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Apple offering an 8GB phone rather than just dropping the price on the 16G model is one of the more stupid things they've done. That to me signals a company run by finance guys not product guys. And finance guys obsessed with maintaining a certain gross margin to appease Wall Street.
All they did was take the 5 display and stretch it to fit this "mold" which no one even knows if it really is a mold or if it has anything to do with the new iPhone for that matter.
So basically whatever Apple does is bad. When the 5 and 5S came out it was bad because people want larger screens and 4" isn't large enough. Now that it looks like we'll be getting a larger screen Apple is stupid because it supposedly won't fit in someone's pocket and Apple should leave phablets to Android. And I guarantee you if we end up with three different screen sizes someone will complain that Steve Jobs would never have allowed it and Apple is making his simple...
Peter Misek has a horrible track record when it comes to Apple. This rumor needs to go in the rubbish bin along with another one floating out there about Apple's "iWatch" being subsidized by insurance companies.
Doesn't matter. The way it will play in the media is Apple copying Samsung pure and simple. I asked on another thread how Apple (Schiller) was going to announce a larger screen iPhone to the world. Is there going to be something that makes everyone go 'ah, this is why we didn't get one until 2014'? Ben Thompson thinks Apple will just pretend they never said anything about one handed use. But it will be interesting to see what the marketing angle is. It kind of makes me...
No, it's not about Jobs, it's about Apple suing Samsung in court for copying. If Apple releases an iPhone version of the Note who's copying now?
If Apple releases a 5.5" phone with a stylus I will laugh my ass off. And I'm sure Samsung will have a bevy of ads ready to go once it's announced.
sure there are reasons the price could increase. I'm speculating what they might be. I don't know if just a bigger screen in and of itself is a good enough reason. I'm sure retina had a cost associated with it but the 3rd gen iPad didn't become more expensive than the 2nd gen. No doubt the iPhone 5 had lots of manufacturing complexities but it stayed the same price as the 4S, and the 5S with Touch ID didn't increase in price either. Unless this phone really has something...
Do you have a source for this? I thought hardware was supposed to get cheaper over time. Why should memory cost the same today as it did 4-5 years ago. Last year Apple reduced the price of the MacBook Air by $100 keeping the same amount of storage. There's no reason they couldn't offer 32GB for the same price as 16GB, except if accounting is running the show and it's all about margins.
Apple selling a phone with 8GB storage is just embarrassing,
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