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Well then I guess you'll never be buying an iOS device again because Apple isn't going back to the Stone Age aka iOS 1-6. Oh and at WWDC Apple will be announcing a redesign of OS X so I guess no more Macs for you either (if you own any).
All one can do is laugh at a rumor like this. The only way Apple would be building 65M of a wearable device is if it was being included with an iPhone. I highly doubt that is happening.
I hope Steve's "holy war" with Google is worth it in the end.
Regarding the first #1, that slide deck was produced by someone in sales and Phil Schiller said on the stand that he didn't agree with much of it and it wasn't official Apple policy/viewpoint. An Apple sales employee does not equal Apple the company and certainly isn't driving Apple policy.
I'd love if this WWDC Apple would open with a parody of the product video intros they do. Maybe pull together funny out takes or something. Last year was great because they did make fun of themselves a few times. And these product videos have essentially become parodies of themselves, so I think it would be a gold way for Apple to show it doesn't take itself too seriously.
I thought Apple was doing tech talks in different cites around the world? https://developer.apple.com/tech-talks/Last year they had video of sessions from WWDC posted online (sometimes same day I think) and this year they're streaming the 'state of the union' speech live.
Are there enough Apple engineers that can take off for a week to accommodate more attendees?
I can't believe someone from Apple's ad agency would compare 2013 Apple to 1997 Apple and do it to Phil Schiller. I hope to god this person isn't still working on the Apple account.
IF Samsung loses, maybe.
And people still think this lawsuit is a good idea because by god Samsung needs to be shamed and punished. Who cares if confidential stuff like this gets published as long as Samsung is shamed.
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