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Well I look at the HTC One and all the good reviews it's received. In many cases due to the fact it's aluminum and not plastic. So yeah I do think materials matter. Go look at the iPhone 5 intro and a large portion of the video was dedicated to how the phone was manufactured. Clearly it matters to Apple.
I'd be curious to know what Peter Misek thinks the "must have" thing will be that will justify the price increase. Is it materials like sapphire or liquid metal or some feature that no other phone has?
I'm no distorting anything, just going off what the rumor says IF Apple does release a 5.5" device we don't even know if they'll call it an iPhone. I certainly doubt they would consider it their flagship device. I guess the real question is why is Peter Misek releasing this? There's always a reason behind these investment guys and the notes they release. I doubt it's just "ooh I got some good gossip and I'm going to leak it".
Yeah that's my guess. Though I'm still not crazy about Apple going down the phablet route. Are there really that many people who want such a large device? For me it would be too large to be my main phone and too small to be my main tablet/computer.
I just saw a Verizon commercial on TV this weekend offering BYGO on the S5. That might be why reports are saying GS5 is outselling the GS4 did at launch.
It will be interesting to see how Apple would pitch this and actually have it work. When Apple went from 3.5" to 4" the price didn't increase, so why would 4" to 4.7" require a price increase? I could understand it if they're getting into phablet territory. But if the flagship iPhone goes to 4.7" and increases $100 there better be more to it than just the display size. No way does increasing the display .7" increase the BOM that much. And I doubt that .7" increase required...
Apple offering an 8GB phone rather than just dropping the price on the 16G model is one of the more stupid things they've done. That to me signals a company run by finance guys not product guys. And finance guys obsessed with maintaining a certain gross margin to appease Wall Street.
All they did was take the 5 display and stretch it to fit this "mold" which no one even knows if it really is a mold or if it has anything to do with the new iPhone for that matter.
So basically whatever Apple does is bad. When the 5 and 5S came out it was bad because people want larger screens and 4" isn't large enough. Now that it looks like we'll be getting a larger screen Apple is stupid because it supposedly won't fit in someone's pocket and Apple should leave phablets to Android. And I guarantee you if we end up with three different screen sizes someone will complain that Steve Jobs would never have allowed it and Apple is making his simple...
Peter Misek has a horrible track record when it comes to Apple. This rumor needs to go in the rubbish bin along with another one floating out there about Apple's "iWatch" being subsidized by insurance companies.
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