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Hmm...retina iMacs and/or Thunderbolt Display doesn't seem uneventful to me. What would be is iPad Air with Touch ID and A8 chip. They wouldn't need an event for just iPads unless there was some major improvements beyond Touch ID.
I'm eligible for a new phone in January. But I might sit this one out and get the Watch. There are rumors of display yield issues so perhaps that's the biggest reason why the 6 has an inferior display? Maybe next year the 6s will catch up to its ugly sibling in terms of display and camera quality.
And Microsoft fanboy Ed Bott thinks all the reviews are bogus implying Apple only gave review units to outlets they knew would give the phones a favorable review. Hmm...I don't remember the Verge or Engadget or Molly Wood from the NY Times being in Apple's pocket. And even though the Verge scored the 6 a 9/10 their review wasn't gushing and in some ways was kind of "meh".
I can't upgrade until January. But I'm on the Edge program with AT&T so I may just upgrade because I can. Depends how the phone feels in my hand. I really love one handed use and I'm not convinced Reachability is the answer.
Reading some of these reviews I get the feeling they really would like to say the 6+ is too damn big. What's really sad is the reasonably sized phone has inferior hardware. I'm sure some people are just getting the 6+ because they want the better screen and camera (and the reviews I read said you can clearly tell the 6+ screen is better). Jason Snell at MacWorld didn't have a consistent experience with reachability so I hope Apple fixes that glitch soon.
Huh? What about the physics engine and parallax feature in iOS 7/8? Even the Apple Watch appears to utilize some sort of physics engine. Getting rid of green felt and faux leather with stitching isn't moving away from 3D UIs.
Great thing is you don't have to buy one. But you also don't have to piss on anyone who finds it interesting or who might buy one. Just because you think it's poorly implemented and unnecessary doesn't make it so.
Benedict Evans is currently using a Moto Almost 360 and he tweeted some observations. One he said it was functional but pedantic. He said the software was missing 'delight'. Basically just a big gadget. I find those comments interesting as when I was watching the Apple Watch video and demo the first thing that stood out to me is how alive and animated the software felt. Physics engine has to be in play here. For me Android Wear is almost too perfect. It's functional but...
And yet everyone is getting a hard on because the Moto Almost 360 had a round face. Isn't that so 1890 too?
Exactly. How can anyone make judgement on something they haven't used yet, based on one demo of not final software?
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