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Um, Q4 revenue for the Mac was greater than iPad.iPad: $4,276BMac: $6,882BFor fiscal year 2015 iPad revenue was $25B, Mac revenue was $19B. The Mac most definitely is a significant revenue source for the company,
Since Apple has watchOS and tvOS perhaps they also need iPadOS or at least more things that are iPad/iPad Pro specific? I know a 27" iMac runs the same software as a 12" MacBook but I still think iPad needs UI and apps unique to it. Things like split view are a start in the right direction. And I'm saying this from the standpoint of taking advantage of the screen real estate and power of the device not turning it into a laptop.
Perfect tweet from Rene Ritchie. Rene Ritchie ‏@reneritchie Then: Why won’t Apple put touch screens on Macs? Now: I don't want to touch my iPad, why won't Apple put a trackpad on the Smart Keyboard? Rene Ritchie ‏@reneritchie 12m12 minutes ago Then: Apple needs to slow down and stabilize software! Now: WTF didn’t Apple redesign Springboard for iPad Pro?
How do you define full feature? Does full feature include mouse/keyboard paradigm and if so why would you want that on a touch tablet?
I listened to the ATP podcast where Marco and Siracusa ranted about iOS. I think some of it is offbase. I don't want Apple to turn iOS into OS X and iPad into a Mac. Yes there are improvements needed for iOS on iPad but Apple needs to keep simplicity and ease of use at the forefront. I want to see Apple approach this in a deliberate and thoughtful way not just start cramming all these desktop paradigm features into iOS because of some silly notion that iPad (or at least...
I believe there are SEC rules around what you have to break out but yes I agree the less the better. Releasing sales figures really provides no benefit to Apple. It's either a number that doesn't meet analyst expectations or it's a big fat target that makes analysts fret over "tough comps". I'm glad we get no watch sales, no TV sales, most likely no iPP sales. I hope that's Apple's MO going forward. Maybe not with iPhone but it can be with everything else.
On the latest ATP podcast John Siracusa went on a huge rant slamming all the things he thinks is wrong with iOS on iPad saying multi-window isn't that intuitive; has a limit of only 2 apps, can't drag between them. Marco Arment said Apple solves things the way a young kid would solve them and it needs to grow up take on all the responsibilities of the desktop without the crap. OK I understand some of the frustrations with iOS. But when Apple first launched the iPad was it...
Why does the iPad need to become a Mac?
Well I've heard that in comparison to…Apple. But I think happy developers also make for happy customers. One question I have is how do you make desktop class apps viable on a platform where people are used to paying nothing or $.99 for an app. The top grossing/top paid apps are either games with IAP or free apps with subscription services like HBO Now or Pandora.
Right now inside Apple developer relations is spread across multiple teams. Obviously Craig Federighi's team is responsible for the OS and APIs. Phil Schiller has developer relations and is responsible for app review. Eddy Cue's org is responsible for editorial and the App Store. Apple needs one person overseeing all developer relations. Basically this person and their team are a developers best friend inside Apple. They listen to the needs and concerns of developers. They...
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