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Where's your AppleTV?
Waiting for Thunderbolt update?
For phones I agree. iPads, no. Clearly Apple software engineers have all they can handle with fixing iOS 8.0 bugs so improving iPad software won't happen until next year (if at all).
When do we find out how much RAM? If it's still 1GB I have zero interest.
Seems to me Apple doesn't know what to do with iPad. The Air 2 seems like a great device (and I'll probably get one If it has more RAM than the current Air) but I can't see how it will stop the flat to negative growth trend.
Well other iPads might get it but the best user experience will be on the Air 2 IMO. That's assuming it has more RAM of course.
Oh, and the retina mini 3 still has the air gap which the Air 2 does not. So A7 chip, most likely 1GB RAM, same display, same body. Anyone that buys a retina mini 3 is nuts IMO.
Air is the only device to get A8X. And probably the only one to get 2G RAM. It iOS 8.2 gets split screen multitasking it most likely will only work with the new Air.
So last year the mini retina and Air were essentially the same, now this year Apple's reversed that with the A8X in the Air only. Couldn't they have thrown the A8 in the retina mini? I don't see what compelling reason there isn't get a 3rd generation mini.
So does this mean more iMac ipdates in the spring? Looks like no updates to the other iMacs.
New Posts  All Forums: