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The NYT article does not show any illegal or immoral acts by Apple.  Apple's name could have been replaced with any of hundreds of Fortune 500 companies that follow the same tax strategies.     I used the post publication sell-off to add more shares to my IRA.  
As Apple profits are distributed to shareholders, they will pay an additional 15% federal tax plus the applicable state income tax.  If the shareholder sells the stock for a profit, he or she will pay at the regular income tax level or if held for more than one year, at the capital gains rate of 15% federal plus the state tax.   Thus, Apple should be applauded by government and those who favor high tax collections.  Apple is a huge generator of wealth and taxes paid!
AAPL should not worry about cannibalizing the iPad2 or the iPod Touch with a lower cost 7 inch unit. The race is to capture market share. Some folks cannot afford the entry price for the iPad2. Why leave that market to Samsung, et al? As a previous commenter noted, a 7 inch unit would be more portable for pockets and purses.
The calculation of $4 Billion in additional "investment" in AAPL by mutual funds and ETFs that focus on dividend paying stocks grossly underestimates the number and scope of funds that would be attracted to AAPL by the initiation of a dividend. Many, many funds will only invest in dividend paying stocks. A much smaller universe invest in high dividend payers, and these were the funds highlighted by the author. Traditional "Dividend oriented funds" concentrate in the...
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