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So what? Android Wear was announced before WatchKit and there are currently smartwatches shipping with it. Does that mean Apple copied Google with Watch OS/WatchKit? Of course not.
True. But we know this is intentional on Google's part. There intentionally using their own design guidelines and basically saying FU to Apple.
But the things they rejected weren't crappy. This has nothing to do with quality, but certain parts of Apple still being control freaks when it comes to functionality.
So does Google get away with this just because they're Google? Shouldn't their apps be rejected for not following Apple's HIG?
Oh well then I guess I'm not very secure as my most used app on iOS is a browser.
I'm guessing most people that run would love to not have to carry their phone with them.I understand why Watch v 1.0 is so reliant on iPhone. My argument in this thread is it will be less reliant sooner rather than later. No way will it be 3-5 years before we see GPS and wifi on this device.
Except it won't say Made in China. Apple's products say Assembled in China.
My bad. I don't use a FitBit but fitness buffs I talk to were bummed Watch didn't have GPS. I believe Microsoft's Band does.
Most runners I know need GPS. I use the Nike app on my iPhone and it uses GPS. And from Apple's website:http://www.apple.com/watch/health-and-fitness/
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