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That was there in 8.0. I was testing to see if they fixed it in 8.1.1. Obviously not. Text selection hasn't been fixed either.
WTF is this Apple?
Yes I've gotten the reboot twice now over the past weekend. iOS 7.1 fixed that so I'm not sure how it came back in iOS 8.
I hope this fixes text selection, copy/paste and that annoying bug where the keyboard freezes and Safari crashes.
True. But there were some raised eyebrows when Cook said Apple would be reporting Watch figures in an "other products" category along with accessories and TV. I think there are lots of competitive reasons for that but I also think it's a way for Apple to be more conservative with expectations.
Haha you're funny, If Apple was expecting unit sales like that in the first year they wouldn't be reporting Watch with accessories.
Yep and if/when Apple doesn't announce sales figures after launch the product will be considered a failure and Apple DOOMED.
Anyone know what the reason was for the delay?
I've never said Apple should make profit far from it. Your quarterly profit is between $7 and $8 billion. The cash flow they generate is enormous. I doubt they're having problems finding money to spend on R&D. I mean Microsoft and Google generate less revenue and cash flow than Apple but still spend more on R&D. They both spend around 13% of revenue where is Apple spends around 3.2%.As far as profit margins go, last quarter Microsoft's was 19.75% and Google's was 17% and...
There you go focusing 100% on profit again. Last quarter Apple's profit was over $8B. FY 2014 profits were close to $40B. Nobody, outside of Exxon Mobile reports profits like that. Yet Microsoft and Google spend more on R&D as a percentage of revenue than Apple does. Making the base storage 32GB or offering the iPad mini with the same specs as the Air (like they did in 2013) is not going to break the bank, it's not going to keep Apple from being able to being able to...
New Posts  All Forums: