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John Gruber did say in one of his posts that people shouldn't over think this device. Maybe that's what some of the tech writers are doing.
Nice write up. Interesting what you say about picking up the UI quickly as reading through John Gruber and some other techies twitter feeds they seem to struggle with it. It's amusing to me that average joes seem to pick it up just fine where as some techies are struggling with it.
It's a 1.0 device because it's the first one Apple has shipped and we know it will get better every subsequent generation. In my world, 1.0 doesn't mean brand new technology that has never been used by any company before.
Huh? Rumors were 3,000 Apple employees were using the device. What is Apple supposed to do? Disable the device when someone is behind the wheel?
Nope. iOS too.
If I type @reneritchie in spotlight it opens the Twitter app and takes me to his Twitter profile. What is the privacy issue?
It's already there for me.
I have issues with dictation on my iPad. Often times I'll say something and it spins for 15-20 seconds before it starts typing out what I said. Sometimes it never stops spinning. I have much better luck with my iPhone.
How can you say this is not a 1.0 device? 1.0 doesn't mean revolutionary. 1.0 means first stab at something new. To me in some ways the Watch is a bigger deal than the iPad. iPad really was just a bigger iPhone/iPod touch whereas Watch has technologies that weren't previously in any other Apple product. And to say the SOC is just a variant of an old A-series chip really trivializes what Apple has done. The Watch is a marvel of engineering, not just "desirable industrial...
That's interesting. Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show that Siri worked flawlessly on the watch, much better than it does on his iPhone.
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