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Ok so this video of Tim, Eddy, Phil and Jeff dancing to 'Happy' like dorks is kind of Meanwhile at the Condé Nast Luxury Conference Jony Ive looks completely bored and is probably wondering why the chairs are so damn small. But at least he didn't have to sit through an Al Gore lecture on global warming.
Or maybe after 14 years she decided she wanted to do something else. 14 years is a long time to be with one company.
You can get the Nexus 6 on an installment plan. I wish the media and industry would quit using the term subsidized. To me the term subsidized means you're getting something free because somebody else is 'subsidizing' it for you. Installment is much better terminology because that's essentially what people are doing. They're paying off the price of their phone over time through monthly installments as part of their overall bill.
I'm currently paying AT&T $62/mo for my voice and data (6GB) so I'm not sure how this is much better. But it's Google so I'm sure all the tech sites will be treating it as the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Who the hell came up with that name?!
Btw, according to MacRumors. some posters who had 4-6 week or June shipping estimates are now seeing their status changed to 'preparing for shipment'. What will the haters say if we find out Apple was just being really conservative with shipping and lots of people get their watches sooner than originally expected? What will they have to hate on then?
CNBC was all over that Angela Ahrendts employee video this morning. Pretty sad when CNBC has basically turned into Buzzfeed.
You don't wear phones, they're not jewelry. A solid gold iPhone would be stupid.
To me the Watch makes larger screen phones all the more compelling. I'm actually surprised Apple hasn't done more to make this connection. I'll get a bigger phone with amazing battery life that I can keep in my handbag or briefcase because notifications and quick interactions are readily available on my watch. I don't need a 5" screen to view/respond to a notification. I'll save my 5" screen (and battery life) for when I want to browse the internet, watch movies, play...
IF this report turns out to be true then obviously Apple has data that shows the 4" model isn't a big percentage of sales. Personally I thought I was going to HATE a larger phone but I've been using the 4.7" iPhone 6 since October and there's no way I would ever go back go anything smaller. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.
New Posts  All Forums: