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One, you assume every decision is based only on price. I disagree. I would never own an iPad mini because the screen is too small for me. But honestly I think Apple should be focused on making the best products not on ASPs and margins. Jony Ive once said Apple's goal isn't to make money, the goal is to make great products and be operationaly efficient and the consequence of that is making money. Tim Cook has said revenue is not Apple's North Star, making great products is....
They keep the first mini to make the second mini look like a great deal at $299. Just like the mini 3 exists so people buy the much better Air for "only $100 more". I think it's BS but clearly the bean counters at Apple don't.
I'll be curious to know which is correct. Schiller spent next to no time on the retina mini (just like last year) so it's hard to know what besides Touch ID is different.
Of course sales aren't going to be great when it gets a lame update. But if Apple wants poor sales so they can kill the product then I guess this is the way to do it.
Then Apple needs to shit can the mini. Or focus more on great products than gross margins.
Is mute the same as making the ringer silent? On my Air even if the volume is set to mute I still hear sounds when I get a text.
I use the mute switch a lot because I use my iPad at work. I believe the volume down button will now perform that function. My guess is this will be one of those things that's not a big deal to 99% of users but some will throw a hissy fit.
Well I'm just curious because in Apple's only statement on this matter they said their main concern was preserving jobs. Unless they tried to preserve these jobs but were unsuccessful?
So is Apple going to hire these people?
I saw this article in Computerworld that was essentially praising Tim Cook's business model of offering products at all different price points. I'm not sure I agree. Right now Apple is selling five different models of iPad. I'm sorry but I thought Apple was all about simplicity and focus. Why is Apple still selling the non-retina mini? And what is the purpose of the new retina mini that is exactly like last years mini except for Touch ID? Based on what was announced today...
New Posts  All Forums: