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Yep. So long as the Gates Foundation supports population control I refuse to support it. Also Gates biggest buddy is Warren Buffett who has given millions to that scum of the earth baby killing organization Planned Parenthood.
So it sounds like Apple has decided the mini is always going to be a generation behind the Air. I love my Air 2 except for the sound vibration. It's such a weird sensation when you're holding the iPad in your hands and your fingers have this tingly feeling because of the sound vibrations. That's why whenever I can I use my iPad with a Bluetooth speaker. Hopefully if we get a new mini they fixed the vibration issue.
From Daring Fireball:APPLE AT ITS MOST POMPOUS ★From a new iPhone page, “Why There’s Nothing Quite Like iPhone”:Yes, thank goodness for those ideas and suggestions from App Store reviewers that make our apps so great. And thanks even more for their great taste that keeps all but the best 100 or so Flappy Bird ripoffs out of the store.http://daringfireball.net/linked/2015/07/24/great-great-greatOuch! Revisiting that page I must say even though it is beautifully designed...
Ok I don't typically respond to your over the top posts (talk about sensationalist!) but Don Melton actually worked at Apple. He was a director, responsible for Safari. He reported to Scott Forstall and many a time was in meetings with Steve Jobs. To call what he said "sensationalist drivel" is ridiculous IMO. These are real issues people are having, not niche edge cases. And a lot of this is just the basics that Apple should have extensively tested prior to launching...
Oh and for anyone slagging off Jim Dalrymple...he posted that he just got back from Apple HQ where he met with Apple to discuss his issues. Clearly his post got people's attention in Cupertino. And he got most of his 'lost' music back. The bad thing for Apple is he still doesn't sound very happy and doesn't say he's planning to stick with Apple Music. If Apple is aware of these issues and is working on fixing them some communication would be nice. Eddy Cue could easily put...
I believe that was WWDC 2011 when iCloud was announced.
Doesn't this report say Apple was/is interested in the carbon fiber body tech?
Eddy Cue needs to take accountability for it. What would go a long way? A tweet to Jim Dalrymple from Eddy saying Apple hears him and is working on fixing these problems.
That's really nice when users get blamed for Apple's ineptitude. This isn't beta software. The fact that Apple is offering a free 3 month trial doesn't excuse them from buggy software. Yeah Jim should have had a backup but no where in the signup process does remind people to make sure their library is backed up. Sure you can say everyone should know that and shouldn't need to be reminded. But you can also say that If Apple is going to release a non-beta service it should...
Wow so not interested in this then. Doesn't sound the least bit objective.
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