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Ok then, why were the retina mini and Air basically the same last year? Why would Apple create parity only to throw it out the next year? As far as I'm concerned screen size IS the differentiator.
MacRumors is running a story about the iPad mini getting a refresh on Thursday as well. Of course these are just rumors so who knows. But I suspect there's a greater than 50% chance it gets updated. The question is will it get everything the Air does. I just hope we don't see any price increases in either product. With iPad sales growth basically flat to negative raising prices isn't the way to go.
I wouldn't mind seeing an iMac without the chin. Not sure how they'd redesign the speaker placement but a chinless iMac would be awesome.
If we get retina iMacs i wonder if Apple will also announce a retina Thunderbolt Display? Seems odd that we've gone a whole year with Apple not having something for the new MacPro. I wonder if these new iMacs will get any sort of redesign or if it's just the 2012 iMac design with retina display.
So tell me then why my Safari tabs constantly reload (and Safari sometimes crashes). Samr with app switching. More often than not when I'm switching between apps (even if I was just recent in an app) they reload. Also I noticed Safari isn't very smooth when on a website that has lots of graphics. As you scroll down the page you see all this white space as Safari is loading the content. That's not a RAM issue? That's iOS being more efficient? If it's not a RAM issue than...
No. http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/6/6921769/photoshop-illustrator-touch-features-adobe-microsoft-partnershipI don't want Microsoft and Adobe to get too cozy. People can ignore/make fun of Surface all they want but Microsoft isn't pulling the plug on it anytime soon. Certainly not as long as iPad sales are flat to negative. If the new iPad is just iPad Air with A8 and Touch ID I don't see the sales trend changing much. On the last earnings call Tim Cook said Apple had...
Yes, to lower sales of competing product. How does Apple bury Surface before if has any chance of really taking off? Add digitizer support to at least on model of iPad.
Yes I meant stylus. and yes I've used several different kinds with iPad. They're ok but nothing that a digital artist would rely on. IF Apple is working on a larger iPad i hope it has proper stylus support and its something Apple activlty pushes. Keep creative professionals from moving to Surface.
I wonder what some here will say if the new iPads ship with 2GB of RAM. I know for me if they don't it will be no sale. I'll keep my Air and wait for an iPad that Safari doesn't suck on. Honestly if Apple is working on a larger iPad I would love to see it include pen support. That's about the only thing Surface has going for it. I'd love to see Apple put a knife through it once and for all.
John Gruber's latest podcast featuring Guy English touched in this subject. Both agreed that Apple was perhaps trying to do more than is possible in one year (which is more like 6 months or less considering how much time is spent on bug fixes and point releases). But they both also agreed that if Apple was still siloed like it was under Steve we wouldn't be seeing half of this stuff. As I've said before I hope there either isn't an iOS 9 or If there is its focused on...
New Posts  All Forums: