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No they're not. Will Carling was asked that on Twitter and he replied something like 'ha, I wish'.
4. Apple is no longer for everybody anymore and only cares about fashionistas and the 1%.
Why would any celebrity wear this watch if they didn't want to? It's not like someone at Apple is pointing a gun to their head forcing them to wear it. And they're not being paid to wear it either.When the singer Sam Smith posted his watch on Instagram he was actually quite excited about it and said Jony Ive was the sweetest man he ever met. That Instagram post got over 140K likes.
AI do you actually have a source for this? Can you provide some names of the "fashionistas" attending this event? Of course not because it was a private event. We don't know who attended this event and we also don't know if the people attending were given these new bands. If you don't have anything to back up this paragraph you shouldn't be posting it.
Hey rumor sites: we all know by now that part of Apple's marketing tactic is to give out watches to certain celebrities. We don't need a new story on it every time one of these photos crops up somewhere.
Android Wear got a big update today but I see they're still trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
I know Apple told the Verge a software update was coming (I think partially related to slow launch times for 3rd party apps). I wonder if the software on the watches shipped to consumers will be the same firmware as what was on the review units?
So I saw this on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/okassim/status/589772108361695233 Spotted at the Canton Fair, the Apple Watch’s Chinese Siblings are out early at $32 a pop. pic.twitter.com/1Gi4jfVsy9 7:46am - 19 Apr 15 Can Apple sue over this stuff? I know it's impossible to go after clones but in this case they appear to be using actual photographs of the Apple Watch trying to pass it off as their own product.
I find this kind of meaningless considering it appears to be a store unit running demo software. Who knows what the boot time will be for watches sold to consumers.
Btw, I think the rose gold with white sport band looks quite nice on Anna Wintour. Having her attend fashion shows wearing the Watch is marketing genius and cheap too. Let's not forget that Samsung spent billions of dollars on their Next Big Thing™ campaign and Microsoft has spent over $400M in partnership with the NFL to promote Surface. Having Anna Wintour rock a gold watch at a fashion show costs peanuts in comparison.
New Posts  All Forums: