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And this is why I beleive the car project at Apple is real. On the last Verge podcast they mentioned asking auto execs at CES if they would be partnering with tech companies like Apple and Google for the dash and they flat out said no way, not happening. And think about it: Apple's goal would be a consistent user experience no matter what you're driving (something that doesn't exist now with CarPlay). But what auto company is going to want their dash looking just like...
I have so many issues with copy/paste especially text selection which is incredibly wonky. And if I try and paste something when composing a message on this site I often times have to long press 5 or 6 times to get the menu to pop up and stay up to where I can tap on 'paste'. Also prior to IOS 8 you used to be able to long press on an image and copy the image URL. Now most sites, outside of maybe Twitter, when you long press on an image the only thing you can do is save it...
Makes one wonder what the hell happened. Many of the bugs I encounter seemingly have nothing to do with the new features added in IOS 8. Like copy/paste in Safari.
In FY2014 Apple's net sales were $182B. As someone on MacRumors pointed out, if you look at the top 500 companies in the world the top revenue generators come from basically 4 sectors: energy, financials/insurance, automotive and telecom. Look at the Forbes 2000 list and the top companies by revenue (excluding Apple) are Walmart, Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway, oil companies and automotive. What sustains or grows Apple's huge revenue base after iPhone? Does Apple want...
Read just about any rumor from John Paczkowski in the last year or two and most if not all were pretty much dead on. So either he's got really good sources outside of Apple that just happen to know exactly what Apple is doing, employees inside Apple risking their jobs by leaking to him or Apple PR feeding stuff to him via "anonymous sources" or "people familiar with the matter".
There's nothing inane about suggesting Apple sometimes leaks to the media. I can't even believe that's causing an argument here. Other than people just want to be dicks. But hey, feel free to put me on ignore and then you don't have to be bothered by inane posts.
Fine. But I'm not removing Dalrymple from my list. He doesn't just pull these "nope's" out of his rear end and I have yet to come across a "nope" that turned out to be a "yep".
I'm not suggesting Apple should be whispering in somebody's ear over every rumor that comes out. But Apple building a car by 2020 isn't just any rumor. Thats a pretty big fucking deal.
Now you're putting words in my mouth. When did I ever say meaningful material? But if you want some examples:Last year there was a rumor that Apple was going to release a new TV in March. We got a "nope" from Jim Dalrymple. I think it's pretty obvious who that "nope "came from.In August John Gruber said:Again seems very obvious where that information came from.
Ah so because you can't stand podcasts, or ones you deem "poorly made" they're just to be discredited. Got it. Whatever. I stand by my statement that if Apple wanted these car rumors to die down they could easily make it happen.
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