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Why is this called breaking?! Breaking should only be reserved for actual news, not analyst rumors!
I don't follow. My point was Apple is doing this on their own without needing the White House or anyone else in government to tell them to do so. Same thing with accessibility features for the disabled. If something is a good idea companies will adopt the idea because at the end of the day they want satisfied customers (that are more likely to do business with them). This includes B2B customers.What I'd like to know is why isn't Amazon on this list? Aren't they notorious...
So Apple did this without a government initiative?
Nope. If it's a good idea companies should just do it. No need for a meeting or a summit which is basically just a photo op for the White House.
No. If Apple's not already doing this and it's a good idea than just implement it. No need to send someone to Washington to be a prop for the Government. And I'd say this regardless of which party controlled the White House.
If this is good for the broader market businesses shouldn't need a government law or White House summit to implement it. The optics of this to me is Apple taking orders from the Obama administration. IMO those aren't good optics.
This. Regardless of ones politics this gives the impression that when the government says "jump" Apple says "how high?". Is Apple a company known for not paying suppliers quickly enough? Why isn't Amazon at this meeting?
Man how awesome would it be if we didn't need China for manufacturing. Or if the US government didn't need China to finance it's massive debt. Would be so nice to be able to give a big middle finger to the Chinese government.
Except Steve initially didn't want to port iTunes to Windows. The only reason Apple did it is because at the time you needed a computer to get your media on an iPod and most people owned Windows PCs. It was all about selling more iPods. You'll noticed Apple hasn't ported iTunes to Android. With wearable devices and stand alone functionality I think it will all come down to battery life. I can't see an Apple wearable device being compatible with other platforms.
Hehe Gurman took a lot of crap for writing that article. Even John Gruber took him to task over it. But hey this is the same guy who still claims Ben Shaffer worked on the Nike FuelBand while at Nike even though Fast Company talked to Nike employees who said otherwise. I think it would take a lot for Gurman to admit he ever got something wrong or published a bad rumor.
New Posts  All Forums: