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Luca said Watch margins will be lower than company average.Tim Cook said about 20% of install based has upgraded to iPhone 6.
Cook says Watch demand greater than supply. Doesn't think Apple will be able to sell in additional countries until at least June. Says customer reaction so far has been off the charts. Says Apple is making adjustments to get in line with customer preference in terms of models.
Yeah I don't get what people were expecting. In some ways to me the new MacBook is more compelling than an iPad. And I'll bet any money it takes share from iPad this next quarter.
No mention of Watch sales figures by Cook.
Almost 10 minutes in and no mention of the Watch. Hmm...
What were people expecting for iPad this quarter? Why would anyone expect iPad to turn around this quarter?
I don't care. Last week when Google, Microsoft and Amazon announced (all on the same day) their stocks immediately shot up 4, 5 or more percent after hours. There's nothing in this quarter that warrants the stock being up only 1.2% after hours. Nobody should be surprised by light iPad sales at this point and new Macs didn't really ship until April. Maybe the stock will get a bounce when the conference call starts but it's rare that anything Tim Cook says makes the stock go...
It's been that way for many quarters now.
And the stock is up less than $2 after hours. Google reported a miss on the top and bottom line and the stock shot up $20 after hours and ended the next day up 3%.
When did Apple say only 22% of pre-orders have been filled?
New Posts  All Forums: