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Shhh...don't give Eddy Cue any ideas.
Of course it's my opinion just like most of what everybody else posts here is their opinion. Give me one good reason why Apple needs to get into the content creation business (and I don't mean buying up exclusive distribution rights to someone else's content).
This story originated from Variety not Digitimes. I have a feeling it has some validity.
if Apple has cash that they don't know what to do with how about entry level iOS storage of 32GB or if not that then how about making iCloud really competitive with competitors offerings?
Kind of hard to get a good impression from that photo but I am liking the natural light.
Apple didn't need original programming to get people to buy iOS devices. They don't with TV either. Look what they're doing with Apple News. They're providing a platform for publishers big and small not becoming a news organization. Apple just needs to provide the best platform that everyone wants to be on. Buy up exclusives if they have to but they don't need to be a movie or TV studio just like they don't need to be a record company,
This I could get behind. But I can't get behind is the idea of Apple producing its own content. Apple doesn't need to do that. Need to piss off existing content partners. Apple isn't creating it's own homegrown content for Apple News. They don't need to do it for TV either. Just provide the platform and let consumers download whatever content they want.
People read the headline click on the story and the first thing the see is an existing outdated store design. I'll admit when I first clicked on the article and saw that photo I thought hmm...doesn't look like a very modern new store design. Then I read the caption and thought 'phew, it's not the new store design'.
I don't disagree that Apple needs to evolve and grow but that doesn't mean they have to do everything. And I think one could make the argument that Apple has made a lot of changes over the past 3 or so years and user experience and "polish" has suffered a bit. I don't want Apple to just throw stuff out there and then jump to the next shiny object. Apple doesn't need to be in the content creation business, they just need to provide a platform that content creators want to...
I know all these "kits" are part of iOS but the point is they're new and require attention.I listed iPad "Pro" because from all the rumors it sounds like it's not going to be just an existing iPad with a bigger screen. And is probably a product that will need better software than the current iOS for iPad to be successful. Apple doesn't have unlimited bandwith or resources.
New Posts  All Forums: