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Pretty damning for Intel is what I would say.
Well you're obviously not getting my point. My point is I don't know how Apple is presenting this product. Tim Cook says who needs a PC anymore; Eddy Cue says he uses his iPad Pro more for consuming, for reading email and surfing the web. Maybe Apple is saying iPad Pro doesn't replace the PC because the PC is dead. Of course that's silly. Or maybe Apple is missing a coherent message on this product. As I've said before I think Cook's Apple is good with the what and the...
Exactly Not everything has to be black and white. Not everything needs to fit in to one of Steve Jobs 4 quadrants. iPad Pro doesn't need to be able to replace a desktop/laptop for everyone.
Why? I think it's pretty clear iPad Pro hardware is plenty capable of running desktop class apps. I think it makes more sense to add capabilities to iOS (like split screen multitasking and maybe eventually an exposed file system) than try and shoehorn a mouse/pointer OS on to a touch screen.
No more like marketing can't control what the CEO says.
He's pretty much a full time iPad user that's why I was interested in his review most.The fact is Steve Jobs's 4 quadrant slide is no longer relevant, yet tech reviewers are still hell bent on fitting products into one of those 4 quadrants.
Here's the review I was waiting for: Federico Viticci's https://www.macstories.net/stories/ipad-pro-review/
No, I don't think marketing sat down Eddy Cue and Tim Cook and said "here's what we want you to say about iPad Pro". I think Cook was honestly saying what he feels, not marketing speak.
But Cook was using an iPad before the MacBook was even released. Seems to me the new MacBook is just as portable as iPad Pro. I mean it only weighs two pounds.
Where has Apple marketing (not Tim Cook) promoted this? Go to Apple's website and the iPad Pro is hardly ever shown with the keyboard attached. Quite honestly I'm not sure where Apple marketing is, hence my comment about them needing to control the narrative. I don't think Tim Cook or Eddy Cue's comments were particularly helpful.
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