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I'm referring to the Bloomberg report that specifically mentioned layoffs might come this week. That story hit yesterday evening.
I just visited the Verge and didn't see one story about Microsoft's potential layoffs. There was however a story about senator Cory Booker taking selfies with other senators. Wow is that site going downhill.
The way it was worded ("bandied about") and the fact it was part of a story about Uber made me quite hopeful it was just the gossip mill run amok. Thankfully that appears to be the case.
Sure they could create a brick that was super thick and heavy. Then people would complain about Apple making their products thicker and heavier (like they did with the 3rd gen iPad).
Pretty soon we'll get a rumor that the rumored delay of the rumored 5.5" model has been resolved.
Can these rumors get any sillier?
what does that have to do with not wanting Apple to hire a political hack to run their PR organization? Surely Cook can find someone more qualified than Jay Carney. I thought Apple was all about diversity. But I guess what Cook really means is liberal diversity.
I vote for Baghdad Bob. He'd have more credibility than Jay Carney.
I hope this is just rumor mill BS and not something Cook is seriously thinking about. Presidential spokespersons are just political hacks. Those are the last kind of people Apple needs to be hiring.
I didn't like the gold iPod mini. I have a gold iPhone though. Apple got that one right. It's not bling bling gold (like these headphones).
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