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If it was then I'm glad Cook fired him as that's an asshole thing to do.
See him on TV doing what? Monday morning quarterbacking Apple's decisions? most likely the guy outed in the story worked closely with Forstall.
No that's bullshit. The only employees that have a right to be mentioned by name are either executive officers of a company or those employees the company chooses to highlight on stage at keynotes or give access to the media. It's not the publics business which individual(s)was/were responsible. Yes the other day I did say someone should be fired over this but that was right after the incident happened when a lot of people were upset because they didn't have cell service....
Was John Sculley an A player? How about Mark Papermaster?
I'm not defending anyone at Apple who might have leaked his name. Apple needs to do an internal investigation and if they determine an active employee was the one who leaked to Bloomberg that employee should be fired. But it's also possible it was a former employee who leaked this guy's name and Apple can't do anything about that. None of this excuses Bloomberg for outing this guy by name. Just because a source gave them a name doesn't mean it was right for Bloomberg to...
Apparently this employee has worked at Apple for 14 years which means he worked there under Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall. If aspects of this Bloomberg story are accurate one question I have is, are these issues carryovers from the Jobs/Forstall era or are they new issues that have cropped up on Craig Federighi's watch?
And that's the problem. There is a story to be written here but Bloomberg stupidly chose to go the route of smearing a mid-level employee. Craig Federighi is fair game. This mid-level manager is not.
The likelihood of this guy suing is next to none. Bloomberg knows that. But even if the blame falls squarely on him there still is no reason to report his name. It's none of our business.
Haha thanks for the laugh. How can they be absolutely certain? And when has the media ever been absolutely certain before they reported something about Apple? More often than not the answer is never.
The buck stops eith the CEO. No shit.
New Posts  All Forums: