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And yet everyone is getting a hard on because the Moto Almost 360 had a round face. Isn't that so 1890 too?
Exactly. How can anyone make judgement on something they haven't used yet, based on one demo of not final software?
OT: anyone heard why Apple is having regulatory issues with iPhone in China? The rumor I heard this morning is iPhone 6 might not launch there until next year. Must be why the stock is down today, Ouch if true.
Because someone can make a comment like about something they've never used? I call BS on that.
If the iPad still has 1GB RAM I won't be upgrading. Safari is a crap experience on the iPad.
With quick type on iOS 8 Craig Federighi said the processing is done locally on the device. My guess is the same thing is happening with the watch.
Yep. If I hear one more person opine on what they think Steve would have done I think I'm going to vomit. Steve wouldn't have released a phone in two screen sizes. Steve wouldn't have released a watch in multiple different designs. Steve would've blown up the credit card industry (like he didn't do with the music industry?) blah blah blah. Vomit.It just blows my mind that people who never worked with Steve, were not friends with him and probably didn't even know him that...
Just because it's free doesn't mean it should be added to my purchased list whether I want it or not. I'm sorry but that's spam. I hope this isn't an indication of things to come with Jimmy and Dre running the music show at Apple.
Except Apple watch of course.
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