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For now I would be happy with Griffen Technology or Belkin or Apple for that matter coming up with an iPod accessory similar to iTrip except instead of putting out radio frequencies. it would actually find my stereo hooked up to my airport express and allow me to play my music wirelessy to that stereo. thus making my ipod my universal remote. (for music anyways). WHY CANT THIS BE DONE? I wish I had access to capital. I would invent it myself.
West Bend, WI (my hometown) has a Radio Shack and a Walmart....but no Best Buy or Target. The closest BB or Target is about 30 miles away in Milwaukee. I agree with what you were saying, but you did defy me!
I miss Audio Galaxy. Here's an idea...the "News Event" is tomorrow...why dont we just wait and see. Im sure it will deal with the new phone. whatever its called or looks like. Also I think we'll see new ibooks at MacWorld in July.
Cell phone coverage totally depends on where you live. Here in Minneapolis my friends that have Verizon HATE it. They get horrible coverage. I had sprint and couldnt use it indoors. I got T-mobile and now I rarely have problems. I can be in the bathroom closet in the basement of my house and still have 4 bars. But my sister has T-Mobile and lives in Milwaukee. Her phone doesnt work AT ALL in her apartment. But as soon as she steps outside....4 bars. Talk about...
Cingular became the largest wireless company in the US when it bought AT&T. If you lived in a city that always had Cingular you prolly noticed no difference. However here in Minneapolis we never had Cingular until they bought AT&T. Now Cingular signs are everywhere here. 1.Cingular / AT&T 2. Verizon 3.Sprint / Nextell 4. T-Mobile
technically speaking...isnt USB 2.0 faster than Firewire anyway??? I always thought... Firewire = 430mbs USB 2.0 = 480mbs is this right? Also I have had numerous iPods since they were first released and I've noticed with everyone one that the packaging is cheaper and you get less stuff. Some of it makes sense but I feel apple has compromised on the user experience of opening your iPod in order to cut costs. And when they say there was a price drop..was there...
Here is a senario... Im at home and i just downloaded a new album from iTMS i copy it over (not to my ipod, but...) to my ipod phone, because im just going out for a little bit and dont need the 40gigs on my ipod. Throw it in my pocket and I'm out the door. I hail a cab and on the radio is a new song by some artist that I'm really diggin. I go onto my phone and go to iTMS mobile find the song and download it to my phone. Now I'm back home and I plug in my phone and...
Does anyone else think that the reason for the big deal announcement for 4.9 could also unveil iTunesMobile or iTMSmobile? Or could that be another big function that they would wait for v5? or MacWorld in July? or is that issue a completely seperate deal?
I would have to agree...in my area T-Mobile is way better than sprint. Its why I switched. Sprint = sit by window and hope for half a bar T-Mobile = 4 bars from inside closet of the bathroom in my basement Of coarse I know it varies for eveyrone...thats just me. Anyone want to sell me a Moto Rzr phone for 50 bucks so I can test it?
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