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So much for the idiotic samsung lawyers theory
Ah, the BETA argument. Will Apple Maps be indefinitly BETA as Siri is?
Samsung has nothing to prove. The burden of proof entirely lies with Apple. And Apple trying to facilitate its task, files motion after motion so as to try and have Samsung with no shield to defend itself.
Maybe you should take a look at their patent portfolio... They actually have and produce all the technology to device a smartphone and glued it all with android.
Slander? Fabricated? How would you know?
I don't see the problem for Apple. Didn't they claim that it's established that whatever Samsung prooduces that it is inspired by the iPhone, beyond any doubt or evidence? Why so serious about this?
I don't want to argue with the idea "who was first". That seems irrelevant to me. It's just that horizontal emergence of ideas is a fact.Ine can easily argue that Samsung as a hardware company just wauted for the correct software (Android) to glue all the pieces they produce (cfr F700)Now claiming that someone has foreseen all the consequences of an invention or discovery is quite odd. Even Einstein, when playing some of his mind experiences with Bohr was beaten on his own...
now that's a design process!Btw, evolution in ideas, as opposed to genetic evolution, works horizontally as well as vertically. For instance, general relativity would have found it's way, even without Einstein. Pointcaré came up with th same ideas at about the same time but following a more geometric route.The images presented by Samsung, where the F700 is depicted, show just that.As does the notification center on my iphone...
Why recognition is done on the Apple Servers iso at home is beyond me.
We don't care whether it is ridiculous or not (you didn't explain why it'd be ridiculous): it is the law!   Other places have this, like the whole of the EU.   Good chance finding a neighbouring country when you live in Rome.   PS: what is with this cocky attitude of the die hard Apple-is-always-right-kind-of-supporters. You might start with respecting the LAW. And BTW, we know as a fact that Apple does play with words (eg '4G'* - * valid only in North America)
New Posts  All Forums: