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Dunno. I'm guessing more visual consistently between the two. Though Gurman made it sound like the redesign wouldn't be turning OSX into iOS.
Cook could give him a role like Bob Mansfield working on special projects. Apple has a pretty lean executive team. How much time do they have to think about big picture stuff? When Cook fired Forstall he didn't replace him, he just added more work to the existing executive team. I'm sure right now Ive and Federighi are knee deep in iOS 8, OSX (9to5Mac says one of Ive's top priorities right now is a redesign of OSX) and new hardware. Cue has all of iTunes, App Store, maps,...
And the chances of that happening are??? We've heard exactly one rumor (from the WSJ) about Apple's mobile payments plans and it didn't sound like anything that would be happening soon.
Yeah I do think it would be worth it just to keep a competitor like Google from swooping in. But if Apple is already thinking way beyond what Square is doing I hope we hear about it at WWDC. It's getting a little frustrating hearing rumors about all the things Apple is thinking about but not actually doing. I keep waiting for the thinking to become doing.
Maybe it's not so much what Apple is getting as keeping them from being swooped up by Google. I wouldn't mind having Jack Dorsey at Apple to provide some strategic thinking/vision. I'd rather have Dorsey working for Apple than Google, that's for sure.
Wait, so earlier this year Cook made a point of saying a high dollar acquisition is not off the table; Jack Dorsey would rather be scooped up by Apple (because he thinks Square more aligns with Apple's design aesthetic and values) but yet Apple has soured on the deal? Apple would be crazy not to acquire Square, especially with Cook suggesting one of the reasons for Touch ID was getting into the mobile payments space. I think it would be a mistake for Apple pass and easily...
I wish that were the case, but I think its pretty clear that Samsung has sold a lot of their Galaxy S and Note flagship devices over the past 2-3 years. Unless you have information that states otherwise? As far as their profit warnings...Apple's profits have been flat for a while now too and Apple doesn't sell at the low end.
How can someone clone something that doesn't exist? Unless Samsung will be cloning themselves as they already have wearable devices on the market.
But this trial isn't about design patents is it? I thought that was the last trial (that Apple won).
Wait, so it's not Google (Android) that stole, but Samsung?
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