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Not a shock considering there are better offerings on the market right now. Hopefully that will change come September.
No issues with my silver sport Watch. So far it seems to be an isolated issue. Is it really worth a front page story?
How did it happen?
Nope.. Not giving him any clicks. That's all he's looking for.
What I want to know is why are people applying force to their iPhones?
Right because Unbox Therapy is the expert in materials science. This guy is just looking for more YouTube hits. Just this morning on Twitter he was bragging about his "bendgate" video being the 4th most viewed on Twitter last year.
Yeah a company that makes $18B in a quarter with 40% margins is really hurting.
Actually I would give that title to wonder boy Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac.
This guy is a joke. One minute hyping force touch as the biggest thing ever, the next downplaying it as "evolutionary".
I have to laugh when people knock Watch for being bulky. As if this isn't bulky:
New Posts  All Forums: