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How about Elon Musk or John Legere?
Since to display only activates when you raise your wrist how would you know if the device is dead? More often than not the device will be in sleep mode.
Well the good thing is nobody is forcing you to buy one.
Here's an idea: wait for the watch to be released and reviews to come out. That will give us the best indication of battery life under real world usage.
How exactly is AT&T monetizing me?
How would that work with Touch ID?
Apple has Smart Cover type patents going all the way back to 2011. I wonder what they're waiting for to release something?
Except nothing is free. Someone is paying for it. I'd rather pay for things than get them for free so I can be sold to an advertiser.
I watched some of Microsoft's video and I must say it was quite awkward. Several times there would be a long pause where you'd normally expect applause but because the event was press only you got silence instead. There was one point where Joe Belfiore asks "are you excited to see how we're going to change the PC?" and all he gets is silence. Awkward. Apple knows how to do events. And they write for the audience they have. The Watch event was stacked with employees who...
It will be interesting to see what Apple does if they get a lot of game submissions. Because the HIG clearly states that interactions should be in seconds not minutes. To me that would mean most games are out but I doubt Apple will make a hard rule that says no games allowed. Considering some of the issues app review has had with extensions and widgets I'm a little nervous that we could run into a mess with the Watch where things get approved that probably shouldn't and...
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