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These slabs were mentioned in that New Yorker article.
I think Jony's made it quite clear he's not interested in ever being CEO. I see this as Tim recognizing how important design is to Apple and how it is one of the biggest differentiators between Apple and its competition.The more I think about this promotion the less I'm surprised by it. Go read or watch interviews with Cook and Jony is the only executive always called out. Others may or may not get a mention. At the March event the only two executives called out by Tim...
No doubt about it the Apple Watch display is jaw droppingly beautiful. Apple is making this work for the Watch; they'll figure it out for iPhone - certainly if Jony has anything to say about it. Oh and Apple while you're at it, how about brining complications to the lock screen?
Google showed off a dark theme for Android M. I want that for iOS. We got it with Yosemite so I have to believe Apple is at least thinking about it. Maybe we'll get it once they go OLED for iPhones. Here's what Jony Ive said about the Watch and iPhone displays in that New Yorker interview:Edit: I see others already beat me to this Ive comment.
What problems are you having? It seems like you might be the exception, not the norm.
Here's what Tim Cook said in his all-employee memo. I think you're out of luck.
How can you guys say the Watch is done? As a product line it's just getting started. No way Jony Ive thinks his work with the Watch is finished. It's just beginning, As far as Ive's promotion portending him retiring...one thing no one has mentioned...why would Marc Newson come to work for Apple if Ive was on his way out? In a recent interview Newson said he currently spends about 60% of his time on Apple projects. Also it seems odd that Apple PR would give the New Yorker...
Maybe if stupid people wouldn't be sending this to other people for "fun" it wouldn't be such a news story.
No, Ive disputed that story in the New Yorker profile. He said he and his wife never wanted to leave and they sold their house in England because they were never there. Keep in mind he bought a $17M house in San Francisco and he and his wife became US citizens a few years ago (his children were already citizens as they were born in the here). Another thing to keep in mind is his twin boys are 11 years old now. It seems doubtful that he would want to uproot them and move...
Hmm...perhaps this is some of the "blue sky" stuff Apple's new CDO will be working on.
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