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This post is bullshit. You've talked about revolutionary display tech, but now it's about the feel in the hand and the rounded edges of the glass? My question was specifically about this revolutionary display tech. And while I would never be caught dead using something like the Galaxy S3 I wouldn't call it a monstrous clunker of a phone.I'm sure Jony Ive is right that some of the early larger phones they prototyped were clunkers. But the first iPad is certainly a clunker...
Ok I'll bite. How does OSX look like a phone?
Just appear mysteriously? And your source for this is?
Another annoying thing is when I'm scrolling through a thread on this site on my Air 2 and half the page turns white while I'm scrolling as if Safari isn't able to render the entire page real time. I really notice this on sites with lots of images. I don't remember having this problem with iOS 7.
Go to the iOS 8 forum on the site, or do a search and you'll find lots of people complaining about music app. It's garbage on my 5s. I get my 6 on Wednesday so hopefully it's better on that device.
Yep I hate screen protectors, won't use them.
How do you know that people with scratches weren't taking care of their device?
I'm sure this will find its way to Business Insider, BGR, etc. now. Thanks a lot AI.
Hmm...interesting idea.
Yep. Apple needs someone experienced in cloud services. So poach someone from Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Dropbox and have them run cloud services.
New Posts  All Forums: