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I will laugh at loud at the comments from those who still argue that 16GB is fine and upping to 32GB will prevent Apple from investing in R&D.
Here's two more (but these I guarantee will happen):1. 2GB RAM2. 32GB entry level storage (that's already being rumored)
I hope if Apple keeps around the 13" non-retina Air they're aggressive on the pricing. But my guess is they won't be because Schiller will want to upsell people to this new device or a 13" rMBP.
I doubt it would be that cheap. On John Gruber's latest podcast he says he thinks it could be around $1400. This is Apple we're talking about. If Apple sold it for $999 I would be shocked.
You obviously never used iOS 2.0
You obviously never used iOS 2.0
I see the folks over at MacRumors are already freaking out over this rumored product. You know it would be refreshing if people waited until something was announced before freaking out and pissing all over it. We don't know if the prototype leaked to wonder boy Mark Gurman is the final product and if it is we don't know how Apple is going to position this product in their lineup. And we also don't know what changes (if any) they're making to the MBP line up. Too much...
The next version of iOS shown off at WWDC should be iOS 8.5 or something. Calling it iOS 9 gives the impression it's a major release with lots of new features. iOS doesn't need a lot of new features right now. It needs bug fixing and polishing of the new stuff added over the last two years. One good thing about Watch is it will force Apple to fix issues with Bluetooth and WiF because Watch will be a terrible product if Bluetooth and WiFi aren't working properly.
Beats sucks. And you know who told me that? My two nephews, one who is 23 and the other who is 18. Hopefully when/if Apple takes full control of Beats design they'll get rid of these embarrassments:
Apple technology? You mean PrimeSense which Apple bought?I've never understood why patents granted are so newsworthy. Apple has over 20 patents on "smart pens" going back numerous years and yet we have nothing to show for it. Same thing with Apple's Smart Cover. Several patents on different Smart Cover innovations going back to 2011 but nothing realized in a product. I'd love to know how many things Apple patents actually make it into products for sale.
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