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Nope it's there.
Considering Cook's obsession with the environment and hiring Lisa Jackson to run environmental initiatives why would Apple not make eco-friendly packaging? Unless we're just assuming it's not? I don't know squat about materials...is no plastic eco-friendly?
Yeah from photos it looks more dense than typical Apple packaging. But AI's wording makes it sound like the SS watch packaging is more premium and so that's why I wonder if it's using different materials or more sense plastic.
But are they the same material?Glad you're happy with your watch.
So is the SS Watch packaging a different material than the Sport packaging? From photos they both look to be white plastic.
These ads are each around 1 minute. I assume there will be shorter ones for TV?
Yeah not being an engineer myself I'm wondering what exactly in the teardown points to no upgrades being possible?
Actual Reuters headline:Apple thwarts geeks, investors probing smartwatch componentsThe S1 chip is completely sealed (as Apple has always said) and iFixit doesn't like it.Of course sealing off the S1 wouldn't have anything to do with water resistance, of course it's all because Apple wants to make the Watch technology seem more innovative than it really is.
So I wonder how quickly we'll see complaints because the Sport and SS packaging are different.
One thing about Watch that I like is Apple isn't superficially trying to make it look like a traditional watch. Jony Ive said it doesn't make sense to compare a traditional watch to the functionality and capabilities of Watch. I think the idea that someone who wears expensive traditional watches will give them up for a cheap Android Wear watch that tries to look like a traditional watch with a round display and skeuomorphic traditional watch face is laughable. And now...
New Posts  All Forums: