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Well, Hypercard is still alive and is now called Livecode aka Runrev. Incidentally, you can code against iOS, Android, W7. On top of it, the same code works on the 3 platforms...
This is a huge win for Amazon... and the consumer.
Uk debt including bank relief is 142% of GDP And let's not forget the massive 11% deficit. Yes, the UK is failing. And the City will drop like a ripe fruit in our basket.
The UK has not devalued the GBP. It was effectively devalued by the market. Guess why? Because you're doing so well. Considering the UK wanting to leavethe little club, I think the little club gave the UK a nice F... Y.. late last year when starti g ESFS. Don't try and switch the table... you can't. The UK is well behind in that game. Just like you are if you don't know that your fountains will be closed. Trafalgar square won't be the same in the summer. And, o yes, our...
Was it not impossible to have a virus on OS X? Apple's superior OS was responsible for that! But now that there is a virus, it would all of the sudden be some third party's responsibility to fix this mess? Well, why don't we just merely buy some antivirus software for OS X and perform the same tiresome procedure as in Windows? Or just go back to Windows altogether as at least these guys seem to know how to cope with viruses.
I think it's me who should get back to you for not understanding English. Or isn't it clear when I wrote than that the intent of a law should be written as an extra to the law. It'd definitely cut back the loopholes. So no, the don't have to divine (I suppose you meant "guess") the intent of a law. They should just read it. It'd probably also help tax rulings and/or judges in making a verdict.
First, let me reassure you: I'm perfectly capable of processing any sentence written or spoken in English. I'm not sure why I'd chill on that specific issue. Are you comfortable with child labour? With slave labour? With 2,5 USD a day pay checks (because it's better than having a 2 USD a day check)?
Marvin, you're 100% right about that.That's why I suggested to add to a law it's intent, how it should be interpreted. The thing is, all these big corporations try to use and abuse every loophole in the law to try and create a tax break or any other advantage such as subsidies.Such a comment on the law would enable any judge to interpret the law as it was meant to be iso as how it has been bent.
Well, I'm from Belgium, the only country receiving kudos on EU-level for taming it's deficit (whereas UK deficit 2011 is 12% if I recall correctly) But again, I don't know why that would matter to you as you seem to be fine doing business in a country where even managing fountains seems to be problematic. Also, before you consider 'the rest of Europe', well we ARE doing MUCH better than your shithole does. Not convinced? Check out the EUR/GBP exchange rate over the last...
Congrats to you and good luck. You'll sure need it. What does the country I live in matter to you? The thing is I did business for over 3 years with the UK. And it's like I said, period. But you're not the worst people, there are still the Chinese to try and f... a non-native. BTW: 1) are the water fountains already closed or are they still running? 2) The only thing I miss about the UK would probably be LBC with Nick Ferrari and James O'Brian. So yes, I know some of...
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