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What ecosystem do they have when they don't own any of the software? I would assume most Android users prefer Google apps and services to anything Samsung offers.
And posters on the Verge are ripping on Jony Ive for complaining about copying. Considering Samsung's laptops are either Windows or Chrome, their phones are mostly Android and their watches are Android and Tizen where is the flow? Samsung is desperate for relevance. They want to be the fourth company next Apple Google and Microsoft. The problem is they don't really have an ecosystem as they don't control the underlying software. And they don't have brand cache like Apple...
As I said in an earlier post Apple is reporting the watch in an "other" category along with TV and accessories. The fact they're not reporting it on its own out of the gate gives a good indication what their initial sales expectations are.
We have no idea how upgrades will work. Watch is unlike anything Apple has done before. I'm highly skeptical that Apple will put a $5K price tag on the Edition watch and expect you to buy a new one every 2 years.
Tim Cook said Apple would be reporting the watch in an "other" category along with TV and accessories. I doubt Apple would be doing that If they expected iPhone like sales out of the gate.
How is it going to be obsolete in 2 years? I know people who still use an iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. I highly doubt the watch will stop functioning in 2 years,
What's bullshit is calling anhthing less than 10 million a failure.
Anyone know what Microsoft's market cap was at its highs in the late 90s?
You spouting more bullshit I see. But I'll bite anyway. How did you determine that less than 10 million would be a failure?
Overpriced based on?
New Posts  All Forums: