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How is it a change of direction? Apple never said the Watch wouldn't come to stores like Best Buy.Someone posted here the most recent issue of Vouge has a huge Watch spread.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/187809/apple-watch-sales-expand-to-more-third-party-retailers-with-frances-fnacAnd then of course there's the massive takeover of the Selfridge's windows with huge floral...
I'm not convinced that trying to mimic traditional watches that closely is the right idea. If you're not using high-end materials it's just going to look like a cheap knockoff, which is the case with many of these Android Wear watches.A couple weeks ago I read an interesting piece from someone who went to Switzerland to ask Swiss watchmakers about Apple Watch. They didn't talk to CEOs of the big conglomerates but the actual worker bees making these products. They all had a...
How do you make a cheap goldplated watch?
$350 to $800http://www.droid-life.com/2015/08/28/huawei-watch-pre-order-amazon/
But the rumors on this watch suggest it will be priced from $350 to $800 for the gold plated version.
Wow that looks like a cheap Rolex wannabe. And Android Wear watch renders always look better than the product in real life. Here's the real thing:
I hope he's right. And hopefully it wasn't the Apple Music engineers working on the interface.
The reason I pulled Microsoft 2014 numbers is it does not include the Nokia writedown. And I don't think Google's recent quarter includes anything from Motorola either. For the past several quarters Google has consistently been around 20 to 22%.
In many cases you're not dealing with CBS NBC ABC and Fox, you're dealing with companies that own these local affiliates. Just recently these local networks were taken off Dish because of a contract dispute with Sinclair brodcasting over carriage rights.
Because none of the rumors have mentioned it and nobody else is currently offering it?
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