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iPhone and iPad are not new products. I'm assuming Apple is looking for new revenue streams beyond iPhone/iPad. I think they'd be leaving a lot of money on the table just leaving it to 3rd parties. Do you really think HealthKit and HomeKit API's without first party hardware are going to be big iPhone sales drivers?
How does Apple make money off of HealthKit and HomeKit without first party hardware?
Didn't he claim that some iWatch models could be over $1,000?
And right on cue, Ming-Chi Kuo is out with another report suggesting the mythical "iWatch" might be delayed until 2015 because of manufacturing difficulties.
Getting close to $600B market cap. What was the highest Microsoft got to back in the day?
This is the contractor doing the work. Stuff looks amazing.http://www.vanacker.com
Based on building records Foster & Partner's is the architectural firm responsible for the remodel so I'm sure it will be spectacular when finished. That's the same firm working on Apple 2 campus.
When I first saw photos it reminded me of something you'd see in England. What's hilarious is he bought this house in 2012 but for some reason Business Insider decided to recycle the story (and thus others picked it up) a week or so ago. All over Twitter people are making fun of the decor not realizing the photos are of the house before he bought it and that he's spending $2M to remodel it.
Nice house. Love the back yard. Cue is asking less than $4M for a house on an 18,000 sq ft lot. Jony Ive paid $17M for a house in San Francisco that's on a 5,400 sq ft lot with basically no yard. Crazy how expensive real estate is in the big cities. Would be interesting to see what it looks like when he's done remodeling it. http://www.businessinsider.com/photos-of-apples-jony-ives-new-home-2012-9?op=1
But we don't know when this in house group was formed or even if it is fully formed yet. I think it's a stretch to conclude Phil Schiller allegedly kicking some ass created this holiday ad. Let's not forget Apple signed off on those genius ads that were so bad they ended up removing them from their YouTube channel and from apple.com.Here's Ken Segall's thoughts on Apple's...
New Posts  All Forums: