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So basically the FT gave Cook an award for making Apple more PC.
I have a feeling Windows Phone is going to die a slow death. MS will keep Surface around as that's Bill's favorite child. But what compelling reason is there to buy a Windows phone?
Why do these all need to be separate apps? And wouldn't it be easier to just go to msn.com in your web browser?
No one at Apple has ever said how many watches they expect to sell per quarter or in the first year. Watches might be dying but Watch is as much a watch as iPhone is a phone. Leo Laporte and Andy Ihnatko were both very skeptical about smartwatches but now having used the Moto Almost 360 for a while they can see the convenience of not always having to pull your phone out of your pocket/purse. Especially now with phones getting a lot bigger. I think it's way to early to...
I never said it would be DOA. My point is I think lack of GPS and wifi is currently a compromise in order to get acceptable battery life. In the Watch intro video Jony Ive references using GPS and wifi from the iPhone to get a complete picture of your daily activities. So I think Apple is well aware that a fitness device needs GPS to be truly useful and IMO GPS is high up on the priority list for future versions.
I hope Apple has its act together regarding apps. No embarrassing app approved and then rejected a week later.
Except other smartwatches already have GPS and many fitness bands do as well. Apple is going to need GPS sooner rather than later, especially if they're going to push it as a comprehensive fitness device.
 Do you need a Mac or PC to set up a new iOS device and use it? I guess Watch may always be dependent on iPhone if that's where you manage certain things, like what apps are on the watch, notifications etc. but u think a future version will have wifi and GPS.
I'm still curious about manufacturing. Is everything going to be manufactured in China? Or is China just for final assembly? On the Watch website Apple says the milanese loop is woven on special Italian machines. The leather in the bands comes from France, Italy and Netherlands. Are the materials and machines shipped to China for manufacturing or are the bands made outside of China and shipped there for final assembly? The back of the watch doesn't have any manufacturing...
Until it's not. Once they get decent battery life it most likely will be decoupled from requiring iPhone.
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