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I have this speaker and I love it. For everyone that complains about Bose quality being crap like Beats this speaker does not fall into that category.
Not the overall design based on what? Aesthetics? I love the way the iPhone 6 feels in the hand. Feels much better than the 4 or 5 ever did. I'm using one of Apple's silicon cases and it's just perfect. Yes I agree from a purely industrial design standpoint nothing beats the 5 but I prefer the screen and the curves of the 6. The current design might be a transition period like the 3G/3GS was. I don't think either of those were stunning industrial designs.
Wouldn't want to be Eddy Cue today.
Imagine if this ever happened with iCloud. Tim Cook better be chewing some ass right now.
I saw on Twitter that apparently Samsung is removing the bloat from Touchwiz (whatever that means). My question is, are average consumers not buying Samsung phones because of Touchwiz bloat or is that just something geeks and tech site writers obsess about?
16GB storage and 1GB RAM devices would like to have a word with them. Or Cook at least as Ive is probably not involved in those decisions.
I downloaded it and tried logging in to my iCloud account but kept getting an error message so I deleted it.
So how many pen patents do we have from Apple now? At least 20? When do we see an actual product out of them?
And there's still clowns on CNBC saying Apple is doomed because of hardware commoditization. How many years now has Wall Street been singing this tune?
But when someone says Apple should ditch 16GB storage and start with 32GB these same progressives say that's ridiculous and Apple's #1 goal should be to maximize profits for shareholders.
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