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My point? That this verdict won't change a rat's ass to the valuation of Samsung
Idiotic remark. Their stock is still up 5% compared to the day before the trial started.
Not really surprising blog entry. It doesn't add a lot to the conversation.   I think Samsung may have had a point, throwing in the F700. Alas, their lawyers missed on that point. Well, may wife may have the copy (S2). However, I envy her screen.
There are lots of prior art to Siri, so no, it wouldn't be the first step
Makes me think of Apple not allowing apps that have the same function as built in apps. Curious that the (very) Appleionado doesn't grasp that...
Well, if this is it, then the nqme shouldn't be too hard to find: It's the iPhone 4sl
Feeling better? I sure think such a rant is less expensive than a visit to the shrink
From the Apple motion to diismiss the F700Only the iPhone had these design elements like a rectangular shape, rounded corners, ... You might take a look at Sammy's patent filing that Apple so blatantly copied.There is a logic to Apple trying to juridicial's filings that THE F700 DOES NOT EXIST!
Instructions to the jury: 1) forget everything about the F700 2) only allow Apple statements into consideration 3) the guy Bressler, he's OK but the cross examination is irrelevant
Close the phone and you'll see a rectangle with rounded corners, centered screen and all the rest of the blah
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