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Hmm...I see Phil Schiller just re-tweeted this survey data.
If the FUD around the Watch was anywhere close to being accurate wouldn't we be seeing more stories/rumors about concern inside Apple, questions about the strategy, decent within the company etc. Believe me sites like 9to5Mac and Business Insider would be all over that juicy gossip if it existed. The only thing I've seen so far was a post on MacRumors from a former Apple employee who still keeps in touch with current Apple employees. He said he's been told that inside the...
I'm not selling my AAPL stock but I won't be surprised if it sells off on Wednesday. Last quarter Apple beat on nearly every metric and the next day the stock was down about 2%. Already I'm seeing some pundits say a good quarter is already priced into the stock. I suppose these are the same analysts who think Google having a PE of 33 is perfectly reasonable.
You could ask Ben Bajarin on Twitter or the article he posted on techpinions. I think it was more than just an online survey but I'm not positive.
Apple stock was recently close to 120 and now as of this morning it's almost 132. Smells like a run up prior to earnings so it can have a big sell off on Wednesday,
Great to see Apple blogs/rumor sites pushing this data. Confirms what I've suspected all along. Average consumers are more satisfied with Watch than early adopter techies and designers in the Bay Area. Unfortunately most of the media FUD is based on the latter not the former. Facebook took 18 months to give us a universal iOS app (remember Zuck once said he didn't consider iPad to be "mobile"), still doesn't support continuity or native share sheets in iOS 8 yet according...
Is Tasker something that could be on iPhone/iPad?
Are there even any good apps that are only on Android?Anyway it should be about quality not quantity. There are not 1.5 million quality apps on the App Store. Just like when Apple said there were over 3,000 apps for the Watch. But how many of them are good quality apps? Probably not many.
So? This ad says there's one in a half million awe inspiring apps on the app store. There's not. How about highlighting a few apps that either aren't on Android or are vastly inferior. They don't have to mention Android by name, just use something generic like they did with I'm a PC. Run a "Only on iPhone" campaign. Unless they can't do that because they'd have to get approval from the app maker?
And I see ahead of earnings the media is on an let's slag Apple Watch fest. The New York Times ran a story about app developers being cautious about developing for the Watch and now the Financial Times is running a D&G story with quotes from a couple people who returned their watches. http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/f328df7c-2e04-11e5-8873-775ba7c2ea3d.html?ftcamp=traffic/partner/feed_headline/us_yahoo/auddev,traffic/partner/feed_headline/us_yahoo/auddev#axzz3gOanjloL Ben...
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