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A gimmick until Apple starts shipping phones with 1080p displays.
If this is legit it looks quite pedestrian. Did operations force Jony to come up with something less complex than the 5/5s. Or is this something that's incredibly complex but just looks simple and kind of boring?
The bezel on silver iPhones is white not black. Does this mean white is reserved for gold phone only (assuming Apple is keeping gold)? Also it seems odd that a sliver phone with white antenna bands would sport a display with black bezels. Unless the white antenna bands haven't been colored black yet? Or these are two parts for different phones that Feld & Volk just smashed together? I'm a bit skeptical that Apple would be paring silver and black when the 5 and 5s were...
I guess I wasn't aware that 1080p was a gimmick. So is the only thing that's not a gimmick is Steve Jobs definition of retina? My co-worker recently purchased an LG G3. I'll have to borrow his phone and compare the display to my 5S. My 5S looks great to me but then I never held it next to another phone with higher ppi.
How do we know these parts aren't Chinese knockoffs? It's clearly not a final Apple product. Looks rough with scratches. Fit and finish is just not there.
Looks like a Goophone. http://www.goophone.net/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=60
Phones are now shipping with UHD displays. 1080p will pretty much be minimum for any high end device. At some point I think it will be hard for Apple to get away with less than 1080p on their flagship device.
When do you think the time will be right? If we get something this fall from Apple does that mean the time was right?
Considering Jony Ive is supposedly a watch aficionado and owns a number of very expensive watches I doubt he would sign off on something like the Moto Almost 360 which is just a poor mans attempt at creating a luxury looking device. That could mean Apple goes in a completely different direction so there are no comparisons to traditional expensive timepieces.
To which Apple responded with the iPad. Who says Apple is/has to do what everyone else is in the wearables space?
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