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Even if he was specifically asked he doesn't have to answer the question.
One Apple employee rumored to be working on this car project recently updated his LinkedIn profile. It now references a "future Apple product line".https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=10250168&authType=name&authToken=vXbm&trk=prof-sb-browse_map-name&_mSplash=1Neil Cybart at Above Avalon also thinks Apple is working on something big based on the big quarterly increases in R&D...
Maybe it's just me but I think it's really unclassy to talk about how many employees your poaching from another company on earnings call.
I'm convinced now that Spotify is behind all of these investigations into Apple's upcoming music service. It's pretty simple for Spotify, just don't offer subscription service in app. People can easily go to Spotify.com and sign up there.
You'll be waiting a long time them. Apple isn't going back anything like iOS 6 anytime soon.
At least today one could argue there is a reason for the volatility with Janet Yellen saying equities might be overvalued. There was zero rational IMO after earnings release. I'll bet Apple was the only company this quarter to beat on the top and bottom, beat on EPS and gross margins, increase dividends and stock buyback, provide bullish guidance for next quarter and have their stock drop 2% the next day.
Yeah I didn't get that paragraph either. Software and services are there to make Apple's hardware more compelling and command a premium. Apple needs to put focus on those things that make the ecosystem sticky and make people not want to leave. Siri and Spotlight qualify and I'm glad to see Apple is putting dedicated focus and resources on them.
My guess is this is all about Siri and Spotlight not an Apple branded search engine. They'll get into search in kind of a stealth way which will hurt Google all the same.
You can't change 2 and 3 without changing 1 first and that's not something you do overnight. I wish it would have worked because Macy's and Kohls are garbage and clearly could use some competition. Even some of the specialty stores like Gap, JCrew and Banana Republic are pretty crappy and in some cases overpriced. There's not a lot of good places to buy clothes these days.
The biggest mistake he made at JCP was changing pricing right away. That should have been the last thing he did or at least pricing should have only changed as these stores within a store were completed. Instead you had the same crappy stores with crappy merchandise but all the sales and coupons were gone. He should have redesigned the stores and merchandise first, then tackled pricing.
New Posts  All Forums: