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It's so annoying to have somebody piss all over something they've never even used.
How did you calculate that? Some MacRumors posters calculated it at around 320 ppi.
I watched MacBreak Weekly and boy does Andy Ihnatko seem negative on Watch. Rene Richie, Alex Lindsay and even Leo were quite excited by the possibilities but Andy was just do and gloom and praising Moto Almost 360. He also claimed Apple employees are using the 360 and really like it. The doom and gloom just annoyed me. It was like because he couldn't see use case or possibilities that means they don't exist. My guess is Apple has more up their sleeves than a remote...
Here are some first impressions from a developer. http://david-smith.org/blog/2014/11/18/initial-impressions-for-watchkit/
He interned at Apple and also worked at Microsoft for a while.
To be fair he did change his mind and now says SDK is necessary. But then you have that clown Nilay Patel at the Verge who lists every conceivable interaction whit the watch and says its too much even though the majority of users will probably use only a few of them. The main interactions with Watch will be swiping (glances), tap, force tap (contextual menus) and the digital crown. I think most people will be able to figure that out. And certain things like force tap...
Using a keyboard on a watch is a big FAIL.
Talk about a fugly UI. Thanks Samsung.
What I find so amusing is when Watch was announced many people were concerned that it had an SDK. Ben Thompson was a prominent tech writer who initially said there shouldn't be one. There were posts on sites like MacRumors join a screenshot of the original iPhone saying that's what Watch should have been. Now that the SDK is out I'm seeing complaints on Twitter, MacRumors etc. because native apps won't be available immediately, that Watch is is just an expensive remote...
This section from the HIG on Apple's developer website sounds like something Ive would say. Maybe he wrote the HIG. I like that Apple is pushing black backgrounds to make the bezel less noticeable. I'd love it if iPhone eventually offered a dark theme. But I suppose they'd need to switch to OLED screens. Watch screen is OLED.
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