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I've never given money to company I thought was rotten before. That makes no sense to me.
Do you own a mobile phone or any other consumer electronic products? there's nothing more pathetic than all the liberal do-gooders complaining about evil corporations all the while typing on their MacBook Airs and texting on their iPhones. I wish people would put their money where their mouth is. If they think Apple is exploiting Chinese workers for profit then stop buying Apple products. Better yet, stop buying any gadgets manufactured in China. Of course if people did...
Yeah there are definitely issues with video scrubbing. Not sure why as this stuff worked just fine in iOS 7.
Good god I hope 8.2 isn't just about WatchKit. I hope it contains bug fixes too.
When I view a video full screen in Safari it doesn't let me close the video. If I click done, nothing happens. The only way to get out of the video is to close out of Safari and go back in. Anyone else have this issue? I hope it's fixed in 8.2.
I don't know what T-mobiles plans are but My current AT&T plan is 6GB/mo. Would this mean if I didn't use up all my 6GB in a month they'd roll over what I didn't use? I'd love it if a carrier gave you the option to either roll over unused data or get a refund for the portion not used.
What does "extra paid unused mean"? Does this apply to your normal data plan or is it only if you purchase additional data and don't use it all?
I think there are blatant examples of copying but I don't agree that everything is copying. Otherwise we could argue that Apple copied Android with widgets, 3rd party keyboards and extensibility in iOS 8 (all of which Android has before iOS did). Of course I think that's nonsense because the implementation and user experience is different. And that will be the same case here, Pay is simple and elegant and extremely user friendly. I doubt whatever Samsung does will be...
Billions? Based on what source? I'm not trying to argue Pay won't be successful as I think it will be huge. But it's early days and will take time. I know where I live more stores don't support it than do. My local grocery stores, liquor stores, department stores, target, Walmart etc. none of them accept NFC based payments right now.
Except Pay is in its infancy and mobile payments is something that has been talked about for years. If this was typical Samsung they would have brought out an (inferror) mobile payments solution BEFORE Pay just so they could claim they were "first". If we want to talk about copying lets talk about Huawei who just announced new phone called Honor 6 Plus. Now that's blatent copying.
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