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Stock is way up pre-market. Stock very well might be up 7-8% this week and that's before earnings announcement on the 22nd.
OT: Microsoft just announced they're laying off 14% of their workforce which translates to ~18,000 employees. Wow! The rumors were saying only 5-6 thousand. Wall Street likes it though as the stock is way up pre-market.
I was listening to the Your Mac Life podcast with Shawn King (who also posts at the Loop) and what he heard from people directly involved in this partnership is IBM will be able to sell any Apple product, not just iPhones and iPads. So this deal could increase Mac penetration in the enterprise. Especially with the Continuity features announced at WWDC.
I guess I don't find this partnership confusing or difficult to understand. Apple's specialty is not the enterprise. Apple 2.0 under Jobs didn't really care about the enterprise; it was all about consumers. Apple doesn't have a large sales force that they send in to Fortune 500 companies to negotiate big deals. That is IBMs specialty. In I order for Apple to do this on their own it would require a huge cultural change. I think it's better for Apple to remain true to what...
I wonder if he's thinking "Jesus Christ Tim do I really have to do this?"
Ok they look like typical over the ear headphones, except in white. Not sure how they're ripping off Beats...unless the sound quality is crap.
Hmm...Apple stock was up around 1% all day and then at the very end of the trading session there's a big sell off? I swear if Apple announced they sold 100M iPhones in a quarter the stock would still sell off that day.
Yes I think he's wrong because he's hearing Cook say 90%+ Fortune 500 companies use iOS and thinking there nothing really for Apple to gain. What I think he's missing is penetration. How many people inside those organizations are using iOS devices (besides BYOD being used for non-work related stuff)? That 90% could include companies where only a handful of employees are using iOS devices. I think this is going to help Apple sell a lot more iPhone and iPads (and maybe even...
The current Directv app doesn't support AirPlay so I won't be surprised if this doesn't either.
And this is why Apple should not get in to bed with government, and when the government says 'jump', Apple should tell the government to pound sand. It's obvious the government will screw Apple any chance it gets.
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