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Agreed. When I first got my Air It felt so much lighter than my 3rd gen iPad. But now after having if for a year when I pick up someone's iPad mini it makes my Air feel heavy. Reviews say the Air 2 now feels as light as the mini. I use my iPad a lot for reading so this is great. My arms thank you Apple.
No it's just this predictable manufactured outrage. IFixit does a teardown and says the battery is smaller. So people freak out about battery life and claim Apple is trading better battery life for an obsession with thinness. In years prior I don't remember people complaining that 11 hours battery life was insufficient. Now this year it's a problem. Even though hardly anyone has had the tablet long enough to gauge what their battery life will be like. Plus the first Air...
Considering this was a soft launch and Apple never said when iPads would be in stores I'm going to guess they won't announce any sales figures like they did with iPhone.
of course it's smaller. That's why it's called the iPad mini. A smaller battery due to smaller form factor isn't an inferior product.
For $100 less it is, IMO. Touch ID isn't worth $100.
I'll wait for real world usage tests. All the complaints now are from people that don't even own an Air 2. They just hear it's a smaller battery and assume battery life will be worse. Because apparently there's nothing Apple can do software or hardware wise to improve battery life or at least keep it the same. That can only happen with bigger batteries and heavier devices.
Hmm..I'd be curious to know your opinion the more you use it. Is it something people need to get used to and then it won't both them or is it going to be an annoyance? I wonder if the speakers are different than with the 1st gen Air or if it's all due to the device being 18% thinner.
The Nexus 9, which has a bigger battery and thicker case claims 9.5 hours of video playback. Engadget got over 11 with the Air 2 and people are still finding reasons to complain?
How do they fill it with a larger battery if it's the same size and thickness? When Apple went retina with the iPad 3 people complained because it was noticeably heavier and thicker. I for one will take any weight reduction I can get. But then I'm never away from power long enough where 11 hours of battery life wouldn't be enough.
For me battery life complaints are only legit if someone had to change their real world usage because of shorter battery life. I'd love to know who needs to use an iPad for more than 11 hours without a charge. Even if you're on a long plane ride are you really going to be using your iPad for 11 hours straight? I doubt it. I'll wait to see what people's real world usage is a month or two into using their device.
New Posts  All Forums: