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Love the red and navy bands. Maybe we'll see these announced at WWDC? And before anyone disses these bands....in John Gruber's Watch review he called them "luxurious".
I saw a photo on instagram yesterday of a couple Apple designers with Marc. I wonder if they were also at this event.
Phil does realize he's in Milan, right?
Wait, so Apple can only do something in red if it's going to charity?
He's got it on inside out.
This is the headline on 9to5Mac:Um last time I checked Apple stores have workshops on lots of things. My local store has ones on iPhone, iPad and Mac basics. Why are some sites trying to spin this as Watch is so confusing the stores have to hold workshops on it?
Someone needs to go back and watch the iPod and iMac G4 product intro videos. Both featured celebrities. Or how about this magazine cover? Or Apple products being prominently displayed on TV shows like Sex and the City? There's nothing new about Apple courting celebrities.
But Apple approved the app. Are they perhaps approving everything and anything so they can announce a big number at WWDC?
You really think people are going to be lining up around the block to get an Watch at Maxfield? I don't and I don't think Apple does either. Initial launch period is vague because Apple might not know at this point how soon they'll have stock in store.
Exactly. There's no way Apple would ever sell the watch without a band. Sure they could have sold each watch with sport band as default but then they know a lot of people wouldn't buy another band as the sport would be "good enough". Apple clearly wanted to present this watch in a certain way and I don't think this launch is any different than any other, including the typical complaining because demand is outpacing supply.
New Posts  All Forums: