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Kind of looks like they buried a giant new MacPro in the ground. Now im picturing that with every MacPro you buy there are thousands of tiny apple employees running around on the inside to make it all work.
cant wait to get my Apple TV. I basically am viewing it as an airport express that also streams video with audio. Plus I hope it gets hacked with something like Air Foil that will allow me to stream anything to my apple tv. Meaning I can just run everything on my iPad/iPhone and when I need it on a bigger screen I can just send the output to my AppleTv and use the iPad/iPhone as a remote with screen mirroring.
Anone else think they might drop the pod from the name and just go with itouch? Then make it availible in 2 sizes-the current size and a larger 7 inch model?
double post..
Would adding things like a unified UI fall under the category of maintenance or new features? Technically wouldnt an overall unified look speed up performance?
My wife and I would both have an iPhone if AT&T weren't so damn expensive. I just can't justify it. We have tmobile and to switch we'd get less minutes and still pay more for the plan after adding txts. Then you still have to pay for the datapart. How txt is not included In the data plan is stupid. AT&T is basically robbing you in plain site. AT&T costs is the sole reason i don't have one! Then to be locks into that for two years! INSANE!
Thanks for the tips but it is actually worse than that. It happens sporadically and when it does opening and closing the lid does not fix it. When my MBP is not connected to a power source and has been asleep for a brief to long period of time when I reopen the screen it just stays black. The sleep indicator light turns on and off when I open and close but the screen never comes on. Even when I have plenty of battery left. If I then plug the power adapter in and open it up...
...fix the problem i have with waking my MBP from sleep. Its the only real issue I have but it is extremely frustrating.
I lived in Minneapolis for 5 years before moving to Chicago two years ago and I used to say the same thing until I moved here. People/tourists in Chicago go to Michigan avenue to shop....People in Minneapolis/St. Paul go to Malls to shop. its the MN way. Most of their shopping is done in malls. Its part of the reason I moved. I aggree with Nicolet Mall needing a Flag ship store however Nicolet Mall needs a lot of things to turn it into even a mini Michigan Ave. Which it...
Question I've been wondering.... If T-Mobile saw a benefit in providing the visual voice mail service to iPhone users that unlocked their iPhone. Could they do so? Has Apple and att patened the visual voice technology? Could T-Mobile set up the service if they wished? Now that the iPhone is unlocked and can technically be used on T-Mobile's network. Would it be legal and in T-Mobile's interest to provide service for unlocked iPhones? It might help retain its customers...
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