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And at WWDC 2007 Apple never said anything about 3rd party native apps. Steve didn't say they'd be coming in 2008; he talked up web apps and called them a "sweet solution". That went over like a lead balloon in the room. Fast forward to 2014 and Apple is explicitly telling developers that they will be able to build native apps in 2015.
What's most important right now is they ship a v1 product that is as bug free as possible. That's why I'm perfectly fine with them taking their time on native apps. Actually I'd love it if next years WWDC was all about Watch and TV and iOS/OS X got the Snow Leoppard treatment.
I think no GPS is all about battery life. Of course Apple could have released a dumbed down fitness band but I guarantee you had they done that Wall Street, tech press, fans etc. would have been screaming "is that it?" and complaining about how underwhelming it is.
What version of iOS are you running? I'm on the latest version of iOS 8. I'm not imagining what I'm experiencing. Maybe it's just an issue with older phones? I'm still using a 5s.
The original iPhone was Edge only and had no native 3rd party apps. Steve Jobs hawked web apps as the way for 3rd parties to develop for iPhone, under the guise of keeping iPhone "reliable and secure". That certainly didn't stop iPhone from becoming massively popular. Watch will most likely have native apps sooner than iPhone got them.
The point of Watch is to augment the phone. It's one of convenience really. I'm sure future versions will have GPS once they can get acceptable battery life with it. There was an Watch hackathon this weekend in the Bay Area so obviously developers are interested in building apps for the device. www.hackathon.watch iPad had plenty of naysayers when it came out. Many people called it just a big iPod touch. It was not universally accepted as a product people needed when it...
Er, right now the rumors are one day battery life. I can only imagine what that would be if the watch had GPS, cellular and wifi. Don't forget iPod originally launched as Mac only. But the reason they brought iTunes to Windows was because iiPod was dependent on the PC for syncing and most people owned Windows PCs. In fact there were rumors that Steve didn't want to bring iTunes to Windows and had to be pushed into it by his executive team.I won't be surprised if future...
OT: does anyone know how to turn off shake to undo? It drives me f'ng crazy but I don't know where you turn it off. I just used the music app for the first time in a long time and boy is it buggy as hell. Lags everywhere, and randomly switches to album cover view with no way to get out. Also I noticed that not all my Beatles songs were showing up in the music app so I went to iTunes and saw they were listed under purchased music "not on this iPhone". I downloaded them but...
I use the sleep tracker app and all its told me so far is I rarely get a night of restful sleep.
A lot of Apple's designers (at least the ones that work with Jony) live in San Francisco. My guess is that's why they picked the name for the font, not to piss off Susan Kare.
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