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You're right: a beep should be good enough
Maps ridiculed??? On the contrary. According to DED, tallest, solli ed all, this is the absolutely best mapping software available!
I guess you're referring to the US case, not to all the other cases 
Well,   dismissing Droids commitment to Apple as blah blah blah because Droid is eloquent enough to make his mind about the way Apple does business lately also shows the type of person you are, doesn't it?   C
@ireland: In fact, it speaks volumes for the SBB brand. Apple doesn't seem capable to design its own clock-face.
Some people really need to work on their blood pressure. What's the stress?
Fantastic design.   It mixes both Starks ideas with some of Jony Ive's (the iMac in the roofs).   A shame for the shuffle though...
Well, he could have that he didn't have any useful to say
I'm surprised TC commented on the Surface.  Must be that he thinks it will be a formidable competitor
      Who do they think they are?   A sovereign people with sovereign courts. That's who they think they are!
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