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FYi, Watch works with iPhone 5 and 5c too. I'm curious where credit card information is stored on those devices though.
I would never want a curved TV but I can see where a curved monitor would be cool. Now that Apple the 5K iMac I hope we see a 4 or 5K Cinema Display this year. I'd much rather see Mac customers buying an Apple display than one from Dell or HP.
You're right it's not impacting sales. But my point is around the argument that Apple isn't about being first it's about being the best. But I don't see anything revolutionary with the 6 and 6 Plus that make me think 'now this is how you do a large screen phone'. It seems pretty clear that these devices were a reaction to the popularity of larger phones, especially in Asia.
As if Ive or Cook would say anything different. Ive also said in 2012 that they made the iPhone 5 taller but not wider so it could still be comfortably used with one hand. If that's the case how come the 6 and 6 Plus are wider? Or does Apple not care about one handed use any more. And if your answer is reachability, then how come Apple didn't make the iPhone 5 taller AND wider and introduce reachability then?
Ok if all these other companies are just copying Apple how come they're selling smart watches that are circular and not rounded recs? And since next to nothing leaked about Watch until it was revealed last September what exactly were they copying?
What does touch ID have to do with screen size? LG G3 and Moto X don't have fingerprint sensors.
Curved monitors are a gimmick? According to who?
Because it's an iPhone and it runs iOS. I'm sure anybody that owns a 6 or 6 Plus would love it as much if not more if it was slightly smaller with smaller bezels.
I agree with everything you said here except I don't think the competition was/is floundering. And I don't think the 6 and 6 Plus were Apple waiting to jump in until they could do it better. I think there's lots of reasons the iPhone is better than the competition but I'm not sure what about the 6/6 Plus specifically makes them better large screen devices than their competitors. Below is an LG G3 and an iPhone 6 Plus. Both devices have a 5.5" display yet the 6 Plus has a...
So Apple's the only company that is prototyping stuff behind the scenes? Everyone else is sitting there twiddling their thumbs until the hear an Apple rumor and then they rush to the copy machines?
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