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Also. why can't something be fashionable AND a "bycicle for the mind"? Playing up the fashion aspect of the device takes nothing away from its functionality.
Wow way to stereotype people. By the way both John Gruber and Nilay Patel (The Verge) said Watch was the most ambitious product they've ever reviewed. If all you take away from the device is sending ones heartbeat you obviously don't have much imagination.
The original Mac in 2015 dollars would cost around $4,500. Or $5,600 after Scully raised the price to cover the try it and return it marketing campaign. Or how about the PowerBook? The base level PowerBook introduced in 2001 would cost $5,800 today.The Apple Watch is cheaper than the original iPod. Which is amazing considering the technology in it blows away the iPod by a wide margin. As I said earlier this product is the most egalitarian product Apple has ever designed....
Except Will Carling has a Watch with red sport band and it's not an Edition Watch. I highly doubt Jony Ive would give him a SS watch with a band that has a gold pin.
There's very little evidence to suggest that Angela's role is anything more than running B&M and online retail. Yes she was CEO of a fashion house but she was hired to run retail, not product design or marketing. Tim Cook hired Paul Deneve from fashion house YSL. My guess is he's the one behind all this with Jony (and now Phi too) as the public face. Deneve's Apple bio says he's involved in "special projects". My guess is one of those special projects is Apple Watch...
Let's see how many people say this once WWDC rolls around.
From what I can tell based on this story, Apple isn't marketing anything luxury at this event. There showing off different colored sport bands, the cheapest bands in all the Watch collections.
I guess I don't get the furor. Watch is partially a fashion product so Apple is engaging the fashion community. I don't see what the big deal is. Since when did the fashion world become the enemy?
It was announced last September.http://www.vanityfair.com/news/business/2014/09/marc-newson-apple-jony-ive
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