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Here's a great article about why Apple has an advantage precisely because their watch face isn't round. Everyone will instantly be able to recognize an Apple Watch, whereas Android Wear devices are starting to all look the same as they trip all over each other to release smart watches with round displays. http://watchaware.com/post/8111/the-curvy-rectangle
So are airlines discriminating because people in coach don't get the same level of service as 1st class? It's not like Apple is pre-packaging Sport watches and relegating them to Walmart. The personal setup for the SS and Edition models is video support. There is NOTHING that suggests someone buying the Sport watch gets no assistance from employees.Also it's not like every Sport buyer is buying that model because they can't afford the SS model. So to make it sound like...
Exactly. Good god, for a product we're told no one wants and is going to be a failure there sure is a lot of angst over the roll out.
Yes. And I believe Jony Ive mentioned it's more difficult to work with plastic as things get thinner. I never had a problem with the 5C. I played around with one in an Apple Store and it felt really nice, certainly not cheap like a lot of people think of plastic as being.
If this is going to be the free on contract phone I doubt it will have iPhone 6 internals. Apple's not going to go from $199 to free in one year. And if it has 5S internals I could see Apple keeping the 5C name and just say the internals have been upgraded.
I don't see what the pressure is. That seems geared more towards people who don't have an appointment and just walk in. I doubt anyone who's not interested in the watch is going to be pressured into buying one by a store employee.
I like that there will be more of an orderly process. You know there would be people who have no intention of buying the watch in the store wasting store employees time.
Good. Cut down on scalpels as much as possible.
Hmm...somehow I think the Cook defenders (besides you) don't see it that way.
10-15% of the U.S. population is gay? Your nuts.
New Posts  All Forums: