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I didn't think so initially but I'm definitely leaning that way now. Especially with the story I saw on The Loop that said Apple has been working on this issue for weeks. And on CNBC the other day Nixxi Sixx from the band Motley Crue said negotiations had been going on for the past 12 days. So Eddy responding to Taylor (and doing it via Twitter) sure seems like PR. Or as a former Pandora executive called it, "theater".
Actually you can't as Apple music isn't live yet. And I did say you can stream it from Google Play Music if you bought it. As far as exclusivity there is a reason Swift specifically mentioned it so I would expect this album to come to other services shortly after it's on Apple Music.
Right now it's not streamed anywhere expect for Google Play Music where it can be streamed if it was purchased.
Except Apple didn't ban apps that were selling the Confederate flag. These were civil war games. You can't ban history. And since the guy who killed these nine people did so with a gun should Apple ban any games on the App Store that involved shooting and guns?
Even if it's not on any other service right now, Swift says it's not an Apple Nusic exclusive so she'll have no choice but to bring it to other services. Another reason I'm coming around to this being a PR stunt is other services do pay during free trials so it's not like Apple is doing something nobody else is doing. As far as we know what they're paying during the trial is similar to what Spotify and others pay.
More and more I'm coming around to this being one big PR stunt. Swift says it's not an exclusive with Apple Music so we'll see how quickly it comes to Spotify.
You have a generous definition of musician.
Maybe we can get Taylor Swift to one another letter to Apple explaining how stupid this is.
So I wonder when Apple remove references to the US flag. Some people are offended by that too.
Thank God Tim Cook is making sure Apple employees focus on the important things like banishing history.
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