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Very Interesting. Everyone in the media/Wall Street has been constantly whining about when is Apple going to release new products. I predict that we'll soon start to see stories complaining that Apple is losing focus. We're already seeing that with Apple Watch. Ben Thompson says it does to much and shouldn't have an App Store. Cook can't win no matter what he does.
I guess John Gruber should apply for the job as well?http://daringfireball.net/linked/2014/09/12/iphone-6-preordersI spent over an hour trying to order from the online Apple Store (4.7-inch, space gray, 128 GB) to no avail. The closest I got was a properly configured phone but a disabled “Add to Cart” button.Gave up, went to the Verizon website, and successfully ordered there. I think. Verizon’s website is almost spectacularly convoluted and ugly as sin.You’d think after...
Between this and the live video stream screw up someone needs to be shown the door. Apple knew demand for these phones would be unprecedented. No excuse for people having such a difficult time ordering. Maybe take the $100M you spent giving people an album they didn't want and put it towards improving your web services. Or maybe Tim needs to hire an expert in this field to oversee Apple's cloud and web services.
Apple should have gone with 4" and 5". 5" would be big enough for those who want a larger phone and the 4" would be perfect for those of us who value one handed use (and not having to double tap on the home button to reach the back button in apps). But I'm sure the phablet will artificially sell well since Apple created artificial differentiation by giving it a better screen and camera. I wonder how many are buying the 5.5" not because of the size but because of camera,...
How can we know how massive the demand is when we don't know what the supply is? The Moto Almost 360 sold out right away too, I doubt it's because of heavy demand. My guess is there's more supply available for the 6 than the 6+.
Ooh I like this idea. I've got to believe Apple will allow 3rd party straps for the watch. I could see that being huge business and another reason to chose Watch over the competition.
^^ I actually like some of the touches people are calling gimmicks. Gives the watch personality. I can see those things being a selling point for young people. Android Wear seems much colder and more utilitarian whereas Apple Watch allows for more personal expression.
I suppose. But there's just something about this phone launch that just seems off. I don't know if Apple's heart is really in these larger phones. The design is 'meh' especially the protruding camera. Maybe the company focus was on the watch and phone got less attention. Outside of Apple Pay I didn't see any iOS 8 6 only features that would make me want to upgrade from my 5s. And maybe next year the smaller model will get OIS and the better screen too.
I swear Apple made this phone just to get people to realize how ridiculous they are.
It will be interesting to see which model sells better. A lot of people in my Twitter feed are going with the 4.7" even though the 5.5 has better specs because it's not so huge. I'm sitting this one out. Mostly because I prefer one-handed use but also because Apple chose to make the phablet better.
New Posts  All Forums: