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Anything Apple does gets attention.
Anything Apple does gets discussed on Apple rumor sites.
I'm still skeptical that we'll see 3D Touch on larger displays. I'm not sure how well it would work on really large displays like iPP.
I just finished reading Jason Snell's iPad Pro review. Towards the end he said:"The iPad Pro does not exist to give comfort to Mac users."That's exactly the feeling I got reading reviews from long time Mac users who are just occasional iPad uses. Microsoft Surface is all about making legacy desktop PC users feel comfortable. iPad Pro is clearly not. I hope this things sells really well just to shut up all those who claim you can't get real work done on a device that can't...
Still probably less than the margins on the $139 Smart Cover & Case.
While it's cool to see the tech inside this stuff these repairability scores are a joke. I don't understand why iFixit doesn't just do away with the score for those items that aren't repairable. No one is buying an Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard assuming they'll be able to repair it if something goes wrong.
And Steve Ballmer is one of the richest men in the world. What's your point?
Yes and no one is going to remember this campaign.
And the point of the test pattern is? And Phil Schiller has signed off on plenty of Apple ads that are 'meh' along with plenty that are really good. The Shot on iPhone 6 campaign was brilliant. I think these new 15 second Watch ads are great as are the iPhone 6S ads. But I think this a misfire, like the new iPad Pro ad and like the genius ads from a few years ago.
Right because Apple can never make mistakes. Those genius ads were something else.
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