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Two officers killed today. Sorry for the loss, but still, I'm quite amazed it took so long.
The price for robbery is death penalty... by not 1, not 2, not 3 but by 9 (NINE) shots!No jury needed. Saved the US a lot of money.And the streets are much much safer now.(and if they aren't, there are still a lot of bullets to fire)
 So you should be shot the next time you're jaywalking or anything else doing against the law
Are you claiming that 354 kills are black cops against white people?
Firing his gun... You make believe he shot only once. Actually, he shot 9 times
I fully understand that but if race were not an issue, then there'd be 134 people on the CEO-list.There's a twentyfold "error margin"... That makes my point not too absurd.
 There are 7 black CEO's or Chairmen/women of Fortune-500 companies?When I said there were exceptions, I never imagined they were so few!Do the maths: that's 1,4%! Want another figure?1 out of 9 of the Judges in the Supreme Court is black (2nd ever out of 117).
 A lot here feel that when a white cop kills (read: murders) a black criminal, that it is ok.That's way beyond inciting: that's giving full support. So again, let the black cops kill white criminals (for whatever "lawful excuse") like once every two weeks and let's see what happens.26 criminals forever off the streets. That's a good thing, not? BTW: God is a sham. Live with it
I think it's about time a few black cops kill (read: murder) some white criminals during arrest
The real issue is that some need to be more law-abiding than others.That because of what they wear, because of their skin color, their looks, ... some are more suspect than others. The issue really isn't about being law-abiding.The issue is racism and discrimination. I sincerely congratulate you on fulfilling your goals with no help whatsoever. The thing is, being white, no one has ever questioned you, your motives or your acts. If you have a different skin color, you...
New Posts  All Forums: