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Since Kevin Lynch demoed the software on stage last year I don't think it's any surprise that he's running software for the device. In fact I think it was rumored before the September event. I think it's really petty for people to knock Kevin Lynch because he worked for Adobe and once supported flash. From what Rene Ritche of iMore has said Lynch is well liked inside Apple and people are really impressed with him.
So do they have examples of people that were actually targeted? One would assume if this was the case we would be hearing a lot more about it? Local news would be all over a story like this.
All of these apps so far look really nice. If Apple is involved in the design can they bring some of that to iOS, especially first party apps?
I still think there's too much smoke around this car stuff. And those suggesting otherwise are doing so because they think it's silly for Apple to be entertaining the idea of building a car so therefore it can't possibly be true. So it has to be the more reasonable idea of Apple working on software for other car companies dashboards. Except that Apple is not known for being a piece of technology in someone else's product. And there are no indications that car companies are...
What's the difference between Google Pay and Samsung Pay? Will both be available on Samsung's latest phone? Will that not be confusing to consumers?
Um, nobody in that 'ad' looks like a one percenter to me.
What's good about owning a wireless carrier?
Hmm..Apple just added vehicles to its list of company activities in a Swiss filing:http://tinyurl.com/nzva4d
Did Apple approve these shots? I can't believe they'd approve someone yawning. What's up with that? And I know this is an ad, but isn't the watch display off when you're not looking at it? Unless Apple is going to surprise us with some low power mode that will display a clock face all the time? Is that even possible?
Honestly I think anything between $3K and $5K would scare most people off. I'm seeing a lot of angst in some quarters that the gold watch is Apple saying "not for you" and they've never done that before. I disagree though because from all we know so far every watch model has the same functionality and capabilities. So the person buying the $349 watch is getting the same device as someone buying the very expensive gold watch. At most the gold watch buyer will get a nicer...
New Posts  All Forums: