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Check out these tweets from Ben Bajarin. Convinces me more than ever that Apple is going to drop a bomb on Tuesday.
This is why the stock was down 4% earlier this week. Wall Street clowns pumped up the stock to record highs and then dump it saying nothing Apple does can be meaningful to the top/bottom line. I wouldn't trust any of these clowns to know what Apple might/is do(ing). They think small, Apple doesn't.
Is Photostream being replaced in iOS 8? I'd rather have it be optional than automatic.
Wonder boy Mark Gurman says this proves no one inside Apple is good enough to run PR.
Yes loving the new design.
Stock was actually up on Tuesday. Dropped 4% on Wednesday when an analyst at Pacific Crest said sell the stock. Of course it didn't help that Samsung and others were launching new products that day so the clueless AP and others would attribute the drop to Samsung's new products.
Put me on ignore then and I'll do the same with you (and the mouse in your pocket).
I do wonder what to make of this Ben Bajarin tweet today:He also says he doesn't think Apple is the one leaking all this stuff. I tend to agree as I'm sure the last thing they want is an event where everyone knows what's coming. Cook & Co. seemed really happy at WWDC because most of what was announced hadn't leaked beforehand,
I'm seriously thinking of getting out even though I've always been long AAPL because I can't deal with the nervous nellies who pump the stock one minute and run away like scared little girls the next. Wall Street's really quaking in their boots over the Note 4 and these stupid smartphones on a wrist? Seriously?
Hmm...not so sure. This comes out on the same day Apple puts up a live web stream page with a count down clock. Who knows if all of these rumors will turn out to be correct but I doubt they're all BS either. What I think will be most impressive (and completely overlooked by the mainstream press there) is the chip technology. All the stuff Bob Mansfield has been working on in his special projects role. I'm excited to finally see what's been cooking these past couple years.I...
New Posts  All Forums: