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OT: Apple stock down almost 4% this morning because an analyst came out and said sell the stock and if next week isn't a blowout they will be downgrading the stock. I find the timing of all this stuff very curious. Especially this sell note coming the same day Samsung releases new phones. All over Twitter I'm seeing people attribute the drop to Samsung's announcement.
But Jim Edwards over at Business Insider says Apple is in disarray. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/eve-supposed-tim-cooks-greatest-100533003.html
Doesn't make me wonder. No way did this just happen to leak now. No doubt in my mind it was intentional.
Daily Mail website has a whole section on this and they call it the "Apple hacking scandal". No way is it just a coincidence this leaks a week before a major Apple event. An event that is likely to heavily feature mobile payments, HealthKit and HomeKit. IMO there is a concerted effort to tarnish Apple's reputation and those involved know the Daily Mail's and Drudge Report's of the world will be willing accomplices.
Huh? It was celebrities that were targeted. And we don't know for sure that all of them were Apple customers either. What are they supposed to say?
This is on the Drudge Report right now. Links to a Daily Mail article that is 2 days old.Go to the Daily Mail website and they have an entire section devoted to what they call the "Apple hacking scandal". Quite irresponsible to call it an Apple hacking scandal considering the fact that there is no conclusive evidence that iCloud was hacked (and Apple says it wasn't) or that FMI brute force was the source.Color me highly skeptical that it's just a coincidence this leaks now...
I wonder when Apple will start laying off white men so they can get their women and minority percentages up.
$10K? Wow what a token gesture.
Looks ugly.
Crush them with what? A lot of what's coming with iOS 8 and the new iPhone(s) already exists on other platforms/phones. I'm sure Apple will heavily advertise continuity and handoff but they can do that without giving anyone else free advertising. Let Microsoft get in the gutter. Keep Apple out of it.
New Posts  All Forums: