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The screen on my iPhone and iPad is off more than it's on. Do those look like ugly black blobs too? And maybe I'm an odd duckling but nobody spends much time looking at my wrists.
But those antenna bands, and camera bump....and losing the high ground on software quality.....
'Nuff said.
What PR game does Apple play?
Even people bullish on Microsoft thought that HoloLense demo at the end of the event was weird and totally out of place. That's not something you announce at a small event filled with press people. When Apple announce the Watch they made sure the Flint Center was filled with Apple employees who worked on the project and were highly enthusiastic about it. So all the media reports and video after the event showed Tim Cook with the raised fist and audience members (aka Apple...
Here's a question I have. If this rumor is correct, the processor (I think Apple calls it a SiP) is more powerful than what was in the original iPad. I wonder why? Is it just to power the retina display? Or are their other reasons? It makes me wonder if there is another shoe to drop with this product and Apple has saved some things for launch.
I wonder if this device might have cellular connectivity?
Ever since Gurman claimed that Apple renamed and redesigned their health app because of one of his leaks he's been on my sh*t list. I'd love nothing more than the product Apple releases looking nothing like his mockup.
And these people have no access to power to charge anything? What do they do with their phones then?
Yes because the Apple executives and engineers who have been working on this project for 3+ years haven't thought about any of these things. If only they were as smart as everyone posting on internet message boards. How do we know Apple has the technology nailed for this? Do Android Wear watches house batteries in the band? Does the Pebble?
New Posts  All Forums: