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I hope the larger venue isn't for another U2 like fiasco.
Apple is DOOMED. Fire Tim, Angela and Jeff now. Who is StellaService and has AI reported their stuff before?
You're not sure but you're not everyone. But I'm not convinced a cheaper 6 will take sales away from the 6S. People coming from a 4S/5/5S would probably get the S model for the better camera if nothing else.
And here's something that will drive Sog nuts. Mark Gurman says 6 and 6 plus are staying around just $100 cheaper. To me that says Apple is confident the new phones are a big enough upgrade that they don't have to worry about cannibalization because the exterior design is the same.
I wonder how Schiller will announce this on stage since Apple clearly hasn't been in the megapixel game.
And apparently dynamic lock screens similar to some of the Watch faces. I wonder if that means the new displays will be OLED? 4K Video to me equals no more 16GB on the flagship models.
Nope. Here's where the Salesforce conference is being held this year:http://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/DF15/faq.jspThe Dreamforce campus is made up of multiple venues in downtown San Francisco. This year, the event will take place at the Moscone Center, Marriott Marquis, InterContinental, The Palace Hotel, Hilton Union Square, The Park Central (formerly Westin Market Street), Century Theaters & Bespoke at Westfield, and AMC Metreon Theaters.
Angela's not responsible for or packaging. I wonder how much input she has in packaging design?
Huh? Beats was that before Apple bought it. But based on last quarters earnings call appears that Beats headphones sales are declining. If there was no Watch, the "other" category would have shown negative growth YOY. I'm not surprised. Best Buy's headphone section used to be like 90% Beats. Not anymore. I think people have figured out there are better headphones than what Beats is offering. I don't think Apple bought Beats because they wanted to get into the headphone...
Why do smartphones have to be exciting?
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