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You never have tab refreshes? Safari never crashes on you? If so consider yourself lucky. I had constant tab refreshes on the 3rd gen iPad running iOS 6 so it's not a new problem (for me at least).
So iPad is not the right tool for browsing the internet using Safari?Btw, at most I maybe have 5-6 tabs open. But even if I have half of that open I still get constant tab refreshes. This certainly isn't something unique to me.
What happens when Apple runs out of things that begin with the letter S to add to the phone. Do they no longer have S-series phones?
What are you basing that on? The rumors we heard about Apple creating their own in-house agency came a long time after this ad had been produced.
Pretty much the way it will go.
Seems to me the MO of most rumor sites is to throw stuff up and ask questions later. MacRumors knew a front page post about iPhone possibly keeping 1GB RAM would get a lot of posts and page views are more important than anything these days.
Users understand a crap experience with Safari though. And it is pretty crappy on the iPad. Aside from constant tab refreshes there are still periodic crashes.
Are those TBWA or Apple in-house ads? I don't mind them but it would be cool to see some fun, less serious ads for a change.
Looks like what worked?
You think Apple is planting this rumor to tamper down expectations for iPhone 6? The rumors so far suggest not much to be excited about other than a bigger screen.
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