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Huh? I'm on the Next program and the AT&T rep never told me I has to turn in my device. What I was told based on the plan I chose is after 12 months I could upgrade to a new device (only out of pocket cost is tax) and my existing device is mine to do whatever I want with.
Yeah, I seriously can't believe people are complaining that Finder looks too happy. Good lord the things people are way too anal about.
Ok really stupid question. I never used to see AAPL listed as one of the most actively traded stocks. Normally the average volume would be between 10-20 million. Now today I see they're up there with Bank of America at 75 million. I assume that's due to the split?
Heh, Mark Gurman claimed that Apple changed the name and design of its health app because of what 9to5Mac leaked. All because he refuses to admit he might get things wrong once in a while.
But Apple showed off lots of iCloud features and Eddy oversees that. Man I wish Apple would have bought Waze instead of Beats. I want to see Apple become as independent from Google as possible.
WWDC ends and now we get three months of leaked iPhone cases. Sigh.
Yep. I think last year was the start of Apple unburdening themselves from what would Steve do, and this year we're starting to see Tim Cook's Apple come into its own (Apple 3.0). Do an Instagram search on WWDC and you'll see tons of posts of developers having their picture taken with Craig and Jony. Really showing developers the love in a way I haven't seen in the past.I've listened to a number of tech podcasts about WWDC and some are suggesting everything announced was...
Man I pulled up my account and just about fell over as it was about $100K higher than the last time I checked. Then I see AAPL listed as "pending today's transactions" and I came back down to earth.
Well to be fair, Wall Street did seem to go apeshit over this 3D phone announcement. Amazon stock is up almost 6% this week whereas the Nasdaq was up less than 2%. It's amazing how obsessed Wall Street is with gadgets. They shit their pants because Amazon is releasing a phone, not once asking if makes sense for Amazon to jump in the phone business. Then when Apple drops one bomb after another at WWDC these clowns call it underwhelming because no shiny new gadget was...
The CEO of my company drives a Bentley. I did a double take driving through the company parking garage one day when I saw it. Definitely stands out in a place when the next most expensive car you might see is a Mercedes.
New Posts  All Forums: