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So I questioned yesterday why the stock was up only 1% after hours and it opens this morning actually down over 1%. How the hell do you announce a quarter like Apple did, beating on both the top and bottom line, beating on gross margins and providing strong guidance and have the stock drop over 1% the next day? I'm sorry but this is BS.
Wow so basically 2 years after introducing lightening to iPad they're going to replace it with USB C? I can imagine that pissing a lot of people off.
Haha these comments never get old. Apple has a fantastic quarter and its 'meh, totally expected'. And since no one can hang their hat on "lower than expected guidance" they hang it on a good quarter already baked into the stock price.
So what do you want Apple to do? They just released a new Mac and a brand new product category. Rumors are a new music service and new TV will be coming out later this year. And of course Apple pay is just getting started. What should Apple be doing that they're not?
I'm not spouting any conspiracy theories. Best March quarter ever and the after market reaction is basically 'meh'.
Based on Cook's comments I have a feeling Apple is going to push iPad in the enterprise hard and future innovation may be geared towards enterprise/vertical markets. I think Apple has accepted that iPhone and Mac will continue to cannibalize iPad in the consumer space.
You know it's bad when CNBC and Bloomberg talking heads are scratching their head as to why AAPL isn't up more after hours. Microsoft is the second or third largest company by market cap and after they reported their stock went up almost 11%. If anyone but Apple reported a quarter like Apple did today their stock would be up a hell of a lot more than 1%.
Someone asked about Watch margins and why Apple expects them to be lower than company aggregate next quarter and Tim didn't really answer. Though he did say those BOM estimates that come out from iSuppli and others are nowhere near accurate.
Luca said Watch margins will be lower than company average.Tim Cook said about 20% of install based has upgraded to iPhone 6.
Cook says Watch demand greater than supply. Doesn't think Apple will be able to sell in additional countries until at least June. Says customer reaction so far has been off the charts. Says Apple is making adjustments to get in line with customer preference in terms of models.
New Posts  All Forums: