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Oh goody more vaporware for sites like The Verge to drool over.
This wouldn't have happened if Steve....oh wait...
Hmm...interesting recent Apple job posting. I wonder what "new system platform" means? New System Platform Developer and Prototyping Job Number: 32838240San Francisco, California, United StatesPosted: Apr. 7, 2014Weekly Hours: 40.00 Job Summary Apple's Input Devices group is looking for a multi-talented engineer to prototype and develop new system platform. The candidate will be spearheading initiatives to bring concepts to life with demos and prototypes. This includes...
I'm curious what a device that cheap would actually do. Because we know Apple isn't going to sell any hardware at cost or for a loss.
I call BS on all the "I don't like iOS 7 and everyone I talk to agrees with me" posts. There is no way that Apple could be selling as many iPhones and iPads as it has, or have 87% of devices accessing the App Store running iOS 7 if it was hated as much as some claim. People would either not be upgrading their device or buying something else. But some how Apple,was able to sell 51M iPhones and 26M iPads, even though everyone supposedly hates iOS 7 and it's the worst UI in...
Well then I guess you'll never be buying an iOS device again because Apple isn't going back to the Stone Age aka iOS 1-6. Oh and at WWDC Apple will be announcing a redesign of OS X so I guess no more Macs for you either (if you own any).
All one can do is laugh at a rumor like this. The only way Apple would be building 65M of a wearable device is if it was being included with an iPhone. I highly doubt that is happening.
I hope Steve's "holy war" with Google is worth it in the end.
Regarding the first #1, that slide deck was produced by someone in sales and Phil Schiller said on the stand that he didn't agree with much of it and it wasn't official Apple policy/viewpoint. An Apple sales employee does not equal Apple the company and certainly isn't driving Apple policy.
I'd love if this WWDC Apple would open with a parody of the product video intros they do. Maybe pull together funny out takes or something. Last year was great because they did make fun of themselves a few times. And these product videos have essentially become parodies of themselves, so I think it would be a gold way for Apple to show it doesn't take itself too seriously.
New Posts  All Forums: