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Right because Apple can never make mistakes. Those genius ads were something else.
It's pretty obvious the team that worked on Apple Pencil is not the same team that worked on Apple TV. The fact that the remote app hasn't been updated yet nor has Apple authorized use of Bluetooth keyboards, along with Siri still only being able to do basic things makes this product very 'meh' right now. On one of his podcasts Jason Snell talked about the care Apple puts into its packaging and how opening an Apple product is an experience. He lamented that Apple doesn't...
I don't get it. It doesn't make any sense. I don't find clever and I don't think most people would get it.
I'm not sure why Apple thinks ads with a Test Card pattern are going to get people to buy an Apple TV
BS. You can get any charger that's part of the made for watch program. The last thing Apple needs is lawsuits because someone used some cheap Chinese charger and it wrecked their device. Oh and since no one is forced to buy an Watch they're not forced to buy any wireless charger from Apple.
Candidates? Since you used the plural how about you name some names besides Donald Trump? Good luck because you won't find any. But we do know the Japanese internment camps happened under Democrat Frankilin Roosevelt. And we know one of Hillary Clinton's heroes, Margaret Sanger, was a proponent of eugenics.
Right like guns for example.
Here's a review from someone on MacRumors.http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/new-watch-dock-by-apple-metal-link-band-compatible.1938870/page-2#post-22278151
To be honest I don't like the upright stands. This works better with nightstand mode. But I wear my watch to bed so I won't be buying this or any other watch stand. My watch is hardly ever on a charger.
So it's not plastic then? I didn't think it was but some on Twitter were claiming so.
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