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I guess I'll stick to my 4s. Didin't see anything to make me get any newer version
What idiotic article is this?   How many iPhones get in 1 45'' container? 5.000? 50.000.000 units (over a quarter) = 10.000 containers   How many containers on a panamax? 5000?   You need 2 panamaxes to ship a quarters volume. And someone trying to say that there isn't enough shipping capacity?
If I feel that Australia is in the wrong...The village's fool is going to establish that Australia is wrong ?I'm quite certain that Australia has a legal system good enough to establish if a company is wrong or right.And, as far as I know, Apple's been wrong a couple of times in Australia. In Europe as well...
I'm sure the Patek Philippe's, Breitlings, Jaeger le Coultres ed all are peeing in their pants.Any of these iWatches is analog? Precision mechanic? Handcrafted? 
 How do you feel about your house, locked, and still have someone snooping & stealing in it?Just "accept the consequences" ?
So you mean iCloud and - by extension - the cloud paradigm aren't safe?Interesting! 
That's a Samsung!
Do teenagers deserve a lesser service?
Now tell me, awesome-scientific guy, how scientific is your post?How fact-driven is it?What are the criteria to bet your left nut on?
 That's what I meant.
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