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Used iOS6 maps on recent trip to Eastern Sierras, and loved it! Absolutely accurate, fun to use and reassuring. I've had automobile nav systems for almost ten years, and none compare. Every nav system goofs up occasionally. The criticisms of Apple Maps are based on hysteria.
Would you want Apple to dummy down iOS6 just so it would be compatible with 1st gen iPad?  This is too limiting, and ignores the competitive pressures from Android, Amazon, Microsoft et al.   Best that Apple focuses on making the very best software that utilizes state of the art processors.  Not to despair about your 1st gen iPad, though, it will give many more years of faithful service.
Most plans allow for subsidized upgrade every 24 months.  At $199, an upgraded iPhone will add $8.30/month to your cost.  With the average cell bill at $100/month, why not have the latest and best tool on your hip?  There is a huge amount of pent-up demand from iPhone4 owners who have skipped the 4S and are now upgrade eligible for the "5."
In total agreement.  The new design is elegant, functional and very "Jobsian."
We are able to "purchase" music and film on iTunes for very low $ precisely because it cannot be re-sold or given to others.  In practice, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Willis' music and video collection would cease being available to his heirs, assuming that they maintain his iTunes account.   However, the IP rights (and financial security) of artists must be respected.  The vast majority of musicians and actors only eke out a spare living from royalties.  Mr....
In many ways, Samsung is the winner in this trial.  It went from the low-tier of cell phone makers to the very top of the market (in numbers sold, not profits) on the basis of stolen IP.  Now it has to pay a small fraction of the profits it has made and has also avoided the billions in development costs that were borne by Apple.   The jury sent a message, and perhaps, its conservative calculation of damages will serve to insulate the verdict from appeal.   The...
Not sure of the legalities, but this is the type of innovation that makes Apple the world's most valuable company ... ever!
This was a bad fit right from the start.  The Apple Store is a special place and its staffers are the cream of the retail crop.   This was a bad move and I hope his contract is bought out and that he is on his way back to England on the next flight.
Today, Samsung's expert witness stated that $27,000 is the appropriate cost to "work around" Apple patents.  How many "pages" were submitted to Judge Koh to certify his expertise?  Since these submissions obviously do not root out incompetent witnesses, why bother with all the paperwork?   Also, huge sums of money, the prestige of two mega companies and the pocketbooks of millions of individual investors and pension funds are at risk.  Is it too much to ask Judge Koh...
Thank you, Apple, for having the courage to stand-up for what is right.  
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