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Something else Cook said on the conference call: of the there iPhone tiers the 5C had the best YOY growth this quarter.
Cook hinted that there could be a bigger acquisition on the horizon. Of course he said it needs to be strategic and he's not looking to acquire a certain number of companies, etc. but he made a specific point of saying how strong the executive team was and how well they could handle a larger acquisition.
iPhone sales in China were up 48%. Yet everyone keeps saying Apple is doomed in China.
I thought that was interesting too. After the IBM announcement I saw a lot of "meh" comments from some quarters because they don't think IBM is good at designing apps. But with what Cook said it makes me believe Apple is very involved in the design of these apps.
I wonder how long it will take for this to normalize where we no longer see these YOY declines.
When Apple launched the iPad mini for $329 I figured that price point was so they didn't have to raise the price when the retina version came out. I wonder if the $399 price point hurt iPad mini sales?
I'm not convinced that's going to be a huge driver of iPad sales. Doesn't really solve the consumer side of the equation though.
Every quarter we hear the same thing when the stock drops...weak guidance. What exactly is Wall Street expecting the quarter before a huge product launch (or two)?
And yet Apple is down after market almost 1% and Microsoft is up 1% even though Microsoft missed on earnings. What a joke.
The interesting thing here is to see what Apple does with iPad especially considering a larger screen iPhone is surely coming. What does Apple need to do to increase iPad sales in a meaningful way?
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