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What are the painful truth represented in this movie? Doesn't sound like there's much truth in this movie at all.
I have zero interest in this movie. I hated the Social Network so I'm sure I would hate this too. Plus there was zero cooperation from anyone at Apple and little to no focus of Steve Jobs after he came back to Apple. We have way too many incomplete pictures of the man. Walter Isaacson's book didn't focus enough on the NeXT/Pixar years and most other books/movies focus very little on Steve once he came back to Apple. So you get a lot of Steve the asshole but not Steve the...
If Target is so downmarket explain to me why high-end fashion designers team up to do limited edition collections there.http://nymag.com/thecut/2012/07/targets-new-collaboration-includes-24-designers.htmlhttp://www.cnn.com/2015/04/19/living/feat-lilly-pulitzer-target/http://www.racked.com/2015/8/13/9148239/adam-lippes-target-lookbookhttp://www.vogue.com/969981/the-kate-young-for-target-collaboration-launch/Oh and in the September issue of Vogue there is a 20 page Target ad...
Concern trolls (CTs) are quite amusing. Do they seriously think Apple has had no plan for the watch and are just making it up as they go along? Seriously?I'm curious though do CTs think nobody will buy an Watch Hermés because other models of the watch are now being sold at Target? I sometimes wonder who is actually being the snobs.
Another thing under Eddy Cue's leadership that is far from perfect. Siri should be so much better than it is right now. And once again I was using Apple Music and having issues playing songs getting error messages that the song couldn't be downloaded (I was trying to play it not download it) or it would play a few seconds of the song and then go silent. I think Apple needs a new role for Eddy that doesn't involve internet services.
I find it amusing how those who seem not to be fans of this product are the ones most concerned about how Apple is positioning it in the marketplace. Initially it was too exclusive and they thought it laughable Apple was selling it in higher end boutiques and advertising in Vogue. Now apparently it's laughable that it's no longer "exclusive" and is being sold at Target. Because apparently it makes no sense to sell what's currently an iPhone accessory in stores that sell...
Watch Hermés isn't being sold at Target or Best Buy. For all we know Watch at Target will be aluminum and stainless steel with cheaper bands only. Note that pretty much all the new bands announced last month were different colored sport bands.
Since when was the aluminum or stainless steel watch luxury? Since Apple already sells products at Target it makes sense to sell the Watch there too. Though I will be interested to see how it's displayed. How is Best Buy displaying the Watch? Using the same table as in Apple stores?
Ok I had an appointment this morning at 8:15. Notification Center told me to make my appointment I would need to leave my house by 7:55, but when I mapped the route in the Maps app it told me total travel time would be 25 minutes (which is correct). Wtf is up with Notification Center?
What about Amazon?
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