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I don't see what the pressure is. That seems geared more towards people who don't have an appointment and just walk in. I doubt anyone who's not interested in the watch is going to be pressured into buying one by a store employee.
I like that there will be more of an orderly process. You know there would be people who have no intention of buying the watch in the store wasting store employees time.
Good. Cut down on scalpels as much as possible.
Hmm...somehow I think the Cook defenders (besides you) don't see it that way.
10-15% of the U.S. population is gay? Your nuts.
Nah, he speaking out when it's totally safe to do so. Believe me if Cook or the board was worried about shareholder reaction he wouldn't be doing it, period. Hence why Apple isn't pulling business from states that have these laws. But hey this editorial is good PR for Cook. I mean heck, Fortune just named him the worlds greatest leader.
Ah so that's why Cook doesn't speak out on China's appauling human rights record (including treatment of gays). It's all about making money,...
But this isn't Tim Cook's personal opinion. This editorial was written on behalf of Apple the company. If it had just been Tim Cook private citizen I wouldn't care (even though I still wouldn't agree with what he said).
It's funny...when someone suggests Apple should stop doing business in the states that have these laws they're told that's not the way to go about. Yet at the same time they tell people who don't like Cook making Apple more and more political to sell their stock. Seems like a double standard to me.
Easy for you to say that knowing most people won't do it. If there was a major shareholder uproar over Cook making Apple more and more political and it impacted the stock in a negative way you'd care. I own Apple stock because I think it's a company that creates great products and is well run financially and operationally. If Cook wants to be the national spokesperson for LGBT issues he should step aside and let someone else run Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: