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Hmm... http://www.stableytimes.com/news/rumor-amazon-eyes-iphone-6-plus-fire-phone-sales-flop/21694/
OK I was following The Verge live blog. Can someone tell me why Cook accepts invitations to these events? He doesn't say anything interesting. All the same answers we've heard a million times before. TV is an area of interest for Apple. TV interfaces are stuck In the 70s blah blah blah. Cook said the exact same thing in 2012 and 2013. Seriously these questions were bad (and predictable) and so were Cooks answers. http://live.theverge.com/tim-cook-wsjd-live-blog/ Jony Ive...
Exactly like I said. It's all about Apple needing to hit a certain price point. But I'll bet you all the Apple stick I own that the 1st gen mini is gone within 6 months. Apple will just quietly stop selling it like they did with iPad 2.
I've never understood why people think Scott Forstall would be CEO material. Why? After he was let go there were rumors claiming he was emailing members of his team begging them for ideas on what to do next with iOS. We have zero evidence that Forstall had some grand vision of where Apple should go and how it should evolve. There is more to being CEO than being a good stage presenter. And quite honestly he never felt genuine to me on stage the way Craig and Eddy do.Ben...
And make sure it's someone of the same sex.
Scott Forstall? What on earth would make him CEO material?
I'd be curious to know if Tim Cook supports charter schools or vouchers for children to have the opportunity for a better education.
I thought Apple was all about offering the best products. No way in hell is the iPad mini with non-retina display and A5 running iOS 8 the best product. All it is is Apple needing to hit a specific price point with specific margins. It's away for Schiller to say you can get an iPad for as little as $249, even though the experience is less than great.
What's so stupid about this is the retailers will still take credit cards, just not credit cards in the form of a mobile phone. I think this will backfire on Walmart and others. Verifone is pushing retailers to accept Pay and Wells Fargo is offering customers $20 when they pay with Pay ($10 for debit cards). What's really maddening is there using some stupid QR scanning system instead of an NFC just because enabling NFC would enable Pay. Dumb dumb dumb.
Seems to me as the CEO of Apple Cook would have more important things to worry about.
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