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Oh, I thought goal was making the best products in the world.Here's Tim Cook from a Businessweek interview in 2012:And Jony Ive at the British Embassy's Creative Summit in 2012:Obviously the numbers show fhaf Apple is making projects people want. I just don't want to see them get greedy thinking people will buy their stuff no matter what. I've seen rumors this year that new iPhones will have 2GB RAM and base storage starting at 32GB. I will not be surprised at all if that...
60% of Apple's sales this quarter were outside of the Americas. Are all those people are paying full retail price up front for their phones?
Maybe I didn't phrase it right but while Apple might be laughing all the way to the bank right now, I think it's short term thinking (as does John Gruber) . I feel in a sense they took advantage because they knew how popular these large screen phones would be. And yes I do think Apple can easily afford to bump up base storage on their flagship devices to 32GB while still making more money than any publicly traded company in the world. And still having higher smartphone...
No, I'm talking specifically about getting rid of the 32GB storage option. And it's not a similarly priced item. The iPhone ASP of $687 is way above the asp for any other smartphone. Apple's laughing all the way to the bank now. But I still agree with John Gruber that selling 16GB phones is a mistake in the long term.
What does this have to do with efficiency? It's all about driving up ASP and gross margins which Apple did this quarter.
Then why did Apple stop charging for most of its software? Isn't that subsizing its customers? This is what John Gruber wrote in his iPhone 6 review:Does the price of storage not get cheaper over time? And is it not possible to pass that on to consumers?
Tim said there could be cannibalization coming from the Mac. Either Apple doesn't care or they've got stuff in the pipeline to make iPad more attractive. The only reason I bought the Air 2 is because of 2GB RAM which should have been in the first Air.
What's stupid about it? Should storage stay at 16GB forever? I suppose you think RAM should stay at 1GB forever too.
Cook speculated that there could be some iPad cannibalization with the Mac. I wish someone would have asked him a follow up question on that. I'd love to know why he thinks people are choosing a Mac over an iPad.
A phone is required right now, not forever. Also Watch supports more than just the new phones. I'm sure there are plenty of 5s and 5c owners who will get the watch so they can use Pay.
New Posts  All Forums: