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How many people here have actually used Cortana? I haven't so I can't speak to it. But I do like that 3rd parties have access to it (wish Siri has that). Competition is good, especially if it ends up improving Siri in the end. I'd love to see a true competitor to Google Now and would rather it be Siri than something else. Edit: offline processing would be nice (where possible). I think Google Now has this capability.
Fixed it for you.
IMO Apple didn't buy Beats for the headphones. They wanted Jimmy Iovine and those behind the music service. The headphones just came along because they're the brand and they're highly profitable. But that's why I was never a fan of the Beats deal. To me Beats is what the haters claim Apple is - overpriced and popular because of marketing and design, not because it's a superior product.
Come again? Yeah this is something I totally expect from Apple. If Apple is going to keep the hardware part of beats then I hope they improve everything about it. Ditch the cheap plastic for a start.
Um, I work from home several days a week. An iPad will never replace my need for a laptop (sorry Tim) unless I have the ability to dock it so I can use it with a monitor and keyboard. Also, a lot of work I do is in Excel and SQL Server. How does that get done on an iPad? How many of the 100s of enterprise apps Apple and IBM are developing will be developed on the iPad? I think the several quarters of YOY decline in iPad sales shows we're no where near post-PC. And I think...
I don't get why Intel would want to screw over Apple since more Mac sales would be good news for Intel. Plus the MBA basically created the Ultrabook market. Are they pissed because Apple won't put "Intel Inside" stickers on their computers? Or because Apple has refused to jump on this 2-in-1 bandwagon?
Patently Apple says Intel is launching a new CPU this fall that will allow for fanless designs but the CPUs will only be for Windows 2-in-1's (presumably so they can go fanless before Apple does). Has Intel done this before and does it signal that Apple needs to think about breaking away from Intel?http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2014/07/intels-14nm-core-m-cpus-launch-this-fall-but-not-for-macs.html
Spot on. I knock sites referencing these companies data because it's not actual sales data provided by Apple, HP, Dell, etc. it's just guessing. I wish Cook would stop referencing them in earnings calls because by doing so he's giving them legitimacy that I don't think they deserve.
Not sure how the phone could be considered a flop yet. It just went on sale yesterday.
So is it a master class or irresponsible?
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