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I must say some of the first takes on Apple Music remind me of the first Apple Watch reviews. The media has this meme going that Apple Music is confusing. I've messed around with it and don't really find it confusing at all. But it's something that you might have to play around with a little bit, do some exploration. One thing in will say though is while I think the interface looks nice there are certain areas that feel a bit cluttered with a lot of stuff shoved into it....
No way to do it with Spotify.
I think Siri integration is Apple's ace in the hole and probably why there will never be a third-party API for Siri integration.
Wait somebody that only owns iOS devices is a fandroid? How does that work? And yes I am seeing posts in my Twitter feed slobbering all over Beats Radio as if Apple reinvented radio.
Haha, I have a feeling if Google or Samsung rolled out a live radio station that sounded just like BBC Radio 1 some people here would be knocking it as a ripoff. I'm not surprised it's similar to BBC Radio 1 since that's where Zane Lowe came from. But I have to laugh at some of the comments in my Twitter feed claiming Apple has reinvented radio. Really? Mimicking Radio 1 is reinventing radio? I can go to TuneIn right now and listen to Radio 1 whenever I want, 24/7.
It's not BS. Many of the songs he played in the first hour or I couldn't add to my library. I've stopped listening since so maybe he's playing mor stuff that is available now.
Beats 1 needs a recently played feature. Except most of the stuff Lowe has played so far isn't available to stream on Apple Music.
 Appatently it's his thing to talk while the music is playing. But I do hope they tone down the "world wide. Always on." Showing up in the middle of songs.
I noticed a lot of the songs they're playing on Beats 1 aren't available on Apple Music yet. Grr...
So when does this go to the Supreme Court? Though with the court we have now I wouldn't expect them to make the right decision.
New Posts  All Forums: