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Really there should have been an email communication from Apple explaining what to do if you updated your software and are having issues. We've gone 8 hours and the only response is "we're looking into it". Yes we do expect better than that. I thought with Katie Cotton gone Apple was supposed to be more open. I guess not.
So who should be the guinea pigs? I guess the right answer would be Apple employees or developers but that apparently didn't happen.
Still no software update? Glad I didn't update my phone.
The bend "debacle" is not widespread. The only thing widespread is the click bait reporting on it. As far as the software update...that was a huge unforced error and Apple deserves all the crap they're getting for it.
No one has yet proven that under normal use the 6 Plus easily bends. This guy is just after clicks.
AI hard up for clicks I see.
Ah. I suspect she's not having a good day today. Neither is Craig Federighi.
What about her?
True. I think bendgate is nonsense but this isn't. And yes Cook better have been reading someone the riot act today. Apple is better than this. Maybe they're just moving too fast and need to slow down a bit.
Who wants an "expert" that pushes out a software update that removes your cell service?
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