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Is that all on Watch apps? A bit underwhelming.
Surprise surprise people are bitching about the new Mac. Even though the existing Airs were updated and the 13" rMBP was also updated. This new MacBook is the future, early. I can see this increasing Mac sales, for people that want an ultra portable, fanless product that runs OS X.
Amazing less than an hour to go and NOTHING has leaked. Well done Tim!
Oh I'm sure wherever they sell it they will have the right people selling it. Nordstrom seems about right, it's more upscale but not totally out of reach for most people. I've gotten nice stuff there that didn't cost thousands of dollars.
Well he did say he goes to bed earlier than most (usually by 9:30 or 10 pm).
What if there are people won't buy a gold watch unless it's over a certain price?
According to 9to5Mac:And Rene Ritchie from iMore:
So you're saying the first gen watch is a big fail because a button press is required to use Pay and some people might have a hard time pressing the button?
From what I've read it will require a pin code and once authenticated as long as it's touching your skin it's good to use for Pay. If you take it off or it loses contact with your skin then you have to re-authenticate.
I'm going to guess an elderly person whose hands shake probably won't be buying an Watch. Who knows if they even use an iPhone.
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