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And AI for deleting posts critical of it (this IS my last post in this thread).
Why don't you go over to Are Technica. You'll find many of the same comments that have been posted here. Are those posters over reacting too?
That's bullshit. I'm sure there are a lot of people that find the US flag offensive. Should Apple ban that too?
Good luck with that.
Because app search sucks?
Only thing is there's nowhere else to go. Google and every other tech company are just as bad with this political BS.
Tim Mussolini Cook
What games don't fit that description and how did they end up on the app store in the first place?
True I guess I'm just throwing liberals words in their face since they are usually the first ones to scream First Amendment and free speech rights. My guess is this policy will be reversed in short order and most if not all the apps will be back on the App Store. They were allowed on the app store in the first place so they couldn't have been that offensive could they?
New Posts  All Forums: