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And rumors are Foxconn wants to get into battery business for smartphones and electric vehicles.http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2015/02/the-icar-its-popcorn-for-your-mind.html
Except none of the rumors point to this, they all point to something way beyond the dashboard. You're convinced because it's what makes the most logical sense to you. But how many people thought Apple would be selling an 18-karat gold watch? Going by your logic Apple would have partnered with an existing high end watch maker and just provided them the "guts" and software to build a smart watch. Instead we get a completely Apple designed watch with a high end model and high...
From this Reuters story:And from the Financial Times story:From the WSJ story:And from Bryan Chaffin at the Mac Observer:Steve Zadesky, who apparently has been tasked to oversee this project is VP of product design and works for Jony Ive. His background is mechanical engineering. If this was just about CarPlay or the dashboard why would a mechanical engineer involved in iPhone hardware be tasked with leading the project? Why would Cook have approved a 1000 person team (I...
I thought I read Cook approved 1000 employees for this project. That's far more than a few hundred.
Apple is just chintzy with storage period. It would be nice to see them be competitive with Microsoft and Google in that space.
According to theofficialboad.com Steve Zadesky is VP of iPhone and iPod product design and reports to Jony Ive. He's a mechanical engineer. If this project was just about CarPlay on steriods why would a mechanical engineer be leading the team. And why would Jony Ive's designers be meeting with automotive designers and engineers? This project may never turn into an Apple car but I think it's pretty clear it's about way more than CarPlay or a QNX competitior.
Marc Andreessen seems to approve: Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) tweeted at 5:49pm - 13 Feb 15: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes please. wsj.com/articles/appleā€¦ (https://twitter.com/pmarca/status/566383679715303424?s=17)
Someone posted this on The Verge. Food for thought. The FT report specifically said Jony Ive's design team was meeting with automotive designers and engineers. Is his design team involved with CarPlay?
I wouldn't consider the Financial Times to be in the business of clickbait.
Whatever Apple is doing I'm sure they don't mind all the speculation. No one is talking about the new Galaxy phone coming in March. It's all speculating what Apple might be doing in the car space.
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