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The biggest complaint was work/life balance; that you're basically on call 24/7. I wonder what Cook is doing about that.
Go to glassdoor.com and look up employee reviews of Apple. Rarely, if ever, will you see a complaint about Apple not being diverse enough. The biggest complaints from Apple corporate employees BY FAR is work/life balance. You also see complaints about internal politics, no room for upward movement and pay. I wonder what Cook is doing to address those issues, especially the first one,
Where did I imply that?
By birth. Did he grow up with any Syrian influence in his life?
How did Apple creat great products like the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, OSX, iOS etc. with a mostly white male workforce?
That gives you the what not the why. You have no idea why these people were rejected.
I'll bet if Apple released stats based on political allfiliafion you would see next to no diversity. At Tim Cook's Apple diversity is measured by skin color, gender and sexual orientation.
But Apple's workforce isn't 100% white male. Personally I would want to be hired based on my qualifications not because the company didn't have enough females and needed to meet some quota.
So how does Apple measure sexual orientation? Are new hires asked to supply HR with whether they're gay or straight?
Apple is becoming one of the most political correct companies out there since Cook has come into his own as CEO. Hire the best person for the job regardless of their skin color, gender, sex, etc. what's next, is Apple going to start asking people to supply their religious and political views?
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