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Except Toyota just gave Apple and Google a big FU.http://www.autonews.com/article/20150730/OEM06/307309899/toyota-holds-apple-google-at-bay-with-telenav-navigation-dealThe auto industry isn't Blackberry and Nokia.
I think it could be amazing and they opened it up to developers on the Mac so I hope they do so on iOS as well.
You're right but don't think for a second Zuckerberg (and Page) isn't try to pass this off as something altruistic because that's exactly what they're doing and what they want people to think.
I believe it was Bill Gates that said Internet wasn't even in the top five list of things Africa needs. I think I will trust him over others whose business success is predicated on everyone accessing the Internet.
I'll bet digital touch comes to iPhone. And I wonder too if Apple releases a pen that goes with an iPad Pro will it also work with iPhone so the 6 Plus is similar to Galaxy Note only better?
Why is this article showing a picture of a Watch BB won't be selling?
More muddying the "other" bucket so people have an even harder time figuring out Watch sales. Love it.
Hmm...my iPhone 6 doesn't have a problem laying flat. Do I have a lemon? And knowing that Apple redesigns its phones every 2 years did anyone really expect the protruding camera to be gone this year?
Apple Apartments featuring HomeKit everywhere. Sounds like a winner to me.
Hmm...I just noticed this tidbit in the New Yorker piece on Jony Ive.The drawing included with this story sure looks like the pill option. It would be interesting to see the different mockups and compare them to what was finally decided.
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