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Well, if the specs are lesser than what's generally available, then it's not even evolutionary.
It's not functioning poorly. It's BETA for Christ's sake.
Idiotic view. The money spent on the iPhone won't be spent on other items. Or will you subscribe yet another debt?
He's not alone. Considering the market share, only 20-something% is interested into the iPhone 4sl. "Only" here still represents a substantial number though. But 70-something% vastly exceeds that number. So, no, he's not alone. Sorry!
Well that's your interpretation of market share.In my book, 68% is still larger than 20-something %.So, no, most don't care. Sorry
No free opinion in Appleland?Try the ignore button!
I also feel like Apple is not the same as it was 18 months ago. Frankly, I'm not sure yey whether it's for the worse or the better but anyway, it's clear that Apple is not as lean anymore as it used to be. Growing a bit concerned as I invested a lot in the ecosystem ans what used to be simple isn't really anymore (with iCloud being a real pain)
A patent for filter and sort??? And that doesn't exist yet?
An iPhone 4SL
My point? That this verdict won't change a rat's ass to the valuation of Samsung
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