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All I know is the Nike+ app I use utilizes GPS. How many fitness bands out there don't have GPS? Note I'm not knocking Watch for not having it, I understand why it doesn't right now. But even Apple talks about pairing Watch with GPS and wifi from iPhone.
How do you add Pay to devices that don't have Touch ID or NFC?
I'm glad that Apple supports RED but HIV/AIDS isn't the only disease out there. Cancer took Steve Jobs life. This year we've had an Ebola outbreak. Perhaps Apple could mix it up a bit? Or are they that beholden to Bono?
This is what Google and Facebook are doing for Ebola. Not sure if this involves the Play store.http://thenextweb.com/google/2014/11/10/google-launches-campaign-fight-ebola-donates-10-million/
I never said she was angry, but here are a few things she tweeted/retweeted which make me think she's not to pleased about her font name being reused:I wonder if Kare's knows that many of Apple's designers live in San Francisco, and Jony Ive has lived there for 22 years. Of course he now lives in Pacific Heights which is probably too gentrified for her.
I fail to see what's bombastic about that statement. I never said she was "angry". But when she retweets something like the below it gives me the impression she's not giving a thumbs up to Apple reusing her font name. What exactly is the "School of Jony Ive"?
No but isn't it difficult to get accurate data without GPS?
To be fair Watch doesn't have GPS so you would need your phone if you wanted to use it for running.
My point is for everyone who says Steve would have done X with Watch history tells us differently.
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