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Well, a lot of you suggested to not do business anymore because Apple wasn't compliant with consumer law. I guess, you're just as opportunistic as can be. At least, some companies have the guts to just say no
shut the f*** up! Such a post makes obvious you don't understand sh*t about car manufacturing
Is awkward
Got to say A bit wowed!   Actually, love it to pieces!
Apple's wrong calling it a complication.Regifan can only think in terms of rounded squares
An AppleWatch has 0 complications. It's just software
1) Interesting that you think Samsung's "normal" is not as precise as Apple's "pretty decent"2) I'm sure you think it's an asset to have the phone around.
A bit like when Apple says 18h for "normal usage" (whatever that may mean)
Nobody mentionning 2 - 3 days autonomy? Nobody referring to the ability to make a call?
Because, simply put, when you're having a seizure, you can't do anything, let alone find an app on a minuscule screen and then activate it
New Posts  All Forums: