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Not at all. The easiest way to get elected and ensure reelection is to hand out goodies (aka benefits) to constituents.
Politicians do a good job of making sure the poor stay poor. That's the only way to ensure they get reelected.
Here's what Carl says about the car:The car seems more believable to me than a television set. People don't want 'smart' TVs. They want smart boxes and dumb TVs. What point is there for Apple to get in that business?
Nothing on that list is covered in design patents?
Ok this list is weird. I sorted by profits and Vodafone was #1 with $77B in profits yet sales were only $66B. How is that possible?
I guess someone should have clued in Samsung. I suspect they knew better though I'm sure they thought getting the media, especially the tech press to go with this meme would be beneficial.
Seems to me then this validates Apple's design patents as being about more than just rounded rectangles.
What's the difference between trade dress and design patents? How could the court say Samsung violated one but not the other?
I think we see a new TV at WWDC. Otherwise if there is enough software stuff to fill up the 2 hours we might not see any hardware at all.
Well I think there's a lot of people that want retina but want something lighter than the current rMBP. Hence why some were upset that Apple gave us the rMB instead of new Airs with retina displays. If Skylake allows Apple to to take the Pros in the direction of the Airs they will do it.
New Posts  All Forums: