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Based on Instagram comments that gold MacBook is a hit. Dell might have released the best Windows notebook but it cant hold a candle to the new MacBook in eliciting desire. And good on Apple marketing for using the gold model in press shots because that's the one everyone is drooling over.
I know it's sad really. I don't think the gold watch is that important. For me ResearchKit and the new MacBook are much more interesting than the gold Watch. And something I found interesting is Jeff Williams presenting ResearchKit (instead of Craig Federighi) and the MacBook video being 100% Jony Ive. Also at the end of the event when Cook asked Apple employees to stand up and be recognized the only ones he called out by name were Jeff and Jony. Probably nothing to read...
Well he posted a link to an MG Siegler Medium post which is basically all about Apple supposedly pivoting to fashion. Jim Darymple was at the event but still had time to post something about ResearchKit on his blog.
I thought the highlight of the event was ResearchKit. Really sad to see bloggers like John Gruber and MG Siegler focus on the gold Watch. ResearchKit is Tim Cook basically saying all you people calling Apple a fashion company now, think again'.
Ok well I want OLED on my iPhone then. I've had enough of the bright white backgrounds, especially now that I've seen the watch (and people who have seen it hands on rave about the display).
I thought Tim Cook said he wore his in the shower? Microsoft Band is water resistant but it too says not to submerge the device in water.
That dark screen makes me wonder if we'll finally get night/dark mode on iOS. I would love that.
Yep. My guess is the MBA Will be around for a while until the rMPB will eventually be thin and light enough to replace it. It always felt like the Airs and Pros were getting too close in terms of specs/capabilities. So slowly phase out the Airs and eventually the Pros will completely replace them.
I'm amazed at how many are upset about the price. Um a lot of engineering went into this product. Doesn't that have to be paid for? It's not like Apple took the existing MBA design and just added a retina display.
My guess is Apple updated the 13" rMBP for this reason. Gets broadwell and the new trackpad. So if this new MacBook doesn't meet your needs the 13" rMBP is there to fill the void.
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