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He was probably more libertarian. I doubt he would have let Apple be paraded in front of congress to discuss their tax practices, and I doubt he would have released diversity data on Apple's workforce (which Cook says Apple is going to do). There are a lot of changes Cook has made/is making that I think are the right moves. I like the fact that Tim visits factories in China. I like the supplier responsibility work he's initiated. I like that he visited the corporate campus...
Yes, I personally would prefer if Apple stayed more a-political. It's good business because every company has a customer base with different political views. Being mostly neutral doesn't alienate any of your customers.
Yep these are sure some left leaning views:http://archive.wired.com/wired/archive/4.02/jobs_pr.htmlI'm not suggesting Steve Jobs was a conservative but I also don't think he was a typical liberal. I think Tim Cook is.
Apple's 10-K said as of September 2013 they had 80,300 of which 42,800 were retail employees. So that 50,250 must include retail employees. Just further illustrates how bloated Microsoft is. No way is their retail staff that large.
I wonder how many of those are retail. According to Apple's 10-K, as of September 2013 42,800 of Apple's employees were retail. If you strip them out Apple actually has less employees than Google.
A lot of people have complained about the quality going downhill. Lately their stories are either pop culture stupidity, blatantly political or Google's PR arm. And the headlines De more and more of the click bait nature. A recent headline was "how to look cute and not get raped". Complain about the quality of articles in the comments section and you're likely to get banned.
As if we wouldn't have seen the same in spades if the rumor was about hiring someone associated with the right.
I'm referring to the Bloomberg report that specifically mentioned layoffs might come this week. That story hit yesterday evening.
I just visited the Verge and didn't see one story about Microsoft's potential layoffs. There was however a story about senator Cory Booker taking selfies with other senators. Wow is that site going downhill.
The way it was worded ("bandied about") and the fact it was part of a story about Uber made me quite hopeful it was just the gossip mill run amok. Thankfully that appears to be the case.
New Posts  All Forums: