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You have no idea how many people bought 16GB iPhones. All we know is ASPs Apple reported were higher. Which isn't surprising as I'll bet lots of people jumped to 64GB as they didn't have enough space to update to iOS 8. There were LOTS of complaints about that on Twitter. Most people upgrade OTA and I'll bet a large percentage of iOS users don't even know about being able to update software via iTunes....because they've never had to do it before. Believe me Apple doesn't...
Last year Tim Cook told the WSJD that iPhone would be Apple's main revenue driver for the next 5 years. If Apple execs are not thinking about what comes after iPhone they're stupid.
Is that a money maker. Seems pretty capital intensive to me.
That's why I said I want Apple to get in other areas so they're not so dependent on high margin iPhones.
I can't believe people are saying iPhone buyers are cheap. It is a fact that other companies are making nice phones for much cheaper than iPhone. Not as good as iPhone but still decent phones. I want to see Apple get in to other markets and not just cling on to high margin iPhones forever.
Bullshit. Last quarter Apple's profit was $18B. Apple is doing the largest corporate buyback in history because it's swimming in cash and have way more than necessaey to successfully run the company. i'm not worried about Apple not having enough cash to fund R&D and operations.
2GB RAM is no brainer. Now all we need is bump 16GB to 32GB. If Apple is all about delivering the best products and user experience that should be a no brainer too.
What's with the thin gray fonts? That screen looks like it would be difficult to read, especially in the sun. Notice on Watch Apple isn't uding a thin Helvetiva font. They created a font specifically for the watch, one that's easy to read.
But but but its not round! That automatically makes it fugly, no?
I have a feeling if new MBAs were going to be announced next week the rumors would have been out by now.
New Posts  All Forums: