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@hydr: didn't know that an iMac is a mobile device. I'll give it a try with my 27''. It seems like you're clearly missing the point.
Well no, the iPhone5 is set against the SIII. Apple needs to step up!
100% of all original iPad owners are not on iOS6
C'mon DED, I'm sure you can pump the stock price by another 2% today, just by linking it to a 128GB storage.
This is for all the people who think that the big investors hold on to AAP Who%u2019s behind Apple%u2019s (AAPL) months-long selloff? Hedge funds get plenty of pointed fingers. How about starting with boring old mutual funds %u2014 like those run by American Funds, among the staidest of them all? The $113 billion Growth Fund of America (AGTHX) %u2013 the third-largest in the mutual fund industry, according to Morningstar %u2013 dumped something like $3 billion worth of...
Well, Samsung is shipping more items and they don't seem to have a problem in their supply chain...
  Well, I guess it must bite somewhere... Take care!
  I think you try to make some point here, but I fail to say what that might be... taking picture of the iMacs was a bit more complicated  
May I recollect to the non Apple hater how much they were wrong 1) We'd always have the highest market share mobile OS 2) We'd always be the number one seller 3) We'd always have a market share higher than 50% in the tablets business ...   Now, who has time and time again been proven wrong.   Mind you, I do own a lot of Apple stuff, in fact I have all the stuff... but being religious/fanatic seems a bit like over the top
Hi Stellligent,   Sorry, what did you say? I'm still counting the money that flows in! See ya!
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