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Wait...is that a camera bulge I see on that phone? I thought only Apple had camera bulges because of their stupid obsession with thinness. /s
Exactly. This is not a real world situation. Nobody applies pressure to their phone like that. Now I'm not here to blindly defend Apple - if the phone easily bends then that's a flaw and they need to fix it. But so far there doesn't seem to be any evidence to suggest the phone easily bends.
Yes because with the internet everything goes viral. If it's a legitimate issue and customers are easily bending their 6 Plus then Apple needs to address it and fix it. But right now it's hard to tell if this is a real issue or media hysteria over one video.
When has there not been a "gate" after a new Apple product launch? When has the media not had it in for Apple? This is just par for the course.
Overwhelming members of the press are experiencing this with their iPhones? Or they're just reporting on it because it's good click bait just like antennagate and scuffgate were?
I'm not sure how anyone could comfortably put a 6 Plus in front jeans pockets. Cargo pants or maybe dress slacks with deep pockets is another story but if you have it in your front pocket and aren't sitting down I don't see how the phone dould bend. And I don't see how anyone could comfortably sit with this phone in their front pocket.
Overwhelming number of people? Where are all these people experiencing this issue?
AI now joining in the click bait. Great....
MacRumors should know better. We're really supposed to believe no one at Apple did any stress tests on these phones? Or they did and signed off on phones that could easily bend? I mean that's just ridiculous. Like BGR freaking out over the camera bulge when in reality it's hardly noticeable. Heck even wonder boy Mark a Gurman thinks the camera bulge complaints are overblown.
Meanwhile MacRumors is running a click bait Business Insider worthy story about the new iPhones prone to bending. All based on a couple anecdotes but giving the impression the phones bend if you look at them wrong. Bugs the crap out of me that websites rush to create "gates" all in the name of page views.
New Posts  All Forums: