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So using this logic does it really make sense for new iOS devices to still ship with 1GB RAM?
Do you have some examples? How would I know if the app I'm using is better because of 64-bit? None of them really seem any different to me than they did on my iPhone 5.
Because I think the iPad line is getting stale and Apple's taken thinner and lighter as far as they can. In fact some might argue they took it too far with the Air 2 considering the vibration you feel anytime you're listetning to audio/watching video.
So creatives are a niche market? I guess Apple should stop making the Mac Pro too then because there certainly isn't a mass market for that product.
Well Steve as wrong. But he's no longer here so it doesn't much matter.
An iPad with stylus would be for certain vertical markets. Like graphc designers. Or maybe education where students could use it for note taking.
Of course the 5c will be discontinued as its going to be replaced with the 6c or whatever Apple calls it. Just like the 4 got replaced by the 4s and the 4s by the 5 and the 5 by the 5s.
You're right maybe the current iPad sales are the new normal for the device. Still I don't think it has to be that way. I think split screen multitasking and proper digitizer support is a no brainer with a larger iPad. And if Apple is really trying to make a push into enterprise a device like this could be a big seller.
Tell that to graphic designers. Apple not having decent stylus options for them is a 'blow it' moment.
Have people forgotten that Jony Ive worked on the Newton? So did Michael Tchao, who now works for Phil Schiller as an iPad marketing VP. The Newton could be considered a product ahead of it's time.iPad sales are basically flat to declining. YOY growth is non existent now. Of course the iPad initially grew faster than any other Apple product in history. But Apple needs to do something to revive this product line. They're to the point where it's almost impossible to make the...
New Posts  All Forums: