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Before Tim Cook came to Apple he worked at Compaq and IBM. i can only imagine what some here would have said when Steve hired him.
But where does Apple grow in the consumer gadget industry? iPhone is close to 70% of Apple's revenue. I'm not sure that's a good thing (outside of massive iPhone profits funding the R&D for the next big things). Maybe the Watch or TV will become a significant revenue drivers but I see those more as accessories not major drivers of growth when iPhone inevitably slows. So where else does Apple go? Virtual reality or Microsoft Hololens AR type stuff? I'm sure Apple is...
Well he also worked at Toyota and Nissan. Obviously he has the background and experience Apple is looking for.Your comment reminds me of people knocking Apple's hiring of Kevin Lynch because he came from Adobe where he was involved with Flash. As though he has no other experience or good qualities that would make him a worthwhile hire.
Heh, well Jony Ive drives a Bentley Mulsanne, not exactly the most eco-friendly vehicle out there. Of course I have no doubt whatever might do will be electric.
Do people seriously still think this is all about CarPlay on steroids? Think about it...we start getting rumors this year that a car project is underway. The WSJ says Tim Cook approved a team of 1000 to work on it. The Financial Times says Apple's design team has been meeting with auto executives trying to poach them. 9to5Mac reports on some of the known project members which include mechanical engineers inside Apple that have prior automotive experience. At the re/code...
People still watch the VMA's, or MTV for that matter?
Google is down less than one percent today. Not much is being given back.
A week ago everyone was freaking out about China now turn on CNBC and hardly any China talk.
Will we see Apple skyrocket $60B like Google did last Friday. Doubt it. Analyst always seem to come up with negativity or headwinds. Either gross margins are soft, guidance is light or if there isn't really any flaws with the quarter then they trot out difficult comps.
We'll never know b/c Apple won't provide sales data. And later this year they'll have the new TV to further obfuscate Watch data.
New Posts  All Forums: