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Ah the same WSJ that said on January 13, 2013 Apple reduced iPhone 5 orders by half due to weak demand. The same WSJ that reported Watch would contain over 10 sensors and then when they were proven wrong claimed that Apple scrapped the health and fitness stuff and then scrambled to find a purpose for the device. Mind you they first reported on the 10 sensors in June 2014. So if their later report is to be believed then within the span of 3 months Apple completely scrapped...
It's totally impressive as is Apple getting IBM to purchase hundreds of thousands of Macs.
Someone should send this to the WSJ who's spreading FUD about Apple again. The same clowns that claimed Apple cut iPhone 5 orders in half. http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/07/31/glimmers-emerge-on-apple-watch-sales-and-theyre-not-pretty/
I don't ever see them ceding control. CarPlay as it stands is ok but I can't imagine it's making Apple much money. I have to believe Apple's ambitions go way beyond CarPlay.
I'm still skeptical that existing carmakers will let Apple take over their dashboard. There was another story recently that automakers are very reluctant to give Apple and Google the data they're interested in. Projecting UI through CarPlay or Android Auto is about as far as Apple of Google will get.
So apples destiny is forever spitting out iPhones and Macs?
Except Toyota just gave Apple and Google a big FU.http://www.autonews.com/article/20150730/OEM06/307309899/toyota-holds-apple-google-at-bay-with-telenav-navigation-dealThe auto industry isn't Blackberry and Nokia.
I think it could be amazing and they opened it up to developers on the Mac so I hope they do so on iOS as well.
You're right but don't think for a second Zuckerberg (and Page) isn't try to pass this off as something altruistic because that's exactly what they're doing and what they want people to think.
I believe it was Bill Gates that said Internet wasn't even in the top five list of things Africa needs. I think I will trust him over others whose business success is predicated on everyone accessing the Internet.
New Posts  All Forums: