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Sure but somebody fed him the rumors to be able to create that mockup. If it was someone from Apple either they purposely fed him bad information or he's got a source that doesn't have the latest information.
Hence why I think some one might have been trolling him.
I will laugh my ass off if this has a display similar to the rMBP. Only because wonder boy Mark Gurman's mockup showed the same bezels as on the current MBA only thinner. I wonder what else in his mockup is wrong? Maybe someone at Apple is purposely feeding him bad or out of date information.
Okay then go bold board!
It good but it could also mean February or even March IMO.
Since when did early 2015 mean January?
Jony must love never having to disclose salary or stock options.
Is it really that difficult to wait until the device is out and we get reviews before forming opinions?
You're probably right. But I hope the replacement isn't some boring Wall Street type or a politician. Go bold Tim.
How about Elon Musk or John Legere?
New Posts  All Forums: