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So does this mean more iMac ipdates in the spring? Looks like no updates to the other iMacs.
So all the iPad mini got was Touch ID? I don't see anything in these iPad updates that are really going to change the flat growth rate. Hopefully Q1 has nice updates on the software side, though my guess is those will be limited to the new Air.
Wow a seriously boring event. Probably didn't event need to hold an event for this.
Need to know RAM first. Apple will never say so I suppse we'll have to wait for a teardown.
Pretty bad when most of Phil's presentation was spent on the camera. Sigh. And considering we're an hour into the presentation my guess is this is it for iPads.
NFL extended their deal with DirecTV.http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11624442/nfl-extends-sunday-ticket-deal-directv
Kind of weird though that it's been like that for a couple of weeks and nobody has caught it yet. I wonder if it's legit or if whoever updated the website design jumped the gun?
As was pointed out by poster Dubston in a previous thread, Apple's ATV page changed and now says "starting at $99" instead of just "$99". Looks like this change happened when the page was updated with Apple's new website design.
Looks like when Apple updated their ATV page with the new website design they changed it from $99 to "Starting at $99". Interesting indeed.
I don't follow. On the US site it says starting at $99, which is the current price of ATV.
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