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So you think it's just fine that the whole world knows stuff like this:5. iOS - Scott, JozStrategy: catch up to Android where we are behind (notifications, tethering, speech, ...) andleapfrog them (Siri, ...)I'm sure Google is getting a good chuckle over that one. And what exactly has Siri leapfrogged? Certainly not Google Now.
Great, Apple, just great. Now this email is going to be plastered all over the internet. I'm really beginning to think this lawsuit will end up hurting and embarrassing Apple more than any of their competitors.
Is this really the kind of stuff Apple wants made public? https://s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipchat.com/9858/564763/EbGR9kXSYfwJJ2X/DX489%20Rev%2003-07-14.pdf
Samsung knows this has noting to do with the trial and doesn't care what impact it has. All they care about is making sure it's public knowledge. Do a Google news search on Apple and you ll see that every tech site, BI, Businessweek, WSJ, etc. are reporting how secret documents show Apple is scared of Android and worried about Samsung marketing. I hope Steve's "holy war" has been worth it,
Yeah I was wondering where Samsung is going with this. Unless they're trying to show that it's not about patent infringement but Apple wanting to stop a competitor they were afraid of? Clearly it's BS but getting the jury off track might work for them. Especially if the judge is eager to get this trial over with.
I wish AI would follow iMore's lead. Quit reporting analysis and checks from financial analysts. Their interest isn't in helping consumers make better decisions, it's to move the stock and benefit their clients period. http://www.imore.com/reminder-financial-analysts-want-move-apples-stock-price-not-inform-its-customers
Well if it's that simple, why are we getting it in 2014 and not 2012 or 2013? Unless Apple leadership thought the large screen phones were a fad that would die out?
I'm not suggesting Apple respond directly to critics. I'm wondering, when Phil Schiller gets up on stage and announces the iPhone 6, how he does it. When the iPad mini came out he spent most of his time showing off web pages and how you can see more content on the mini than on 7" 16:9 devices. What's he going to do with a bigger iPhone?Anyway these "analysts" always come out with noise based on their "checks" in Asia, but how often are they right? Business Insider is all...
That's why I'm curious how Apple positions a larger iPhone because we know the tech and financial media meme will be that Apple is either scrambling and desperate or the leadership team is stubbornly sticking to a certain pattern (design changes every 2 years) and not able to react fast enough to the changing market,
I don't, and I'm happy with my 5S. But all signs are pointing to a larger screen iPhone, so I'll be curious how Apple announces and markets this bigger phone. When the 5 came out and it was taller but not wider, Apple said it was so you could see more content but still comfortably use it with one hand. Ok, did Apple somehow find a way to make the phone wider but still able to comfortably use with one hand? Or does that statement no longer matter?
New Posts  All Forums: