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I'm hoping we see a new ATV this fall with a new interface. Even if Apple's grand designs with Apple TV aren't ready they could still updated it so the competition doesn't get so far ahead.
If only this stuff didn't generate page views (yeah I know I'm contributing to it by commenting). Who cares about some obscure Asian news source that claims a rumored Apple product is going to be delayed because of alleged comments from a rumored Apple component supplier for said rumored product. Sigh.
Sigh. It's going to be a long summer. Do rumor sites have to report every time some Asian news source translated by some no-name American tech site reports on a rumored delay of a rumored product?
I guess I'm confused by the complaints (MacRumors has 9 pages of them!). We know any new hardware will either be announced at WWDC or another event, most likely in the fall. This is a minor spec bump for back to school. I go back to what Eddy Cue said about what's coming being the best he's seen in his time at Apple. I think WWDC gave us a hint as to how these fall events will play out. A lot of what Apple announced was not leaked beforehand and people were truly...
What would make it not pointless when Broadwell isn't available? Apple isn't going to do a significant update when Broadwell is just around the corner. This is basically for back to school and a stop gap until they can release new machines with Broadwell.
Even Brian Hall (who writes for Techpinions and is a huge Windows Phone supporter) thought this ad was bad. I can't stand Google but at least they're not obsessed with Apple in their ads the way Samsung and Microsoft are. It's almost as if these ads are designed to get page views on tech sites and incite fanboy flame wars in the comments section.
We should be welcoming competition as it will make Apple's products better in the long run. Siri was announced in 2011 and we still don't have 3rd party support. I can tell Siri to open Spotify but if ask her to play a song from my playlist she says she can't find it because the only thing she can search is the music app. I would love to see Siri completely blow Google Now and Cortana out of the water. Surely Apple has the talent to do that. The question is where Siri is...
So is this update a stop gap until we get new machines this fall or will we not see Broadwell machines until 2015? Perhaps because this update was pretty minor (no graphics updates for instance) it signals the former?
About time.
How many people here have actually used Cortana? I haven't so I can't speak to it. But I do like that 3rd parties have access to it (wish Siri has that). Competition is good, especially if it ends up improving Siri in the end. I'd love to see a true competitor to Google Now and would rather it be Siri than something else. Edit: offline processing would be nice (where possible). I think Google Now has this capability.
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