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If Apple was trying to dump stock why wouldn't they give them away or at least offer at a steep discount?
Real answers to what?
I think Apple was always about fashion and style. Look at the iPod silhouette ad campaign. That had next to nothing to do with technology....it was all about music and those white earbuds.
What does "social responsibility" have to do with marketing? At the end of the day that's all this is. Oh and maybe Jony Ive likes to give gifts to friends.
I have an TV 2, just waiting for Apple to update the TV in a meaningful way so I can get a new one. Hopefully we see it at WWDC.
Do these actually work? Until there's some sort of 'made for Watch' program by Apple I'd be skeptical of any third party bands. Especially ones being announced now considering they don't have a watch or bands to reverse engineer what Apple has done. And if Apple has a patent on how the band next to the why couldn't they sue anyone making bands for the watch and not paying some sort of royalty to Apple?
Android Wear OEMs are screwed. Just like with phones it will be a race to the bottom. They'll be like Android tablets...something carriers give away when you buy a phone.
I don't believe for a second Apple is paying celebrities to wear the watch because if they did and it ever got out it would be a PR nightmare. I think it's pretty obvious Apple doesn't have to pay famous people to use their products.
Rose gold with white sport band looks good on Anna Wintour too. I can tell you any Android Wear OEM would kill to have Anna Wintour wearing their watch.
New Posts  All Forums: