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I see Gene Munster has moved on from TV...now says Apple should buy Tesla. http://www.donotlink.com/g12j
I get the feeling iPod and Watch won't be compatible. If they were Apple probably would have released colors that matches Watch Sport. Unless those pink and blue colors are coming to the Sport bands this fall?
It's fascinating to me that not one analyst on Bloomberg or CNBC has questioned why analyst consensus of $47B back in April was raised to $50B+ right before earnings. All the chatter we're hearing about today is China concerns. If that's the case why were these clowns raising estimates (and Q4 guidance) right before earnings? What's the basis for it?
Without having a clue on ASP all these estimates are just pulling numbers out of ones rear end. Ben Bajarin thinks ASP was around $400. Gene Munster says $550. Depending which one you use you get much different sales figures. And that of course involves guessing how much of "other" revenue is attributable to Watch. Luca says it was well over 100%. Again it's all guessing. To me all this Watch sales analysis is a bit like Donald Trump. A lot of noise, a bit of a side show...
So apparently Morgan Stanley cut their 2016 Watch forecast from 50M to 42M. So basically those who had ridiculously high estimates are coming back down to reality.
The only thing Tim Cook getting involved in gay rights stuff does is get Apple on the front page of the drudge report.
Even if it's less than that (based on change in revenues Apple reported) I think it's excellent. I think it bodes well for this fall when we get new software and probably new band options/different colors. I wonder if Apple will push Watch Sport into places like Best Buy for the holiday season?
You think Wall Street is homophobic? I find that hard to believe. Apple stock reached record highs after Tim came out so I don't think Wall Street gives a shit about Tim Cook's private life.
Ah ok. So I wonder if they'd revise them now. Though maybe Beats headphones sales are crap right now.
And what exactly are they basing this on? The change in "other" quarter over quarter was around $950M. If you take their sales figures at a $400 ASP that's $1.6B in revenue. At a $550 ASP its $2.3B revenues. Did iPods and Beats headphone revenues really drop that much in one quarter?
New Posts  All Forums: