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So I guess I keep my Air then. Touch ID isn't a big enough reason to upgrade.
What are the chances of getting iPhone like displays on iPads?
There are other pages on apple.com that still use old design language. They're mostly support pages or ones probably not accessed much. Kind of jarring when you stumble across them as the newer responsive design pages look so much better.
Looks like one thing they didn't update is the nav bar on this page. Oops...
I don't know, still seems not necessary. I mean someone could have ordered an iMac yesterday when the site was still up. I'm not aware of other companies taking their stores down when they update them with new products.
The Slimes are also running a story asking If consumers need expensive tablets. Real quality reporting.
Can someone explain why the Apple store still needs to be taken down in 2014? Maybe at one time they did it to create hype but I don't think they need to do it anymore.
I would love to see Apple surprise at this event and give us something we weren't expecting. It seems the media is expecting such a snoozer of an event that they're focusing on Tim Cook's wardrobe and not the event itself. http://t.co/9iXJokzld6
So DED, when is Google going to ditch Androud again? http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/29/google-appears-ready-to-ditch-android-over-its-intellectual-property-issues
If Samsung or Google had purchased a Beats people here would have been laughing their asses off making fun of them buying a crappy headphone company with a mediocre streaming service. Apple buys them and it's a a no brainer, brilliant stroke of genius.
New Posts  All Forums: