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Wow so not interested in this then. Doesn't sound the least bit objective.
Yep. What's sad is it seems that things people are praising Apple music for are those things that are not unique to that service. Rene Ritchie loves that he cab listen to whatever he wants on demand. Um, hello, that's not unique to Apple Music. I've been doing that on Spotify for over a year.
I don't know if Eddy Cue personally follows his Twitter account but I've tweeted him links to these podcasts. He needs to hear this stuff. I'm sure Dalrymple's post created ripples inside Apple HQ. Especially considering last month Phil Schiller tweeted Jim's positive review of Apple Watch saying "Jim Rocks!"
Haha, I sent a tweet to Rene Ritchie a week or two ago saying ellipses are the new hamburgers and he just said that same thing on this podcast (which Serenity Caldwell and Don Melton agreed with). Which is so interesting because Mike Stern, who is a UX evangelist at Apple, spoke out against the hamburger during a WWDC session last year. He likened it to a drawer that gets filled with junk. That's what I think about the ellipses in Apple Music. Obviously Stern has nothing...
Yep. Eddy Cue and Jeff Robbin should listen to this Don Melton podcast. Pretty brutal but it needs to be said.
Did you listen to Don Melton's podcast? I respect his opinion considering the position he had at Apple.
Someone like Don Melton trashing Apple Music should be a wake up call for Apple. He wasn't some grunt at Apple. He ran the Safari team. He interacted with Steve Jobs. His biggest complaint about Apple Music is that it's conceptually flawed and confusing. He called it "mindnumbingly bad". One thing he mentioned was the hearts. Ok I heart something but what does that mean? It doesn't create a playlist or favorites so what does it do? It's not clear at all that tapping the...
I think Apple has a real PR issue with Apple Music right now. Jim Dalrymple called it a "nightmare" and said he was done with it and going back to Spotify. He shared his frustrations with Kirk McElhern on Kirk's podcast The Committed. Both Dalrymple and McElhern (who have large music libraries) said they would have gladly beta tested Apple Music (and knowing who they are they would have done it without leaking anything). Was there anyone outside of Apple HQ that tested...
I'm not sure how that would make things better. Wall Street would come up with even more outrageous estimates that would be impossible for Apple to beat. That's what happened this quarter.
Apple makes $11B in one quarter and the stock sells off 5%. Amazon posts a piddly $92M profit and the stock soars 20%. Amazon's market cap is now close to overtaking Facebook's. Yeah yeah I know you can't compare Apple and Amazon but it is nuts. Amazon stock is up nearly 100% YTD. Here's something with Apple I don't understand. For FY 2015 they will probably report $230B in revenues. Based on their latest 10Q filing for the first 9 months of the fiscal year revenues...
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