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But of course you are right!The least number of distributors, the better.I'd say, dump them all. Apple will make a killing
HiHi Marvin,Pls dońt be to harsh on TS.We all know he's quite outspoken (his 'vomit' remark is case in point) but we can all live with itC
InTS has spoken again, exposing his unflawed logicIndeed, it is much easier to sell unsunsidized iPhones without distribution channel of interest than to sell subsidized iPhones through 3 distribution channels representing over 80% of the market.Time to buy Aeroflot shares. They'll make a killing flying all the people to the nearest Apple store.
Looks like a couple of great improvements
They use the iPad as well
Well, i do use the iPad now for star gazing. But pointing to a star with a device that blocks your sight is quite complicated. It seems to me that just looking at a star is the (far) more simple approach.
Thank you for making my point. This is where a device like GG and iPhone/iPad (which I both HAVE) are different. And this feature will make that using a device like GG will be different than using iPhone/iPad. This feature allows for enhanced reality and creates a whole new breed of interfaces.   During hiking, when performing surgery, whilst visiting a museum, when repairing a car, star gazing at night, ... enhanced reality has an edge.   Tallest Skill may claim that GG...
So, tallest, your iPhone or iPad is translucent? Can you explain me how I can turn my iPhone/iPad into being translucent? Thanks!
Talkedt Skill doesn't understand, again.
You're misrepresenting my post. I was referring to the 'knowledge' part of rfca's argument not to the privacy issue. I agree, I should have been more specific.   Considering the big picture, I think there is no way to avoid borgification of the human species. The advantages (brain controlled artificial limbs, enhanced brain functionality, ...) are simply to great.   And yes, it will come at a steep cost, but then again we might want to have another look at privacy and how...
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