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What's really sad is how many people think The Verge is pro-Apple. I don't know where they get that from. I see much more fawning over Google and Microsoft at The Verge than I do Apple. And Android definitely gets more love than iOS over there.
Yep. I know most HTC One M9 reviewers weren't using final software.
I remember the Verge re-scored a Nexus phone review after there was an update to the camera software. I wonder if Nialy will do the same with Watch?
Fyi in case anyone is interested, Wired has more information on some of the watch faces. The motion watch faces are all photography and for the jellyfish Apple built a tank in their studio to shoot at 300 fps with high end slow motion cameras. Wow. http://www.wired.com/2015/04/apple-watch-design/
So far Ben Bajarin has been the most positive about Watch. Check out his Twitter posts. All the other reviews are pretty much what I expected. Too bad the Verge review seems to be getting the most attention. Nilay Patel has been negative on Watch from day one. The way I see these reviews is if you're bullish on the Watch you'll find things in the reviews to reassure you and if you're skeptical the reviews will have enough to confirm your skepticism.
As I've said before I think the lining up outside Apple stores is kind of passé now. I think it died after the first iPad launch, certainly after Steve died. These days the only thing people line up for are iPhones. Maybe Apple will keep the tradition for that but for the rest I think it's much ado about nothing as people weren't lining up anyway. And witth the Watch there's no possible way Apple could know exactly what combinations and how much of each to have at stores...
I think what's more appauling are all the retail memo/training material leaks we've seen in the past week or two. This is material clearly meant for retail employees not the general public. I wonder if it's a disgruntled store employee leaking this stuff.
Welp this Instagram account is now private.
So apparently this is the packaging for Apple Watch. Found it on Instagram, user jammygan. Weirdest thing I've messed around with in a while. Feels and worked a whole lot better than I thought it would. Now I got something to think about... #AppleWatch #FirstLook Packaging for the #AppleWatch is top notch... Like every Apple product. #FirstLook
Oh they'll come. Didn't you know Samsung is launching a round watch with 3G called 'Gear A"?
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