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Let's see...Intel is down 4% and Microsoft almost 2% today because Intel reduced its outlook due to weak demand. I wouldn't be gloating if I were PC OEMs.
My guess is the 15" will get it at WWDC or this fall. MBAs probably won't as I suspect they won't be around much longer. Once Apple can get the rMBP thin and light enough the Airs go away IMO.
Another reason the new MacBook is brilliant. My mom has an iPad mini and LOVES it but she still uses an old clunky Windows machine for email and stuff because typing is easier on it. She would love one of these new MacBooks. And just wait in a couple generations this will become the affordable Mac, the entry point to OS X for a lot of iPad users.
I see a bunch of Windows OEMs have taken to Twitter to mock the new MacBook. They obviously saw all the OMG I WANT 😍 and I NEED 😍 posts on Twitter and Instagram, especially for the gold version.
Poor Dan Riccio, he never gets a shout out from Tim.
Since when does Apple have to sell competing products in its stores?
Have people forgotten the original MBA? One USB port. $1799. Here's a review to refresh your memory.http://www.macworld.com/article/1131864/macbookair.htmlSteve Jobs would be drooling over the new MackBook if he were alive.
So Jony Ive and Marc Newson are going to open the 1st Condé Nast International Luxury conference in Florence Italy next month:"Apple is now a powerful part of the luxury industry," Menkes said today. "The iPhone, iPad, and the forthcoming Apple Watch are in direct competition with handbags, timepieces and high-end accessories. I want Jony Ive to tell the conference delegates where 21st century luxury is headed."
Won't be that way forever. The first MBA was $1799 and look how that has come down in price over time.
Agreed. Apple adding the new trackpad to the 13" MBP is a telling sign as well. The Pro will go the way of the Air as soon as it's technically feasible. Airs were kept around because this new MacBook is more of a concept design at this point and Apple didn't want piss off tons of customers that still need many ports. IMO this new iPad is a technical marvel and one of the most beautiful computers Apple has ever designed. I can just imagine Steve on stage showing this puppy...
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