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Well the original Microsoft Surface was bigger than an iPad so I guess everyone copied Microsoft.
I didn't know 64-bit was required to implement the things I mentioned.
Where is Apple's 4K Cinema Display? Dell, HP and Samsung all have curved monitors on the market or coming soon. Where is Apple's? Curved TVs are gimmicky but curved monitors are very cool. Why is Apple late to that party?
Where did AI get this information from? I don't see a link in the original post and couldn't find anything on Google.
So if they were on iOS first and then ended up on Android no one here would have accused Google of copying Apple? And again, I didn't say only Android. Notification center was jailbreak for instance.
Well the consumer made one touch finger print sensors popular. Why wouldn't Samsung and others try to implement something similar? If they violate specific Apple/Authentec patents then Apple sues.Look I hate Samsung as much as anyone. I don't own any Samsung products. But it's hard to deny they were the ones who made large screen phones popular.
Name one of those things that weren't available with Android prior to iOS 8.
So why did Apple follow that trend to its extreme limits then? Especially when with the iPhone 5 it was all about being able to comfortably use it with one hand. That certainly doesn't apply to the 6 Plus.
No what's silly is every time someone else does something people here immediately claim Apple's being copied. I can guarantee you if Apple released a 5.5" phone and two years later Samsung did the same most here would've called Samsung out for copying. Plus there's plenty of thiings in iOS that Apple borrowed either from jailbreak community or other platforms. Third party keyboards, extensions, widgets, actionable notifications all existed on Android before they did on...
What does copying have to do with innovation? I never said a larger screen phone was "innovative" but the fact is Samsung had one before Apple did so in that sense Apple is the one copying, no?
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