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Interestingly, Lynch reports to Bob Mansfield (or at least did at the time of hire). So I wonder if it was his idea/recommendation to hire Lynch. Mansfield was also the one who recommended Papermaster to Steve Jobs. I wonder how far along the watch really was when he was hired.
I doubt anything is down to one person.
Do we know if some of these were taken with iPhone 6 or are they all 6 Plus?
What does Flash have to do with Watch?
Hopefully this is actually a good book. Isaacson's book was quite disappointing. No wonder Jony Ive said of it: "my regard couldn't be any lower".
Really? Ok he might not be the best speaker but I didn't think it was that bad. Honestly I thought Eddy Cue's iWork demo at the 2013 iPad event was worse.
How do we know Kevin Lynch is a mistake? Are people just assuming that because his name is associated with Flash?
Gruber was just as dismissive. I guess according to him and others this guy should be banished in hell forever for once supporting Flash. Still not sure what that has to do with Watch. He wasn't hired to add Flash to the watch.
I'm confused...I thought everyone wanted to burn Jony Ive at the stake for making Apple's software "flat". Now they're upset because certain parts of Watch are more 3D/alive? A couple weeks ago Woz made some positive comments about Watch calling it a little piece of art on your wrist. My guess is the things some people hate (like digital touch) will become quite popular. Watch certainly isn't as sterile as Android Wear, which I consider a good thing.
Lynch demoed the software back in September. I think it's pretty clear he's overseeing software for the device.
New Posts  All Forums: