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I'd maybe buy that everyone else was down too but most tech stocks are up today.
So is this why Apple is down about 1.5% today when the market overall is up?
I think Apple has been pretty clear that they have no interest in getting into the original content business. And Amazon has yet to demonstrate that all the money they're spending on original content is actually increasing prime membership or contributing to the bottom line at all. I doubt investors care about an Amazon TV program winning an award.
Do we know if Jony knows this guy or has ever worked with him. It's been 20+ years since he left Tangerine.
I'm surprised someone didn't sue Apple over that. Thankfully they're no longer doing it. I have a friend who is still running iOS 6 on her iPhone 5 and we were trying to FaceTime the other day without any success. It wasn't until several unsuccessful attempts that I remembered FaceTime was broken and Apple only patched it for devices running iOS 7+ and devices that couldn't upgrade to iOS 7. Hopefully we don't see moves like that again as I think people are going to be...
This is where the bean counters and marketing run the show. Jony Ive says Apple's goals are around making great products, not money, I think sometimes the bean counters and upsellers in the marketing department forget that. When a company posts $8B in profit in a quarter you know they're not struggling to make money. Keeping entry level storage at 16GB is all about profit margins, not making the best products.
So why did Apple up the RAM in the iPad to 2GB? And if iOS devices don't need more RAM how come my Safari tabs reloaded constantly on my Air but hardly ever do on my Air 2?
Because I'm sure he had some involvement with iPhone up until he left. But claiming he led the team that developed the first 3 generations? Seems like embellishing a bit.
Sad thing is they've got a number of good analysts like Ben Bajarin and Ben Thompson drinking the kool-aid. Just check out their tweets today.
Apparently Xiaomi mocked the iPhone 6 camera bump when they announced their new phone yesterday (it's thinner than iPhone but doesn't have one). Does anybody have class anymore?But one thing this tells me is the iPhone's camera bulge isn't due to Apple's obsession with thinness. I'll bet any money iPhone takes much better photos that Xiaomi's phone does.
New Posts  All Forums: