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Excuse me but if Apple offers OTA updates you shouldn't have to use iTunes. I know plenty of iOS device owners who have never even used iTunes. To force them to have to go to a computer (assuming they have one), download iTunes and do the update that way is a poor user experience (iTunes on windows is a crap experience and I only use it when I absolutely have to).
This is great. Now can Apple focus on software bugs? WiFi is still wonky in 8.1, my keyboard still randomly freezes in Safari, text selection is still messed up and I get random reboots where all of a sudden I see a white screen with black Apple logo. This is all on my iPad Air 2, but WiFi and text selection also are issues on my 5s. We know Apple kicks ass when it comes to hardware. I would love to see them get that good at software too.
I can see certain instances where an older device would be just fine (like POS systems or the things you mention). But for the general consumer A5, 512MB RAM and non-retina is just not a great experience and I don't think app developers should have to support it anymore. It's not fair when they get crappy app reviews because their app doesn't work great on old hardware.
Very few people need 64GB either but Apple offers it. When you have people saying they can't upgrade their software because they don't have enough storage that should be a clue that 16GB isn't enough. And if my comments make me an elitist I'm certainly not the only one. Heck even John Gruber questions whether Apple should be selling devices with 16GB anymore. And I'm sorry but it is my belief that some things Apple does are completely contradictory to Jony Ive's statement...
Then who is the demo? Poor people? People too stupid to know the difference? If somebody's using the device to just surf the web and watch movies and they might as will get a Kindle Fire or Nexus 7. If nothing else those devices have a superior screen. I hate saying that but there's no way I would recommend a non-retina screen for any device running iOS 7 or higher.
 Just curious, how would the average Joe know what functionality is included in the free version? Does Microsoft include it in the details on the App Store. Seems to me that's ripe for confusing people. Plus I'd love to know how Microsoft decided what would be free and what you'd need to pay for. 
 Because marketing and finance appear to run the show now. Jony Ive says Apple's goal is to make great products and making money is a consequence of that. 8GB phones and 16GB base models fly in the face of that statement. A 16GB device with all of Apple's free software loaded on it leaves you with a little over 8GB free space. When iOS 8 was released the OTA update was around 6GB. One of the reasons iOS 8 install figures are low is because a lot of people didn't have...
 Apple doesn't. And it's highly unlikely to that that you're over your profit growth was driven by iPads. The only reason the original mini still exists is to hit a specific price point, though I think it will be gone within six months. The mini 2 is a much superior product. Of course the marketing department knows having the mini 1 in the line up makes it easier to upsell people to the mini 2. They can say for only $50 more you get a retina screen and much better...
How in the world would we know when Apple will never disclose sales figures for each model. The only clue we might get is when they disclose ASPs on the next earnings call.
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