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 Why is something like this even scored? It's embarrassing.
This is what Jony Ive said in that Wallpaper interview:
I find these iFixit teardowns to be insufferable these days. The amount of snark in the their comments take away from what they're actually reviewing.
And who is going to buy this vehicle OS? This stuff is a point of differentiation for auto companies. They're not going to buy some off the shelf OS from Apple. And Apple is all about a consistent user experience so I doubt they would be interested in creating custom OS/experience for different auto companies. My biggest skepticism with this list is when has Apple ever successfully been a piece of technology in someone else's product. Apple's biggest selling point is they...
No of course not. My point is I don't think we can read much into it because that's the way the market is going with smart phones. I see little evidence that consumer hardware as a service is becoming a thing though.
Yes that's the only reason that makes sense. Though I'd still prefer a reasonably priced good quality first party accessory from Apple.
But I thought Watch was a failure because everyone wants round and square is for nerds?
Look I'm not disagreeing with the idea. I'm just saying we don't really have evidence that's where Apple is heading and iPhone doesn't really count as Apple is just doing what the carriers already stated. So before people wet themeslves over this idea (and because the stock is up $3) today lets come back to reality. When I see Apple add another hardware product to an installment plan then maybe I'll believe they're really serious about it. The next logical choice would be...
Apple's hardware is rock solid. Their services still leave plenty to be desired. I don't think anyone can argue that Apple's cloud services are best in class.
iPhone was obvious. Carriers were already going down this path (I was on the AT&T Next program prior to doing Apple's iPhone upgrade program).
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