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Ok so when does Jeff Williams get his promotion to COO? He certainly deserves it. I'm kind of surprised he didn't get it when Cook became CEO.
It sounds like the two people promoted are still reporting to Ive so I can't imagine any concern on Wall Street's part. Plus both are long time Apple employees so I'm assuming not much will change in terms of day to day operations.
Well Ive did become an American citizen a few years ago.
Hmm...I think this position could be more of a public face. That 20 page profile in the New Yorker makes more sense now.
So there's three people in the "c-suite" now. Cook needs to add Jeff Williams to that suite.
This is the front page of Tuesday's Telegraph newspaper. I've got to imagine Apple PR knew it was going to run on the front page.
From Tim Cook's employee memo it sounds like his role had already been expanding and this title and "promotion" is officially recognizing it. It certainly sounds like his focus will be on new ideas/initiatives along with more involvement in Campus 2 and new Apple Store designs. I am curious what the promotion means exactly. Is CDO the equivalent of SVP? Nobody else besides Tim Cook has a "Chief xxx" title. Jeff Williams doesn't even have Tim's old title of COO. Something...
I'm curious about Tim Cook's wording. He says Ive is being "promoted" to a newly created position. Well he already was a SVP. Is Chief Design Officer a level above SVP then? Or was he not at the same level as his SVP peers? I think it's noteworthy he's never been listed as an executive officer in Apple's SEC filings and thus has never had his salary or stock options reported.
According to an all employee memo from Tim Cook he will be focusing on "new ideas and future initiatives". Like Apple car perhaps?
Btw, Avie Tevanian was promoted to Chief Technology Officer but left Apple a year or so after that. I wouldn't be surprised if Ive retired after Campus 2 is complete. But one difference - when Tevanian was put in that role I don't think he had anyone reporting to him. Apparently Richard Howart and Alan Dye still report to Ive. Now we just need Jeff Williams promotion to COO. I certainly think he deserves it.
New Posts  All Forums: