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No, the thing was back ordered from the minute it went on sale. Started out at 1-2 weeks and quickly jumped to 4-5 weeks. As far as I know very few if any stores had the pencil or keyboard available for sale on Wednesday. This is what Apple told Mashable:"Customers are very excited for iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard,” an Apple spokesperson told Mashable. “We have limited supply of Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard in Apple Retail stores. Our stores will...
No more of a joke than 16GB on other iOS devices. Of course it's patently obvious why Schiller aka Apple is doing this: upsell. If there's a way Schiller can get you to spend more money he'll do it.There may be uses cases with business or education that don't need more than 16 or 32 GB. Fine then do BTO for those customers. And even if there are general consumers that don't need more so what? It's better for people to have more storage than they need than to run out of space.
This is gen 1. If iPP becomes really popular my guess is Apple will up storage with gen 2. I'm seeing reports that 128GB model is sold out in many places. That could be a function of supply at this point but I get the feeling iPP will be more popular than expected. Both John Gruber and Federico Vicitti said they've heard that Apple is working on a version of Xcode for iOS. I'm actually very excited for next years WWDC. iOS 9 wasn't a big release in terms of features or UI...
That's ridiculous. People can't buy something that doesn't exist. And there's a far bigger chance they'll either buy something else or buy nothing at all. Having the Apple Pencil delayed 4-5 weeks basically the day it went on sale isn't creating demand it's just pissing people off.
The pencils weren't available from day one. Hardly any store has them (other than demo units) and the online store was quoting a delay (now 4-5 weeks) the minute they went on sale. I have no doubt there will be demand for the pencil but that's not what's causing the delay right now. I hope the delay in accessories doesn't cause people who would have purchased iPP to change their mind.
The pencil and keyboard were delayed the minute they went on sale. Not every store had demo units or demo units with keyboard and pencil. I think it's completely fair to question why. Everything Ive read from those who were able to use the pencil it appears to be really amazing. It's certainly deflating when you go online to order the device and see a 4-5 week delay for the pencil.
And that's why Apple still makes Macs, no?
Maybe this is where Angela needs to speak up and say it's not going in stores unless I have at least 2 units plus accessories for demo purposes. Maybe she did and was shot down. I would be curious to know what is causing the delay. Is there an issue with one of Apple's suppliers? Did they find an issue at the last minute that they're now correcting? You have to admit this and the TV were some what disorganized launches. Apple never said when TV would be in stores so...
Gotta love the PC media jumping to conclusions.
Faster than a Surface Pro 4 but if you want the keyboard or pencil you're out of luck for the next month.
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