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Wow you buy into hype easily. It's no surprise this was leaked to The Verge, basically a PR arm of Google.
Are current Samsung phones still ripping off slide to unlock or the rubber banding patent? What's the end result? That Samsung pays Apple for what they infringed and then life goes on? I don't think anything in this trial is going to stop Samsung from being a fast follower.
What recent phone from Samsung is copying Apple? Is the GS4 or 5 copying the iPhone? Are pull down notifications on the iPhone not copying Android?
Then I'm not sure what the BOOM is for.
How is this different than what Amazon announced other than it's the Google play ecosystem rather than Amazon Prime?
Boom what? That Google leaked this right after Amazon announced their box? That the UI looks like Xbox? That's it's basically just copying what every other STB/console device does? Honestly I'd be curious to know how many people come home at night and curse their TV interface. It seems tech companies these days are tripping all over each other trying to find what the next big thing is. Yet none of them are doing anything that makes you go WOW or holy shit. It's all...
How exactly does Apple win? So Samsung pays a fine. It's a drop in the bucket. And doesn't mean anything. Meanwhile the media meme/public mindshare is that Apple is spending all their time on silly lawsuits over things that should never have been granted a patent in the first place. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing for Apple to win at this point and and all these confidential memos/emails being leaked do more harm than good.
Apparently Google has a new Google TV in the works. OK if, Apple's redesigned ATV can't do something better than this then I've lost faith in Apple. And for as much as people bitch about Apple not being innovative anymore it's amazing how many companies are basically just giving us a version of what already exists. So that's the big thing right now, TV interfaces. Are there that many people coming home at night complaining about their TV interface? Seems to me tech...
Ah, so that's why Apple is selling more iDevices than ever and iOS 7 adoption rate is 85%.
I'm skeptical that this was some secret list of Steve's. More likely it was a list culled together from all his executives. But maybe it will put to rest the idea that Steve had all these grand visionary ideas and now Apple is doomed because he's not here to to shepard them to completion.
New Posts  All Forums: