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I'm sorry but this is just bad. And it would look comically huge on anyone that had a small wrist. And what's up with the ragged text near the edge of the display. Shouldn't there be some kind of border or padding that prevents the text from butting right up to the edge?
Where I work I'm not even sure why we have desk phones anymore because I can take and make calls from my laptop. To me the biggest barrier to iOS devices becoming truly useful in the enterprise is active directory support. If I want to access files on a network drive via my iPad I have to do it via a Good for Enterprise app. If I want to actually edit a document I have to use another app called Polaris Office for Good and then I can only edit in apps that are whitelisted...
Can someone cut through the corporate jargon and explain exactly what this means?
I don't care what Ive said. Apple's website says the 38mm gold watch is 54g for the rose gold ot 55g for the yellow gold. That's 1.9 ounces.http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-watch/apple-watch-edition/38mm-18-karat-rose-gold-case-white-sport-band?product=MJ8P2LL/A&step=detailThere were rumors Apple was using some new fangled process based on a patent application but that was never confirmed. And based on the fact that people like John Gruber said the gold watch is heavier than...
There's obviously technical reasons for the black border so I wouldn't really call it a waste of space. Most of the Android Wear watches are really large because they're using hardware to cover up the bezel. And I've seen plenty of Android Wear screen shots that seem like a waste of space....like a text message where half the screen contains a photo of the person who sent you the text.
But if you're wearing it just for fashion reasons then why wouldn't you just buy a normal watch. I'm skeptical that people who buy watches purely for fashion reasons and not utility are going to be interested in smart watches.
Considering the Apple Watch interface is mostly black and the human interface guidelines counsel app makers to use black background how often does the black border stick out on Apple Watch?
The only problem with these renderings is they hide the stupid flat tire. No way would I wear a circular watch that has a black bar at the bottom of it.
I guess for people that will only wear round watches. Honestly I can't see that many iPhone users buy an Android Wear watch. Apple Watch is always going to be more full-featured and have deeper hooks into iOS.And my god that Huawei watch looks awful. Looks like some cheap quartz watch you'd find at Target.
Your link references a patent but this has never been confirmed by Apple. One thing we do know from people who have held both is the gold watch is heavier than the stainless steel watch.
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