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What about iPad? Seems to me it had a huge initial ramp (which some are offering as explaination as to why sales are leveling off/declining).
Maybe. I assumed it was because fall is closer to holiday season.
iPhone yes, iPad no way.
Worker shortages? Really? How come we've never seen this with other Apple products? I don't remember hearing about iPhones or iPads being delayed because of the lunar holiday in China.
1%? What's your source for that?
Obamacare was one of the worst pieces of legislation in a long time but Jeb Bush is an idiot and God help us if he or Hillary Clinton become the next president.
Let me guess, Apple will have another blockbuster quarter with strong guidance and the stock will drop 2% the next day. And the usual suspects who can't use guidance as their explanation will claim it's because all good news is already priced into the stock. And the Gene Munsters of the world will go on CNBC fretting about the difficult comps for next year.
Yep. I find this report highly skeptical. And as I asked earlier, how would an analyst from UBS know whether Apple had multiple sources for a component or not?
I'm curious how an investment firm would know if someone is the sole supplier for a component or not. I highly doubt Apple is giving up that kind of information so where are they getting it from?
iOS first again. Honestly I think Google is scared shitless of Facebook way more than of Apple or anyone else. Facebook is gobbling up all the new mobile ad revenue. Plus I think ad dollars are moving away from search and into branding which I think benefits Facebook more. I'm not a huge Facebook user/fan but I do love seeing he they're disrupting Google's dominance. I see in this Verge interview Mike Matas is wearing an Apple Watch. Looks good on him and not geeky at...
New Posts  All Forums: