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So enjoy your phone and don't worry about it.
Click bait rules. I feel dirty for having participated in it.
obviously it's a small number of people encountering this issue. If it was widespread no way would Apple be selling record numbers of iPhones. I've owned an iPhone 5 and 5s and never had bending issues. Neither have any of my family members or friends that I know of.
And yet I keep hearing about how great battery life is on the 6 Plus.
And you really believe someone bent their phone just by sticking it in their front pocket? I call BS on that. I posted a tweet from Matthew Panzarino who used his 6 Plus for 5 days at Disney World in his pocket while going on rides and his phone did not bend.
Steve said a lot of things and then ended up reversing himself. He said nobody wants to watch video on an iPod and yet the next year we get an iPod that plays video. Just because Steve was against something doesn't mean he was right. Obviously there's a large market for phones with screens larger than 3.5 inches. No way in hell Apple would have sold 10M iPhones this past weekend if they were still rocking a 3.5" display.
Here's something Matthew Panzarino (writes for Tech Crunch) tweeted:
Which you have no idea what Steve would or wouldn't have done. Just sayin'.
We saw what happened with the iPhone 5 when it first came out. That eventually blew over when Apple sorted out its manufacturing issues. If this is a real issue and the phone is easily bending then Apple will have to tweak the design to make it less bendable. I'm still skeptical that this phone can bend that easily because I have a hard time believing Apple wouldn't catch something like that before these phones ever went on sale. And I have a really have a hard time...
Are there any legitimate examples of the phone bending under normal use? What the guy did in this video cannot be considered normal use.
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