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Even if it's less than that (based on change in revenues Apple reported) I think it's excellent. I think it bodes well for this fall when we get new software and probably new band options/different colors. I wonder if Apple will push Watch Sport into places like Best Buy for the holiday season?
You think Wall Street is homophobic? I find that hard to believe. Apple stock reached record highs after Tim came out so I don't think Wall Street gives a shit about Tim Cook's private life.
Ah ok. So I wonder if they'd revise them now. Though maybe Beats headphones sales are crap right now.
And what exactly are they basing this on? The change in "other" quarter over quarter was around $950M. If you take their sales figures at a $400 ASP that's $1.6B in revenue. At a $550 ASP its $2.3B revenues. Did iPods and Beats headphone revenues really drop that much in one quarter?
But Wall Street is happy about Microsoft because they always thought the Nokia acquisition was stupid and are happy to see Nadella undoing it.
I have raised eyebrows because it seems iPhone and Q4 estimates shot up right before earnings (and with a herd mentality if one raises estimates the others follow). What were these 50-53M iPhone whisper figures based on?
It's all Wall Street once again thinking iPhone has peaked and trotting out the old tired iPhone is too expensive line. Never mind that YOY sales increased 35% and ASP was up $100. According to the clowns Apple is always one quarter away from disaster with iPhone. So long as Apple is really iPhone, Inc. that won't change.
This is the problem with being iPhone, Inc. Analysts always think Apple is one step away from disaster. iPhone demand is peaking and Apple has nothing to fill the iPhone void with. I don't agree with it but that seems to be the thinking. iPhone isn't a commodity like oil, Apple isn't a monopoly like Google. So anytime Wall Street gets the jitters about iPhone, especially if they have jitters about China, the stock gets punished. This is one reason I think Apple is working...
Wait so you can still rate the app you just can't review it? Kind of useless change then no? You shouldn't be able to rate apps either.
I had three different MP3 players befor I ever owned an iPod. I have a hard time believing Android Wear devices are selling more than MP3 players were when iPod launched. As far as iPhone goes how are you defining smartphone? We're Blackberry and Palm devices not smart phones?
New Posts  All Forums: