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So this mythical device would have an ARM and Intel processor? And not be obscenely expensive?
I don't think we know for certain what they're using in iPP do we? On the MacRumors iPad forum some say it's just as fast as their 6S others say they notice it's a bit slower.
As you probably know I'm not one of Phil Schiller's biggest defenders here. But I'm skeptical that they left out the new Touch ID sensor just to have something for iPP 2. Mostly because I don't think it's that big of a deal and certainly not something somebody would upgrade over. I've compared my iPad Air 2 to my iPhone 6S and the 6S is maybe a fraction of a second faster. Obviously the iPhone would get first dibs on any new touch ID sensors. How do we know that there is...
This is all about getting people to spend more money. It's not about whether 16GB is enough for some people. If 16 is, I'm sure 32 was too hence why Apple refuses to offer it. Had they offered it I'll bet a lot of people would have "downgraded" to save $100. Of course that wouldn't increase margins or ASPs so can't have that.32GB for iPP is a joke but Apple knows that. It only exists so people will spend the extra $150 to get 4x the storage. Just like the smart case is...
And you know my question is rhetorical because we all know the answer.
Hard to do that now with Apple PR sending Tim Cook's memo to the press.
I'm not pooh-poohing more storage, I'm pooh-poohing the upsell. Why did Apple replace 32 with 64 but not 16 with 32? One word: upsell. That's why the iPP Smart Cover is priced the way it is. It's expensive enough that it makes the keyboard not look so expensive and thus Apple will probably get people to spend the additional $30 and get the keyboard rather than questioning why is the damn smart cover $139 to begin with? I swear Phil Schiller dreams about how he can get...
32GB iPP appears to be in ample supply while the 128GB is mostly sold out. Again this is all an upsell technique. Whatever Phil Schiller can do to get customers spending more which increases ASPs and margins (obviously the more expensive items have higher margins). I wouldn't be surprised if next years iPhone models are 16 > 64 > 256.
Nobody is going to buy the smart case without the Smart Cover. There is a large gap in the case where the cover magnetically attaches. With the iPad Air 2 this was one piece for $79. With the iPP it's two pieces for $60 more and with the mini 4 it's $19 more. I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. You can't tell me the iPP smart case is worth $60 more than the iPad 2 smart case. Even if Apple wanted to promote mix and match between cover and case they could have kept it one...
So an iPad Air smart case is $79 but with the mini 4 you have to buy the case and cover separately and the two together cost $98. An iPP Smart Cover + smart case is $139. So basically Apple broke the Smart Case into two products and raised the price so they could upsell you to the keyboard (I mean why spend $139 for a Smart Cover + Caae when for $30 you can get the keyboard). That's ridiculous. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Sigh.
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