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My guess is there are more people in between 16 and 32 than there were between 32 and 64. Yeah maybe 64 at $599 is a better value than 32 at $499 but if you don't need that much additional space you've spent $100 more for nothing.
Well considering iOS 8 has stalled out at around 50% clearly 16GB is an issue. I'm sure there are a lot of people who own iOS devices but have never used iTunes on their computer. OTA is the only thing they know.My guess is current iPods and iPad mini won't be around much longer. Especially if the 6 Plus sells well.
Yes, and if it's a supply constrain issue due to needing every A8 possible for iPhones then don't update the mini now, just reduce the price on the currrent model. There's no rule that says the Air and the mini have to be announced at the same time. The mini 3 pointless and is just adding complexity to Apple's product line.
Funny though last year the two products were nearly identical. Last year Apple ran that "designed in California" commercial that said Apple asks,whether something deserves to exist. They obviously didn't ask that question with the iPad mini 3. There is no reason for this product to exist. Touch ID is not worth $100. If they couldn't give mini 3 the same display and internals as Air 2 then they should have just dropped the price of the mini 2 and left it at that.
Hey I'm not stupid. I know that these pricing schemes are all about keeping ASP's high. Apple knows damn good and well there are people who need more than 16 GB but don't need 64 GB. Not offering 32GB as the base model just means more device sales at $599 vs $499. I have a feeling though that Wall Street cares more about year over year sales growth than they do ASPs. I have a hard time believing that offering 32 GB as the base model would prevent Apple from investing in...
Why couldn't they give the mini 3 an A8 chip? If it's supply reasons, perhaps then wait to update the mini. Or don't update at all and just drop the price on the existing mini.
Mini 3 is a pointless update. If they weren't gonig to give it the same specs as the Air 2 they should have just dropped the price on the mini 2 and left it at that. Touch ID isn't worth $100.What's really annoying though is the bean counter moves on storage. The whole point of going 16 > 64 is just to increase ASPs. My guess is there's a lot of people who don't need 64GB but 16GB isn't enough. 32GB would be perfect for them but Apple doesn't offer it. Considering the fact...
I don't get the point of the retina mini 3. What did it get besides Touch ID?
Where's your AppleTV?
Waiting for Thunderbolt update?
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