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If he doesn't have any direct reports then my bet is once Campus 2 is finished he retires and perhaps joins the Apple board. Remember Avie Tevanian was promoted to Chief Software Technology Officer in July 2003 but Bertrand Serlet was brought on to run software engineering. March 2006 he left the company. I do find it interesting that these design VPs were not slotted under hardware and software engineering. I guess Apple is making a statement that design will never report...
Ok it seems weird to me that these two new VPs got added to Apple's executive page. In the Telegraph interview with Stephen Fry Jony Ive said he was still in charge of both teams as CDO. But adding these two guys to the executive page would indicate they report directly to Tim Cook. So one, it seems odd that Ive would say he's in charge of both if those VPs don't report to him and few if Ive decided he no longer wanted direct reports why would he say he's still in charge...
I agree that Apple needs to get back to simplicity as much as possible. Over at 9to5Mac Jeremy Horowitz wrote an editorial about how Apple's new UI VP needs to focus on more intuitive software and used Apple Music as an example. The new Music app is overwhelming and much more complicated than it needs to be. And unfortunately on the desktop side they just bolted it on to the existing bloated iTunes app. Not good Apple, not good.
Also iTunes and iCloud are under Eddy Cue's org. Quite honestly I think his organization needs a shake up. It's the one org within Apple that isn't truly functional and is just a hodgepodge of stuff that I guess Cook didn't know where else to put. Personally I would like to see his org broken up. Have Eddy run one organization consisting of iTunes, AppStore, TV, Music and Pay. And then bring in someone else to run iCloud, Maps and Siri.
Hasn't iTunes Match always been a bit of a clusterf*ck? I purchased the entire Beatles library from iTunes but when I go to my music in the Music app almost all of the albums have the same cover art and many of them are missing tracks. Of course when I go to the iTunes Store it shows me 178 Beatles songs "not on this iPhone". Why would some be on my iPhone but not others? And why would I get the same generic album art for every album?
No one has any complaints? Because you know every person that owns an A5 device and uses it to play games? If all Apple is doing is updating colors and I hope it's a silent update and the new colors just show up in the store.
So a better solution is to just have people pirate music like they did with Napster? The music industry cannot ignore reality. This is what a lot of people want and they need to find a way to make it work. Getting rid of streaming isn't going to make people start buying albums again.
Some of the engineers allegedly working on this project do have previous experience in the automobile industry. In a couple of Apple's industrial designers were involved in automobile design in previous jobs. The rumors back in February were that Apple's industrial design team was meeting with and trying to poach executives from auto companies. Again who knows if we'll ever actually see a car from Apple but there's too much smoke for there not to be any fire. I do think...
Btw here is an Apple job posting for a Procurement Manager in Cork Ireland. https://jobs.apple.com/ie/search?#&ss=39439217&t=0&so=&lo=0*IRL&pN=0&openJobId=39439217 Here are the job qualification requirements: Key Qualifications Min 5+ years of experience in Technical Procurement (high value Capital Equipment) and Project/Program Management in a fast-paced, innovative environment. Previous experience in Automotive/Robotics/Aeronautic Industry is highly...
If Apple is working on a car for sure it will be an electric vehicle. And they don't have to manufacture it they can contract that out. Just like they don't own manufacturing plants for any of their other products.
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