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I'm not convinced that's going to be a huge driver of iPad sales. Doesn't really solve the consumer side of the equation though.
Every quarter we hear the same thing when the stock drops...weak guidance. What exactly is Wall Street expecting the quarter before a huge product launch (or two)?
And yet Apple is down after market almost 1% and Microsoft is up 1% even though Microsoft missed on earnings. What a joke.
The interesting thing here is to see what Apple does with iPad especially considering a larger screen iPhone is surely coming. What does Apple need to do to increase iPad sales in a meaningful way?
I'm still waiting for the news that Google is moving away from Android as DED previously speculated.
So is Bryant testing a wearables device for Apple or is this the reason he was spotted on the Apple campus?
So far none of these price target increases have had much impact on the stock price. I see the FUD is out in full force today: Fund managers unconvinced by Apple rebound Why you shouldn't buy Apple stocks A supersize iPhone is a big risk for Apple
I wonder when Siri will get offline processing. That would be nice.
Any significance to this story coming out on earnings release day?
New Posts  All Forums: