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I'm sure the Patek Philippe's, Breitlings, Jaeger le Coultres ed all are peeing in their pants.Any of these iWatches is analog? Precision mechanic? Handcrafted? 
 How do you feel about your house, locked, and still have someone snooping & stealing in it?Just "accept the consequences" ?
So you mean iCloud and - by extension - the cloud paradigm aren't safe?Interesting! 
That's a Samsung!
Do teenagers deserve a lesser service?
Now tell me, awesome-scientific guy, how scientific is your post?How fact-driven is it?What are the criteria to bet your left nut on?
 That's what I meant.
People led by a belief - any belief - are not scientific and they are not awesome. They're awful and creepy. Your last paragraph fully makes my point. People are not a dime for a dozen. If you don't agree on that, then read your Constitution. Then again, then again. (dońt forget the 13th).What do you know of benzene? How much of it is used to produce what's most important to you: you're product? Did you read the report? Were you part of the investigation team? If not, your...
What kind of person are you?People and their well being come first. Always!
Don't want it either.But I want a state where rogue players, feeding on the ignorance of others, to be banished from the free market.
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