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The more I look at photos of the Surface Book the uglier I think it is. It almost looks like a prop that you'd see in a furniture store. I actually think it might look better if the color was darker. With it being so light and the keys the same color it just looks so washed out.
From a launch party in Paris. Is it just me or does it look like J Ive lost some weight? That suit looks a bit baggy on him.
Of course. I knew before this event ever took place that whatever Microsoft announced the tech media would go apeshit over it. Heck there was even someone on the MacRumors forum who claimed Apple was 10 years behind Microsoft after today. And then you have John Gruber kissing ass because Microsoft has sponsored his podcast (he even held an episode live from Bulld last year) and he doesn't want to be seen as an Apple fanboy. Sickening.
From Paul Thurrott https://www.thurrott.com/mobile/microsoft-surface/6662/microsoft-surface-book-preview
Btw, in case anyone is interested, check out the tweets from a Disney employee who got hands on time with the iPad Pro. This is what he had to say about the Pencil:https://twitter.com/paulhildebrandt
So I wonder if all the tech geeks that constantly complain about bezels are going to knock this device for its bezels. Yeah that's a rhetorical question. Just like the hinge would be fugly if anyone but Microsoft (or maybe Google) announced it.
So basically a SurfaceBook that's comperable to iPad Air 2/iPad Pro in terms of weight only gets 3 hours battery life? lol All of this seems very confused. If the Surface Pro is the ultimate no compromises device why does Microsoft need the SurfaceBook? And why is one called "Pro" and the other "Book"? I think it would make more sense if Microsoft just admitted there are compromises and the two devices exist so people can choose which trade off they're willing to accept.
People claim Apple is confused and yet are drooling all over this MS announcement. To me the SurfaceBook is Microsoft admitting a laptop is preferable to the tablet hybrid. But they had to make it a 2-in-1 because that's Intel's big thing,
Like I said the astroturfing is strong. Of course that's the case every time an Apple competitor releases a shiny new object. I'm sure the media has already heralded the SurfaceBook an [insert Apple product name here] killer.
I wasn't aware the rMBP only had one port.
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