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We're quite involved with seizures (multiple a day).This experiment - as it is explained - is completely useless.
  How can we know he's setting the record straight?
Looks like right now Cook is using the media to manipulate the stocK...
AAPL CEO talking the stock up? Now, I'd get really worried!
You're watch face doesn't have "complications". It's a moving jpg (or svg or gif or whatever, I don't care). It's everything and your mother but a complication.
Watch OS 2 with new "complications". Software is not a complication. When will they learn?
Guess what: the artists say that that THEIR music isn't available for free. Period. So whatever part did you misunderstand?
talk about mouth foam.what fact did you bring?(none) +1 for hypercard. loved it to pieces.looking into Livecode (it's heir)
This is really an amazing piece of tech...   With siri, with watch, with kinect, with hololens, ... it looks like we're seeing the outskirts of new ux's.
Some argued a couple of years ago that Android would never ever have more than 50% marketshare.
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