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Fine. But I'm not removing Dalrymple from my list. He doesn't just pull these "nope's" out of his rear end and I have yet to come across a "nope" that turned out to be a "yep".
I'm not suggesting Apple should be whispering in somebody's ear over every rumor that comes out. But Apple building a car by 2020 isn't just any rumor. Thats a pretty big fucking deal.
Now you're putting words in my mouth. When did I ever say meaningful material? But if you want some examples:Last year there was a rumor that Apple was going to release a new TV in March. We got a "nope" from Jim Dalrymple. I think it's pretty obvious who that "nope "came from.In August John Gruber said:Again seems very obvious where that information came from.
Ah so because you can't stand podcasts, or ones you deem "poorly made" they're just to be discredited. Got it. Whatever. I stand by my statement that if Apple wanted these car rumors to die down they could easily make it happen.
Where have I been deathly silent on this thread? And what the hell is inflammatory about suggesting that Apple sometimes leaks to the media? I'm surprised anyone here finds that shocking.
I never said Apple was leaking this story. In fact I said I don't think it is coming from them. But that doesn't mean Apple never leaks. I think it's completely naïve to assume they don't. The iMore show is on YouTube.
Apple created the premium segment in the phone space. The premium segment already exists in the automobile space.
They just talked about it today on the iMore podcast. Of course Apple leaks from time to time. All big companies do.
I fail to see how it's good hype. A lot of people think the idea of Apple building a car is ridiculous. And I wasn't aware that Wall Street was worried about Apple's pipeline at the moment so why leak now?
I'm saying Apple could easily put cold water on these rumors if they wanted to without it being an official comment. Ever heard of Jim Dalrymple's "nope"? We got one of those last year when rumors were flying around that Apple would be releasing a new TV in March.I have no idea where these car rumors are originating from. I'm very skeptical that Apple is the one leaking this stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: