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It would be nice if rumor sites didn't publish this stuff which just pushes it out there even more. You know sites like Business Insider are constantly checking Apple rumor sites for D&G and FUD they can publish.
So AI wants us to believe Apple will ship some "iWatches" with glass and some with sapphire and I guess it's just consumers luck of the draw whether they get sapphire or not? I mean seriously?!?
AI involved in stock manipulation?
And yet AI throws this up on their website under the red "breaking" banner.
Apologies for the language but how the f*ck does this qualify as "breaking" anything?!?
Is this similar to Netflix and YouTube? I believe they run their own CDN's as well.
MacRumors headline doesn't match the body of the story.
9to5Mac's sources claim the tentative launch date is September. I agree with what Ben Lovejoy wrote on their site:
How do you propose Apple do this? If a la carte was economically feasible cable companies would already be doing it. People look at what Apple did with music and iTunes and think they should be able to disrupt TV too but the situations are completely different. Nothing comparable to Napster in the TV space.
So who are the people Apple is keeping? Does Beats have a lot of hardware engineers or are they mostly people working on the streaming music app? The headphone designs were done by a 3rd party design firm (which said its work would be transitioning to Apple's design team).
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