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They increased the price to $399. No way that price increase would fly if all they did was add retina screen. Larger screen device should only be better/more powerful if it has additional functionally. Last year the Air didn't have any functionality that the mini didn't have. It's possible this year that changes I guess.
What is the point of this device?
My point is it's just a slight protrusion on the iPod touch and the iPhone 6 is rumored to be 7mm thick, thicker than the iPod touch. So either it won't protrude or if it does there's a reason for it. Or perhaps these schematics that are leaking are not iPhone 6 but new iPod touches or something else.
5th gen iPod touch barely protrudes and that's thinner than the rumored iPhone 6 is supposed to be. Leaks like this don't tell the whole story. Hence why I can't get worked up over them.
5th gen iPod touch.
Lens gate! Calling it now.
I guess I don't consider something a gimmick because someone else has it and Apple doesn't. Why are we (likely) getting a new iPhone with a bigger screen? At the iPhone 5 launch didn't Apple tell us that they went with the size they did so people could comfortably use it with one hand? Is that still going to be the case if we get a 4.7" or 5.5" phone? Isn't the larger screen essentially a response to the market and to what other phone manufacturers have done that have...
A gimmick until Apple starts shipping phones with 1080p displays.
If this is legit it looks quite pedestrian. Did operations force Jony to come up with something less complex than the 5/5s. Or is this something that's incredibly complex but just looks simple and kind of boring?
The bezel on silver iPhones is white not black. Does this mean white is reserved for gold phone only (assuming Apple is keeping gold)? Also it seems odd that a sliver phone with white antenna bands would sport a display with black bezels. Unless the white antenna bands haven't been colored black yet? Or these are two parts for different phones that Feld & Volk just smashed together? I'm a bit skeptical that Apple would be paring silver and black when the 5 and 5s were...
New Posts  All Forums: