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What storage size. And who says their legit?
According to 9to5Mac's 3rd hand sources, "iWatch" will have a square display, battery life of less than 24 hours and look techie good but not fashion-y. http://tinyurl.com/oogyo98 I get the feeling someone is trolling people hard because none of that sounds like something that would worry Switzerland.
Why is this surprising? People want everything under the sun in these devices and then complain because the battery life sucks.
Check out these tweets from Ben Bajarin. Convinces me more than ever that Apple is going to drop a bomb on Tuesday.
This is why the stock was down 4% earlier this week. Wall Street clowns pumped up the stock to record highs and then dump it saying nothing Apple does can be meaningful to the top/bottom line. I wouldn't trust any of these clowns to know what Apple might/is do(ing). They think small, Apple doesn't.
Is Photostream being replaced in iOS 8? I'd rather have it be optional than automatic.
Wonder boy Mark Gurman says this proves no one inside Apple is good enough to run PR.
Yes loving the new design.
Stock was actually up on Tuesday. Dropped 4% on Wednesday when an analyst at Pacific Crest said sell the stock. Of course it didn't help that Samsung and others were launching new products that day so the clueless AP and others would attribute the drop to Samsung's new products.
Put me on ignore then and I'll do the same with you (and the mouse in your pocket).
New Posts  All Forums: