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Hmm..still skeptical. People don't replace TVs that often. I think they want a nice TV with good picture quality and let their smarts come from what they connect to the TV. But who knows. It's hard for a $99 hockey puck to move the needle on revenues like a $1500 or $2000 TV would. All depends on how many consumers would buy an Apple branded TV. That space is highly competitive and costs keep coming down.
And? An TV hockey puck isn't something you carry/wear either. That said I don't think Apple is doing a TV set either mostly because people don't want smart TVs. They want dumb TVs and smart boxes/sticks.
Why make a watch when you could just make WatchKit?
I guess he's moved on from TV sets. Now he's pimping augmented reality and says that's the next big thing from Apple.
I said 16GB would become 32GB this year and I stand by that statement, especially after seeing this news. Now if there was only a way for users to clear the documents & data cache.
Samsung is hyping up it's camera for the Galaxy S6. We'll see if the hype matches reality. I wonder what Apple has in store for the 6S.
It's got to be an API but my guess is not one that will be opened up for any developer to use. Only those blessed by leadership in Cupertino.
So is this API only available to Pinterest or can any developer use it?
Help me out here...if this is OK how come Marco Arment had his podcast app rejected for linking to competing apps? You couldn't even install any of those apps from his app, it re-directed you to the App Store.
It will be interesting to see how Apple markets this product. I'm really fascinated by it all.
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