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No I'm arguing Apple can afford to do that because the margins at the higher end are a lot greater. And in the holiday quarter Apple did report higher ASPs and slightly higher margins.Neil Cybart, who runs the site Above Avalon estimates Apple saved $3B by keeping the 16GB tier with the 6/6 Plus.http://www.aboveavalon.com/notes/2014/12/18/apple-will-save-3-billion-in-2015-by-selling-16gb-iphone-66-plus
You're assuming people who didn't have enough space to upgrade were just poorly managing their storage. But managing storage isn't that easy. I have a number of apps on my iPhone where the majority of the size is taken up by something called "Documents and Data". I have one app whose app size is only 36MB but the total usage on my device is 465MB. There's nothing you can do about that short of deleting the app and reinstalling it. You can't tap on Documents and Data to get...
Not at all. There's no explanation for going 16>64 rather than 32>64 than upselling and the higher tiers having more margin to play around with. I think there are a number of reasons for the improvements they're making regarding OS file size but one of them no doubt is so they can continue to be stingy with storage at the low end.
Can you tell me how many people who bought a 16 GB or 8 GB iPhone knew what the size of the iOS 8 OTA update would be? When people are buying a phone last thing they should have to think about is will they have enough space to update the operating system. Craig Federighi even said that's one of the reasons they worked on making iOS 9 smaller.
Why is the iOS file size smaller? Craig Federighi said it on stage at WWDC: iOS 8 adoption rate was slower than iOS 7 and prior because many people didn't have enough space on their phone to do the OTA update. No way are they going to go through that again. And of course this also makes it that much easier for them to keep base storage at 16GB.
So basically you're saying Apple's top priority and number one customer is Wall Street. Got It.
That doesn't look rose gold to me. It looks pink.
Apple could easily offer 16GB devices to enterprise and education. And if they want to drive people to iCloud then make their cloud pricing competitive with Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Currently it's not.
In the holiday quarter Apple posted a record $18 billion in profit. No company in history has ever posted a profit that high. And you want us to believe that Apple is sacrificing profits? No the only reason 16 GB exist is so Phil Schiller can upsell people and get them to spend $100 more. The more he's able to upsell the higher the margins and ASPs.
Exactly. Plus it's not like Apple can't offer 16GB models for business and schools that only need a minimum amount of storage. Think about it though...Apple went retina, didn't increase the price of the phone; went 4" and then 4.7" and didn't increase the price of the phone. But somehow offering double the storage for the same price is impossible. Isn't the price of technology supposed to come down over time? But if Apple is going to be stubborn about storage pricing then...
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