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That's the thing: it doesn't work well yet.Did you miss all the reviews talking about the potential and that this is really just a 1.0 device?
encryption would be responsible for the death of a child... How about firearms? Let's consider first which kind of representatives asks for backdoors
Can't understand all those whiners. This is the best product launch ever
You cannot ignore that Apple Watch was foremost targeted at Health.
Idiots! It's not meant for workouts so long
There have been plenty remarks in that sense made by the Apple die hards
Maybe, this vid will explain what real watchmaking is about and why the Edition is not in the same league as a watch with real complications https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtkcLjiNy_0
I thought the app was the product on sale. Not the pebble
Well yes, it's been around for decades: he initiated it and it's a prolongation of pop art. But whereas Craig&Karl are disturbingly close to Britto, Britto is for off from e.g. liechtenstein or Warhol.The guy has a case: maybe not against Apple but he certainly has a case
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