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maybe I missed it but where did Lenovo say it is discontinuing smaller Windows tablets in the US because of the iPad? Or is AI just assuming that's the reason why?
Here's what's coming in iOS 8.I think any app that requires IAP in order to work (like MS Office) should be labeled as Paid. There are IAP apps though that function perfectly fine without purchasing anything. I suppose Apple could require them to have two apps - one Free and one Paid. But I would rather just one app and allow me to upgrade inside the app if I want.
Yes I expect whatever EU commission is responsible for this to know about what Apple's doing before they openly criticize. When I said EU I was referring to government not individual consumers. Otherwise they should have given Apple specific requirements and deadline for when they needed to be implemented by.
Apple provided the response below to Engadget.http://www.engadget.com/2014/07/18/google-wont-call-games-with-in-app-purchases-free-anymore/?ncid=rss_truncated
Most of the leaks have been the 4.7" size. Also the most recent leaks (including that video) show the 4.7" display with narrower side bezels than what's posted in that Forbes link. I have a hard time believing a 5.5 model is going to have smaller bezels than the 4.7" one.But, as I've said before IF Apple makes a 5.5" model a "premium" model compared to the 4.7" it will piss off a lot of people. They should follow the iPad where the only consideration is screen size and...
Screw the EU. Go to the App Store and it's easy to see which apps offer in-app purchases. Also not all IAP apps are worthless without additions purchases so this idea that people are being misled is BS. I guess no one at the EU followed the WWDC keynote where Apple detailed additional parental controls coming in iOS 8. I'm so sick of manufactured outrage and using Apple because people know Apple = media attention and page views.
When did we get a legit display leak that was 5.5"?
So that's why Microsoft stock is at a 14 year high right now?
he sure didn't help when it came to the justice department and e-books.
I'm just happy Bill Campbell is gone. Now replace Al Gore with Elon Musk and I'll be really happy.
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