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Looks like Marc Newson will be at this event. Confirmed it on his new Twitter account @iMarcNewson https://twitter.com/imarcnewson
YouTube video.
FYI that bracelet thing is confirmed fake.
Except we don't have iPad and iPad+. I hope if they do use this nomenclature they use the + symbol and not the word plus.
iPhone 6+ what? What would the + mean? More functionality? Still seems like an odd name.
So, what you make of this leak then? Not legit? Some have compared it to an iPod nano on the wrist. But that big structure and inviting fashion reporters to the event has thrown me for a loop. You don't need to invite fashion reporters if all you're announcing is an iPod nano on the wrist.
Unfortunately the tech press has decided that no smart watch is cool unless it looks like the Moto Almost 360. I fully expect the Verge, Engadget, etc. to be hating on whatever Apple announces because the display won't be round. Won't matter what the functionality is, how cool the software might be. It will be judged solely on looks compares to the Moto. Personally I think the Moto Almost 360 looks like a cheaper Timex you'd get at Target.
Pretty much every rumor suggested it would be a rectangular display so I'm not surprised. But like you I won't judge until I see a final product. What makes me sad is I think unfortunately something will leak before the event. It will be a low res photo. Might not even be a finished product but something will leak that everyone can go "ew, that's ugly".
How amusing it would be if Apple designed completely around functionality and pushed the usefulness of the device over anything else. The Moto Almost 360 was clearly designed the other way around and suffers as a result. Doesn't matter if something looks good if it's not useful.
When thinking about the event tomorrow I'm reminded of this quote from Jony Ive in an interview with the London Times:John Scully told Bloomberg that he thinks tomorrow's event will be a "creative leap" for Apple. I agree and can't wait to see what's announced.
New Posts  All Forums: