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Is the Nokia brand still on low end feature phones?
I agree that the Misunderstood ad was much better. That one actually did have me tearing up at the end. This one not so much. It's not a bad ad but it's not great either. Of course it's 1000x better than the silly iPhone ads with Justin and Jimmy. If those are coming from Apple's in-house team they need a new team or at least a new team leader. I see Ken Segall thinks the whole iPhone 6 campaign is 'meh'. He's worked with Jobs and Apple on some great ads so I trust his...
Really, so that's why last years ad featured the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"? That was Tim Cook's Apple too.
So why was this decision reversed then? And what sandboxing rule did Pcalc break? Seems like Tim Cook needs to get engineering and marketing in a room and sort this out. Personally I think developer relations and app review should be part of software engineering, not marketing. But wherever it resides they need to be in sync with the team that runs the App Store so you don't get apps being promoted and then a week later are removed bcause they were rejected by app...
But the Pcalc decision was reversed. So I guess that now fits Apple's definition of a good simple UX for the Today view? Or Apple is confused and reverses decisions once they get a lot of negative attention.
Isn't it Microsoft kind of doing the same thing? They just bought hockeyapp and I read that they're making a big push to get developrs using their tools for iOS development.I do think the whole material design on iOS is a big middle finger to Apple. But as long as Apple either doesn't have clear guidelines or is inconsistent in what they enforce then there's nothing stopping Google from making their apps look like Android and Microsoft like metro/modern.
I think you forgot your sarcasm tag.
Hurray up and get it before App Review rejects it.
So what? Android Wear was announced before WatchKit and there are currently smartwatches shipping with it. Does that mean Apple copied Google with Watch OS/WatchKit? Of course not.
True. But we know this is intentional on Google's part. There intentionally using their own design guidelines and basically saying FU to Apple.
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