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How does this square with Cook's privacy stance?
Anyone know who the woman with short blond hair is? I can name the other three (Jody Akana, Daniele De Iuliis and Anthony Ashcroft) but not sure about the blond. Maybe she's new to the team? Another interesting factoid is the female engineer highlighted on Apple's new job site is actually married to one of the industrial designers. Did Jony have a hand in pulling together the new jobs site?
And yet when you go to the search page to still in the old Apple website design. #facepalm
Is there ever a new Apple product that isn't rumored to have supply constraints?
Not much to see there. Is that just a bunch of CNC milling machines in the background?
When did Apple say Watch Edition was assembled in China? The only thing we know is in the gold video Jony Ive said the Edition watch is hand polished by fine watch artisans. For all we know Watch Edition is not assembled in China and that might factor into its price tag. I'm not aware of fine watch artisans at Apple's contract factories in China.
I want a dark theme in iOS. Make it happen Craig & Jony.
They're not owning it and I don't know why. The person buying the $349 Watch is getting the same technology as someone spending $10K. So the argument that Apple no longer makes products "for the rest of us" is bullshit. The Editon watch is all about the brand. Let the competition fight for the table scraps. Apple will be the aspirational brand with products that are objects of desire (check out Twitter and Instagram posts on the new MacBook). Does anyone desire or aspire...
I was listening to Gruber's latest podcast and I totally agree with him that the way Apple is handling the Edition Watch is weird. At the event they ran videos for how the aluminum and steel watches were made but they left out the gold one. And it wasn't for lack of time as the event was well under 2 hours. I feel Apple needs to own this product or Cook should never have signed off on it in the first place. And considering the $349 Sport watch functions exactly the same as...
Let's see...Intel is down 4% and Microsoft almost 2% today because Intel reduced its outlook due to weak demand. I wouldn't be gloating if I were PC OEMs.
New Posts  All Forums: