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I thought the point of pouring ice water over your head was to simulate the feeling of having ALS. So it's a way for you to sort of experience how someone with ALS feels (even if only for a minute). How does this apply to a phone? The phone feels nothing.
Marc Newson?!? Why?!?
It's not real. It's a render posted to Behance based on a rumor from back in June that those antenna bands were just placeholders and wouldn't be in the final design.
So is "Google's Android" and AOSP the same thing? Does Google have any control over what Amazon or Chinese vendors do with open source Android? What devices from members of the open handset alliance don't receive updates via the Google Play store?
I thought most of Google's updates were going through the play store? Aren't their apps updated independent from major OS releases?
How can people get so worked up over something that hasn't been announced yet? RELAX and wait for the keynote when all will be explained.
Gotta love these rumors that use words like "scant" and "unclear". Seems to me there's an agenda beyond just click bait/page views. These rumors have little information that is solid but they serve their purpose of creating D&G and FUD.
Ok so what then is the iPad mini available with 128GB storage option since the iPad Air is more expensive?And in my case it wouldn't work because I don't want a phablet. So instead of getting a sale from me for a 4.7" device Apple would get no sale at all.
I am invested in Apple stock. I don't think any of their products are "dirt cheap". On what basis do you think the iPad mini is too cheap?
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