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Maybe because Josh put up a very negative iOS 7 piece 15 minutes after WWDC keynote. Also, Verge became very pro-Google In the past year or so.
I was just thinking about this. Any time I read an Apple review on his site the haters were out in full force claiming he was an Apple fanboy. Can only imagine what they'll be saying now.
That too. Though I think with this rumor sites are reporting it incorrectly. The re/code rumor specifically said multiple models at different price points, yet sites like this are reporting it as "iWatch to cost $400". Presumably because that gets more page views with people showing up just to say how they'll never pay $400 for an "iWatch" even though they have no idea what Apple is announcing, no idea what it looks like or what features it has.Personally I think there's...
I initially thought that about the venue choice (and still do) but someone on Twitter wondered if this wasn't just the effects of Katie Cotton no longer running the show at Apple and Tim Cook's desire to be more open and friendly with the media. Heck, Gizmodo got an invite. Doubtful they would have if Cotton was still in charge. At the same time Apple has only used this venue a couple times (when announcing the Mac in 1984 and iMac in 1998) so I can't imagine Cook would...
Way too much smoke for there not to be fire. Plus we haven't seen any "nope's" from Dalrymple or any other trusted source. We never did with Beats either. Re/code seems to be pretty spot on with their rumors. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's Apple PR leaking to them.
Media predicted $1,000 because they were expecting OSX on a tablet.
If this rumor is legit then this device isn't going to be an iPhone accessory.
According to another leak to re/code Apple is allegedly discussing a $400 price point for their wearable. But the rumor also claims there will be a range of models at different price points with some being cheaper than $400. If Apple figured out a way to design a device that looks like a high end traditional watch I think they could get away with a $400 price tag. As much as the tech press wants people to believe it the Moto Almost 360 doesn't look like high end anything....
Because right now they're using the same chip in both devices so if iPhone gets 1GB ram wouldn't iPad too?
Yes it bothers me when people are hypocritical.
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