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When I first saw photos it reminded me of something you'd see in England. What's hilarious is he bought this house in 2012 but for some reason Business Insider decided to recycle the story (and thus others picked it up) a week or so ago. All over Twitter people are making fun of the decor not realizing the photos are of the house before he bought it and that he's spending $2M to remodel it.
Nice house. Love the back yard. Cue is asking less than $4M for a house on an 18,000 sq ft lot. Jony Ive paid $17M for a house in San Francisco that's on a 5,400 sq ft lot with basically no yard. Crazy how expensive real estate is in the big cities. Would be interesting to see what it looks like when he's done remodeling it. http://www.businessinsider.com/photos-of-apples-jony-ives-new-home-2012-9?op=1
But we don't know when this in house group was formed or even if it is fully formed yet. I think it's a stretch to conclude Phil Schiller allegedly kicking some ass created this holiday ad. Let's not forget Apple signed off on those genius ads that were so bad they ended up removing them from their YouTube channel and from apple.com.Here's Ken Segall's thoughts on Apple's...
Since when did longer battery life become an unreasonable request? Believe me if the new iPhones have better battery life Phil Schiller will be crowing about it on stage.
I'll whine about it as much as I want because it sucks. Do a google search and you'll see I'm far from the only one complaining about it. One of the reasons people pay a premium for Apple products is because of the superior user experience. Safari on iPad is not a superior user experience. Hopefully that changes with iOS 8.
Okay I think this ice bucket challenge has run its course. Do we really need to see another video of a celebrity dumping ice water on their head?
I couldn't care less how much RAM an iPad has as long as apps perform well and developers don't have to spend a lot of extra time or make compromises for their app(s) to work properly. Right now Safari on the iPad is not a great experience. Are there really that many negative tradeoffs to upgrading the RAM to 2GB?
You never have tab refreshes? Safari never crashes on you? If so consider yourself lucky. I had constant tab refreshes on the 3rd gen iPad running iOS 6 so it's not a new problem (for me at least).
So iPad is not the right tool for browsing the internet using Safari?Btw, at most I maybe have 5-6 tabs open. But even if I have half of that open I still get constant tab refreshes. This certainly isn't something unique to me.
What happens when Apple runs out of things that begin with the letter S to add to the phone. Do they no longer have S-series phones?
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