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Hmm...I have a hard time believing a "professor" at Apple earns a higher salary than Cook or other members of the executive team. No way,
Didn't you say Apple wasn't going to keep the 6 and 6 Plus around at $100 cheaper because it would cannibalize the flagship devices? What say you now?
Now is the time for Cook to hire a SVP for cloud services. Oh and appoint someone to oversee Apple's 4 platforms too. Let them be the face of Apple to developers. And task them with ensuring the best productivity apps are built for iPad Air first.
Talk about first world problems. Sheesh. The question Buzzfeed should have asked Cook is when we'll be able to set default apps and when Siri and NFC will be opened up to 3rd party developers.
I see Chip Chowdry is at it again claiming investors have zero confidence in Apple management and board because according to him they're not unlocking "shareholder value". http://fortune.com/2015/09/15/apple-chowdhry-investor/
So basically this is a playlist from Burberry on Apple music. Why is it being called a channel?
To go along with what I wrote above, this is a great piece from Ben Thompson on Apple needing to evolve from products to platforms. https://stratechery.com/2015/from-products-to-platforms/ I've said before that Tim Cook should hire a SVP to oversee all backend cloud services. I would argue that he should also hire an SVP or VP of platforms reporting directly to him. We've got OS X, iOS and now watchOS and tvOS. I would love to see someone in a role that had broad...
Agreed. Though I would like to see them weave a more compelling narrative. I think often times Apple pundits on blogs and podcasts do a better job of this than Apple does. Take this last Apple event. Tim Cook was hardly onstage at all. They just jumped right into announcing products. All very compelling products but where was the over arching narrative about why these are compelling products and why Apple built them? Some might say it's self evident and completely obvious....
Apple's statement said orders for the 6S Plus exceeded their forecast. I think I'll trust Apple over supply chain noise.
I know people with 6 Plus that have lag issues, the phone isn't slow per se but there are UI lag issues. Even on my iPad Air 2 I still have issues with Safari tabs reloading. It's not nearly as bad as the Air 1 but it's still annoying all the same. Especially if I'm typing something on a site like this, go to another site and come back only to have the page reload and everything I typed is gone. I think complaints about not enough RAM are absolutely legitimate and I'm glad...
New Posts  All Forums: