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Yep I'm keeping my 5s. Great phone, great design and can easily be used one handed.
For some reason I'm not feeling these iPhone updates. They just seem 'meh', especially the 4.7" device. And the 5.5" device looks absolutely massive. Now we're getting into Samsung territory. I love the compact size of my 5s and it works great so I think I'll keep it another year.
I hope so because as much as I'm amazed by the design and technology in the product I'm not sure Apple answered the "does it deserve to exist" question yet.
OMG you can't be serious. Do you know how HUGE that watch face would be if Apple added Touch ID home button? The digital authentication with the watch happens on the backside of the device where the sensors are. As long as that's touching hour skin you're authenticated.
I still agree with Ben Thompson though that Apple needs to nail the "why" for iWatch. We got a lot of "what" yesterday but not a lot of "why". Ben Bajarin thinks there's more around Apple Watch that hasn't been announced yet. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple has another event to officially launch Apple Watch. Hopefully that event will better tell the narrative of why I need to buy it. And hopefully some of the UI is cleaned up. I don't need to view my photo stream on this...
IMO iOS 7, iOS 8/Swift and Apple Watch rank just behind the iPhone launch in terms of crowd reaction. I know everyone on the internet is pissing all over Apple Watch but watch the keynote. When Tim Cook said "one more thing" the crowd went nuts. Same after Jony Ive's ten minute video. There were times when Steve keynotes were incredibly boring as he spent most of his time fiddling around in iPhoto or something.
And trot out Steve Jobs as if every gen 1 product he launched was revolutionary and flawless.
Your problem for setting expectations so high on a segment that's in its infancy. Plus I doubt we'll ever see an iPhone like revolution again.
Exactly. My point is Apple hasn't shipped anything yet. No doubt battery life is the biggest reason why.
And circular displays are?
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