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Apple confirmed this news. They said it would be dozens of jobs. I doubt it's any major manufacturing move. It could be related to display or camera technology.
Assuming this is true what is Apple going to do besides confirming its existence? No way is Apple going to say what the facility is for, especially if it involves future stuff being cooked up in the labs.
Well Apple retail is hiring fashion/luxury experts. I doubt Angela Ahrendts is hiring them to sell iPhones. http://tinyurl.com/osyuh2w
So do Microsoft, Google and Dropbox have this issue? All Apple is doing is driving people away to other solutions.
Apple needs to make room for future Apple products like Watch.something will have to go in order for them to do that.
Such a shame when Apple creates such great technology and then basically handicaps it. Seems like an internal turf war inside Apple. I did a quick twitter search and people are pretty pissed off. I agree with Rene Ritchie, Apple needs a VP for App Store. I would make that person DRI for App Store policies, what gets on the App Store, editorial and curation and developer relations. http://m.imore.com/editors-desk-vp-app-store
Pretty soon it will be 16>128>256. .
Because this isn't an award. It's about who was the most influential (good or bad) person in the world for the year.
All these lists are a joke. Now the Verge has their own top 50 of the year and surprise, surprise the leaders of Apple, Microsoft and Google are on the list. Along with late night TV talk show hosts and SNL personalities. How original http://www.theverge.com/a/2014-verge-50
I'm sorry but I don't think Tim Cook was the most important/notable/whatever you want to call it in 2014. IMO a lot more important things happened in 2014 than Cook announcing he's gay.
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