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I can't believe someone from Apple's ad agency would compare 2013 Apple to 1997 Apple and do it to Phil Schiller. I hope to god this person isn't still working on the Apple account.
IF Samsung loses, maybe.
And people still think this lawsuit is a good idea because by god Samsung needs to be shamed and punished. Who cares if confidential stuff like this gets published as long as Samsung is shamed.
Ok the iOS one isn't bad because it only has three data points. But the Android one is hideous. Bar charts are always preferable to pie charts.
Somebody needs to ban the use of pie charts.
There's a reason car infotainment systems look the way they do. Too much information on the screen is not a good thing.
How exactly is the CarPlay UI tacky?
None of Apple's leaked documents were shocking either. But they got plenty of attention. So I don't see why this doesn't deserve the same.
Let me guess....when it comes to the media reporting on this it will be crickets....
And what does that have to do with Apple's reasons for making a larger iPhone? No one has yet explained how, in 2012 and 2013 Apple couldn't build a larger screen iPhone, but in 2014 they can. I'm not arguing for or against it - I'm quite happy with my 5S but also think it makes sense for Apple to offer multiple screen sizes like they do with iPads and Macs. I'm just interested to see how Apple announces this bigger phone to the world. Will there be something about this...
New Posts  All Forums: