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None of their other smart watches have been round. As I already stated, square icons on a round watch face are stupid. Samsung was already using round icons on their Tizen phone UI so I'm not surprised they would bring those to a round watch.
Hmm...I don't see any Frank Fearon that works for Apple on LinkedIn. I wonder if he's a new employee. It's interesting that these car stories seem to leak on Fridays. The stories from back in February also leaked on Friday.
I own the 38 mm Apple Watch. I have yet to see a round smart watch with the display close to the size of my watch. All of them are a lot bigger. You can't utilize corners with a round display. Show me an actual round smart watch that is similar in size to the 38 mm Apple Watch and can display all information without cutting anything off.
But Kara Swisher and Jon Fortt said this morning no way Apple is building a car. They completely laughed it off.
Someone else already posted a screenshot of the Tizen UI with round icons. The software on this watch is Tizen as well. Was Tizen copying the Apple Watch back in 2013?
Yeah I've got a pair of LG Bluetooth headphones that are fantastic.
Well square icons on the circular watch face would look stupid and makes zero sense. if anything Samsung is copying LG more than Apple.
Ok I must be doing it wrong then because when I use the workout app I just tap the digital crown once which brings me to the watch face and then swipe up to get the music glance. But most of the time I just use the little button on the side of my Bluetooth headphones to skip to the next song. I do the same thing when I want to change the volume. Couldn't be simpler.
And that watchband looks so inconsequential next to that big face. They don't even look like they were designed to go together.
I like that Apple didn't go round because there is no way to make a digital watch look like a finely crafted mechanical watch. I'm sorry but this LG Urbane looks like something desperately trying to be a higher end mechanical watch but failing. Apple went high end with materials and bands rather than trying to copy a mechanical watch face. And it's obvious the marketing shots for these Android Wear watches are faked to make them look like traditional watches as much...
New Posts  All Forums: