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Is mute the same as making the ringer silent? On my Air even if the volume is set to mute I still hear sounds when I get a text.
I use the mute switch a lot because I use my iPad at work. I believe the volume down button will now perform that function. My guess is this will be one of those things that's not a big deal to 99% of users but some will throw a hissy fit.
Well I'm just curious because in Apple's only statement on this matter they said their main concern was preserving jobs. Unless they tried to preserve these jobs but were unsuccessful?
So is Apple going to hire these people?
I saw this article in Computerworld that was essentially praising Tim Cook's business model of offering products at all different price points. I'm not sure I agree. Right now Apple is selling five different models of iPad. I'm sorry but I thought Apple was all about simplicity and focus. Why is Apple still selling the non-retina mini? And what is the purpose of the new retina mini that is exactly like last years mini except for Touch ID? Based on what was announced today...
iOS 8 upgrade stats suggest otherwise.
The original mini is like the iPad 2 still being sold for $399. My guess is the original mini will be gone within 6 months.
My guess is there are more people in between 16 and 32 than there were between 32 and 64. Yeah maybe 64 at $599 is a better value than 32 at $499 but if you don't need that much additional space you've spent $100 more for nothing.
Well considering iOS 8 has stalled out at around 50% clearly 16GB is an issue. I'm sure there are a lot of people who own iOS devices but have never used iTunes on their computer. OTA is the only thing they know.My guess is current iPods and iPad mini won't be around much longer. Especially if the 6 Plus sells well.
Yes, and if it's a supply constrain issue due to needing every A8 possible for iPhones then don't update the mini now, just reduce the price on the currrent model. There's no rule that says the Air and the mini have to be announced at the same time. The mini 3 pointless and is just adding complexity to Apple's product line.
New Posts  All Forums: