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I think people are reading way too much into this. This is marketing pure and simple. No need to psychoanalyze.
What negative perceptions are being generated outside of rumor sites like this and tech sites with Apple hating commenters?
Free marketing. Samsung would kill for some of this. Heck any Android Wear OEM would. But only Apple is getting it.
To me Apple Watch is the most egalitarian product Apple has ever released. The $349 Sport Watch has the exact same capabilities as the $10K Edition Watch. Apple will sell more watches in one month than all of Android Wear combined in one year. And that's partly because of marketing events like this. Jony Ive gave singer Sam Smith a watch. He posted a picture of it on Instagram. The picture got over 140K views and 1600 comments. That's esentially free marketing. The kind of...
Love the red and navy bands. Maybe we'll see these announced at WWDC? And before anyone disses these bands....in John Gruber's Watch review he called them "luxurious".
I saw a photo on instagram yesterday of a couple Apple designers with Marc. I wonder if they were also at this event.
Phil does realize he's in Milan, right?
Wait, so Apple can only do something in red if it's going to charity?
He's got it on inside out.
This is the headline on 9to5Mac:Um last time I checked Apple stores have workshops on lots of things. My local store has ones on iPhone, iPad and Mac basics. Why are some sites trying to spin this as Watch is so confusing the stores have to hold workshops on it?
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