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Here's what Eddy Cue said at the Re/Code conference: "Later this year, we've got the best product pipeline that I've seen in my 25 years at Apple"And when Cook was interviewed by the WSJ earlier this year he said Apple was working on new categories:Do you honestly think Cue would say best pipeline in 25 years "later this year" if all we were getting from Apple was incremental updates to Macs, an iPhone with a bigger screen and an iPad with Touch ID?
How does Apple make money off SDK's that 3rd parties can tap into? Maybe more iPhone sales but as it is IPhone's share of Apple's revenue is well over 50% which is concerning IMO. Last year MaryJo Foley reported that Microsoft has 16 businesses that have $1 billion or more in revenues. If anything I think Apple needs diversification and new revenue streams so they're not so dependent on iPhone for their success. That's why I think we'll see a line of wearables from Apple....
My point is that Apple wouldn't be hiring all these people if all they were launching is a Moto 360 type device. Obviously they're working on a range of wearable products. And yes I do think something will come out this fall. The most recent hires are sales/retail not engineering.Eddy Cue wouldn't say this fall will see Apple's best pipeline in 25 years if this stuff was coming out in 2015. If all we get this fall is a bigger iPhone (which we should have had 2 years ago)...
Sometimes he seems bored during MacBreak Weekly too. But at least he hasn't gone on a "when is Apple going to innovate again" rant for a while.
Rob Enderle? Eww...no. I know a lot of people dislike Paul Thurrott but I don't mind him so much, on Windows Weekly at least. I wouldn't mind Gruber having Mary Jo Foley on his show. She seems super cool and isn't ever nasty about Microsoft competitors. I wish he would have done his podcast with her instead of Ed Bott.
Gruber may have an Apple bias but he does seem fair. Heck he showed up at Microsoft's Build conference this year because his Vesper app utilizes Microsoft's cloud services.
Mark Gurman re-tweeted Gruber's comment. If he was hearing differently or didn't agree he'd say so. Gurman annoys me but he does get his scoops.
I find it quite ironic you made this comment on Apple Insider. You basically just described Daniel Eran Dilger.
Retard and idiot. Way to have an intelligent conversation. If I want a nicely designed WATCH I won't be buying a Moto Almost 360, I'll buy a nice watch from a well known watch maker.
That's not a bad idea though I'm not sure how much Apple will want to cede design to 3rd parties. Perhaps Apple will do something like that themselves? I've heard that Jony Ive hates iPhone cases. I'll bet the only reason Apple sells their own is because they don't want to cede all those accessory $$$ to third parties. Probably another reason they bought Beats too.I just hope whatever Apple does they keep women, especially women with tiny wrists in mind. I would never wear...
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