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Who says profits were down because products were too cheap? And who's to say 2012 was the norm and not the exception?
Apparently Control Center with the Air 2 contains a toggle for both rotation lock and mute. Nice. I won't be missing the mute switch button now.
Some MacRumors users are complaining about feeling a vibration when playing video/audio. I'm sure that will be the next "gate".
Wow you're really setting a low bar there. iOS 8 on an A5 chip with 512MB ram is not a great experience. It might be marginally better than a cheap Android tablet but that's not saying much. I would expect Apple's bar to be set higher than that.
I'm certainly not suggesting Apple forgo profits. But it's not like they're struggling to make money. $8B quarterly profit isn't chump change. My concern people will start wondering if they're getting the best 'bang for their buck', if they're getting the best products or if Apple is more concerned about upselling so ASPs and margins remain high. The 1st gen iPad mini only exists so Apple can say "for $50 more you can get a much better product". Same with the mini 3. In...
See and this is where you and I part ways. I'm thinking about Apple providing the best products and experiences at all price levels. You're saying only the flagship matters. And only high profit margins matter. For me, regardless of price point the experience should be top notch. And if Apple can't provide a top notch experience at lower price points then don't offer stuff at the low end. As I said before I expect the 1st gen mini to be gone within 6 months and the mini...
Hmm...I was one who complained (I'm sure some here would call it whining) about the iPad having 1GB RAM and the poor Safari performance because of it. Others here pooh-poohed that providing all these reasons 1GB was sufficient. Now we're finding out from Air 2 owners that they can have many tabs open in Safari and flip back and forth between them with NO page reloads. In fact there was one poster on MacRumors who had 10 tabs open and was easily going back and forth between...
I said the mini 3 was gimped. It's just the mini 2 with Touch ID. I don't think Touch ID is worth $100 and I'll bet I'm not alone in that. As far as the A5 goes, I'll point to you to this post John Gruber linked to:http://www.allenpike.com/2014/the-ipad-zombie/And here's a Macworld post from John Moltz (who it would be hard to call an Apple hater) basically taking Apple to task for offering not so great products at the low end in order to upsell you to something...
Apple's mini line up right now is stupid and confusing. Why are they still selling products with an A5 chip? And they knock Android for fragmentation. If there isn't any incentive for Apple to push the mini then the mini 3 has no reason to exist. Tell people if they want Touch ID they need to buy an Air or an iPhone. Don't sell a gimped product because you want people to buy something else. Phil Schiller and his obsession with upselling need to go.
The consumers will chose and I predict they'll chose the mini 2 in much larger numbers. My guess is within 6 months either the mini 3 will have A8 or the mini 1 and 2 will be gone and the mini 3 will get a price cut.
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