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Are these Apple designed or were they already in the works pre-acquisition. Beats aren't known for great build quality. I was hoping that would be something Apple improves.
Would everyone know if they weren't getting messages that this was the issue?
Seriously I don't get why what he says carries so much weight (this comment was reported on CNBC this morning). What has he done since leaving Apple? Apple is where it is because of Steve Jobs.
All the more head scratching why the new MS phone has Microsoft written on the front and back of the device. IMO seeing the name Microsoft would be a turnoff but for some reason they decided just replacing the name Windows with Microsoft will solve their problems.
And yet Woz says the iPhone 6 was three years to late.
Using a 12w charter I can do a full charge on my 5s in just under 2 hours. IF Watch takes longer than that to charge that will be a real bummer.
A spring iPad/Mac event with more details on some of this stuff would be great. I'd love to see some of the work Apple is doing with IBM. I think we're starting to see why Microsoft made a lot of Office features free on iOS. They know BYOD isn't going anywhere and most consumers couldn't care less about Windows Phone or Surface. Only thing is it's confusing as hell knowing what features are free and which ones aren't (and trying to understand the logic behind those choices).
Honestly I think Tim is being conservative and setting expectations low so Apple can beat them. Jony Ive mentioned an alarm feature using the taptic engine, which of course would be difficult to use if the watch is sitting in a charger and not on your wrist. So either he knows something Tim doesn't or they need to get their stories straight when it comes to battery life. The question I have is how long will it take to charge? If it's under two hours one could conceivably...
Quite sad and pathetic that you're willing a product to failure. Nothing that Cook has said about Watch indicates he thinks it's going to be a failure. He's called the watch "profound" and the technology "killer". he also said you'll be charging a daily because you'll be using it so much. Who would say that about a product they expect to bomb?
No but it appears like the only people this could affect are those in an enterprise setting downloading apps outside of the App Store. If you just read the headlines from Reuters, AP etc., you're left with the impression this is a serious bug that could easily affect iOS user. That's not the case.
New Posts  All Forums: