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Well according to the most recent rumors TV wasn't shown off at WWDC because the software wasn't ready. TechCrunch posted an article today saying that the lady was so Apple could polish the interface. They claim the interface is going to be amazing.http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/27/apple-is-about-to-lay-down-its-tv-cards/#.f7tkyg:LLqhConsidering the issues Apple has had with Apple Music and many complaints about the UI i'm glad Apple is taking the extra time to polish the...
What's the point of skinny bundles? Unless I can pick the exact channels I would want in a bundle it's pointless to me. I'll keep my directv. I'm able to watch more and more channels outside my house with its app. Pretty much most channels except the major networks and I couldn't care less about those anyway.
I'm not sure where you're getting that from. Looking at 10Q filings for this past quarter Apple's profit margin was 21.5% Google's was 21%. Looking at Microsoft's 10K for 2014 their profit margin was 25.4%.
I don't use Google or Microsoft products so I have no reason to talk about them. Somehow Apple was able to bring to life iPod, iPhone and iPad when they weren't making nearly as much money as they are now. Somehow Apple wasn't concerned about profit margins when they decided to make most of their software free or when they drop the price on Macs to where you can get a really great Mac for under $1000.
This. And for everyone arguing 16GB is enough for many people blah blah blah well if 16GB is enough I'm sure 32GB was too. So why then would Apple get rid of 32? Most likely because someone in finance or marketing looked at the data and said 'we need more customers in the middle tier'. I just hope Schiller and Apple PR are prepared for the shitstorm when 16GB flashes up on the screen.
Big companies get complacent and greedy. It can happen to Apple too.
Right it's a great business strategy all you're concerned about is making more money, higher margins and higher ASP's. As a shareholder I guess that's all I should care about. But I'm also a customer so I care about more than that. With a better camera and 4K recording 16GB is not defensible, especially when Apple isn't terribly competitive with cloud pricing storage pricing either.
Perhaps I'm not making myself clear enough. It's not necessarily about what Apple offers. I just think their storage pricing is a bit of a rip off. Again how many people have 64GB devices that aren't using all that storage? My guess is a lot. Of course they changed the pricing scheme at the high-end because they have more margin to play with and they are able to upsell people. Why offer 64 for the price of 32 but not 32 for the price of 16? Because 32 is probably the sweet...
I'm surprised Sog doesn't advocate getting rid of the $0 and $99 tiers. Just get rid of all the "cheap" customers. Who needs them anyway.
I only get pissed off over certain things. And this is one of them. I think this shows the greedy side of Apple, not the best products and services side. I'm certainly not the only one complaining about 16GB as the entry level storage. John Gruber complained about it last year. I guess he's a cheap bastard then too?
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