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Btw, Avie Tevanian was promoted to Chief Technology Officer but left Apple a year or so after that. I wouldn't be surprised if Ive retired after Campus 2 is complete. But one difference - when Tevanian was put in that role I don't think he had anyone reporting to him. Apparently Richard Howart and Alan Dye still report to Ive. Now we just need Jeff Williams promotion to COO. I certainly think he deserves it.
All those people who said Marc Newson was hired to take over for Jony Ive look silly about right now...and are frantically googling to find out more information about Richard Howarth.
I like the fact they're apparently doing a bottoms up approach instead of top down this year. Get a stable OS working that runs great on older hardware and then add on additional features for newer hardware.
I hope your right as iPhone can sure use it. And hopefully if we get an iPad "pro" it comes with more than 2GB.
It makes me wonder how much overtime Apple softwaree engineers have to put it to make software work well on RAM limited devices. And for what reason? Would putting 2GB RAM in iPhone 6 really have been cost prohibitive? It wasn't for the IPad Air 2.As far as split screen multitasking, my guess is will only be available for new iPads precisely because of the lack of RAM. Maybe the Air 2 will get it but it probably won't be the greatest experience.Reading the latest wonder...
Except they do. They'll tell you how many new pixels are in the new MacBook display or the improvement in graphics performances with the A8X chips. The only spec they don't seem to want to talk about is RAM in iOS devices.
Who knows what prototypes Apple has in its labs. My guess is the current designs stays for a while. Apple put a lot of time and effort in to the bands. They're not going to obsolete them that quickly.
I can't believe people are actually arguing that one gigabyte RAM is good enough. Yes I'd love to be able to have multiple tabs open in Safari without them constantly refreshing. It's not perfect with Air 2 but much better than Air 1. At least now I can start typing something here, go to another website, come back and not have lost everything I typed because the page refreshed. And what about when Apple does introduce split screen multitasking? Would that work smoothly...
The fact they don't mention it just shows they know they're sticking the absolute minimum necessary in ios devices and getting away with it. I mean my god the original iPad came with 256MB RAM. No wonder Tim Cook once said Apple was a bit embarrassed over the original iPad.The rumors are that with iOS 9 Apple started with the core OS that will work across a range of devices and then add on features. So basically bottoms up rather than top down. Consdering that Apple is...
So you want Apple to get in the game of spec whoring? Seriously does the average iOS user even really notice these performance improvements? I'd take more RAM any day over anything else. I'm sure the 6S (or whatever Apple calls it) will be a worthy upgrade for 4S/5/5S owners. Perhaps not so much for 6/6 Plus owners but why people think they need a blow away new phone every year is beyond me.
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