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Apple got a way with 16 GB last year I'm not so sure that will work again. I have a feeling if the entry level 6S/Plus starts at 16GB Apple will have a lot of pised off customers and will lose some good will. When Apple's making $$14-18 billion of profit in a quarter it's pretty obvious they're making a killing off of storage pricing. Good will and happy customers is more important than record profits, margins, ASP's IMO. It's not like Apple is struggling to find cash to...
That line of thinking confuses me. I initially thought having those two guys report to Cook was an indication of retirement for Ive but after reading his updated bio I've changed my mind:Interestingly though, according to theofficialboad.com Ive has 5 direct reports (6 if you include Marc Newson). I wonder how accurate this site is. It also shows Lisa Jackson reporting into legal and Steve Dowling into marketing; both are listed as reporting to Cook on Apple's website.
Apple really needs to simplify the UX with this app. The amount of choice is overwhelming. Clearly when designing this app they didn't think about a thousand noes for every yes.
Because then you basically just have an app that just plays music from your library. Perhaps Apple should have split the two but then you get people howling about another app on their iPhone that they can't delete.
No brainer. I'm more skeptical about the pink iPhone rumors. I could maybe see a rose gold version but pink? Not buying it.
So Tim Cook now has (at least) 17 direct reports. Seems a bit high for a CEO.
Ha! What's interesting is when Avie Tevanian was promoted to Chief Software Technology Officer his bio page was updated to say he "focuses on setting company-wide software technology directions for Apple". Bertrand Serlet's bio page said he was "responsible for leading Apple's software engineering group". Contrast that with Ive's bio page:Tevanian's new role was quite vague. Ive's is not and says he's still responsible for HW/SW design. So either Ive asked to have no...
Eric Jackson tweeted that he thinks Apple (and Ive) don't want to have to disclose his salary/stock options so they've set it up so the SEC can't come knocking. Ben Thompson is more skeptical and has kind of implied Apple lied to us. Ive's updated bio says he's responsible for hardware and software design (among other things) so either he told Cook he would prefer to have no longer have direct reports or Eric Jackson is right and these two VPs are technically reporting to...
I get why Apple added that VP layer because it was an easy way to get women and people of color on the executive leadership page. But why Tim Cook has so many people reporting directly to him I don't understand. I can't imagine he has time to be sitting in design review meetings. And why would the guy running chip technology report to Cook and not the SVP of hardware engineering?
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