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But Steve Jobs wouldn't have... /s
Apologies if my post gave that impression. That was not my intention. And believe me I hate the constant references to Steve as if any perceived deficiency wouldn't have happened on his watch. Plenty of mistakes happened on his watch. But I think the larger point is Apple needs to slow down and focus on polishing current software. I honestly feel iOS 8 wasn't ready to ship but Apple felt they had to ship it with the new iPhones. Look how quickly we got a software update...
This headline is wrong. Newson never said he was only working on one project. Most likely it's justthe assistance he's providing doesn't require him to be a full-time employee. Probably similar to Jimmy & Dre.
I agree. If software isn't ready it shouldn't ship with new phones. The only thing that maybe should ship is something specific to the new phone like if there are Touch ID changes or updates to the camera app.
So for 6 months us users have to live with buggy software? If that's the case then I wish Apple would let me downgrade back to the last version of iOS 7 and then I would know in the future to wait 6 months before installing new software.
I have wifi issues too where I either have to close out of Safari, toggle wifi off and on or in some cases reboot my device. And just as I was typing this my keyboard froze and Safari crashed.Part of me is angry at Scott Forstall (and Steve Jobs) for allowing iOS to fall far enough behind the competition that Craig Federighi and team are scrambling to catch up. And anyone who says it wasn't behind....go watch WWDC 2013 and 2014 again and see the huge positive reaction from...
John Gruber linked to a piece by Russell Ivanovic who argues that Apple needs to slow down their software releases so they can spend time building software that "just works". I agree. Gruber brought up an example of him changing the wallpaper on his iPhone 6 and the phone going into a continuous reboot to which he had to do a full restore from iTunes.MacRumors has a thread up about users having Bluetooth issues and not being able to pair with their vehicles. I've had...
Lots of good clam chowder in this thread. The line outside Colette yesterday was HUGE. And that was just to see the watch behind a glass case. I wouldn't be surprised at all if something similar is created in some of the bigger Apple stores for the holiday season. Would guarantee foot traffic and who knows, if people are in the store looking at the Watch they just might decide to buy something else while they're there.
Steve was CEO so he had the final say. Designers would typically show him three things - two were sacrificial lambs for the one they knew he would like. But we also knew there were times where Steve needed to be convinced or had his mind changed. Or times where he flat out was wrong - like when Jon Rubinstein wanted to put a CD-ROM tray in the iMac (so it could be used to burn CDs) but Steve insisted on a slot loading drive for purely aesthetic reasons.
I wasn't aware anyone was forced to listen to anything he says.
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