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Will be interesting to see how Apple has solved battery life as according to rumors last year that was a big issue:http://www.theverge.com/2013/3/4/4062448/apple-watch-will-run-ios-and-arrive-later-this-year-say-sources
LG watch looks nice in this render because it's displaying an analog watch face. But how will it look when displaying the weather, a notification, maps etc.? That outer band (which appears to be where the display drivers are hidden) will look out of place.I'm really hoping Apple doesn't go down this route if they want the device itself to display information outside of time/date. A round face that doesn't look big and stupid wouldn't be big enough to display useful...
I guess it's how you define vaporware. To me vaporware is something like the Microsoft Courier or Samsung phones with 3-sided displays. This device is going to be announced at IFA. When the Moto Almost 360 was first revealed all we saw were renders but I don't remember it being called vaporware.
LG's watch will be available for sale in Q4. How is that vaporware?
It seems weird that we haven't seen any leaks. I can't imagine Apple announcing this product before the holidays and not having it available for sale for the holidays.
He's not going to out a new Apple product. But if it wasn't happening he might say "nope". I would take silence to mean "yep".
How often does Dalrymple do "yep's"?
Overhyped machine by who? We don't even know that this (or the rumored 12.9" iPad) exist. Of course rumor sites starved for Apple news will report on this because they need something to fill their pages and generate ad revenue.
Isn't a 12" iPad with a keyboard basically a MBA running iOS? Who wants that?
Apple got to 225M iPads sold faster than they did with iPhone. It's not surprising to me that growth has slowed a bit. On the last Apple earnings call Cook said Apple had exciting things planned for iPad. So I've no doubt they're working on ways to reignite growth (beyond the IBM partnership).
New Posts  All Forums: