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Would hardly be worthwhile. Not like you'd get much for a Sammy knockoff. Heck Xiaomi knockoffs would probably be worth more!
Hmm...I don't think I've ever ranted about the Apple Watch. I wish the media didn't matter but they do. When you go almost a week with news outlet after news outlet running with that Slice Intelligence report what are people supposed to think? I saw that stupid Fast Company 'see I told you Watch would be a flop' story multiple times in my Twitter feed. Obviously not much can be done about it as the media is all about generating clicks and writing anything about Apple does...
Case in point: the new MacBook. And it's sold at Best Buy.
You're nuts if you think the media doesn't matter. The world is full of low information people who believe anything they read. And yes some of them, perhaps many of them are Apple customers.
I saw a comment on another site that said this shows desperation on Apple's part. I'm not sure why. Best Buy sells almost every other Apple product, why not Watch? The Sport Watch starts at $349. Nothing high-end/luxury about that price point. Many Apple stores in the U.S. are located in shopping malls. Nothing high-end about that either. Sure Apple is pushing both tech and fashion angle. But I'm not sure why the fashion angle precludes Apple from selling at Best Buy or...
Yep I knew it wouldn't take long for the snark to show up.
Supposedly coming this fall.
Yeah I wonder if this will shut up the Apple Watch is Doomed™ crowd. My guess is no. They'll just find some other data point to prove its failure.
I saw this in my Twitter feed. I'll be curious to see how these are displayed in store. The Apple sections at Best Buy stores is pretty small, but I can't imagine Apple wanting the Watch to be displayed along side other smart watches and fitness bands. I think iPhones are usually in the smart phone section but the last time I was at a Best Buy they had been moved to the Apple section of the store right by the Macs and iPads.
Yes I know Apple didn't invent the link bracelet or a milanese loop. But would some third party be selling cheap milanese loop bands if Apple wasn't offering one? I doubt it.
New Posts  All Forums: