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Right because pissing off customers is such a good idea.
Why do you keep mentioning something that is currently on sale and hasn't been announced by Apple? The fact is upselling people from 16 to 64 is basically pure profit for Apple. It's the reason they can report $18B profit in a quarter. But amazingly they were able to develop the iPod, iPhone and and iPad when they had much smaller profits. So clearly they can do amazing R&D without milking customers.
Says who? Apple hasn't announced anything. And what if I want the flagship? Apple's just milking their best customers for $100 more?
I thought you said Apple wouldn't keep last years phones at $100 cheaper because they would cannibalize the flagships? Also according to 9to5Mac Apple is keeping both the 6 and 6 Plus around.
9to5Mac previously reported issues with the Beats integration and people leaving. I guess not a surprise when integrating companies. My guess is Rogers knew he had no chance of being top dog like he was at Beats so he decided to move on.
So 16 > 128 > 256? If 16GB is only for business/education why does Apple even offer it to consumers? At some point people will say screw you to Apple's upselling.
So basically Apple's #1 priority is margins and ASPs not the best consumer experience. Great.
Well that sucks, especially with the rumors of improved camera and 4K recording. If Apple keeps 16GB and has no iCloud changes Phil might as well get up on stage and give everyone the middle finger because that's what Apple is saying.
I hope the larger venue isn't for another U2 like fiasco.
New Posts  All Forums: