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Isn't there a saying that you never punch down? Musk wouldn't be throwing shade like this if he wasn't worried about what Apple is doing.
Why? What is it that Tesla has that Apple couldn't replicate?
Looks like someone is worried. Apple must be successfully poaching Tesla employees, or at least poaching other people Musk wants. In this interview he threw shade at three different Apple products. What a jerk.
Part of me thinks Apple should not have responded to this. Apple's response is going to give it even more attention, attention it probably wouldn't otherwise have received. This wasn't really a "gate" yet and was mostly just floating around tech/rumor text sites. Now Apple has legitimized it as a story and I won't be surprised if some idiots who ran an app to find out what processor they have will run to an Apple store demanding a phone with a TSMC chip. And I won't be...
Bob Lefsetz was pretty brutal on Jimmy. I agree that Jimmy isn't the right fit for Apple. He must have done one hell of a snow job on Eddy Cue and Eddy is respected enough inside Apple that no one else challenged him.http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2015/10/01/jimmy-iovine-2/
The problem is iTunes has morphed into A tool with so many different functionalities. Playlist management, device syncing, iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Music. Apple really needs to go back to the drawing board here. I would argue having all of this in one app isn't the route to go, and saying it has to be that way because of Windows is not a legitimate excuse. If Apple can put thousands of resources on building a car I think they can find the necessary resources to...
Sorry that's an excuse and not good enough for Apple. I think Eddy Cue has too much on his plate and Tim Cook needs to bring some one in to run the iCloud stuff. iTunes needs to be completely gutted and rebuilt from the ground up. That will take time and will require more of Eddy's attention.
Yes it even looks like he might have shed a few pounds (a little harder to tell with this baggy shirt).
Andy Hertzfeld said a lot of the movie is wrong but it overall accurately captures Steve. Really? Which Steve would that be? The last time Hertzfeld worked with Steve was in the early 80s, right? How close was he to Steve after Steve left Apple?
http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/64a495c0-6d5b-11e5-aca9-d87542bf8673.html?ftcamp=traffic/partner/feed_headline/us_yahoo/auddevSeems like Ive got a similar deal to Bob Mansfield and can pretty much work on whatever he wants at the company now. When Mansfield was still on the executive team his bio said he was responsible for the semiconductor team at Apple. Now the head of that team reports directly to Tim Cook, just like Ive's promoted deputies. Must be fun getting paid...
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