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What about her?
True. I think bendgate is nonsense but this isn't. And yes Cook better have been reading someone the riot act today. Apple is better than this. Maybe they're just moving too fast and need to slow down a bit.
Who wants an "expert" that pushes out a software update that removes your cell service?
Btw Apple stock is down almost 1% while the market overall is up and most of its competitors are up 1% or more.
In all seriousness we can hope this only impacted it a small number of people. I never received a notification or pop up message that a software update was available.
Oh I totally agree. In fact I raised an eyebrow that a CNBC anchor would update their phone on the job. But still it happened and anybody watching CNBC heard about it.
Updates that f-k people's cell service do not happen all the time. I've never updated my iPhone and lost cell service afterwards.
Honestly Apple has probably done more with iOS in the last 2 years than in all years prior (with the exception of the App Store). I think they need to slow down a bit and polish what they have.
It was also reported on CNBC. Apparently some of the anchors and floor traders updated their phone and lost their cell service on air. This is about as bad as it gets PR wise.
Thank god they pulled the update. Hopefully it hasn't impacted too many people. I never got a notification on my iPhone or iPad. I only updated my iPad because I saw the update was available via AI. So maybe if people didn't receive a pop up notification most of them didn't install.
New Posts  All Forums: