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Saw a couple shots of Jony in that video. Is he involved in the new campus design?
one example, the HBO GO app allows you to watch entire seasons of shows. So I can watch all 6 seasons of sex and the city using that app, where as the VOD for HBO with DirecTV right now only allows me to watch season 1. These aren't cable channels streaming live TV. They're video on demand channels.
Why do people complain every time Apple adds new channels to ATV? No one should be surprised that cable channels are going to show up on ATV requiring a cable subscription. If that ever changes it will be a major announcement because it would be a big f'ng deal. What is annoying is when you fork over $$$ to DirecTV every month but for whatever reason WatchESPN doesn't think you exist. Of course that's a DirecTV/Disney problem and nothing to do with Apple but still annoying...
9to5Mac is reporting that Apple has made another hire from the medical field, with someone who has experience with FDA approvals. I have this feeling that Apple is working on stuff way beyond a FuelBand or GearFit. And I'm skeptical that any wearable device they announce will have Nike branding. If anything Nike may be one of the first with an app for the device, if they got a sneak peak into Apple's plans.
Go on Apple's website any day and you'll see job openings for hundreds of hardware engineers. These employees very well may have talent outside of FuelBand, and Apple may be working on more than just an "iWatch". I don't see the wearables space as just one thing. And if these are talented engineers and/or designers I think Apple should try and grab them before someone else does.
Maybe. But I'm just sick of always hearing how Apple doesn't need to do anything. Honestly I think Apple is understaffed and if Nike has some good engineers/designers on this team Apple should go after them.
You forgot /s tag.
I hope Apple hires some of these guys. Don't let competitors snatch them up.
I get this feeling like Samsung's goal is to get under the skin of Apple executives and Apple fans, and it sure seems to be working. I'd love it if Apple fan sites would ignore Samsung rather than give it the attention it's looking for.
What's wrong with the bezels on the iPad Air? Why do they need to be thicker?
New Posts  All Forums: