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Actually I think Apple should just stick to its schedule and release it when its ready. Releasing just ahead of Vista will only bring all the frustration that windows users are experiencing with the delays to mac users. If they stick to their own time line Apple could be on Sabertooth by the time Vista is released.
Okay that makes a bit more sense.
so what we could get for free for the last 3 months we now have to pay $1.99 for? sweet sweet progress. \
BTW...its Chicago Tribune, NOT Tribute. Thanks
Yeah I'd have to say that I would not buy a phone without a camera. I use it all the time. I see a sign that I need the info from...I take a picture of it. I have photos of the people in my phone so when they call it pops up....I want my wife to see something I just saw in the city. I send her a photo. I use it to send people directions, say a street corner of where I am...just to name a few. The phone I have now (Sony Ericsson W800) has a 2mpx camera and It takes...
Ive ordered the books before and have been very happy. I have given the for gifts numerous times and everyone loves them. I even ordred one as an additional wedding album for me and my wife and it ended up being the one we show eveyrone. I think they look great!
Yeah Sony Ericsson Phones kick ass. I have the W800i and I love it. I barely even take my ipod any more cuz my phone holds 2 gigs of music and has a 2mpx camera and takes video!! The only thing its missing (which I will agree is kind of a big deal) is iTunes support. If only I could get my phone to show up in iTunes instead of manually loading songs. Anyone know of a way to do this? But yeah Sony Ericsson, GREAT PHONEs. Unfortunately since the US is so far behind the times...
I think we live in exciting times. a new Mac Pro with Adobe Creative suite 3.0 its all the machine any designer needs. Cant wait! Ill be the first to order! I cant wait!
Is this the right spot to say how excited I am to see the new look of the PowerMac (MacTower?)!!!!! I hope they take the look now and shrink it down a bit to the size of the old G4. Actually i hope they come up with something totally new! the G5s are HUGE. I hope with the use of the Intel Chips they can cut back on the size a bit. CANT WAIT TO SEE IT! anyone think well see them in August? This is the machine I'm saving my money for!!!!!
there are some things that I really like about Firefox but its the .mac syncing and integration that keeps me using Safari. Its awesome to have your home, work and portable computers always up to date with the my latest bookmarks.
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