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I'm sure Tim Cook will say he was the best choice by far.
Well Tim Cook did hire John Browett and when someone emailed him about it he said Browett was "the best by far". Thankfully he corrected that mistake.
Just an FYI - I'm female.
Stretching the truth? Hardly. I don't shop on Amazon and I don't use any of their services. 
Because I won't give money to a company that would hire a liar and political hack like Carney. If Target hired him I'd stop shopping there. I'm not a fan of Amazon or Jeff Bezos (for various reasons) so I don't shop on Amazon.com, don't have a prime membership and don't use any of their apps.
Ok so you don't know of a specific role Apple is trying to fill, you just think they need someone to better represent them to various governments. Got it. The rumor Dalrymple said "nope" to specifically said Carney's name was being "bandied about" as Apple's new PR chief. I'm not sure what Dalrymple would need to interpret. He said Tim Cook has never met Jay Carney. Not sure how he would know that other than someone from Apple telling him.
Of course not. But you said "the rumors may have gotten the roles mixed up". That would imply there is some government relations role Apple is looking to fill. I'm wondering how you know that.
I guess I wasn't aware Apple was looking for someone to lead a government relations department. Anyway I'll be curious to see if Dalrymple responds to this Bloomberg story on his site.
As I said in my other post I think Apple's communications team should be separate from government relations. IMO those are completely different functions.
Amber Cottle was hired as Apple's chief lobbyist earlier this year. http://tinyurl.com/obdmp29IMO government relations and communications/PR departments should be separate.
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