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      Who do they think they are?   A sovereign people with sovereign courts. That's who they think they are!
This is an invention? Haven't we seen that before? Courier someone? Surface?
Worked just fine for me today. It does guzzle a lot of energy though!
It's not a huge security flaw. A huge security flaw is when I use my iPhone to make a payment with my credit card.
No, I won't say NFC. NFC is already available in a lot of Android phones...
So now, catching up (which they don't do with the iPhone 4SL) is good enough? Apple doesn't need to be ahead of the curve anymore?
Well, if the specs are lesser than what's generally available, then it's not even evolutionary.
It's not functioning poorly. It's BETA for Christ's sake.
Idiotic view. The money spent on the iPhone won't be spent on other items. Or will you subscribe yet another debt?
He's not alone. Considering the market share, only 20-something% is interested into the iPhone 4sl. "Only" here still represents a substantial number though. But 70-something% vastly exceeds that number. So, no, he's not alone. Sorry!
New Posts  All Forums: