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Except it didn't slow down anything. Cheap 7" Android tablets are all over the place.
I think you're wrong. There are a lot of people that want more storage. Yes, 32GB would probably be the most popular but I don think it would destroy profits. And yeah I think 16GB devices should be for limited situations like schools or POS systems. When you have people NOT updating to the latest release of iOS because they don't have enough space on their device then Houston we have a problem. And don't give me that iTunes nonsense, if Apple offers OTA updates people...
Billions? Please. The only people that think everybody cares about this issue are gays and their supporters in the media and left of center politicians. Everybody else just yawned and got on with their lives.
The only reason any of us are talking about it is because Tim Cook chose to make it public. Anything an Apple exec says makes news whether it deserves to or not.
What issue? Nobody cares. It's so not important.
His coming out is as pointless as the iPad mini 3
I don't get the point of this article. Apple stock being at record highs just means nobody gives a shit that Tim Cook is gay or that he came out. Because it's not about HIM it's about Apple the company.
Fact is 32GB at $199/$499 would sell very well. Probably more so than 64GB at $299/$599. But since Apple doesn't offer the former people chose the latter which in turn increases ASPs and is obviously why Apple got rid of the 32GB tier. Again, another way of upselling you. I'd love to know what the true impact to Apple's bottom line would be if their lineup was 32/64/128. Honestly no one should be selling 16GB devices anymore.
Apparently there's not space for it with the bean counters. Just like there's no space for 32GB anymore. Why have 32GB when Phil "upsell" Schiller can offer you 64GB for the same price (even though you don't need it) and increase ASPs at the same time. What a genius! I'm sure he got extra stock options for thinking that scheme up. While elsewhere in the company employees are wondering why iOS upgrades have slowed.
Exactly. Otherwise we might as well just call Apple the iPhone company.
New Posts  All Forums: