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Nest is having issues integrating dropcam. What the heck is Fadell going to do with Glass. Seems to me this is stroking someone's ego more than anything. http://www.strictlyvc.com/2014/11/12/unrest-nest/
Slightly OT but a columnist for Marketwatch contacted Apple with a negative story he was planning to run on the company. Instead of getting just a comment (or no comment) he was asked to come to Cupertino and meet with senior executives to discuss his issues. I think some of his whining is ridiculous but the fact that Apple afforded him the ability to meet with senior executives is a big deal. How often has Apple done that in the...
Tim Cook is all about customer sat so I don't understand why Apple doesn't just offer a replacement program and be done with it. This seems like one of the few legit lawsuits out there.
Apple likes to tout the fact that older hardware gets OS updates. But often times updating the software makes the device slower and provides a poor user experience. Maybe the iPhone 6 doesn't need more than 1GB RAM now but what about a year or two from now? Will iOS 9 or 10 work smoothly on the device? Or is Apple just telegraphing to people that they need to upgrade every 2 years?
Tell that to Apple engineers, especially the ones who work on Safari.
Haha as I said in another thread I will laugh my ass off when we get 2GB RAM and 32GB as entry storage. Pleny of people here said the iPad didn't need more RAM (which is a joke) but we got it. Now there's rumors that the next iPad will have 4GB RAM. Xiaomi just launched a new phone in China that has 4GB RAM. Are we really supposed to believe that iOS is that much better at managing memory that it only needs 1GB RAM? If that's the case how come Safari tabs would constantly...
Of course it will have 2GB RAM and storage will start at 32GB. Those are no brainers. iPad has proven how ridiculous 1GB RAM is. And Apple doesn't want to go through another cycle of people bitching on Twitter, Facebook etc. that they don't have enough available space to update their software. One place I would love force touch is control center. Let me force touch or long press the Bluetooth icon to easily switch between devices. Same thing with wifi. I'm really hoping...
I'm not defending CES. In fact I think it's well past its prime and is more about behind the scenes deal making than anything else. But I've seen numerous articles this year claiming Apple was the elephant in the room. I didn't really see evidence of that, at least not with the coverage from tech sites. It just seems like this 'it's all about Apple even though Apple isn't there' meme gets trotted out every time CES rolls around whether true or not.
So basically copying Microsoft Surface and other Windows convertibles?
Hmm...I followed CES on all the tech sites this year and there was very little talk about Apple (outside of reporting on that cheap Chinese Watch knockoff). It was all about curved TVs and IoT.
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