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What happens to the Powerful ad campaign? Does Apple just abandon it?
iOS 8 didn't fix it on my Air. If Safari performance isn't greatly improved on the new iPad I'll skip this generation. iPads need more ram. Or Apple needs to redesign Safari so it isn't such a dog on the iPad. Or both.
I wonder how long Iovine and Dre will stick around. I have a hard time believing they're working full time for Apple. Ian Rogers and the other Beats employees Apple kept probably are. But Jimmy & Dre no way,
Well some people think it's just fine because those crappy headphones make a lot of money. Or that somehow Beats headphones being owned by Apple will make these urban teenagers flock to iPhones. I always thought it just reinforced the false narrative that Apple products are overpriced and only sell well because of design/marketing.
I didn't say it was no big deal. I think it's only logical that the streaming music service gets combined with iTunes Radio. Keep the Beats brand for headphones, keep the iTunes brand for music.
File this one under 'duh'. Just like the MacRumors article about some users experiencing battery drain and wifi issues. That's why I told family members (not to upgrade to iOS 8 right away. Wait for a point update.
No I haven't changed my opinion. I think $3B for streaming music service is nuts. But we all know Apple justified the $3B price tag with the profitable headphones line. So that's what Apple really spent $3B on regardless what they claim.
The Beats brand is synonymous with headphones not streaming music. No need for Apple to have iTunes radio and Beats Music app. Might as will combine them into one streaming music service oh and while they're at it give iTunes a proper redesign.
If Apple does this they no longer have to support Android.
But I thought Apple bought Beats because of the streaming service and how it was so much better than the completion. At least that's what the proponents of this deal claimed. Unless they're going to integrate Beats streaming functionality into iTunes?
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