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Oh well then I guess I'm not very secure as my most used app on iOS is a browser.
I'm guessing most people that run would love to not have to carry their phone with them.I understand why Watch v 1.0 is so reliant on iPhone. My argument in this thread is it will be less reliant sooner rather than later. No way will it be 3-5 years before we see GPS and wifi on this device.
Except it won't say Made in China. Apple's products say Assembled in China.
My bad. I don't use a FitBit but fitness buffs I talk to were bummed Watch didn't have GPS. I believe Microsoft's Band does.
Most runners I know need GPS. I use the Nike app on my iPhone and it uses GPS. And from Apple's website:http://www.apple.com/watch/health-and-fitness/
What you said. You should send this to Tim Cook.
So basically the FT gave Cook an award for making Apple more PC.
I have a feeling Windows Phone is going to die a slow death. MS will keep Surface around as that's Bill's favorite child. But what compelling reason is there to buy a Windows phone?
Why do these all need to be separate apps? And wouldn't it be easier to just go to msn.com in your web browser?
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