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Believe me I wouldn't miss some people here who can be real jackasses. But I thought you all had me on ignore anyway.
I'm sure Cook couldn't care less but I doubt I'd be the only one. That Bloomberg article have over 200 comments most of them negative. I can't remember the last time a Bloomberg article on Apple generated over 200 comments.
If Tim Cook hires him then he loses me as a customer.I'm curious though....has Jim Dalrymple ever said "nope" to something and been wrong?
Whatever happened to Google ditching Android? appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/29/google-appears-ready-to-ditch-android-over-its-intellectual-property-issues
That's why I have questions about new screens and chassis. Doesn't make sense to me that Apple would redesign the current MBA's if they're going to be replaced by a 12" retina version. Unless this 12" device is something completely different than any of us are expecting.
Of course Apple has internal deadlines and those can be missed for any number of reasons. But I highly doubt anyone outside of Apple know what those deadlines are. And the manufacturing partners that do don't leak because they want to do business with Apple in the future.
Did Sonny Dickson ever claim the part was sapphire? Or did Brownlee make that assumption after his first torture tests?
So why would the 11" and 13" MBA's be getting new screens, chassis and processors? Wouldn't Apple just phase them out and have 12", 13" and 15" MBPs? And if hell froze over maybe bring back the 17" MBP?
And next week we'll get a report that these "supply constraint" issues have been resolved. Honestly is there ever an Apple product that isn't rumored to be delayed because of rumored production issues/supply constraints?Does this mean the existing MBA's are being redesigned?
Still that shouldn't be in the headline unless AI has data to support it. The iPad mini isn't a new product. Lenovo would/should have known the US market not to introduce a product they knew couldn't compete (assuming iPad is the reason).
New Posts  All Forums: