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To which Apple responded with the iPad. Who says Apple is/has to do what everyone else is in the wearables space?
No I never meant to suggest that HealthKit and HomeKit were useless without Apple hardware. I just think the biggest opportunities growth wise are 1st party new hardware from Apple. As far as "you can't see past some simple rumours doesn't mean that nothing else exists", I don't know what you mean there. I'm one who has always believed we're going to get something new beyond iPhones and iPads from Apple this fall. And I still believe that will happen this fall. When do you...
That's assuming what Apple is working on is just like what everyone else is doing. Somehow I have a feeling that's not the case. Earlier this year when Jony Ive was asked about the mythical "iWatch" he said "it's a game of chess, isn't it?" That leads me to believe Apple isn't doing what everyone else is. They're not just taking a smartphone and slapping it on your wrist. While everyone else is playing checkers Apple is playing chess.
I get that. But that's not really driving future growth, it's protecting the existing customer base. Unless you think HealthKit and HomeKit are going to drive a lot of new sales without first party hardware from Apple. My question is where does growth come from and I don't think software APIs alone will drive it. Plus I don't think Apple would be hiring sales and retail executives from luxury fashion conglomerates if they didn't have something new they were prepping to...
iPhone and iPad are not new products. I'm assuming Apple is looking for new revenue streams beyond iPhone/iPad. I think they'd be leaving a lot of money on the table just leaving it to 3rd parties. Do you really think HealthKit and HomeKit API's without first party hardware are going to be big iPhone sales drivers?
How does Apple make money off of HealthKit and HomeKit without first party hardware?
Didn't he claim that some iWatch models could be over $1,000?
And right on cue, Ming-Chi Kuo is out with another report suggesting the mythical "iWatch" might be delayed until 2015 because of manufacturing difficulties.
Getting close to $600B market cap. What was the highest Microsoft got to back in the day?
This is the contractor doing the work. Stuff looks amazing.http://www.vanacker.com
New Posts  All Forums: