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Well said!
The Samsung price increase ruse is just another in a series of unfounded, poorly sourced anti-AAPL rumors. For example, on November 9th, a Bloomberg West TV/Radio columnist lambasted Tim Cook as having lost his "Supply Chain" touch. The following Monday, reports surfaced that the 4G versions of the iPad Mini and the iPad4 were SHIPPING! Oh, and the iPhone5 wait is down to two weeks for some models and to ZERO for many others at Sprint. As a long time AAPL shareholder,...
Love this idea.  I would be willing to pay more for a "Made in America" Apple device.
Yes, it is an attractive clock, but it was an obvious copy. I am glad that this chapter is over, and since we don't really know how much $ was paid, we should sit tight for now. What is most important, is that Apple management creates a better procedure for futrure vetting of the "creative." This is reminiscent of the Samsung manager claiming to have created its icons from scratch in this summer's trial.
Ordered iPhone5 64GB Black from Apple.com 10/10. Delivery direct from China 11/1. Beat estimated time by one week. Phone is perfect. A huge upgrade from the 4.
The is the best news I've heard since the day the iPhone5 was released! Shopping at the Apple stores in my area (Rockingham, NH; Natick, MA and Chestnut Hill, MA) is a delight. The sales and Genius Bar staffers rank at the very top of the scale. While it may be said that the "products sell themselves," Apple Associates add tremendous value. I am proud that Apple treats its employees with respect and affection ... once again. Browett's selection was an inexcusable...
Terrific earning and sales, candid conference call, stock down ... Time to back up the truck! Stock will be over $1000 this time, next year.
Why do you think 60% is an outlying estimate?  If past is prologue, and the iPhone5 ramp up can get through supply constraints, we may well see $1000/share long before 12 months.  Take a look at all of the patents and new features chronicled on a daily basis  on A.I.  This is the most innovative company on the planet.  15x P.E. is very, very conservative.
The new dock is a huge improvement, allowing for faster data transfer speeds. Those wishing to cling to the old technology are mistaken.
In f[act, from MobileMe to iTunes, to iCloud, apple seems to "get" Internet services like few companies do. Right on!
New Posts  All Forums: