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That still makes it confusing as one year you have a $99 phone and the next year you don't. All because of what the case looks like? As I said everyone knows Apple only redesigns iPhone every two years. I don't see why the case design is such a big deal. A product should stand on its own merits. People should be buying the 6S because it's the best phone on the market not because the mid tier phone is plastic and doesn't look as premium.
No kidding. This device mostly competes with Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, and Xiaomi.
Well supposedly the camera in the new Moto X is quite good.
Haha good one!Honestly if Apple is so concerned about cannibalizing flagship iPhones then just have two tiers - flagship and budget and get rid of the mid tier.
I guess you think people are more shallow than I do. Anyway as I said everyone knows by now that Apple changes the look of their phones every 2 years. And most people aren't upgrading their phones every year anyway so even if the 6 gets pushed down and into a plastic case there still will be millions of people walking around with the current 6 that looks just like the 6S. Plus anyone not stupid will know exactly what Apple is doing - trying to prevent cannibalization and...
So in the second scenario you're suggesting Apple raise prices on their low end and mid tier phones. I'm not sure on what planet raising iPhone prices is a smart idea. Why are you so worried that people won't buy the flagship?
So basically on the S years the mid tier phone is plastic and on the non-s years it's not. Yes I suppose Apple could continue to do that. Although most people don't upgrade their phones every year so when the 6S comes out there will still be a ton of people rocking the current 6. I doubt that's going to dampen sales. Everyone knows by now that Apple redesigns its phones every 2 years. I'm not sure it's really an issue for anyone.
Maybe. I'm still not convinced the plastic phone was meant for the mid-tier long term. I think it was ultimately meant to occupy the low-tier "free on contract" phone. And it's possible it was just an experiment to see how the market would react.Honestly I think it's a bit worrisome if the mid-tier stays plastic solely because Apple is worried not enough people would buy the flagship otherwise. Apple is not doing that in other product lines. Look at the new MacBook....
If it's not enough to convince people to spend $100 more then is it really worth $100 more? And faster chip, force touch, 2GB RAM and better camera isn't enough but a plastic case is? A $99 6 with plastic case might keep margins up but more sales of the mid tier won't keep ASP up.
Wait, so the mid tier and the low end iPhone are going to look exactly the same but just have different internals?Putting something in a plastic case to prevent cannibalization seems to me like its not about the product but protecting profit margins. I'm fine with the low end having differentiation (and I figured that's what the 5C was all about); heck I argued that Apple maybe should create an entire separate down market brand using Beats that could be the colorful...
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