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Yes, we all know there are a kazillion boxes stored somewhere waiting for a buyer.
    Is this like one state in the US subsidizing Apple more than another state in the US?
1% of the handheld market which means including the feature phones Which still does not say that this isn't an incredible feat. Kudos!
Some reactions here are unbelievable and not showing any kind of humanity.   But then again, there's been a TV viewing reassuring us that everything is OK, isn't it?   It seems the Apple-fan has become quite conservative. Gingrich supporters?  
Has no-one told this judges that only Apple patents are valid?
I'm not sure I ever read such an idiotic and biased article.   As if the German taxpayer would pay for a patent dispute between 2 companies.
It is against the law not to mention your stock investment when discussing a stock.
Apple could pay a license for this patent. Germany is not at fault...
Well, Hypercard is still alive and is now called Livecode aka Runrev. Incidentally, you can code against iOS, Android, W7. On top of it, the same code works on the 3 platforms...
This is a huge win for Amazon... and the consumer.
New Posts  All Forums: