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Android Wear OEMs are screwed. Just like with phones it will be a race to the bottom. They'll be like Android tablets...something carriers give away when you buy a phone.
I don't believe for a second Apple is paying celebrities to wear the watch because if they did and it ever got out it would be a PR nightmare. I think it's pretty obvious Apple doesn't have to pay famous people to use their products.
Rose gold with white sport band looks good on Anna Wintour too. I can tell you any Android Wear OEM would kill to have Anna Wintour wearing their watch.
I've been to her Instagram account. No where does she say those bands were given away to anyone. In fact when asked what watch she chose she said:188e76@kaiserwilly no... Small stainless steel white band and black band ...And then she later posted a photo of the SS watch with white sport band. Last time I checked anyone can purchase that combination.
Ok these aren't all 'fashionistas' and do you have a source for people there being given custom watch bands?
No they're not. Will Carling was asked that on Twitter and he replied something like 'ha, I wish'.
4. Apple is no longer for everybody anymore and only cares about fashionistas and the 1%.
Why would any celebrity wear this watch if they didn't want to? It's not like someone at Apple is pointing a gun to their head forcing them to wear it. And they're not being paid to wear it either.When the singer Sam Smith posted his watch on Instagram he was actually quite excited about it and said Jony Ive was the sweetest man he ever met. That Instagram post got over 140K likes.
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