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I thought Tim Cook said he wore his in the shower? Microsoft Band is water resistant but it too says not to submerge the device in water.
That dark screen makes me wonder if we'll finally get night/dark mode on iOS. I would love that.
Yep. My guess is the MBA Will be around for a while until the rMPB will eventually be thin and light enough to replace it. It always felt like the Airs and Pros were getting too close in terms of specs/capabilities. So slowly phase out the Airs and eventually the Pros will completely replace them.
I'm amazed at how many are upset about the price. Um a lot of engineering went into this product. Doesn't that have to be paid for? It's not like Apple took the existing MBA design and just added a retina display.
My guess is Apple updated the 13" rMBP for this reason. Gets broadwell and the new trackpad. So if this new MacBook doesn't meet your needs the 13" rMBP is there to fill the void.
Is the Surface Pro fanless? Since this has a retina display Apple can't give it specs that bump up too closely to the 13" rMBP. Otherwise what's the point of both devices? Especially now that the 13" rMBP has the new trackpad.
I guess time will tell if Microsoft's vision of a touch screen keyboard is what people want (we're not really seeing it so far) but it's obvious that Apple still believes notebooks should not have touch screens. It's not just marketing speak because they don't have a similar product on the market. If Apple really believed in it this product would hace a touch screen and detachable keyboard.
I'm sure Apple will get crap for only one port but I'm seeing a lot of 'drool I'm getting one' posts on Twitter. Jason Snell said the keyboard is great. And Ben Thompson says the trackpad is "crazy" and "plays tricks on your mind". My impression from the event today is Apple is doubling down on high quality and charging for it. And knowing people will pay for quality. I thought it was interesting though that we didn't see Dan Riccio or Craig Federighi at all. Jony Ive in...
A charger comes in the box. But there could be technical differences that require two chargers. I doubt Apple would go through the work of creating a second charger for a measly $10 extra dollars.
Much better battery life than expected. 72 hours in power reserve mode. And 48 hours for just timekeeping. 7 hours for workout/heartrate sensor. All better than the rumors suggested. 1.5 hours to charge to 80% is great, and if you can get through the day with power left it might not even take that long so you could charge it before you go to bed and wear it to bed if you want to do sleep tracking. Even if Apple isn't offering sleep tracking you know a 3rd party will.
New Posts  All Forums: