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I'm not sure I agree with this. Apple will have to provide a compelling reason to switch. I currently use Spotify and have no plans to switch to Apple's offering unless it's much better than anything they currently offer.
Well I think there is something wrong with that. Especially when coming to a site like this to brag about,
Really sad to see people waiting for weeks to get their watch while others are buying them to flip them right away and make a fast buck. Disgusting. And even more disgusting to suggest that's what Apple wants.
No. Apple was basically buying her out of her Burberry contract so this isn't indicative of what she'll get going forward.
I didn't expect this so quick. I hope Apple has good standards in place because I fear this will open the floodgates to cheap bands more so than additional high quality options.
And Apple just announced a Made for Watch program for 3rd party bands. https://developer.apple.com/watch/bands/
 Because it's not possible that Steve could get design and UX wrong once in a while? He loved the hockey puck mouse too.
Anybody that buys a band like this right now is an idiot. Apple covered the port for a reason. If it's intended to be used for things other than diagnostics surely Apple would utilize it before they allowed any third parties to. And if they did open it up to third parties it certainly would be under some sort of 'made for watch' program where Apple would get some sort of licensing fee.
Yes, just who are the Verge's sources? I'm skeptical that Apple would do anything that could potentially get them in hot water with the DOJ right now.
Apple reports a phenomenal quarter on Monday and yet the stock is down over 1% on the week. It seems no matter what Apple does it's bad news. If they don't sell enough iPhones that's bad news. If they sell too many iPhones that's also bad news because it means tougher for comps the next year. How many companies beat on the top and bottom line, beat on gross margins, provide better than expected guidance, increase diviidend and share buyback and have their stock drop the...
New Posts  All Forums: