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Right it's a great business strategy all you're concerned about is making more money, higher margins and higher ASP's. As a shareholder I guess that's all I should care about. But I'm also a customer so I care about more than that. With a better camera and 4K recording 16GB is not defensible, especially when Apple isn't terribly competitive with cloud pricing storage pricing either.
Perhaps I'm not making myself clear enough. It's not necessarily about what Apple offers. I just think their storage pricing is a bit of a rip off. Again how many people have 64GB devices that aren't using all that storage? My guess is a lot. Of course they changed the pricing scheme at the high-end because they have more margin to play with and they are able to upsell people. Why offer 64 for the price of 32 but not 32 for the price of 16? Because 32 is probably the sweet...
I'm surprised Sog doesn't advocate getting rid of the $0 and $99 tiers. Just get rid of all the "cheap" customers. Who needs them anyway.
I only get pissed off over certain things. And this is one of them. I think this shows the greedy side of Apple, not the best products and services side. I'm certainly not the only one complaining about 16GB as the entry level storage. John Gruber complained about it last year. I guess he's a cheap bastard then too?
My point isn't options it's what Apple is charging. I think charging $650 for a 16GB phone is nuts. I thought technology prices were supposed to come down overtime. Yet that doesn't seem to be the case with iPhone.
Jesus Christ quit insulting people! I'm not hard up for cash and I actually own a 64GB iPhone 6 and will most likely get the 6S when it launches this quarter. It's insulting to say a $650 phone is cheap. It's not. And if everyone had to pay full price up front iPhone would not be nearly as successful as it is.
The point isn't whether 16GB is viable or not. I'm sure there are a lot of people with 64GB phones that aren't using up all that space. There is a reason Apple decided to bump up storage at the higher price tiers - because there is more margin to play with and Phil can push the upsell 4x the storage for only $100 more! And then Luca can report higher margins and ASPs on Apple's earnings calls.I'm sure there were some people that were perfectly fine with paying for Apple...
Carriers aren't doing subsidized pricing anymore. and Apple keeping the base at 61GB just shows that they can be cheap bastards when it comes to iOS storage pricing. We'll see what happens this year considering they've already played the big screen card.
When it comes to Apple Music the buck stops with Eddy Cue. He was the one demoing it on stage at WWDC.
A 16GB iPhone 6 is $650. There is nothing cheap about that. Quit being a jerk.
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