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Go on Apple's website any day and you'll see job openings for hundreds of hardware engineers. These employees very well may have talent outside of FuelBand, and Apple may be working on more than just an "iWatch". I don't see the wearables space as just one thing. And if these are talented engineers and/or designers I think Apple should try and grab them before someone else does.
Maybe. But I'm just sick of always hearing how Apple doesn't need to do anything. Honestly I think Apple is understaffed and if Nike has some good engineers/designers on this team Apple should go after them.
You forgot /s tag.
I hope Apple hires some of these guys. Don't let competitors snatch them up.
I get this feeling like Samsung's goal is to get under the skin of Apple executives and Apple fans, and it sure seems to be working. I'd love it if Apple fan sites would ignore Samsung rather than give it the attention it's looking for.
What's wrong with the bezels on the iPad Air? Why do they need to be thicker?
Well if 9to5Mac is correct, the big feature of OSX this year will be the UI redesign. I don't expect OSX to look exactly like iOS but I won't be surprised to see icons looking more like their iOS counterparts and any last vestiges of faux leather, felt, etc. removed. Peter Cohen made a good observation on the last iMore podcast. He works for an Apple reseller and said a lot of people that are new to the Mac are coming from iOS, so making elements of the UI more similar...
I'm still wondering if she ever will present. I don't remember Ron Johnson being up on stage. They might keep her off stage just to quell any speculation that she's being groomed for Cook's job.
Watch the recent episode of MacBreak Weekly. Both Andy Ihnatko and Rene Ritchie said from what they've heard, no one inside Apple is trying to claim the Steve Jobs mantle. I'm sure some would find that worrying, that Apple needs a "visionary". But personally I think the executives at Apple know Steve can't be replaced and they're not trying to groom any one person to be the next Steve. I hope when Angela starts she's able to do her job and doesn't have to deal with any...
I wish she had already started so maybe we could see her on stage at WWDC. I keep hearing how she's such a great public speaker. She'd probably be more enjoyable to listen to than Cook.
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