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Anyone know how to import/transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music? I believe you could do it with Beats but not sure how or If it's possible with Apple Music.
Good day for this to come out as no one will be talking about Apple losing the e-book appeal.
Does anyone know if Apple Music allows you to download and own higher quality tracks than what you uploaded? I believe that's currently a feature of iTunes Match.
So they're not an exclusive to Apple Music?
Notice that it's much more difficult to make out the bezels on the Sapphire screen. I would take that trade off. It's easy enough to cover the screen with your hand if it's a little difficult to read in direct sunlight.
So offering 32 for the price of 16 would cost Apple billions but offering 64 for the price of 32 doesn't? Aren't you essentially saying then that Apple's phones at the higher end are overpriced?
Apple certainly treats movies, books and music differently than apps that's for sure.
I've got to believe Phil. Hence offering 64GB for the price of 32GB. Trying to get the 16GB to become less popular. And Apple can easily afford to do it as the margins I'm sure are insane at 64GB and 128GB models.
Yes that is embarrassing. I wonder how many long hours Apple engineers had to put in getting the file size down to support 8GB and 16GB devices. In the WWDC keynote Craig Federighi specifically mentioned that iOS 8 adoption was slower because many people didn't have enough space on their devices to do an OTA update.
The original 13" MBA cost $1,799, that would be $1,987 in today's dollars. The current 13" MBA, which is better than the original in every conceivable way now starts at just $999. The 15" PowerBook G4 released in January 2001 started at $2,499, $3,355 in today's dollars. You can currently get a 15" rMBP starting at $1,999. Isn't technology supposed to get cheaper overtime? Or does that just not apply to iPhone?
New Posts  All Forums: