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I recently went looking for headphones at Best Buy and all they has were Beats over the ear crap and Skullcandy. I ended up getting a pair of Sennheiser's at Office Depot!
Here's what Jony Ive told the NY Times earlier this year:http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/06/16/jonathan-ive-on-apples-design-process-and-product-philosophy/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0I'm assuming he's referring to sapphire but he says he's been working on this stuff for several years so perhaps we'll see a big use of liquidmetal? Or is there some other material that none of us are thinking about?
Amazon wants to be known as a tech company, not a retailer. Can someone explain why other tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel,, Samsung, etc. can spend billions on R&D and capex but still generate profits and Amazon can't? I have a hard time believing Amazon's capex spending is larger than these other big tech companies so where's the profit? Amazon bulls claim their core services are profitable. If that was the case shouldn't we be seeing profits even with...
I wish there was one rumor site that would be bold and not be beholden to the almighty page views.
Can Apple rumor sites PLEASE stop reporting every time some Asian news source reports an unnamed product is in production or is going to be delayed. PLEASE. We seem to get these reports every week and often times they contradict each other which just proves how not credible they are.
Does Yosemite essentially telegraph all retina products this fall? Or is that dependent on Intel? It would be nice if late 2014/early 2015 Apple's iOS and OSX product lines would be completely retina. It seems their design decisions in iOS and OSX point to that as both OS's look much better on retina displays.
F-k you judge Cote!
As of today IBM's market cap is $194B. How exactly does someone buy them? I suppose they could merge with Apple but partnerships like this make more sense IMO.
It will be interesting to see how Apple's cloud services hold up this fall. Hopefully they're well prepared.
Seems like Apple's servers are getting hammered. Plus some on MacRumors are having issues saying their code has already been redeemed. And people wonder why Apple doesn't do a public beta for iOS?
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