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I don't do a lot heavy gaming on my iPad so can't speak to that. I don't have many issues outside of Safari and constant refreshes when switching between apps. When I go into diagnostics I see a lot of low memory reports. I'm not sure how anyone could say with a straight face that 1GB RAM is sufficient on iPad. If it is then they have some crappy software engineers working on Safari because it's not optimized for 1GB at all.
I can only go off my experience (and the experience I read about from others). Safari on the iPad is not a great experience. Tab refreshes are bad enough (they existed on iOS 6 too) but I still encounter random crashes too. If Apple can find a way to make Safari better on the iPad with only 1GB RAM that's fantastic, but I have my doubts.
And tech sites like the Verge will fan the flames because page views trump everything these days.
Apple is stingy with RAM in their mobile devices for whatever reason. I just hope the new iPad gets 2GB otherwise I keep my iPad Air for one more year.
Makes sense. This is where I think Apple has the biggest chance to create differentiation. Android phones might have better hardware specs on paper but Apple has the better ecosystem - better integration and 3rd party support.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjXUR1vLMUYThis is a speculative, all-CGI design and animation exercise by Aristomenis Tsirbas of MeniThings Productions, and not video of a real product.
Looks like Marc Newson will be at this event. Confirmed it on his new Twitter account @iMarcNewson https://twitter.com/imarcnewson
YouTube video.
FYI that bracelet thing is confirmed fake.
Except we don't have iPad and iPad+. I hope if they do use this nomenclature they use the + symbol and not the word plus.
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