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Thank you for helping me out. So it gets money from - amongst others - sales from Australia, for which it funds R&D performed mainly in the USThe spirit of the law... Yeah, right!
I cannot see how creating empty companies with huge bank accounts rhymes with abiding to the spirit of the law. As an aside, has any major development on the OS's ever been performed in Ireland?
Yes, Apple's the guy and Google is failing miserably... Anything else?
UK pays for the health of the customers.
Considering the mean education level of the people on this site, it doesn't blow my mind.
We all know that Samsung doesn't sell a single unit. They just ship them to be stockpiled in the shops.
 Tens of millions without seeing an ad firstMillions without first having approval from Apple (within 28 days)
Hi Guys, - 8% Good night
All those claiming that fingerprint ID security is OK are missing the point.   It is not safe and it certainly isn't extremely safe as Apple did say. Period.   I guess I can stick with my good ole 4s (it's working blazingly fast under iOS7. Best upgrade ever)
TS, this is exactly what I said. An analyst saying bad things about Apple is a lying idiotic anal-yst.
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