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So when does Siri come to the Mac? If Apple can securely implement it on iOS why not the Mac?
Well the Watch experiment there should be interesting then.
I guess we shouldn't be surprised. Lisa Jackson did work for Obama and Cook is giving her more and more power. But yes crony capitalism sucks and it's amazing to me that so many liberals don't seem to have a problem with it.
Who's responsible for 3rd party reseller relationships inside Apple? Is it Angela Ahrendts? Are current Apple areas within BB manned by Apple retail employees?
I hope Apple has tight control over this experience. I am curious how they will be displayed. Hopefully not like BB displays other wearables.
I'm hoping they offer red and orange. But richer colors, not pastels.
Which is probably why we haven't seen watch faces yet. I've seen some of the watch faces available for Android Wear and they're not good. I will be very interested to see what Apple does here.
Would hardly be worthwhile. Not like you'd get much for a Sammy knockoff. Heck Xiaomi knockoffs would probably be worth more!
Hmm...I don't think I've ever ranted about the Apple Watch. I wish the media didn't matter but they do. When you go almost a week with news outlet after news outlet running with that Slice Intelligence report what are people supposed to think? I saw that stupid Fast Company 'see I told you Watch would be a flop' story multiple times in my Twitter feed. Obviously not much can be done about it as the media is all about generating clicks and writing anything about Apple does...
New Posts  All Forums: