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So you want Apple to get in the game of spec whoring? Seriously does the average iOS user even really notice these performance improvements? I'd take more RAM any day over anything else. I'm sure the 6S (or whatever Apple calls it) will be a worthy upgrade for 4S/5/5S owners. Perhaps not so much for 6/6 Plus owners but why people think they need a blow away new phone every year is beyond me.
I haven't tried a watch yet either but from the reviews I've read I've seen very few complaints about it. With a touch sensitive edge or rotating bezel I'd be too concerned about accidental touches/movement. Not the case with the crown. Also you can easily use the crown with one finger without covering up the display at all. I wonder how easily that would be on a touch sensitive edge or rotating bezel.
I can't wait for force touch to come to other iOS devices. For instance in Control Center I'd love to be able to use force touch with wifi or Bluetooth so I don't have to go to settings to change wifi or pair a different device. I see a lot of interesting use cases. I have a feeling though some will argue it will make iOS too complex. To those I would say, is copy/paste on iOS too complex? Are the additional features added to the home button too complex? Are edge swipes...
QNX perhaps? Is forward still using Microsoft technology for their cars?
Salesforce and now BlackBerry? Is there anyone Microsoft doesn't want to buy?
I wasn't necessarily referring to Android. But some are so quick to claim Apple is being copied when the same accusation could be thrown at Apple in some instances. It is a fact that Samsung and others had larger screen smart phones before Apple did. And the iPhone 6 is just a bigger iPhone there's nothing revolutionary or novel about it. If Apple had come out with a 5 inch phone in 2012 and then we saw one from Samsung 2 years later you can damn well bet people here...
Is that how it works on Windows 8/10? I wouldn't know because I don't use either of those operating systems.
Will you say that when Apple adds split screen multitasking to iPad? It's rumored to be coming to iOS 9.
Apparently it's taken Microsoft over 2 years to get this working for XBox. Also who wants to watch TV over an antenna with a sometime crappy signal?
You have to admit that was incredibly tone deaf on Apple's part. They could have made the album free in the iTunes store without pushing it to everyone's device as though they purchased it. Lots of people have their devices set to auto download and even if they didn't they still didn't want to see it in their purchased history when they never downloaded it. It was just a dumb, expensive thing to do. Obviously Apple agreed as they provided a tool for people to get rid of it.
New Posts  All Forums: