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I saw this in my Twitter feed. I'll be curious to see how these are displayed in store. The Apple sections at Best Buy stores is pretty small, but I can't imagine Apple wanting the Watch to be displayed along side other smart watches and fitness bands. I think iPhones are usually in the smart phone section but the last time I was at a Best Buy they had been moved to the Apple section of the store right by the Macs and iPads.
Yes I know Apple didn't invent the link bracelet or a milanese loop. But would some third party be selling cheap milanese loop bands if Apple wasn't offering one? I doubt it.
They all look like garbage compared to Apple's offerings. I wish people would come up with unique designs rather than just trying to copy Apple's but at a cheaper price.
iPad Air 1 didn't have this issue. I would have no problem with Apple going back to that weight.
That would be nice but got to keep up those margins. At least if Apple finance has its way.
It's not a defect with my iPad it's how the product is. They made the iPad thinner and put in better speakers. That's causing sound vibration.
Well it obviously is confusing to enough people hence why iMore and Macworld have written FAQ's on his all this works. http://www.macworld.com/article/2943703/how-itunes-match-and-apple-music-work-together.htmlJony Ive has talked about when he first experienced the Mac and how wonderful it was because previously he thought he was the problem not the product. The Mac showed him that it wasn't him but the crappy products he was forced to use. I find it unfortunate that with...
Except we don't know that's what it was. Jim didn't say that's what it was.
Yep. So long as the Gates Foundation supports population control I refuse to support it. Also Gates biggest buddy is Warren Buffett who has given millions to that scum of the earth baby killing organization Planned Parenthood.
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