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Wall Street's love affair with Amazon says it all.
Another factor to consider is that Apple iOS products have an "afterlife," courtesy of Gazelle and other companies that re-purchase and sell used units. How big is this market for Android units? Tiny by comparison. iPads and iPhones are recycled to new users. Android tabs and phones are used less for web when new, and then languish in the bureau drawer when replaced.
I would like to see a moratorium on the conspiracy theories that abound on A.I. regarding crooked analysts and stock traders. AAPL is the largest cap stock in the world. It is selling at a 30% discount to the S & P 500 P/E multiple. This is largely due to the "Roman Candle" stock prices of predecessors in the phone industry, Nokia, RIM and Motorola. The market has a hard time valuing the company on traditional metrics of earnings growth, cash, inventory turns, etc. It...
Off brand tablets gather dust, as shown by both web search and web purchase metrics (provided by IBM and others).   Samsung is competing with the iP5 using the "give it away" model.  Businesses are more keenly interested in trouble-free integration.  This is vastly more economical in both the short and long run.   The press has been very vocal of late regarding Samsung's increasing share, but ignoring the fact that the vast, vast preponderance of apps, app...
So much for the "one person in line..." story. Total fiction and I am glad that Tim Cook set the record straight.
Analysts are ranked and paid according to the accuracy of their calls.  To posit that they manipulate or intentionally tank a stock is really B.S.   What is happening on "The Street," now is more of a copycat scenario than an evil conspiracy.  Analysts with weak conviction and weak knees (Citi) feel obliged to lower estimates and valuation based mostly on what other analysts have said.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.   What AAPL shareholders need now is...
Apple had a full year of nearly 100% adulation from the business press.  Now, it is fashionable to dump on the company without the slightest shred of evidence.  As an example, this week's iPad Mini launch in China, strictly controlled via an advance lottery purchase system, succeeded in maintaining order at China based stores.  This was spun into a negative - demand must be weak, no glass doors were shattered, and no fights broke out.  Ditto for the U.S. launch - $329 is...
Wow, IDC is able to 'see' the market in 2016! This is just amazing. Oh, I remember that they predicted RIM's demise back in 2008. Hmm, come to think of it, they missed that one. How about Intel and MS sucking wind? Nope, missed those, too. But now, we can be confident that the IDC crystal ball has de-fogged, and has the inside track on the next four or five iPad generations. Comforting!
If this report predicting slowing Mac sales proves to be accurate, it is only a reflection of the broader displacement of desk and laptop computers. AAPL is the big winner in the transition to the tablet and smartphone. It stands to reason that with the increasing capabilities of the iPad and iPhone, its legacy (albeit beautifully refreshed) products will also see moderating sales.
The pace of justice is so slow, that infringing companies can use borrowed science, reap huge profits and delay payment of damages for a seemingly indefinite time. The odious practice of suing based on FRAND patents has also become a scourge on the industry. I heard today that the major players are spending upwards of $20 billion on litigation, an amount equal to or greater than that spent on R & D. This sucks.
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