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How is sog going to explain a new iPad mini in the spring with A8X chip? I thought margins were horrible on the mini so Apple would never do it.
If this report is true anyone who bought an iPad mini 3 was a sucker. And margins must not be so horrible if the mini gets updated with A8X within 6 months.
Oh man something with lots of lag would drive me crazy. I thought that only existed in Android world.
They'll do updates if there's a major issue and the device in question can't get the latest software but if the device can you'll be forced to update. FaceTime is a good example. I have a friend who's still running iOS 6 on her iPhone 5 and she can't use FaceTime. She'd have to upgrade to iOS 8 for it to work again.
You haven't had a single issue? Good for you. Plenty of others have, iOS 8 definitely shipped before it was ready,
I didn't say it mattered. I just found it interesting considering Apple has traditionally been a very secretive company. A couple of the names I already pulled up on LinkedIn just because I was curious what part of the company they worked in.
Watch is not a hobby.
Oh I noticed too that many of the screen shots are using actual names of Apple employees.
Whatever one thinks of the Watch the section on Apple's website is very impressive. I don't ever remember seeing that much information for one product on apple.com.
Why did any device with an A5 chip get iOS 8 if it performs that poorly on it? A user shouldn't have to shell out for a new device or jailbreak because a software update made using their phone a worse experience. That's on Apple not the user.
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