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So I guess in this instance it's ok to criticize Apple?
And BS last year to when Apple topped it.
For the umpteenth time my question is why new products only seem to be ready in September and October. Though rumors are new hardware is coming at WWDC so maybe that pattern will finally change.
How do we know Apple has actually purchased Beats? Since rumors of a potential purchase leaked certainly the real thing would. Perhaps the silence is because it's not a done deal or Apple isn't acquiring them.
The orange in the app is even better when you have the darken colors toggle on.
Didn't you know there are all these technical complexities that prevent Apple from announcing things other than in September and October? /s
The videos are great and I remember a lot of them being available on demand same day.
Here's some of the TBA session names. Love Apple's sense of humor. No Comment This One Is Sealed Shhhh, Can't Tell You Yet It's Under Wraps Still Our Secret You'll Find Out In A Few Days It's Still Confidential It's Confidential We're Not Telling You'll Never Guess This One We Still Really Can't Say You're Just Going to Have to Wait a Little Longer It's Still Our Little Secret We'd Really Love To Tell You It's Still Under Wraps It's a Secret This One's a Doozy We're Not...
I love how most of these are labeled TBA or "Shh can't tell you yet". One thing I hope we see in iOS 8 is darken colors being default, not something you turn on in accessibility settings. I have that turned on and the shade of orange in this app is so much better, especially against the white background.
Maybe it's just me but I think this watch is ugly. Especially the black bar at the bottom. Seems to me these round displays are all about form over function. Hey, if we make it look like a traditional watch maybe someone will buy it.
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