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I've never said Apple should make profit far from it. Your quarterly profit is between $7 and $8 billion. The cash flow they generate is enormous. I doubt they're having problems finding money to spend on R&D. I mean Microsoft and Google generate less revenue and cash flow than Apple but still spend more on R&D. They both spend around 13% of revenue where is Apple spends around 3.2%.As far as profit margins go, last quarter Microsoft's was 19.75% and Google's was 17% and...
There you go focusing 100% on profit again. Last quarter Apple's profit was over $8B. FY 2014 profits were close to $40B. Nobody, outside of Exxon Mobile reports profits like that. Yet Microsoft and Google spend more on R&D as a percentage of revenue than Apple does. Making the base storage 32GB or offering the iPad mini with the same specs as the Air (like they did in 2013) is not going to break the bank, it's not going to keep Apple from being able to being able to...
What is this Apple dominating Microsoft in mobile stuff? I'm not talking about who's dominating in mobile. I've been talking specifically about Apple's stupid and confusing iPad lineup, and why I think they're wrong when it comes to storage sizes. The reason Microsoft is up is because Wall Street likes the direction they're going with respect to mobile and cloud. Yeah we know Apple makes more money than anyone under the sun. But they shouldn't get fat and happy and like...
And it's quite possible that Apple won't give out sales figures for Watch (at least not initially) as they've chosen to report it in the same bucket as TV and accessories. Will that make Watch a failure?
I've heard a lot of reports of the band being uncomfortable and the screen scratching so easily that Microsoft is now including ascreen protector with the device. Also some claim the heart rate sensor is way off compared to other products they've used. No thanks.
Since the competition doesn't release sales figures how do we know whether they're having problems or not? The only thing we do know is iPad sales have been declining. Where is DED's feature on that?
Good to know. Although I probably shouldn't care as I get a new phone every year now.
I use a 12w charger to charge both my iPhone and iPad. Am I negatively impacting my iPhone's battery life by doing so?
Is number two in your list just fantasy?
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