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Probably an iPad with pen support. The competition will ridicule that. I'm sure Microsoft has ads ready to go.
Hasn't it already been held in the US a couple years ago?
Lots of stocks came back today, not just Apple. At one point Netflix was down over 16%. It ended the day down about 6.8% but up 2.5% after hours.
We don't know that the market turned around because of what Cook said. And Apple was still down over 2% on the day.
hmm...So Tim had RSU's scheduled to vest today? Maybe not such a good day to respond from an optics perspective?
And right now the Dow is down almost 650 points (4%). So I'm not sure what Apple supposedly saved.
Note that this is coming from Marketwatch one of the most anti-Apple financial sites on the web. I don't think a day goes by that they don't publish something bearsish on Apple.
Eric Jackson is saying we should all be worried because Cook's comments show he's too focused on the stock. http://realmoney.thestreet.com/articles/08/24/2015/why-tim-cooks-email-jim-cramer-should-worry-apple-investors Considering Apple is dead silent on future plans and product roadmaps I see nothing wrong with Cook once in a while sending out a statement or making a comment to reassure investors. The stock is down 21% over the last 3 months (down 5% YTD), mostly on...
I don't know exactly when Cook responded to Cramer's email but I'm going to assume before he hit send the email was reviewed and approved by Apple finance and legal departments as OK to send.
Wasn't it made public this morning on CNBC? When Eddy Cue made comments about Apple Music and App Store sales in China did Apple do an sec filing for that?
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