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Hear hear, everybody's wrong Only the Apple fans are right.   I love Apple. I have: - an iPhone 4S - a MacBook Air  13'' - an iMac 27'' (just came out, yeeh) - 4 iPods - an old iMac 21''5   But do you mind me trying to keep the record straight. Some things are really not OK - waiting 1,5 months to get my latest iMac - the Apple stores - iPhone after iPhone 4 - the Cloud - ...   and if I were an investor, I'd also be worried about -...
Sorry if I have the wrong term. Was pretty sure about it though. Well, I won't mind tomorrow :))
No,   because only a fool would not have known that the stock would go either up or down with a nominal margin. So, iso being long or short, the best option was to bet on both. I went for calls 530 and puts 480
Well, I must say, my straddle is paying off... big time.
And oh, BTW, the outlandish numbers come right from the heads of the supporters who still have this silly idea that iOS is marketleader... Rough awakenings
Over 20 Bio eradicated. Well, hate to say it, but the people who were a bit more realistic about Apple have the upper hand. I'm amongst them and still I'm happy to say I love my new iMac 27'' , my iPhone, my MBAir, ... and yet, something's definitely broken.
It's a miss... and the stock is being pummeled
  Well, I've got my 2007 iMac next to my new 27'' new iMac.   The difference is quite amazing. You simply cannot compare these 2 machines. It's another league...
Good to know that you have a full brain and all these engineers working on transparent displays are morons. This clearly states whose input is relevant.
Reminds me of SJ explaining how one should hold his phone. Naah, SJ wasn't commercial technical support   BTW, my mew Air 13 inch works wonders
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