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Apple has plenty of software issues to work out. And developer complaints are getting louder. Mostly because Apple's app review process seems to be a mess right now with widgets being approved and then unapproved a week later. Or one minute a widget gets rejected because it does too much, the next one gets rejected because it doesn't do enough. I've even seen some developers hyping up Android 5.0 on Twitter thinking the only way to get Apple's attention is to promote a...
It wouldn't have been for Watch, it would have been for coming out. But that was hardly the most newsworthy or important thingthat happened in 2014.
A sensible decision. I'm shocked!
Wow some of those apps look really nice. Is Apple responsible for the UI? If so can they assign some of these people to work on Apple's first party iOS apps?
When I long press on an image I get two options: Save Image or Copy. Pre iOS 8 if you tapped on copy it would copy the image url. It no longer does that in iOS 8, except for a select few websites (like Twitter). Most times if you select copy it does absolutely nothing. Very annoying. And I also noticed that the text selection is the same as it was before this latest update so that was not fixed (at least for me).
Meanwhile Apple's relationship with developers seems to be getting worse. Apple really needs to get its shit together here. And perhaps some heads need to role. I believe developer relations is under Phil Schiller. Perhaps he needs an early retirement. Apple could use a fresh marketing perspective anyway.http://www.marco.org/2014/12/09/get-the-word-out
Nope, image url copy still doesn't work. If I long press an image I get two options: Save Image and Copy. Copy doesn't do anything so it's obviously not copying anything.
This is fixed? Woo hoo! Do you know if they fixed copying image urls?
I'd love to know why Apple is letting TV languish and competitors like Google and Amazon disrupt them. Even if Apple is working on some grand vision for the living room and all the pieces aren't in place yet that doesn't mean they can't keep TV current in the meantime. The UI is incredibly dated and clunky to use. There's no good search feature, no good way to find content. It's just row after row of channel icons. And every time there is a new channel that requires a...
Apple confirmed this news. They said it would be dozens of jobs. I doubt it's any major manufacturing move. It could be related to display or camera technology.
New Posts  All Forums: