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it's too hard to make any conclusions because we don't know what the supply was of each device. Some people who own the 6 plus initially thought it was too big but now would never go back to anything smaller. And there are others like John Gruber who would never own a 6 Plus and even think the 6 is too big.
Well I'm obviously biased as I think anything non-retina sucks.
iOS 7/8 sucks on non-retina devices. Clearly Apple's news OSes were made for retina displays.
No way I'd recommend a 1st gen iPad mini to anyone. I don't know why Apple is selling it other than getting rid of existing stock that might be remaining.
I thought this "bug" was related to enterprise certificates where employees can install apps outside the AppStore. I know I've done it where I work. But I understand what I'm doing so I'd never install something questionable. One would hope that's the case with any company employees who are downloading custom apps on their iOS devices.
That government warning was ridiculous. The chances of being impacted is extremely remote. I guess Apple really is the new Microsoft that everyone wants to take down.
So are they questioning Google and Microsoft as well specially considering they are cloud based?
What ecosystem do they have when they don't own any of the software? I would assume most Android users prefer Google apps and services to anything Samsung offers.
And posters on the Verge are ripping on Jony Ive for complaining about copying. Considering Samsung's laptops are either Windows or Chrome, their phones are mostly Android and their watches are Android and Tizen where is the flow? Samsung is desperate for relevance. They want to be the fourth company next Apple Google and Microsoft. The problem is they don't really have an ecosystem as they don't control the underlying software. And they don't have brand cache like Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: