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IMO iOS 7, iOS 8/Swift and Apple Watch rank just behind the iPhone launch in terms of crowd reaction. I know everyone on the internet is pissing all over Apple Watch but watch the keynote. When Tim Cook said "one more thing" the crowd went nuts. Same after Jony Ive's ten minute video. There were times when Steve keynotes were incredibly boring as he spent most of his time fiddling around in iPhoto or something.
And trot out Steve Jobs as if every gen 1 product he launched was revolutionary and flawless.
Your problem for setting expectations so high on a segment that's in its infancy. Plus I doubt we'll ever see an iPhone like revolution again.
Exactly. My point is Apple hasn't shipped anything yet. No doubt battery life is the biggest reason why.
And circular displays are?
Something to remember: Moto Almost 360 is a currently shipping product. Apple watch is not. I'll bet any money there are people on this project spending all their time right now trying to improve battery life.
Man some people need to take a deep breath and relax. The only Apple product people said was revolutionary when it came out was iPhone. And even that was mocked because it wasn't as "smart" as other phones on the market. iPad was heavily criticized when it was launched. This is V1 of a product that isn't on sale yet and no doubt still is being worked on from a software perspective.
Now we know why Apple gave no specifics on release date. Not ready for prime time.
Anyone who thinks Apple expects this watch to have iPhone like sales are smoking something. Version 1 will most likely not be for the masses it will be for die hard and geeks. Maybe expanding a bit more if Apple throws a ton of advertising at it.
I find the knee jerk reactions ridiculous. At the end of the day it's all about user experience. At this point it's impossible to say as no one has been able to test the UI and most likely Apple is still making tweaks to it.
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