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You can't make this stuff up.
And on CNBC they were wondering how long Apple can continue to command premium pricing. Talk about wanted to bang your head against a wall.
I'm serious. That's why I hope we get a bigger iPad next year with side by side apps and digitizer support.
I must say I'm not bullish on iPad at all. On last quarters conference call Cook said Apple had interesting things planned for iPad. This quarter he says he's perfectly fine if people choose to buy an iPhone or Mac instead of iPad. And at the iPad event when Cook was talking about how great the Air is and what can Apple do to improve on it, he runs a video showing it get 18% thinner than the previous version. And Schiller spends most of his time focusing on the camera!...
Could it also mean Apple has more things planned in this space (perhaps with Beats or home automation or additional wearables) so it becomes one big category for a lot of different things?
Cook says Apple is in no hurry to provide Watch details because all their competitors are looking for it. I love it.
I actually smiled when I heard Apple say that. Of course everyone and their mother will want to know iWatch sales because they can't wait to declare the first product Steve had nothing to do with a failure. I'd love it if Apple doesn't ever provide sales figures for it.
Haha and Business Insider is already freaking out because Apple Watch is going to be reported in a category called "other products" along with iPods and accessories.
Someone on Bloomberg said Apple's future is software and services because they're high margin businesses. I'm scratching my head at that comment because Apple has been making more and more software free. And services exist to make devices more desirable to own. I'd be curious what software they think will make a lot of money for Apple.
It helps that Mac sales are doing well. But I think the weak iPad numbers give Microsoft more confidence in Surface. I don't see Surface going anywhere anytime soon.
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