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I have an iPad Pro and have not experienced this issue.
Just further proof to me that there is nothing unique about Apple Music. Being pay-only didn't seem to matter to Adele.
And Serenity Caldwell is a Mac user. So this isn't like a Federico Vicitti who is iPad biased. She was expecting to not really like this device and she loves it. Even Marco Arment, who has no trouble being criticle of Apple, said the Pencil was amazing. I think this is one of the most impressive pieces of technology Apple has released in a long time. What impresses me most is, as far as we know, it's tech developed in-house, not something Apple bought like Microsoft did...
Yep with iPad Pro we may see instances where iPad gets something before iPhone. But prior to Pencil and keyboard is there anything iPad got first? The only thing I can think of is LTE. But I think that was more a case of launch cycle than Apple specifically targeting it for the iPad first.
That's easy to say not being involved in the development of the product. It's like saying iPP should have included 3D Touch. As much as I complain about Phil Schiller's upsell obsession I don't think Apple purposely leaves technology out of a product so they have a reason for you to upgrade the next year. Hardware ships when it's ready and is included in products when the engineering is nailed and there is sufficient quantity. Having said that I do think there is an order...
So th Appl Pencil is bad design to you? Or just miniaturization in general?
Yes I get that Apple Pencil is good for those things too my point was I don't think Microsoft's pencil was designed with artists in mind whereas Apple Pencil was.
 It seems to me like Microsoft's pencil is more geared towards marking up documents or for notetaking whereas Apple Pencil is geared towards artists for drawing.
 Why is something like this even scored? It's embarrassing.
This is what Jony Ive said in that Wallpaper interview:
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