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Let me guess....when it comes to the media reporting on this it will be crickets....
And what does that have to do with Apple's reasons for making a larger iPhone? No one has yet explained how, in 2012 and 2013 Apple couldn't build a larger screen iPhone, but in 2014 they can. I'm not arguing for or against it - I'm quite happy with my 5S but also think it makes sense for Apple to offer multiple screen sizes like they do with iPads and Macs. I'm just interested to see how Apple announces this bigger phone to the world. Will there be something about this...
I was responding to the comment that a larger screen iPhone will take share away from Samsung. Well if that's the case, then presumably had Apple released a larger screen iPhone in 2012 or 2013 Samsung wouldn't be as big as it is now because customers that wanted a larger screen phone would have gone with the better device - iPhone. But since Apple didn't offer that, Samsung stepped in, along with their huge marketing war chest.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
As will Apple when Jony is telling us how a 5" phone is exactly the right size and can be comfortably used it with one hand.
I've heard what Tim Cook said and none of it makes much sense to me. I just read on CNET that DisplayMate said the GS5 has the best display they've ever seen in a phone. There are larger screen phones that have just as good of battery life as the iPhone. And as long as Apple keeps the physical home button it will be difficult to make the screen bigger without making the overall device bigger. So when we get a bigger iPhone this year (which I'm 99.9% certain we will) what...
So basically Apple controlled a market that was very small and once it exploded (mostly due to the low end and cheap white box devices) Apple's control was no more. Since Apple only plays in the high end it's not a surprise they're a minority player in terms of global market share. But market share is not the same as install base and certainly not the same as profit share.
Call it concern trolling if you want. I don't give a crap. And if you think a larger screen iPhone will take the wind out of Samsung, why did it take Apple this long to build one? Why did Apple allow Samsung to get as big as it is in the mobile phone market?
And that's where I question if this trial is really worth it, if it really is going to strengthen their brand.
Good luck seeing that anywhere but here....and maybe Jim Darylmple's site.
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