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Yep. Last year at a WSJD conference Tim Cook said the iPhone would be Apple's main revenue driver for the next 5 years. The executive team has to be thinking about what comes after iPhone. Watch, TV, streaming music Pay, are all good but not the revenue drivers iPhone is. A $349 watch or $99 TV box will be difficult to meaningfully grow a $200B revenue base.
I can't see how a new TV box or iPad "pro" would drive up R&D costs by $500M in one quarter. Unless Apple is spending a shit load of money buying up exclusive content. I suppose it could be iCloud related but I really believe those car rumors are much more than just rumors. Tim & Co. know having 70% of revenue tied to one product is dangerous but iPhone is such a big revenue driver there's no way services revenues alone could ever drive significant revenue growth. So if...
He'll get his wish as the stock is down over 2% this morning. Amazing how the week Apple reports a great quarter the stock will probably be down close to 5%.
Excuse me I was typing on my iPad and auto correct incorrectly added an 'a'.
The last paragraph in Reuter's story on this had to get a Watch dig in.Why do I get this feeling a meme is being created to suggest Cook is unhappy with the Watch. On the investor call someone questioned him on it saying they didn't think he sounded sufficiently excited about it. And now this Reuters story. This is an iPad initiative. Why would Cook be touting the Watch at this event?
This isn't concern trolling. This was one of the first stories on CNBC this morning. It's running non-stop on their scrolling news marquee. Stock is down 1% pre market after being down almost 1.5% yesterday. Drudge report gets eyeballs and I don't think he'd give two shits about the company had Tim Cook not decided to take Apple in a more political direction. If Tim Cook wants to pen editorials, fine, but he should be speaking on behalf of himself, not the company. It's...
To be fair Drudge doesn't just randomly post news. The site is heavily curated. Just like a liberal media sites are. But as I said before this WSJ story is front and center on Drudge's site for one reason only: to give Apple a black eye because Apple has become more political under Tim Cook's leadership.
Not everybody agrees that gay marriage is a "human right". You can not care about Drudge but millions of people visit his site and when they go there right now the first thing they see is Apple Watch defect. And it's not a slow news day. If Tim Cook was more a-political like Steve Jobs was (at least in the capacity of Apple CEO) the story would not be front and center on Drudge's site.
That's why this shouldn't be on the front page of Drudge. But Apple's the enemy now that Tim Cook decided to take the company political. That op-ed in the Washington Post wasn't Tim Cook speaking as a private citizen it was Tim Cook speaking on behalf of Apple (curiously neither Phil Schiller nor Eddy Cue tweeted a link to that editorial). So any chance Drudge gets to try and embarrass Apple he'll take it.
Well John Gruber's first review watch had a defective taptic engine and one of his readers did too (Apple replaced their watch). But WSJ updated their story with the paragraph below so it must be a small number of faulty ones that did ship.
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