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Rene Ritchie (who has an art degree) tweeted that really good professional pencils do not have erasers on the end of them and the ones that do are crap. I'm not an artist so I wouldn't know but I did some searching and sure enough most expensive pencils do not have erasers. Of course that doesn't mean the Apple Pencil couldn't have one but perhaps that's the frame of reference the Pencil designers came from. Whenever I see a Surface Pro 4 pen it doesn't remind me of a...
Nothing near mine either. My guess is very few if any Best Buy stores have Pencils right now.
But that's my whole point. The eraser has a ready been done. There's no way that Apple didn't think about it. So either they had engineering challenges or they decided against doing it for whatever reason.
How do we know it's not an engineering issue? It's not like anyone at Apple said they specifically chose not to induce an eraser at the end. I'm sure people will get used to it as they use the pencil more often.
Regarding the erasure feature...does anyone really think Apple's designers/engineers never thought of that? Either it's an engineering issue right now or they decided against it for whatever reason. But there's no way in hell its something nobody thought about. Same thing with storing the pencil. People complain about that. But the Pencil is thicker than the iPP so trying to attach it magnetically (or creating a slot for it ala Samsung Note) would be a problem. I suppose...
Another review from Jeff Gamet at the Mac Observer. http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/cool_stuff_found/post/apple-pencil-video-review-a-new-breed-of-stylus
No, it doesn't have a capacitive tip so it will only work with iPad Pro right now.
Well the Pencil is weighted so it doesn't really roll. But yeah I sometimes wonder if accessories are an afterthought these days or if Apple doesn't want to kill the 3rd party market so they don't put a lot of effort in to first party stuff.
Here's Serenity Caldwell's first take. Reading stuff like this just puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. http://www.imore.com/ipad-pro-experiment-pencil-arrives-and-its-going-change-my-life
Apple is a classy company. Jimmy Iovine is anything but. Worst $3B Apple spent. Google just hired the co-founder of VMWare to run all their cloud businesses to seriously challenge Microsoft and Amazon in this space. Meanwhile Apple has goofy Eddy running the show recommending spending $3B on overpriced headphones.
New Posts  All Forums: