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I would love to see Apple surprise at this event and give us something we weren't expecting. It seems the media is expecting such a snoozer of an event that they're focusing on Tim Cook's wardrobe and not the event itself. http://t.co/9iXJokzld6
So DED, when is Google going to ditch Androud again? http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/29/google-appears-ready-to-ditch-android-over-its-intellectual-property-issues
If Samsung or Google had purchased a Beats people here would have been laughing their asses off making fun of them buying a crappy headphone company with a mediocre streaming service. Apple buys them and it's a a no brainer, brilliant stroke of genius.
My issue with Apple purchasing Beats is: to me Beats is exactly what the haters claim Apple is - style over substance, overpriced, marketing driven. I use Apple products because I think they're superior to the competition, not because famous people are seen using them.
Jimmy you work for Apple now so shut up. Unless you want to tell us how much Kapernick is getting paid to wear your crappy headphones.
Specs mean f-k all to me. Its the user experience that matters to me. And Apple has work to do with iOS 8. Hopefully iOS 8.1 is released soon (tomorrow perhaps?) and fixes most of these issues.
It was a rhetorical question really. if Android did 64-bit first people here would be saying it's useless and doesn't matter. Apple does it first then all of a sudden it matters even though to the average person the only benefit right now appears to be Touch ID. Having a 64-bit SOC doesn't improve the Safari experience on iPad. It's still crap for the most part. It would be nice if Apple would highlight the specific benefits of 64 bit. When you go to the App Store is there...
I thought Apple (and Apple users) didn't care about specs.
Bullshit. If I'm a parent I should be able to log my child in with their own account where they only have access to certain things. It's one thing to argue that's easier said than done. I can understand that argument. But it say its idiotic is idiotic in itself.iPad sales growth is flat to negative. I don't think A8 chip and Touch ID isn't enough to stop this decline. Apple needs to shake up iPad in a big way. The product is stale. On the last earnings call Tim Cook said...
hmm...when I go to AT&T's website all I see are monthly prices. If this screen shot is true, that means the amount you pay off over time is $600? I think the biggest "subsidy" I've seen with iPhone is $450.
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