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The fact those lines on the back of the phone are so chipped and scuffed I think is a good indication they either won't be there in the final product or will look very different. Or we're not seeing a legit part and this is some Chinese knockoff fake.
Ooh I like hearing that. Just today I was trying to view the new Your Verse and on Apple's website and Safari kept crashing. So frustrating.
I'll take anything that makes Safari a better experience on the iPad.
I'd love to know what iPad you have that doesn't have this issue.
If the new iPads don't have at least 2GB RAM I'll save my money and stick with the Air. Very sick of the constant tab reloads in Safari.
So does Apple think iPad mini owners don't read?
Seems to me these ads and emails are Apple saying "iPad is more than just a consumption device", not "replace your Mac with an iPad". Microsoft is trying to portray Surface as the ultimate device. One stop shop for everything you need. Apple is not doing that with iPad although they know a lot of people have ditched their laptop for iPad. This is reminding people there's a lot more you can do on your iPad besides watching movies, surfing the internet and playing games.
Hmm...the Detroit video keeps crashing Safari on my iPad Air.
Why should screen size determine specs? They don't with iPads. Of course no matter what Apple does it will piss someone off but I think a lot fewer people would be pissed off if Apple didn't use size to determine which device got better specs (outside of obvious things like bigger battery). I still have this feeling that the larger device could come under the iPod umbrella. Apple didn't update iPods last year so either they're slowly killing them off or we'll see an new...
New Posts  All Forums: