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What's incredibly annoying is Wall Street keeps moaning about Apple needing new product categories, new revenue streams yet the only thing that seems to move the stock is iPhone. Apple announces this huge deal with IBM and Wall Street basically shrugs. Stock up less than 1%.
Apple and IBM have been working on this for two years. It didn't just become ready yesterday, I'm not suggesting Apple is going to have a bad quarter, just wondering why announce it now considering Apple doesn't usually make announcements right before earnings release. Also there were some Wall Street analysts on CNBC yesterday wondering if IBM announced to now to cover up a not so great quarter.
Wall Street obviously doesn't think this deal impacts Microsoft. As of this morning Microsoft stock is up more than Apple and almost as much as IBM. A good quarter from Intel trumps Apple's announcement.
Totally clueless. And have people already forgotten about Continuity and Handoff? I think those features will make Macs very appealing to business. I hope at some point this IBM salesforce is also able to offer Macs to enterprise clients.
In case anyone is interested, here' what our favorite analyst Gene Munter's take:
Hey Tableau just recently released their software for Mac. We use it at work. It's really cool software.
Where I work the only way we can connect an iPad to our network to access applications, network drives, Exchange, etc. is via Citrix remote app and the experience is horrible. I'll be interested to see what this collaboration brings to large organizations entrenched in Windows/Office.
Hmm...that certainly is intriguing. I hope this deal brings a lot more collaboration. Right now I give the edge to Google Now and Cortana, but Siri/Watson integration would be amazing and would keep Siri competitive.
Any significance to Apple announcing this right before earnings release? Does it perhaps signal a good quarter? Or maybe they announced it now to cover up a not so great quarter?
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