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I'm sure Jeff Williams in operations has this down to a science. Increasing capacity for peak demand obviously costs money, and so does inventory. Obviously Apple knew they needed to beat last year's number, which they did, but no sense spending money increasing capacity if a couple months from now when peak demand has dropped you have a bunch of equipment sitting idle. That's a waste of capital.
Who cares if there was an additional week for pre-orders? Whether you ordered your phone on the 12th or the 22nd you still didn't get it until the 25th. Do you think if pre-orders started four days later fewer people would've ordered the phone? I don't.
Elsewhere I'm seeing some people attribute the increase to the pre-order window being 2 weeks whereas last year it was just one. Why does that matter though? Why does it matter if somebody who wanted the phone ordered it two weeks before it officially went on sale or just one week? It's not like fewer people would have had the ability to order the phone if pre orders started later. And China was included in the 5S launch which sold 9M on launch weekend.
Concerns around timing of rate hike and global economic concerns, according to Yahoo.
It seems like almost whenever Apple has an announcement the stock market is down that day. Facebook is down 3.5% right now, Amazon over 3%, Google over 1%. I'd love to know what the stock would be trading it right now if the market was up, say, 200 points.
And as expected the stock is down this morning, over 1.5% right now. Clearly Wall Street is impressed with the numbers considering China was included in this wave and it wasn't last year.
Absolutely not. I'm saying the numbers are a function of supply, not demand. The important number will come in January.
I am curious to know what Apple means when they say "just three days after launch". Pre-orders started on the 12th. I'm assuming the 13M includes any ordered phones that customers received on Friday or over the weekend?
So 3M more than last year but this year included China in the initial launch. Considering Apple's website is showing no phones available to ship today my guess is Apple is selling as many phones as they can make. So the number is a function of supply more than demand.
Apple was down pre-market and is slightly up now. The question of course will be is that 13M a function of supply? Could the number have been 15M if there was more supply? The website below which tracks Apple Store shipping dates in major launch countries shows the earliest ship date is 10/5, lots of 10/19, some 1-2 weeks and the 6S Plus is mostly showing 3-4 weeks out. I tried to reserve a 64GB space gray and only a handful of Apple stores were listed as being available...
New Posts  All Forums: