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Guess what: the artists say that that THEIR music isn't available for free. Period. So whatever part did you misunderstand?
talk about mouth foam.what fact did you bring?(none) +1 for hypercard. loved it to pieces.looking into Livecode (it's heir)
This is really an amazing piece of tech...   With siri, with watch, with kinect, with hololens, ... it looks like we're seeing the outskirts of new ux's.
Some argued a couple of years ago that Android would never ever have more than 50% marketshare.
That's the thing: it doesn't work well yet.Did you miss all the reviews talking about the potential and that this is really just a 1.0 device?
encryption would be responsible for the death of a child... How about firearms? Let's consider first which kind of representatives asks for backdoors
Can't understand all those whiners. This is the best product launch ever
You cannot ignore that Apple Watch was foremost targeted at Health.
Idiots! It's not meant for workouts so long
There have been plenty remarks in that sense made by the Apple die hards
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