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I dont want a camera in everything! geez why does everything have to have a frikin,camera in it. buy an IPHONE I like the ipod as an ipod! i actually am one of the few who "LOVE" the fact that apple did not put a camera in the ipad.... apple has always been about minimalist elegance,and all that is going out the window,to the wiz bang ooooooh ahhhh crowd. i will switch to another brand of mp3 devices if they do this. a retina display and bigger hard drive would...
how about NO... why does everything have to have a frikin camera in it? I for one was pleased when i saw apple didn't put a camera in it,after all a device that will go on to be,the most widely used E reader yet... just doesn't need one,it is not a laptop replacement or a phone. NO CAMERA.
Oh Apple... please resist putting a camera,disk drive and phone in this thing for all the idiots of the world who do not understand the product...
the comfort contours are lost with this new design.. unlike the previous model,anybody notice besides me? all the other updates and features are great!
No black keys or bezel,for heavens sake... Please! That is chincy ugly and so not pro! the previous design was perfect.
as an Artist I/We do not get paid for subscriptions! "Or Streams" their really isn't a way to do that... so thank God apple is not going to try this Approach, music is already in a bad state as it is. the 99 cent model to me is fair for myself and fair for me as a regular music consumer as well. my 0.2 cents
Carbon Composite... isn't that what happens to you when you don't pay off Jabba the Hutt in time? pooor Steve jobs!!! lol sorry i couldn't resist.
they should all be 99 cents! after all its a non physical rental... thats my 0.2 cents
Too Expensive for a Download! This Pricing structure wont work for the general public... it should be,"I mean... RENTAL? Cmon!" 99 cents for Standard Quality,$1.99 for hd! my 0.2 cents
BINGO!!! NEW LINE GOES BLU RAY EXCLUSIVELY... one nail one coffin coming right up. http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=808
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