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 I thought the whole point of Surface Pro was its a no compromises device. So what is the Surface Book for then? Other than a Panos Panay ego trip and Microsoft wanting so badly to be like Apple. Honestly I think the device is over engineered and seems designed just to impress the tech press.
So I guess Cook wants tech sites talking about Surface Book today? This comment is perfect click bait fodder for the media.
What? Since the first gen iPad there have been keyboard accessories for the device. Microsoft didn't create some innovative form factor. They just tried to shoe horn a desktop OS into a tablet. Apple clearly is not doing that.
Jony Ive talks about Apple Pencil. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/11988396/Jony-Ive-interview-The-story-of-the-Apple-Pencil.html
More proof A9X is a beast. http://www.moorinsightsstrategy.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Apple-iPad-Pro-Benchmarks-V1.1.pdf
I'm sorry the thought that you can just enable touch on a Mac is ridiculous. It is far easier for Apple to make iOS more capable than trying to turn OS X into a multi touch OS. And with iPad Pro and the A9X chip it's clear that Apple is designing hardware plenty capable of running desktop class applications.
Blame Steve Jobs.
This was his exact quote;
Pretty damning for Intel is what I would say.
Well you're obviously not getting my point. My point is I don't know how Apple is presenting this product. Tim Cook says who needs a PC anymore; Eddy Cue says he uses his iPad Pro more for consuming, for reading email and surfing the web. Maybe Apple is saying iPad Pro doesn't replace the PC because the PC is dead. Of course that's silly. Or maybe Apple is missing a coherent message on this product. As I've said before I think Cook's Apple is good with the what and the...
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