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Nothing you've written explains why round is good and you still haven't shown an actual smart watch with a size similar to the 38mm Watch displaying information (other than a clock face). Round is purely an aesthetic choice based on existing analog watches.
How can you be so sure? Why would Apple be hiring people from the auto industry and touring a BMW manufacturing plant if they weren't working on something? You can't compare it to. TV. TVs are just dumb screens (at least the TVs most people want). What's the point of Apple selling a dumb screen when they can just sell a box that connects to someone else's dumb screen?
I don't know why people are still so skeptical about this. The evidence is clear Apple is doing something. The biggest tell tale sign for me is Jony Ive handing off day to day duties to lieutenants. His bio on Apple's site says his responsibilities now include "new ideas and future initiatives" (his bio is the only one with that wording too). What other "new ideas and future initiatives" would he be working on? A TV? VR headset?
Which car company? And since when does Apple make software for other people's hardware?
None of their other smart watches have been round. As I already stated, square icons on a round watch face are stupid. Samsung was already using round icons on their Tizen phone UI so I'm not surprised they would bring those to a round watch.
Hmm...I don't see any Frank Fearon that works for Apple on LinkedIn. I wonder if he's a new employee. It's interesting that these car stories seem to leak on Fridays. The stories from back in February also leaked on Friday.
I own the 38 mm Apple Watch. I have yet to see a round smart watch with the display close to the size of my watch. All of them are a lot bigger. You can't utilize corners with a round display. Show me an actual round smart watch that is similar in size to the 38 mm Apple Watch and can display all information without cutting anything off.
But Kara Swisher and Jon Fortt said this morning no way Apple is building a car. They completely laughed it off.
Someone else already posted a screenshot of the Tizen UI with round icons. The software on this watch is Tizen as well. Was Tizen copying the Apple Watch back in 2013?
Yeah I've got a pair of LG Bluetooth headphones that are fantastic.
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