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Of course it's happening. Apple sells products not pieces of technology for other people's products. And why is it that Google is lauded for all these "moon shots" and doing all these different things yet when Apple even slightly veers from making computers or computer software panic sets in? Yet at the same time everyone is worried that Apple is a one trick pony and are constantly complaining about the lack of innovation from Cupertino.
One of the new hires, Megan McLain's updated LinkedIn profile now says: Mechanical Design Engineer Apple March 2015 – Present (6 months)Cupertino, CA Still prototyping. Now for Industrial Designers. Does anyone really think Apple's industrial designers are prototyping CarPlay on steroids? I understand the skepticism. I get that some think it's lunacy for Apple to be designing it's own car. But I think all the signs point to Apple doing exactly that. Of course there's...
Its own company that will be reporting independently to the SEC or just a company under the Alphabet umbrella?
Oh Microsoft... http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/08/microsoft-has-no-plans-to-tell-us-whats-in-windows-patches/?comments=1
Why? This sounds like a way for Apple to make improvements to the watch without having to release a new watch every year.
Wouldn't Apple control what is able to access the data port and what it can do?
Apple didn't hire all these people from the medical field just to give us a heart rate sensor.
Yes yes yes. Its not like the software is doing anything that intense that it would need a new SiP every year. I wonder if a smart band could provide GPS? Or does that need to be inside the watch body?
Paul Deneve was quoted in the Wallpaper story so he probably was involved. He's listed on Apple's website as VP of "special projects". I'm guessing these are the type of special projects he's working on.
So this only applies to iPhone owners? If you own any other Android OEM phone you're not allowed to participate?
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