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I have a feeling we're going to get more than just an iPad with A8 and Touch ID. Cook has hinted at exciting things in the iPad space. Don't know if it will be through hardware or software (or a combination of both) but with the introduction of a larger screen iPhone it's the perfect time to differentiate the iPad. Because a bigger iPhone would easily eat into sales of iPad in its current form.
It wasn't zero last year at this time was it?
Wouldn't that have been the case last year at this time too?
This Benedict Evans tweet sums up things perfectly:iPad sales were up 50% in Middle East, China and India. iPhone up 10% in Europe, 48% in China. The typical media meme that cheap Android devices would hurt Apple isn't really panning out. It seems like Samsung is the one feeling it from cheap Android phones in Asia.
What else would it be compared to?
The 5C starts at $99, so not sure what you mean by "at full price". Plus most of the technology in the 5C is exactly the same as the 5 so you can't really say the 4S is two years old but the 5C is brand new.
Huh? Cook said tiers. The 5C is the middle tier. That tier had the best YOY growth.
You should know by now the only thing that matters is what Apple didn't beat.
Something else Cook said on the conference call: of the there iPhone tiers the 5C had the best YOY growth this quarter.
Cook hinted that there could be a bigger acquisition on the horizon. Of course he said it needs to be strategic and he's not looking to acquire a certain number of companies, etc. but he made a specific point of saying how strong the executive team was and how well they could handle a larger acquisition.
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