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CNBC was all over that Angela Ahrendts employee video this morning. Pretty sad when CNBC has basically turned into Buzzfeed.
You don't wear phones, they're not jewelry. A solid gold iPhone would be stupid.
To me the Watch makes larger screen phones all the more compelling. I'm actually surprised Apple hasn't done more to make this connection. I'll get a bigger phone with amazing battery life that I can keep in my handbag or briefcase because notifications and quick interactions are readily available on my watch. I don't need a 5" screen to view/respond to a notification. I'll save my 5" screen (and battery life) for when I want to browse the internet, watch movies, play...
IF this report turns out to be true then obviously Apple has data that shows the 4" model isn't a big percentage of sales. Personally I thought I was going to HATE a larger phone but I've been using the 4.7" iPhone 6 since October and there's no way I would ever go back go anything smaller. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.
I guess someone needs to clue in Amazon...
Btw, according to Matthew Panzarino at Tech Crunch more watches have been sold and more orders have been placed by Apple than any of the estimates suggested. If what he's hearing is accurate than it's entirely possible that demand is much higher than Apple anticipated and they're scrambling to catch up to demand.http://techcrunch.com/2015/04/21/apple-offers-developers-chance-to-purchase-apple-watch-guarantees-delivery-by-april-28th/#.f7tkyg:Alzn
Yep. This reminds me of the MacBook. The reviews were mostly 'meh' but customers that have theirs love it - including the keyboard that Jason Snell and others whined about.
What exactly did they complicate? The watch is not like a new phone or tablet. The last thing I'd want is to try on a watch that's all beat up and dirty from everyone and anyone (including little kids) trying it on taking bands on/off. Store employees would be spending all their time cleaning and re-assembling watches. From what I've read most people had quite pleasant try-on experiences. And in many cases people were able to try on whatever combinations they wanted. i...
Why is Ahrendts getting the blame for everything? She doesn't control supply and I highly doubt she decided on the launch date either. In fact I'll bet there was very little she decided on her own without approval from the rest of the executive team.
Exactly. People made fun of the lines, heck Samsung ran a whole ad campaign around them, but now no lines is some sign of doom and failure on Apple's part.
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