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MacRumors has a story claiming the A8 chip for the new iPhone only has 1GB RAM. Is it really that expensive to bump it up to 2GB?
I made that comment because the other day people here we calling the new LG and Samsung watch leaks vaporware. If those things are vaporware than certainly an Apple device announced now but not available for 3-6 months is vaporware too.
Wouldn't the World Wide Developers Conference be the place to release an SDK? I mean that's the event developers attend. These hardware events are usually just for the press.
But when people like me have complained about most if not all hardware being announced in the fall the response is that it makes total sense because the holiday season is when people buy things. I'm not arguing that Apple should announce everything in the fall, far from it. It just seems odd to announce something in the fall and not have it available for Christmas. This seems like the kind if device that would be a great Christmas gift.
I guess they could be announcing it early to give developers lead time for apps and to prevent FCC leaks? I just hope if they do announce something there really is something to show and even demo; not vaporware.It kind of makes me wonder though if this device really isn't ready for primetime. Otherwise wouldn't it have made more sense to announce it at WWDC (where the developers are) with availability for sale this holiday season?
But yesterday people here were calling LG's new watch vaporware even though it apparently will be shipping before Apple's wearable device does.
Differences is, that wasn't launched right before the holiday season. Are they going to have a functioning device(es) for people at the event to try out? Or are they just going to show a computer render and say "coming in 2015"?
So Apple's getting in the game of vaporwear? It seems odd that they would announce something in the fall but not have it available to ship for the holidays. If it's not ready why announce it now? Unless Apple is that worried about it leaking? Or are they getting in the business of showing off prototypes so Cook can say to Wall Street "see we are innovating"? I'd love to call this rumor bunk, but the source is usually very accurate.
I'm reserving judgement for the announcement. The leaks never look as good as the real thing. It will all make sense come 9.9 and Schiller is on stage announcing the new phone.
I have my doubts this is a stage for a rock concert. I still think it's going to be a massive demo area with maybe a lot of 3rd party stuff that integrates with HealthKit and HomeKit. 9to5Mac claims Apple is working on 1st party hardware for HomeKit,so maybe we'll see something there?
New Posts  All Forums: