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Screen size should not determine whether something is "premium" or not. That's why I was glad to see the Air and retina mini were basically the same (and hopefully this year they'll both have the same color gamut too). That's what they need to do with the iPhone. I wish they'd do 4" and 4.7" and forget about the silly phablet (or make that one the new iPod touch).
So you think Apple is going to release a watch for thousands of dollars?
BUT I thought iOS sucked balls now, so how can consumer interest be at a record level?
Hmm...did wonder boy Mark Gurman get punked by someone or did he choose to put a friction spin on this because it would get more attention and page views? I've noticed several 9to5Mac reporters becoming more and more negative towards Apple and if you follow Gurman's Twitter he frequently takes swipes at the company (like the day Apple announced WWDC dates he tweeted how much he was looking forward to Google I/O). I'm sure he won't take well to his story being rebuffed. I...
I guess you need green felt and faux leather to be useable?
Ha you can't make this stuff up. But it is the complete opposite to guys like Ben Bajarin, Benedict Evans, Ben Thompson and Rene Ritchie who are predicting the "iWatch" to be a cheap iPhone accessory.
According to iMore, Christie's departure was announced internally weeks ago. At this point we don't know if there really was some big rift between the two or if Gurman is playing up the 'politics' angle for more page views.http://www.imore.com/jony-ive-completely-lead-software-design-group-vp-greg-christie-leave-appleEDIT: I see in my Twitter feed the following statement from Apple:
That's assuming Steve's "editing" was alway right. We're not there so we don't know if there were good things Steve shot down and bad things he approved. And let's not forget that Steve initially faught porting iTunes to Windows, videos on iPods, an App Store for the iPhone, etc. In all those cases he has to be pushed and persuaded that it was the right idea. So this idea that Steve always new best is a fallacy. As far as Ive goes, there is now way he could become good in...
Bottom line is Cook put him in charge of Human Interface. Having him oversee it but those employees report to someone else never seemed like a workable solution to me. Now Ive really will own it. And you know what, if it's a disaster then his head will be on the chopping block. If he's bitten off more than he can chew then the haters should be happy because that means his downfall will happen much sooner.
Perhaps Ive finally wants full control/ownership. I always thought it was odd that he had responsibility for Human Interface but the team reported to Federighi.
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