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If the rumors of a retina fanless device are true I would imagine Apple would announce it at WWDC or some other event. Announce new things at WWDC not spec bumps on existing products.
iPad sales are pretty much flat to down. A lot of speculation out there thinks one reason is iPad is being shared, that it's not just a single person device. Leaving out user accounts/profiles to force people to buy multiple devices doesn't seem like it follows Apple's mantra of making the best products. I'm sure parents would love to have a way for their kids to use their iPad and be able to restrict what they have access too. The idea that young kids should have their...
All this fretting over iPad sales by pundits and Wall Street analysts is so annoying. It seems obvious that iPad is more of a seasonal product and isn't being upgraded as often as smartphones are. Plus iPad was a product that had huge growth so fast, it wasn't going to stay that way forever. Tim's comments on the earnings call seem to indicate Apple has more planned for iPad than just spec bump and adding Touch ID:
How do we know Angela is going to present at the next Apple event?
which is stupid. iPod and iPad have curved design. The only interesting thing is how they handle the antennas. I'd love it if they could do something similar to the LTE iPad but not sure if that is feasible with the iPhone.
So basically the new iPhone will have an iPod touch/iPad style design.
Does this mean we'll see less fluctuation in the stock as the mix of investors will change (away from institution and hedge fund)? I'm trying to understand Apple's rational behind this.
So far Tim sounds much better on this call than he did last quarter. We'll see how he is during the Q&A but so far I like what I'm hearing. Very much in command, very few pauses or stumbling over words. Go Tim!
And some idiot on MacRumors is suggesting the only reason the stock is up after hours is because of the buybacks, dividend increase and stock split.
[Very interesting. Thanks.
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