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Really? Then how come we didn't get a large screen iPhone until after they became popular (especially in Asia). Let's not forget in 2012 Apple said they made the phone taller but not wider so it could be comfortably used with one hand. I guess that no longer applies in 2014 or everybody's hands of gotten bigger?
Please explain to me how others have done it poor. And I'm specifically talking about a larger device, not Android in general, not 64-bit. What was poor about the Galaxy S3? What's currently poor about the LG G3 or HTC One?
I said one of those things, meaning one of the things I had listed. I never listed 64-bit so that's just changing the subject. The fact is Android had third-party keyboards, actionable notifications, widgets, and inter-app communications before iOS did.
I'm not talking about TV I'm talking about a curved monitor for the Mac Pro.
So? We're talking about copying. Apple wasn't first to market with larger screen phones and as much as I love my iPhone 6 it's not like large screen phones on the market were garbage and Apple showed everyone how it's done with the 6/6 Plus. In fact there are phones that have more screen real estate but an overall smaller size than the 6. Sure I understand the home button/Touch ID limits how small the bezels can be but when I see people with their LG G3's it makes me...
Well the original Microsoft Surface was bigger than an iPad so I guess everyone copied Microsoft.
I didn't know 64-bit was required to implement the things I mentioned.
Where is Apple's 4K Cinema Display? Dell, HP and Samsung all have curved monitors on the market or coming soon. Where is Apple's? Curved TVs are gimmicky but curved monitors are very cool. Why is Apple late to that party?
Where did AI get this information from? I don't see a link in the original post and couldn't find anything on Google.
So if they were on iOS first and then ended up on Android no one here would have accused Google of copying Apple? And again, I didn't say only Android. Notification center was jailbreak for instance.
New Posts  All Forums: