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Safari on iOS 8/8.1 sucks. Apple needs to get its shit together and get these things fixed.
Whatever the issue is, Apple's iOS software needs work. Even updating to 8.1 I still have issues where I'll be typing something in Safari and the keyboard freezes and Safari crashes. This is on an iPad Air. On my iPhone 5s I have issues with my 3rd party Twitter app where sometimes it won't refresh or show conversations when I'm using wifi. If I turn wifi off it works just fine. I hope there is no iOS 9 and we get a Snow Leopard version of iOS 8.
I know Steve said Apple was a software company and many people say they buy Apple hardware because of the software but I would argue they're much more of a hardware company. The biggest advancements they've been making are in chip design and advanced manufacturing techniques like friction stir welding with the iMac and what they did with the new Mac Pro. And with the Watch what's really impressive again is hardware; the S1 computer on a chip. The custom designed bands...
I wonder what Jony has up his sleeve. Cook did tell Charlie Rose that Apple is working on stuff no one has rumored about yet. I wonder if sapphire plays into that.
And Apple stock just reached an all time high of 104.37.
Agreed. When I first got my Air It felt so much lighter than my 3rd gen iPad. But now after having if for a year when I pick up someone's iPad mini it makes my Air feel heavy. Reviews say the Air 2 now feels as light as the mini. I use my iPad a lot for reading so this is great. My arms thank you Apple.
No it's just this predictable manufactured outrage. IFixit does a teardown and says the battery is smaller. So people freak out about battery life and claim Apple is trading better battery life for an obsession with thinness. In years prior I don't remember people complaining that 11 hours battery life was insufficient. Now this year it's a problem. Even though hardly anyone has had the tablet long enough to gauge what their battery life will be like. Plus the first Air...
Considering this was a soft launch and Apple never said when iPads would be in stores I'm going to guess they won't announce any sales figures like they did with iPhone.
of course it's smaller. That's why it's called the iPad mini. A smaller battery due to smaller form factor isn't an inferior product.
For $100 less it is, IMO. Touch ID isn't worth $100.
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