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Well Apple released a statement on the iPhone. Not surprisingly they're standing by their design. I guess time will tell if this is indeed an issue or not.http://www.ft.com/intl/fastft?post=211822An Apple spokesperson said that its test include exerting force in three separate areas to see if the device bends, a torsion test that simulates thousands of twists an iPhone might experience in daily use, and a "sit test" which simulates what it's like to put an iPhone in the...
It shouldn't take six months to fix though. Benedict Evans (who is usually pretty pro Apple) tweeted that this was unacceptible and wondered why Apple is so keen on owning the fundamental technology in their products except when it comes to cloud. Tim Cook should hire someone with lots of experience in this area to run their cloud business. It needs more attention than it's currently getting.
I see now most of Apple's competitors are running social media campaigns around #bendgate. The Next Web claims Apple is actively looking into the issue and will replace any phones returned to their stores. We'll see how Apple responds to this. I initially thought this might die down but it doesn't look like it will anytime soon. i guess the question now is will this impact sales?
To be fair, the stock market overall is down today. Dow is down 1.5% Nasdaq is down almost 2%. Same with Microsoft and Google.
I thought many here said 1GB is just fine and is intentional to force developers to write better apps (though I guess that doesn't apply to Apple apps like Safari).
Good for the shorts I guess as the stock is down 3% today. Of course the market overall is down today so I guess it shouldn't be surprising Apple would be down even more than the overall market. That's usually how it goes.
Nothing worse than Jobs sycophants that seem to think he could never do wrong or nothing bad ever happened at Apple on his watch. The only difference between now and when he was running the show is the rise of social media and everything being amplified on the internet 1000%.
The new campus isn't replacing the current one. But I'm not sure who will be moving to the new campus and who's staying at 1 infinite loop.
As I'm thinking about this a bit more I do think Apple is stretched a bit thin. But the issue right now is they're running out of space to put people in. I've heard employees are scattered across many different buildings in Cupertino. That new campus can't come soon enough. It's crazy to think Google has more employees than Apple (excluding retail).For as much as we get the "Steve woudn't have" or "this wouldn't have happened under Steve" comments I think we're seeing some...
There is no excuse for a software update preventing you from getting a cellular connection. And no one should be expected to think updating their software could botch their abilities to make calls on their phone. As far as I'm concerned there is no acceptable time to be without cellular service outside of the time it takes to download and install the software update.Seriously how does something like that ever get past testing/QA? Did anyone at Apple test this update before...
New Posts  All Forums: