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Weather is worsening in Mexico as my coffee keeps getting colder
Funny this 'as' word showing up in nearly every AI article. Hey guys, a hint: 'as' is used only to combine 2 related elements. Otherwise, it's just meaningless
 An analyst saying good things about AAPL is an analyst, even an expert.An analyst saying bad things about AAPL is an anal-yst, a moron, an idiot, ...
Taken together, the camera, the A7 and the fingerprint sensor are a bit thin to be called a (major) overhaul. But I sure do like the fingerprint sensor. Great add on!
 Well, in the meantime 2 out of 3 smartphones are Samsung.But glad to know that an Apple 6'' is thought through whilst a Samsung 6'' wouldn't...Makes perfect sense.
 No, he didn't write that.He wrote that you accused him of lying, that he has proven that you were wrong and that you still didn't apologize for your false accusation.That's what he wrote!
I thought that the consensus on AI was that large screens were lame. Or did we have to understand "large Android screens"?
What did Apple exactly save?
Oh c'mon: wrong time frame. It's only from 2000 on that really matters  
Carl Icahn on one side, Larry Ellison on the other http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/talking-numbers/ellison-apple-going-down-without-steve-jobs-175209349.html   Now, who knows Apple best?
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