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Gotta raise those ASPs somehow.
I must say I'm not terribly impressed with Cue. Outside of ´ú┐Pay (which looks to be fantastic though I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet) it seems like everything under his domain needs work or is languishing a bit. Either he has too much on his plate or if not maybe he needs to be replaced?
...and please click away!
Just listening to this clown on CNBC right now and it's the same meme we've heard for years now...Apple is doomed because it won't go downmarket and the high end is saturated blah blah blah. How can anyone think Apple getting into a race to the bottom with iPhone would be good for the company. Its not working for Samsung, what makes these clowns think it will work for Apple?
Except Pacific Crest has been bearish on Apple for a while. I see the stock is rebounding a bit - was down over $2, now down about 20 cents.
And did Apple ever claim any type of music file could be played on iPod or that music purchased on iTunes store could be played on any mp3 player? It's not like anyone was forced to buy an iPod or use iTunes. There were/are other options on the market.
If plaintiffs are successful in the suit what's to stop someone from suing Apple for not allowing multiple app stores on iOS devices or not allowing people to load whatever they want on iOS devices (without jailbreaking)?
Yes, click bait is all over the place. Welcome to the Internet in the 21st century.
Pacific Crest downgraded the stock and Deutsche Bank put out a cautious research note. Probably why the stock is down today when the overall market is up. Will these guys have egg all over their faces two months from now? http://seekingalpha.com/news/2155815-apple-lower-following-cautious-pac-crest-deutsche-notes
What is this Business Insider? Talk about a click bait headline.
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