. Two, as I was out running errands I had the latest iMore podcast on and they were giving their impressions of the watch 3 months in. Everyone on the show had mostly positive things to say, especially around fitness and activity apps. Jim Dalrymple talked about how the Watch is on his wrist every day and has helped him lose weight. And Jim's not...
Hmm....I'm not aware of, say, Intel or Qualcomm calling out specific companies. For example I don't think Qualcomm ever mentioned Samsung even though everyone knew they were the large client Qualcomm was losing. This supplier didn't have to specifically mention Apple or the Watch.
How's battery life on the 38mm models?
Because I don't think Apple's valuation is based on leveling off. The day after earnings on CNBC every show was about what's next with Apple. Right or wrong the market is looking to Apple to disrupt. Not just maintain. And if I was an engineer working at Apple, making incremental updates to iOS devices and Macs would get kind of boring. I'd want to be doing new and challenging things.
I don't get why this is a surprise to anyone. And to all those suggesting Apple is hiding bad sales then the only conclusion is Apple knew before the product went on sale it would be a dud. That's nonsense. Maybe they're just being cautious but so what? Right now Watch is big big enough to be broken out on its own. And what benefit does Apple get from releasing sales figures? For those that want this product to be a failure no sales figure would be good enough. And then...
Tim Cook was asked and said Apple has no relationship with Tesla. Apple is a company that likes to do things on its own and control the whole widget. They're not a piece of technology in someone else's product. And they don't typically acquire completel products (at least not on the hardware side). Beats is an exception but we know Apple didn't buy Beats for the headphones. I can see Apple poaching heavily from the auto industry and doing their own thing, A number of Apple...
Growth? At some point there will be fewer people who want an iPhone that don't already have one. Last year Tim Cook did an interview with WSJD and said iPhone would be Apple's main revenue driver for the next 5 years. What comes after that? Surely Apple executives have to be thinking about that. And what other areas can Apple disrupt that would provide significant revenue/earnings growth?
New Posts  All Forums: