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So does the 4th amendment not exist when it comes to the NSA?
Exactly. Nobody heard of Slice Intelligence until they started pimping this Apple Watch stuff. There's definitely an agenda here. And for all the haters of the Watch looking for confirmation bias they'll latch on to this and ride it as long as they can. But as I said and another post if Apple Watch is such a dud, such a failure then how come 3 people intimately involved in the Watch project were promoted by Tim Cook? People involved and failures don't typically get...
To me these days Rene Ritchie does a better job than anyone else getting on top of FUD the minute it starts getting traction out there. That's one of the things I love about iMore. They seem to cut through the noise better than anyone else.
Before the Watch was even available for sale Apple said it would not be reporting any data on it because as a Cook said, competitors are looking for it and he doesn't want to give it up. Also keep in mind that this market is it it's infancy so Apple providing sales data is kind of meaningless as there's nothing really to compare it to. But I will ask the question, if Apple Watch is such a dud as many on the www proclaim, how come 3 employees intimately involved with it...
Perhaps instead of reporting on bogus Apple Watch data the media should be focused on more layoffs at Microsoft, especially in their hardware divisions. Microsoft is laying off employees and might be writing down its Nokia acquisition. Meanwhile Apple promoted 3 people intimately involved with Apple Watch. Who's doomed? http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/09/technology/major-job-cuts-expected-at-microsoft.html
Except when you have sites like MacRumors that report this data with little to no context and don't question its validity. I'll bet the reason other tech sites or just news sites in general picked up on this bogus story is because it ran as a front page item on MacRumors site.At least Rene Ritchie attempted to provide context over at iMore.http://www.imore.com/opinion-apple-watch-sales-coverage-plunges-90-accuracy
And people should know by now that Marketwatch is incredibly anti-Apple. I have yet to see an Apple article on that site that wasn't D&G or FUD.What I find fascinating is prior to Apple Watch nobody had heard of Slice Intelligence. I've certainly never seen any reports or analysis from them on other Apple products or other consumer electronics in general. I think they're just using Apple as a way to get name recognition.Something else people seem to forget is the only...
It's pretty sad but not entirely surprising and so many media outlets are reporting on these figures as if you're even close to being accurate. Thankfully Rene Ritchie over at iMore got it right:http://www.imore.com/opinion-apple-watch-sales-coverage-plunges-90-accuracy
No one here is saying they own the software or have the right to modify it. But Apple owning the software doesn't mean they have the legal right to put it on your phone without your consent. And it's a stupid argument anyway because it's not something Apple has done or will ever do. The closest they came to it was automatically downloading the installer file to people's devices. But they stopped doing that with iOS 8.
Talk about childish responses...
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