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When I said someone I didn't mean another company. I think Apple needs to create another executive level position just to support cloud. And then bring in someone who has vast experience in that area. Poaching someone from Microsoft, Google or Amazon might not be a bad idea.
Agree with all of this. Like Gruber said:
I'd love it if Tim Cook would say no to this stuff because at the end of the day the focus should be on Apple not him and certainly not his sexual preference.
And how do you remedy that considering it would be difficult to prove? I think it's something the government should stay out of. especially since there doesn't appear to be some widespread epidemic of people unable to get employment due to their sexual preference. I know the company I work at which is in the top 20 of the Fortune 500 goes out of its way to promote diversity. I would imagine that's the case at most companies these days without the need for government...
Yep I'm with Ben Thompson. Disband or spinoff the 1st party software. And bring someone in to run their cloud business. It's so important and I'm just not sure Eddy Cue is the right guy for that job (plus he has a lot on his plate outside of that).
I believe transit was supposed to be announced in iOS 8 but a host of personnel and management issues slowed it down.http://tinyurl.com/mkzh8tkI'd love to see Cook hire a SVP just to run Apple's cloud business. Give this person control of maps and Siri too. Let Eddy focus on App Store, iTunes, TV and Pay.
How is a law like this enforced? How does someone prove they were not hired because of their sexual preference?
What worries me is if this suit is successful someone else will sue Apple because they can't install whatever they want onto their iOS device without jailbreaking and voiding warranty.
How do you know he/she was not hired because he/she was gay? Did the employer say sorry I'm not hiring you because of your sexual orientation? How would the employer even know what their sexual orientation was?
How do you determine that someone was discriminated against because of their sexual orientation? it's not like when you apply for a job you check a box saying you're gay. I don't know how anyone can prove they weren't hired for a job because they are gay.
New Posts  All Forums: