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Re/Code is also saying no new TV at WWDC. http://recode.net/2015/06/03/apples-new-apple-tv-box-will-also-be-a-no-show-at-wwdc
Hardly. That rounded rec could be anything. Could be iOS app icon. This rumor coming out a few days before WWDC means one thing to me: Apple managing expectations. The bigger question is why it's taking so long to get something out the door. IMO it's silly for Apple to wait until all the content deals are in place.
I hope Apple doesn't spend a lot of time on that subscription music service. This is a developer conference. Developers have next to nothing to do with a streaming music service.
Instead of going after Google and Facebook perhaps Cook should be going after consumers who seem quite willing to give up some privacy or deal with ads in order to not have to pay for services. It's not like Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg woke up one morning and said 'I think I'll start a company that mines users data to sell advertising'. But how successful would Facebook be if you had to pay to use it? Moblie ads are a necessary evil in an age when people want everything...
If this means Apple is really getting serious about the cloud that's a good thing. Start fighting Google on their home turf.
I don't. I think machine learning/AI is a BIG deal. I think cloud services are a BIG deal. It's impossible to provide best in class services in those areas without having vast amounts of data. There's nothing wrong with collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data. It's what you do with the data that matters. If Apple uses it to provide better services then collect and analyze away. They can do it in a way that still protects your privacy. And with things like photos they...
Look I use very few Google services. I don't use Google Photos. But if Cook is going to allege that Google sells your photos to advertisers he better be able to back it up. And do what PED said, don't talk, make a better product so people won't want to use Google's product.
9to5Mac had an extensive report on this. Apple is definitely working on something. It all comes down to when they feel it's good enough to release. Apple should be using data to make their services better. Especially if they feel this strongly about Google....make competing products that are just as good so iOS and Mac users have no reason to use Google services.Philip Elmer-Dewitt said it best:
What FUD am I spreading? That Apple is woefully behind when it comes to cloud services/machine learning/AI? Or do you think that's not important? I want Apple to kick Google's ass in what Google does best. Apple wants to create the ultimate lock-in? Make its services best in class like its hardware is.
Look if Tim Cook is going to allege that Google is scanning your photos to sell them off for advertising purposes then I'd like him to prove it. It drives me nuts when people spread FUD about Apple. No need for the CEO of Apple to engage in the same about the competition. Especially when Apple should be in the business of collecting/analyzing data to make services like Siri, spotlight, mail, maps and photos best in class. Tim Cook wants us to believe every company that...
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