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Well, as a former project manager, I can tell you this: a beta is never intended for a large audience. It's meant for a review group sending back findings on using the software. - does Siri beta have such reporting functions? - is it intended for a review group? - was it launched as a feature for the whole of the intended audience from day 1? - does it implicate that when Siri is out of beta, that it will be flawless (as current errors are so vividly attributed to a beta...
Not really. It really means that 'he guys, we have something that's called Siri, but please, don't mind its countless errors"
Well, as a matter of fact, if you compare JB, Google Now, ... they have a headstart compared to iOS6, due out in 3 to 4 months...
All these IP specialists. I wonder why Apple is paying a fee to hire lawyers. They should just fire their legal team and ask for help on AI.
Whatever the reactions from the Appleoids, bottomline: Apple was wrong and had to pay up
Originally Posted by GadgetCanada  New Apple ad "The new iPad with 4G. Please note that 4G service may not work where there is no 4G service. For example, Antarctica, Marianas Trench, the Moon, and Australia." The new iPad with 4G only for North America. It fails everywhere else
Copy paste from some publicity. Did you notice Pages on iPad and on iMac do not synchronize. Hence, to me, Pages on iOS is not really meant for iCloud, is it?
Are you serious? iWorks is not iCloud compatible to start with
Yes, we all know there are a kazillion boxes stored somewhere waiting for a buyer.
    Is this like one state in the US subsidizing Apple more than another state in the US?
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