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But I thought Watch was a failure because everyone wants round and square is for nerds?
Look I'm not disagreeing with the idea. I'm just saying we don't really have evidence that's where Apple is heading and iPhone doesn't really count as Apple is just doing what the carriers already stated. So before people wet themeslves over this idea (and because the stock is up $3) today lets come back to reality. When I see Apple add another hardware product to an installment plan then maybe I'll believe they're really serious about it. The next logical choice would be...
Apple's hardware is rock solid. Their services still leave plenty to be desired. I don't think anyone can argue that Apple's cloud services are best in class.
iPhone was obvious. Carriers were already going down this path (I was on the AT&T Next program prior to doing Apple's iPhone upgrade program).
If Apple was seriously thinking about this how come the new iPad Pro doesn't have an installment plan option?
I have to laugh at this research note. Aside from the iPhone upgrade program (which is just mirroring what carriers were already starting to do) there is little evidence Apple is becoming a services company. Below is what Tim Cook said last week about a streaming TV service:That doesn't sound to me like Apple is anywhere close to launching a streaming tv service.I'd love it if Apple went to a model where all their products were on installment plans or for a monthly fee you...
I swear Apple doesn't really care about making money off accessories these days. If they did this stuff wouldn't be so crazy expensive. The iPad mini smart case is more expensive than the iPad Air 2 smart case. That's nuts. Apple is just driving people to 3rd party options with these prices.
I said I don't think Cook's Apple is very good at the "why" and I still think that.
So is Foster & Partners (or "Norman's Boys" as Jony Ive calls them) designing all Apple stores now?
One thing Apple needs to fix with the keyboard: on the iPad mini and Air the order from the left is number switcher. emoji, dictation. On the iPad Pro the number switcher and emoji are reversed. So I'm constantly hitting the emoji key when I really wanted the number/symbol key. I'm not sure why Apple would have reversed them.
New Posts  All Forums: