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My guess is Ive wasn't really referring to aesthetics when talking about beauty vs ugly. A lot of people have told me the new iPhones are the best feeling iPhones Apple has ever made. I'm sure Ive and Apple feel it's been made with care.
What babbling?
According to the book Leander Kahney wrote about I've, he is dyslexic. Clearly public speaking is not his forte. It's a shame that he's so nervous when speaking in public because I do think he's fascinating to listen to. You can tell he's so passionate about what he does and what he believes.
You mean air of superiority. I guess you were born with that too.
How come the 6 and 6 Plus both contain A8 chip? Based on your logic the 6 Plus should have a superior SOC. The mini 3 as its being sold right now is for suckers. Right now Apple is selling products with 4 different chips - those are products that developers need to support. I'm sorry but that's absurd. Especially when Apple makes digs at Google for Android fragmentation.If the mini 3 doesn't get updated with A8 chip next spring (and 1st gen mini goes away) then Cook really...
Loved his answer to the Xiaomi question. Now I see Xiamoi has fired back saying the iPhone 6 takes design cues from things HTC was doing 5 years ago. Hmm...I'd love to know what exactly they're referring to.
Honestly these look like marketing and finance moves. I've read that Schiller is a big fan of the "for only xxx more" upsell marketing tactic. And then you have finance whose goal I'm sure is keeping margins and ASPs high. And finally you have Cook wanting to be able to show investors that Apple is hitting all these different price points. But the end result is a very cluttered lineup.We can only hope that the 1st gen iPad still being around is just clearing out inventory...
Who appointed you the arbiter of taste?
So basically Cook's way of hitting lower price points is to keep around products that are way past their sell by date. Let's not forget earlier this year Apple was still selling the iPhone 4 (!) in places like India. I suspect the original mini will be gone within 6 months tops. Then the only product left with A5 is the iPod touch. Since iPods haven't been updated in a couple years either Apple is quietly killing them off or they've got something big planned with music...
No one could say with a straight face they are pro-Apple. Pro click bait, not pro Apple.
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