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Using a keyboard on a watch is a big FAIL.
Talk about a fugly UI. Thanks Samsung.
What I find so amusing is when Watch was announced many people were concerned that it had an SDK. Ben Thompson was a prominent tech writer who initially said there shouldn't be one. There were posts on sites like MacRumors join a screenshot of the original iPhone saying that's what Watch should have been. Now that the SDK is out I'm seeing complaints on Twitter, MacRumors etc. because native apps won't be available immediately, that Watch is is just an expensive remote...
This section from the HIG on Apple's developer website sounds like something Ive would say. Maybe he wrote the HIG. I like that Apple is pushing black backgrounds to make the bezel less noticeable. I'd love it if iPhone eventually offered a dark theme. But I suppose they'd need to switch to OLED screens. Watch screen is OLED.
I really like this font. Nice job Apple.
So much for the theory some had that apps wouldn't drop until WWDC. Looks like the SDK is glances, notifications and apps. I agree with Ben Bajarin who tweeted that others lack of integration will make it difficult for them to compete with Apple.
I'm not as concerned about iPad as I think Wall Street has basically given up any expectations on that product. But Watch, for sure. We're already seeing crazy talk about potential sales so I expect some firms will throw numbers out there Apple intermally never would expect to meet and then claim the product is a failure if it doesn't meet those lofty expectations.
Hey let's not forget it was one really good quarter (calendar Q4 2011) that let expectations get out of hand with Wall Street expecting margins of over 40% as far as the eye could see and record profits every quarter. Really the only difference between now and 2012/13 is Wall Street isn't panicked about Samsung like they were back then.
It's all about iPhone. Apple has one bad quarter where iPhone sales aren't great or margins have declined and Wall Street will dump the stock in a hurry. There's nothing fundamentally different about Apple now as there was in the fall of 2012 when the stock started taking a nose dive. The stock market has never been rational when it comes to Apple.
Until Apple has one quarter where iPhone sales aren't quite what Wall Street was expecting and then they dump the stock.
New Posts  All Forums: