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I said I don't think Cook's Apple is very good at the "why" and I still think that.
So is Foster & Partners (or "Norman's Boys" as Jony Ive calls them) designing all Apple stores now?
One thing Apple needs to fix with the keyboard: on the iPad mini and Air the order from the left is number switcher. emoji, dictation. On the iPad Pro the number switcher and emoji are reversed. So I'm constantly hitting the emoji key when I really wanted the number/symbol key. I'm not sure why Apple would have reversed them.
I was at two different Apple stores today and they both said they're selling iPad Pros and Pencils as fast as they can get them in.
Don't have one yet. Honestly I'm not an artist but I want to learn how to draw using the Pencil.Serenity Caldwell, who writes for iMore just tweeted this:Serenity Caldwell ‏@settern 1h1 hour agoIt’s a good thing when technology makes you smile.The iPad Pro and Pencil make me grin uncontrollably
I must have strong arms because I'm laying on my couch right now holding the iPad Pro in my hands and it doesn't feel heavy at all. It makes the iPad Air feel like an iPad mini.
I just got my 128GB SG iPad Pro and I'm loving it so far. Just set it up so no real observations so far other than getting used to the full sized keyboard (I do a lot of thumb typing with my Air 2). No pencil yet though. I have another stylus but it's not something that supports palm rejection so using it in the notes app is frustrating. I get the sense from this interview that the Pencil is something people inside Apple really wanted to do, not something they be...
I'm sure Apple did that so they could upgrade you to the keyboard for "only" $30 more. As I've said before Phil Schiller's main job seems to be figuring out how he can get you to spend more money.
$100 for this thing is ridiculous. I get the feeling Apple doesn't much care about accessories anymore, or at least doesn't care how many they sell. Because if they did they wouldn't be so overpriced.
Yeah but the geeks that read tech sites do. Apple is Doomed™.
New Posts  All Forums: