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Did he ever prove them? Why should anyone have to disprove a number an analyst pulls out of thin air?
I knew just from the headline that this would be from Gene Munster. He's about as accurate as DigiTimes. Don't forget he's the one who claimed 3.5-4 million of the 9M iPhone opening weekend sales were 5C "channel fill". And then sites like Business Insider ran with it claiming Apple's "real" sales figures were only 5-6M. Munster is not worthy of space on any Apple news site.
Yep, it's up there for me for sure. I think Appleis coming into its own under Cook. I can't wait to see what they have planned for 2014.
And surprise, surprise, MacRumors already has a front page story up from someone who had mixed results and came away with a mixed to negative reaction. I'm sure by the end of the day CNBC will be reporting on this and som Wall Street analyst will be ripping on Apple for not providing a completely flawless experience on day 1 of implementation.
Okay well whatever it's doing obviously doesn't bother me because I'm not noticing it. I swiped to unlock, put in my passcode and the home screen appears.
I hope 7.1 fixes that before it's released to the general public.
I don't have this problem. What iPad are you using? I'm using an Air. My only problem is Safari crashing and yes Apple needs to fix that ASAP.
FWIW, China Mobile is denying this, saying it's still in "negotiations" with Apple. But that could be similar to the denials we got from PrimeSense right before Apple confirmed they purchased them. Anyway AAPL was up $11 pre market, now up around $9.
At least it no longer looks like Microsoft Bob.
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