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From MG Siegler: https://medium.com/five-hundred-words/a-few-thoughts-on-watchkit-and-the-initial-apple-watch-79b6448957c7 But, from what I’m hearing, the Apple Watch itself will require quite a bit more testing and tweaking before it’s ready to launch to the public. Reports have thrown out a timetable at or around Valentine’s Day for a launch. That may be optimistic given the holidays (again, this is not Steve Jobs’ Apple anymore). That’s less than three months away...
I love the San Francisco font. John Gruber says its a non printable font. I'm assuming that's intentional since the license on this font is only for use with Watch apps?
Here's what I'd like to see from Apple in 2015: Touch ID on all iOS devices sold Retina screen on all iOS and Mac devices sold A5 chip retired and all iOS devices sold with A7 or higher chip How much of a possibility is that?
It's a day later and I still think GET is stupid. Apps that you've installed but aren't on your device have a cloud with down arrow next to them. Right now when you click on GET the icon changes to a green rectangle with the word INSTALL. Instead of using GET Why couldn't Apple do something similar to the iCloud download icon except instead of a cloud it would just be a rectangle with a down arrow? I'm assuming the majority of people across the world would understand...
Google's dominance is search and I don't see anyone coming even close to disrupting that.
I share the concern that Apple's fortunes are tied too much to iPhone. But Tim Cook told Charlie Rose that Apple was working on stuff nobody has rumored about. So that could definitely change in the future. Also things like Pay and Watch are there to augment iPhone but at the same time will be big revenue generators in their own right. And who knows what's coming with TV. And there have been rumors that Apple is working on first party hardware for HomeKit. And the Nike...
Beats music is not Beats by Dre. The latter is what has all the brand recognition. Beats by Dre won't go away anytime soon but Beats Music should be folded into iTunes.
It would be nice if some of these Apple apps were able to be deleted if you didn't use them. But in order to do that they'd have to put them on the AppStore and once they're on the AppStore you can see how frequently (or not) they've been downloaded and what rating they get. So I don't see Apple doing that (outside of iWork type apps). I wish they would though because it might force them to make their first party apps better.
Beats music has zero brand cache. Apple should merge it with iTunes. An added benefit is it won't be another iOS app that can't be removed.
GET?? WTF Apple. Nothing intuitive about that. If you can't use Free because of IAP then how about something like Download? GET sounds stupid and looks fugly.
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