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I'm sick of people like Woz being the arbiter of these things. The fact is there are people who worked more closely with Steve and for a longer period of than Woz did. Yet people look to Woz to tell us whether something is an accurate depiction or not. And when people Tim Cook or Eddy Cue offer up a different opinion it's just discounted as being biased. As if those saying critical things about Steve can't be biased or don't have an ax to grind.
Yep I still wear and use my watch every day but we need speed badly. I can't imagine it's a hardware issue as many people are still using A5 devices just fine.
Speed is still severely lacking on the Watch. Launch an app and it still takes 5-10 seconds for the app to load. I'll ask Siri to set an alarm or timer and its not instant. Siri has to think for a while and then it takes a few seconds for the app to launch. I thought watchOS 2 was supposed to fix this. It just makes for an unpleasant experience, especially when you know how good it could be if not for the delays.
The Telegraph newspaper published the anecdotes Tim referenced in his memo, from Tim, Eddy and Phil. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Clearly this is an orchestrated "leak" from Apple PR which doesn't seem right to me. Perhaps why there was nothing from Jony Ive even though he was closer to Steve than Eddy, Phi and arguably Tim too (he was actually in the room with Steve and family when Steve died). Some things should be private, just for Apple...
According to a tweet from Rene Ritchie some of the models sold out instantly in Miami. My guess is this will be more popular than people think. And I won't be surprised if we get additional partnerships in the future.
Right because nobody knows that he was a dick sometimes. That's never been discussed.
Do William and Harry put out a letter every year on the anniversary of princess Diana's death? Her passing caused way more outpouring of grief than Steve Jobs passing did. I know this is intended for Apple employees but every year now the memo has leaked. Even if Apple PR isn't leaking it themselves they have to know by now someone will.
And the market is honoring Steve by selling off the stock when the market overall is up today. All because one sell side analyst cut his Q4 iPhone estimate by pushing some of the 6S sales into Q1. So it's not really even a cut, it's just shifting the quarter when those sales are recognized and Wall Street still shits all over the stock.
Agreed. A letter to employees every year doesn't seem necessary. Although based on the wording this year my guess is the letter is s subtle dig at all these movies and books that have come out.
Hmm...in my opinion OS X is just as important as the original Mac. Did the filmmakers reach out to Avie Tevanian? Is he featured in the film at all?
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