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 It seems only the AI Apple fans are blind to changing trends.How many times haven't they posted that bigger size is wrong, that cheaper is wrong, that Apple has the best ads, ...
At least, here, no-one is biased!
Or maybe a pay cut at Apple?And oh, Apple will sell less, but not 7 times less, so yes, the UK will have its fair share.
the iPhone... I use it, and I use it well. But it's just a phone. There's nothing intimate with it. And sometimes, it's even complicated to do easy stuff with it!
 Actually it's no-one's phone... except for the Irish as they fund its development.On the back, it should read "Designed by Apple in Ireland, Assembled in China"
 You're turning the tables. The law foresees a fixed percentage of taxes.Companies engineer constructions to pay less than what the law foresees. As to your second question, no I cannot. Neither can you.But a generally accepted rule of thumb is that the richer pays more taxes than the poorer.Not only in amounts but also in percentages.0,50 USD on 1000 USD is not fair. Should you ask yourself any question about the above: I am in the highest income categoryand tax rate.
Tim Cook seemed to care (when speaking to the commission)
Interesting how the spirit of the law - Apple's argument changes into just being legal.We all know it's legal. But is it right? According to the spirit of the law (everybody pays his fair share of taxes), clearly not. 
Thank you for helping me out. So it gets money from - amongst others - sales from Australia, for which it funds R&D performed mainly in the USThe spirit of the law... Yeah, right!
I cannot see how creating empty companies with huge bank accounts rhymes with abiding to the spirit of the law. As an aside, has any major development on the OS's ever been performed in Ireland?
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