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I see Yahoo finance is saying investors are disappointed by this figure because it didn't include the entire weekend. Oy vey.
Let's see...Steve Jobs wouldn't have and Apple is doomed. Does that about cover it?
I see Leo Laporte is on the Apple hate bandwagon again. On his radio show he said the Apple Watch would be a dud. I love it when people underestimate Apple (and Tim Cook). It's not like they haven't been through this before. Every new Apple product has been predicted to fail. Some how I have a feeling Apple will be getting the last laugh.
I love how Samsung is giving the new iPhones free marketing.
The 6+ isn't a special edition yet it has a better screen! and OIS something the 6 didn't get. Sales of that device may be artificially inflated because Apple chose to make it the better phone. I know people who really wanted the 4.7" screen but are getting 5.5" because of the camera. Or maybe there are some like me who might sit this one out and hope that next year the reasonable sized phone gets the same specs as the ridiculously big phablet does.
Mike Elgan wrote an interesting Watch editorial. He says the watch face is ugly (not sure I agree with that) but the fit and finish and bands are really great. But one point he made that I don't see anyone else making is that Apple Watch is meant to be an extension of you which is in contrast to Google's offering which is meant to be an extension of your phone. I agree completely and I think that's what could make this watch successful. It's not just a remote screen to...
The click wheel is so 2001.
I watches the entire interview. It was really good. One of Tim's better interviews. He's really coming into his own as CEO and you can tell he's very proud of the stuff Apple has announced and is working on for the future.
Very Interesting. Everyone in the media/Wall Street has been constantly whining about when is Apple going to release new products. I predict that we'll soon start to see stories complaining that Apple is losing focus. We're already seeing that with Apple Watch. Ben Thompson says it does to much and shouldn't have an App Store. Cook can't win no matter what he does.
I guess John Gruber should apply for the job as well?http://daringfireball.net/linked/2014/09/12/iphone-6-preordersI spent over an hour trying to order from the online Apple Store (4.7-inch, space gray, 128 GB) to no avail. The closest I got was a properly configured phone but a disabled “Add to Cart” button.Gave up, went to the Verizon website, and successfully ordered there. I think. Verizon’s website is almost spectacularly convoluted and ugly as sin.You’d think after...
New Posts  All Forums: