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Jony Ive does have a patent for fused glass so I'll bet that transparent TV prototype was legit. http://tinyurl.com/n6osvty
Which is why making a TV set makes no sense for Apple, IMO. Are they really going to make a better TV than Samsung or LG, especially when it's pretty clear people don't want smart TVs?
Makes sense. People want dumb TV sets and smart boxes. Apple doesn't need to be in the dumb TV set business.
What's wrong with Spotify?
No Simpsons problem is they no longer have differentiation now that Apple released larger screen phones and Chinese competitors started offering cheap Android phones there. Samsung is using commodity software that all their competitors, sans Apple use. They have no real ecosystem to speak of. Google has the ecosystem but again that's not unique to Samsung. Also they don't have the brand caché Apple does. There's nothing aspirational about Samsung. Apple is totally an...
And just as I suspected, it's not Obama's phone.
How do we know that the tweet was actually from him and not his secretary or some other assistant that might use an iPhone?
Not at all. The easiest way to get elected and ensure reelection is to hand out goodies (aka benefits) to constituents.
Politicians do a good job of making sure the poor stay poor. That's the only way to ensure they get reelected.
Here's what Carl says about the car:The car seems more believable to me than a television set. People don't want 'smart' TVs. They want smart boxes and dumb TVs. What point is there for Apple to get in that business?
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