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So is Bryant testing a wearables device for Apple or is this the reason he was spotted on the Apple campus?
So far none of these price target increases have had much impact on the stock price. I see the FUD is out in full force today: Fund managers unconvinced by Apple rebound Why you shouldn't buy Apple stocks A supersize iPhone is a big risk for Apple
I wonder when Siri will get offline processing. That would be nice.
Any significance to this story coming out on earnings release day?
But Brian S Hall says the 5C is a failure!
Agreed. This ad did nothing for me, certainly didn't make me want to get a Mac.
Oh Samsung are you pathetic....pathetically obsessed with Apple. Clearly they're freaked out about what's coming from Apple and how it will impact future Galaxy sales. Probably why we're hearing rumors of an all metal Galaxy phone coming out in the fall.
Control center has a tweaked design. Gone are the dark line separators and borders around icons are replaced by shading. EDIT: also there is a setting now to turn off recents/favorites from showing up in the app switcher view. I know a lot of people were wanting that for privacy more than anything else.
Jay Yarrow at Business Insider claims today that he spoke to one of Carney's friends and they say Carney wouldn't take this job because he doesn't want to leave Washington DC.
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