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Just looking at photos of the watch on Apple's website and it looks very well made, high quality materials. And looking at the screen shots the bezel doesn't stand out at all. No it doesn't look that much different than some of the Android Wear devices but I'll bet it's better made.
Brian S Hall, who writes for Techpinions and doesn't hold back in his criticism of Apple thinks the new watch looks really nice but is completely unnecessary and the UI would be difficult to use. I can't wait to get some initial reviews.
I fully expected the watch to get hate. The tech media has already decided that Moto Almost 360 and round is the pinnacle of smart watch design. Looking at the watch on Tim's wrist it doesn't look that chunky. I'll need to see more photos of it on people's wrists to get a better feel.
And here come the trolls. The watch face isn't round so I'm sure all the tech sites will hate it.
Hmm...no word on battery life or connectivity. My guess is battery life isn't great.
Well since the phablet is getting the better technology I'll probably be keeping my 5S. But I feel for those who are upgrading.
$299 on contract for 16GB? Seriously Apple?
Seriously someone needs to be fired over this live video stream. What a fuckup.
Finally Apple is using the power of social media to create buzz. If Katie Cotton is one of the reasons this didn't happen before I'm glad she retired. Samsung would KILL to get the media buzz and coverage Apple is getting today,
Apparently Anna Wintour is at the event?!? During New York Fashion Week.
New Posts  All Forums: