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These videos are for the average consumer not the geeks that follow every keynote and frequent sites like this.
Yeah and people are entitled to call him a hypocrite. Free speech and all. I'll change my opinion when Cook speaks out for gay rights in China and the Middle East. I have a feeling I'll be waiting a long time for that to happen.
Oh and by the way, in just 2 days over $800K has been raised by over 28,000 people in support of Memories Pizza. Tim Cook's viewpoint is NOT the majority viewpoint by a long shot. It's only a majority view point in the media, pop culture and tech echo chamber,
He's right. No need to apologize. Stupid Fox News.
And already the guys at The Verge are confused. Just goes to show its clear they have an anti Watch bias and agenda. I hope Apple doesn't send them a review unit.
Go Carly! Screw the haters.
So are we going to see oneofthenine.com for the Galaxy?
Unfortunately I think Apple let iPad stagnate a bit. I mean when Cook announced the Air 2 he asked how the best tablet even better and then proceeded to run a short video that showed the iPad getting 18% thinner. To me that's stagnation. Outside of making the device thinner and lighter what real innovation has Apple brought to the device. While I'm not a fan of the Surface (I think it's a compromised concept) there's a reason that product still exists and in some cases is...
Oh and btw, Apple just won a Red Dot Best of the Best design awards. It was one of only two watches to get a Best of the Best designation. http://www.ablogtowatch.com/apple-watch-receives-red-dot-best-best-design-award/
New Posts  All Forums: