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Because they're not significant enough to warrant time at WWDC. Apple has already shown off 5K iMac and Force Touch trackpad on stage. No need to do it again. If we see any hardware at WWDC my guess is it will be the new TV.
Yep. And things like Handoff do "just work" for me. Love love love that I can be doing something on my phone and easily pick it up on my iPad. I want that functionality for all 3rd party apps too.
What exactly will this Global Command Center be?
So are they only accepting Pay because if not this is a misleading article.
Get back to me when I can use Pay at Target and my local grocery store. It's great they're signing up all these banks but they need more merchants.
Does Apple have a deal with Comcast?
So what does a TV for the 1%'ers look like?
But people want that in boxes like current TV, not big ass TV sets that get updated once every 10 years.
Ben Bajarin still thinks Apple will make a TV -- for the 1% (because they did the gold Watch). OK but what exactly does a TV for the 1% look like?
Jony Ive does have a patent for fused glass so I'll bet that transparent TV prototype was legit. http://tinyurl.com/n6osvty
New Posts  All Forums: