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Last year Tim Cook said in an interview that iPhone would be the biggest revenue driver for Apple for the next five years. Perhaps this project is part of what comes next? If Tim Cook is signing off on something and allowing thousand employees to work on it it seems like a lot more than Apple just dipping it's toe in the water. You don't need 1000 employees to do that.
My guess is he's going to be involved in curation in some way.
What does who you love have to do with cyber security? I'm failing to understand what gay rights has to do with cyber security,
Unless it's controlled leaks that the higher-ups have approved. Let's not forget that last year Tim Cook told Charlie Rose that Apple was working on stuff that nobody knew about, that hadn't been rumored yet.
I'm just going by what the rumors say. Maybe WSJ, FT and Reuters are being fed bad information or extrapolating it the wrong way. Maybe not. But I'll bet if a year ago if there was a rumor suggesting Apple was making an 18-karat gold watch not many would have believed it.
But not one of the stories has pointed to this project being about Apple making a better dash for existing cars. They all point to something far more ambitious than that.
Thinking about the different possibilities is exciting. it makes sense to be thinking big about the future whilr they're still making money hand over fist from iPhone.
I rarely agree with BI or Gene Munster but this article makes some sense. http://www.businessinsider.com/munster-heres-why-i-think-news-of-an-apple-car-is-suddenly-pouring-out-2015-2 Even if we never see a car from Apple these rumors certainly don't hurt recruitment efforts and if nothing else it gets people talking about all the things Apple might be working on for the future. All the things that the current iPhone gravy train is supporting.
I just read a blog post about Google's out-of-control R&D and SG&A spending. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a bunch of layoffs from Google within the next year.
Plus this Reuters story has a quote from someone saying Apple doesn't want help from carmakers. That makes me doubt Apple is looking to partner with car companies on reimagining the dashboard. Apple didn't partner with traditional watch companies on a smart watch they built their own.
New Posts  All Forums: