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Who is starving because of this? Where ever this band's music is available now it will still be available there during the free trial period. It's not like the whole world is going to stop paying for music because of Apple's three month free trial. There are people who don't want to write music and they will continue to buy via iTunes and elsewhere. There are people who pay for a subscription with other services who most likely won't cancel that service just because Apple...
I agree Apple should be doing this if for no other reason then not to have to deal with this PR headache. On the other hand it seems quite obvious that some of these artists are taking advantage of the fact that this is Apple and anything about Apple makes news so they're getting free publicity out of it.
Indie rock bands want to be known as Kool-Aid drinkers?
The thing is Samsung's problem wasn't the fact their phones were plastic. Their problems are they have no brand loyalty and no ecosystem. They took advantage of the few years when Apple wasn't selling larger screen phones. But the minute Apple released iPhones with bigger screens and the Chinese local brands figured out how to make good enough Android phones for cheap it was pretty much curtains for Samsung. Apple is beating them at the high end and Xiaomi, Huawei and...
Maybe. I'm curious what Apple will do with iPod touch. And the iPhone 5C.
Apple didn't raise the price when they added touch ID to the iPhones, or the 9.7" iPad. They should kill the mini 2 this fall but they won't as Schiller needs something at the $249 price point and they'll never drop the price of the mini 3 more than $100.
Finally getting rid of non-retina and A5 devices! Finally! Now get rid of the mini 2 this fall and reduce the price of the mini 3. Paying $100 more just for Touch ID is stupid.
So I guess now we know why Eddy and Jimmy didn't talk up how big the streaming library was at WWDC...because it's probably not much bigger than what everyone else has right now. We know they don't have the Beatles or for sure Eddy would have been playing some Beatles music on stage. I'd love to know what big artist they have that no one else does.
Didn't Samsung try something like this? I swear I remember seeing a hokey commercial with some guy whose hands were covered in BBQ sauce but he was still able to manipulate his phone just by hovering his finger over the screen. Seemed very gimmicky.
So Tom Ford has turned Apple Watch into a pocket watch.
New Posts  All Forums: