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Somebody should write a script for the mansion that SJ is going to get torn down. Great setting for a horror flick?
Hi, I recently moved my iMac from the living room to upstairs. Used to be on Ethernet, but now on wifi. That used to work just fine and there are no changes, yet... it will logon on the router, but not on the internet. Laptop works fine on the same network, so does my iPod Touch. Used the assistant, to no avail. Did a full hardware check (just in case). Deleted the network and added it again. So far nothing. Logged on the network and that's where it seems to...
First, where is the 'English version' button? They cry their eyes out when there is no 'French bullshit' button on a Canadian site. Besides that though. Rogers is/was Apple's choice as a carrier. Now Rogers won't give Apple the unlimited data plan to go with the iPhone. Otherwise we would have had the iPhone already yesterday. But thanks to Rogers, no way so far..... great, thank you Rogers. If another carries is able to pull this off, I am switching everything from...
horrible experience, I hope you can still sleep at night And what a lame remark to make even on that guy's account 'I don't officially work for Fed Ex'?? Who cares? He is making the money and should do it right. I wouldn't even have accepted the delivery, but hey, Apple is replacing it. Good deal then. When I moved from the Netherlands to Curacao (am back now and Canada is next), we had a G4 for packed and shipped with our things. It was not even 3 months old. Now, I...
Patents have become a monster all by itself. Common logical things shouldn't be allowed to be patented anyway. I hope some organ can overturn this monstrous thing and tune it towards it was made for.
i want a ad blocker for Safari first, the xp version. Only then there is a chance I will leave firefox.
is there an ad blocker for Safari.. that's the only deal breaker for me at the moment
I just want more USB ports... simple... more....
Wish I had a Mac Pro. I had to buy a laptop few years ago. Just before the intel switch... My wife needed windows... and only had an iMac... Now she has a 24" iMac with 4Gb... I am so jealous!! And she made me buy this windows laptop!! (Asus, still sweet ) Anyway, good for you!! A Macbook Pro is soooo sweet to have!!!!!
I think until 3G is available. And then maybe it's only those models that will have 16GB.
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