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I actually smiled when I heard Apple say that. Of course everyone and their mother will want to know iWatch sales because they can't wait to declare the first product Steve had nothing to do with a failure. I'd love it if Apple doesn't ever provide sales figures for it.
Haha and Business Insider is already freaking out because Apple Watch is going to be reported in a category called "other products" along with iPods and accessories.
Someone on Bloomberg said Apple's future is software and services because they're high margin businesses. I'm scratching my head at that comment because Apple has been making more and more software free. And services exist to make devices more desirable to own. I'd be curious what software they think will make a lot of money for Apple.
It helps that Mac sales are doing well. But I think the weak iPad numbers give Microsoft more confidence in Surface. I don't see Surface going anywhere anytime soon.
This quarter barely includes 6/6 Plus sales. Most of those sales will be counted next quarter.
I believe it was 5.5M
Text selection and copy/paste are still messed up (in Safari at least). Damn I thought 8.1 might fix that.
All I ask for with this update is it fixes my wifi issues, fixes text selection and copy/paste issues and makes Safari suck less. Pretty please Apple?
According to the Verge it's more of a fitness band with various sensors that also works with iOS and Android. So I don't see it as an Watch competitor.
Apple doesn't have access to any credit card numbers or data.
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