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Maybe you're wrong.Yes, English is my 3rd language but let me reassure you: during a management assessment, I was in the top 1% for reading, understanding and reproducing-using-other-words an English text. 1% of a university degree crowd that is.And to elaborate on that, I had a perfect score for correctly interpreting words like "all", "some", "any", "most", "may", "none", "might", "can", "could", "will", ... the tricky words.You may think that I have some linguistic...
I did some SarbOx comliancy missions in the past. Always thought that it just related to financial disclosure and not, as you seem to suggest, to claims between companies over a patent.
No, it literaly says: we need to make better looking icons, and we don't want it be in a way that they look like the iPhone's. In fact, this is clearing Samsung.
Shaded icons when function not available? I did this for more than 15 years! Hey, maybe I was the first one to do this. Can I claim 2,5BUSD now?
This makes her look like she's an idiot.I mean, might I have an impression that I turned on a Samsung when I see the Apple logo?
OK, so now it's not the details that count (though it is Apple's trademark - and I, for one, am impressed with their focus on detail) but the 'curb appeal'. So, it's getting generic again. But then again, we're back into rectangles-territory... which is not good either. The thin thing doesn't stick. Just follow the thinning-pattern over the years. EVERY producer designed, smaller lighter and thinner over the years (though 3,5 inch is now deemed too small, which I don't...
So much for the idiotic samsung lawyers theory
Ah, the BETA argument. Will Apple Maps be indefinitly BETA as Siri is?
Samsung has nothing to prove. The burden of proof entirely lies with Apple. And Apple trying to facilitate its task, files motion after motion so as to try and have Samsung with no shield to defend itself.
Maybe you should take a look at their patent portfolio... They actually have and produce all the technology to device a smartphone and glued it all with android.
New Posts  All Forums: