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So Icahn's letter to Cook is basically more share buybacks. Yawn.
Hmm...that's what I assumed the 6 was...an easier phone to manufacture than the 5/5s.
Interesting side note, Jony Ive was involved in the design of at least one Newton device. And Michael Tchao, who now oversees iPad marketing (you can see him in the iPad mini product intro video) also worked on the Newton back in the day. Not all Sculley ideas were bad. Who knows where Newton would have gone if Steve hasn't killed it.
I'm really curious to know what this device might be like. Is it just the current iPad with a bigger screen? Is the software modified to take advantage of the bigger screen? Does it have pen support like the Surface does? Inquiring minds want to know.
Supply constraints rumored right before an Apple event. What a shocker! /s
If the iPhone like display and 2GB RAM is just for some iPad "pro" like device then I'll save my money and keep my Air. A8 and Touch ID is not enough of an upgrade from the current Air.
If we get a new iPad with iPhone like displays, 2GB RAM, Touch ID and storage starting at 32GB I'm in!
Hopefully Apple keeps a non-retina MBA as the entry Mac product. The cheaper MBAs are probably taking share from Windows machines and is forcing OEMs like HP in a race to the bottom.
I thought you were selling your stock because you have no confidence in Cook anymore.
The logo on this invite is very similar to the logo they used for the 30th anniversary Mac celebration. My guess is this will be a Mac focused event.
New Posts  All Forums: