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Any significance to Apple announcing this right before earnings release? Does it perhaps signal a good quarter? Or maybe they announced it now to cover up a not so great quarter?
No. I don't think any have been announced yet.
Brilliant. Well played Tim, well played.
I'm amazed at how many people on tech sites think a company isn't relevant if they're not selling consumer hardware. I remember when Microsoft announced the devices and services strategy, Microsoft fanboys would go nuts if anyone questioned that strategy or said Microsoft needed to focus on enterprise like IBM, as if IBM was some disease you wouldn't want to catch. I don't get it. I follow sports and practically every other commercial is from IBM and how they're "building...
Quite honestly I think Google should be shitting themselves more than Microsoft. Oh and Samsung too. I love it.
I'm curious to know who all inside Apple has been involved with this. From what I saw on IBM's website a lot of these applications were co-designed by Apple and IBM. Plus it sounds like some of this stuff will be announced this fall. Maybe we will hear about it at an Apple event announcing an "iPad Pro". Hmm...
Microsoft is actually up slightly after hours. But Blackberry is down over 4%.
What I love most about this is it comes out just a few days after Microsoft releases a 3,000 word memo from Nadella that's says Microsoft will be all about productivity. Of course the clowns on CNBC claim this is proof that iPhone and iPad sales are slowing.
He was probably more libertarian. I doubt he would have let Apple be paraded in front of congress to discuss their tax practices, and I doubt he would have released diversity data on Apple's workforce (which Cook says Apple is going to do). There are a lot of changes Cook has made/is making that I think are the right moves. I like the fact that Tim visits factories in China. I like the supplier responsibility work he's initiated. I like that he visited the corporate campus...
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