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Eric Jackson is saying we should all be worried because Cook's comments show he's too focused on the stock. http://realmoney.thestreet.com/articles/08/24/2015/why-tim-cooks-email-jim-cramer-should-worry-apple-investors Considering Apple is dead silent on future plans and product roadmaps I see nothing wrong with Cook once in a while sending out a statement or making a comment to reassure investors. The stock is down 21% over the last 3 months (down 5% YTD), mostly on...
I don't know exactly when Cook responded to Cramer's email but I'm going to assume before he hit send the email was reviewed and approved by Apple finance and legal departments as OK to send.
Wasn't it made public this morning on CNBC? When Eddy Cue made comments about Apple Music and App Store sales in China did Apple do an sec filing for that?
Ha so now the media is questioning whether Tim Cook violated SEC rules with his email to Jim Cramer. As if his email wasn't vetted a thousand different ways by Apple's legal and finance departments before he sent it.
It's dumb. Of course a computer on your wrist isn't going to have the same battery life as an analog watch but if you have to charge it why does it matter if it's once a day, or once every two days? And the only way to get anything close to a week is a device with a crappy display that doesn't do much. The last thing I want to look at every day is a crappy pebble display.
I'm going by what Tim Cook told the Wall Street Journal last year. He said iPhone would be the main revenue driver for Apple for the next 5 years.
I can't wait until there's other stuff in the pipeline where Apple will no longer be iPhone, Inc. I think we're 5 years out on that because I doubt we'll see a new major product from Apple before then.
I can't wait for the day when iPhone in China is not the story when it comes to Apple. Though I have a feeling we might be 5 years out on that.
Agreed. Expect Cook gave Lisa Jackson even more power over political affairs at Apple. It will be interesting to see what tact Apple takes if a republican wins the White House in 2016.
Hmm...according to the 9to5Mac story I read yesterday it sounded like Apple was going to be introducing a new education program. Apparently that isn't the case?
New Posts  All Forums: