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Yes this is probably a case of somebody showing off what they want to do but doesn't mean it will end up approved by Apple.
Would Google be allowed to do that? Wouldn't that basically put other MVNOs out of business?All this cheap/free stuff bothers me because it just devalues everything and makes people think they should get something for nothing. Look what dominates the App Store. All this fremium crap. So now people will be expecting unlimited data at super fast speeds for next to nothing whether it's sustainable or not.
Google stock was up over 2% yesterday. Of course this just gives the media more fodder for the Apple doesn't innovate meme. Now becoming an MVNO is innovation and something Apple should be doing with all its money.
Anyone know who the guy is in the middle? He reminds me of Steve Perry from Journey.
Hey I agree with you for once! I say the less the better. That's why I'm glad Apple decided not to break out Watch.
Ok can anyone see an Apple executive getting up on stage looking this dorky? This makes Google Glass look fashionable.
I actually did read somewhere that Microsoft was sick of all the publicity Google gets so they were going to show off more of their "in the labs" stuff to steal some of Google's attention.
Engadget has a clickbait article up asking when Apple became the boring one. I would argue Apple has been boring (in a good way) for a long time now. Apple doesn't release half baked products or pie-in-the-sky concept devices. That's just not their MO, never has been. They release a breakthrough product and then iterate on it. Seems to me people are remembering an Apple that never existed.
And people say Watch is niche.
New Apple in what way?
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