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But it's Apple and it's "curation" and it's going to be on every iOS device so that obviously means it's going to be better than anything else. /s
Hi Jimmy.
Eddy probably wouldn't be getting these questions if this stuff had been discussed at the keynote rather than him spending 20 minutes playing tracks from the music app.
There aren't many details on Apple's site hence the confusion. And nowhere on Apple's site does it say iTunes match/Apple Music will support 100,000 uploaded songs. Eddy Cue said that in a tweet.
You can turn off shake to undo in iOS 9? Hallelujah!Maybe everything will go smoothly Tuesday but why chance it? The last thing Apple needs is Twiiter to be full of people complaining about not catching the launch of Beats 1 because they couldn't download 8.4. Speaking of, if you search Twitter right now lots of people are confused about Apple Music and especially how iTunes Match will work. I'm a bit shocked at how poorly Apple has explained it.
That might be true but there is nothing conservative about it.
Yes fix video scrubbing please. Oh and shake to undo is so sensitive I'm activating it all the time. I wish Apple would fix that or give us a option to turn it off.
I'm a little surprise Apple is launching Beats 1 only one hour after 8.4 becomes available. Seems like 24 hours would be better as I'm sure Apple's servers will be slammed with everyone upgrading to 8.4.
Troll harder.
The worst thing about Watch coverage is everyone (including Watch owners) are tripping over themselves to say you don't NEED an Watch. As if everything else people buy is something they truly need. Who cares whether you need it or not. People spend money on all kinds of things they don't need.
New Posts  All Forums: