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you're using the exact same arguments as those used 40 years ago against calculators
I fully understand the dork and privacy issues. But, GG is also an incredibly useful tool, not only in niche markets. Imagine when hiking and you get directions from GG. Or better, where flora and fauna are recognized and GG explains you everything about it. Going around in musea can be much more fun and instructive The thing is, the possibilities with a device like GG are just limitless I predict a device like GG will be a hit. Not an instant hit but therés just too...
Group mailing???? Looks a lot to Google maps app interface (choice of colors, menus, ...)
Isn't this what Skype offers for years Ah no, Skype isn't limited to 1 platform
It's not exactly new. Android has that since way back, but I'm quite happy to have it as well (at last)
Well, it seems you'll also have ads with iTunes Radio
Hi Tallest,     what are the odds?   what are the odds that this one guy is actually smarter than all the so-called dumb guys who don't follow his gist, idea or opinion of the self-declared smart guy.   Zéro, none, zilch, niente
1) It's not a general opinion but a specific opinion. 2) I just said I won't use Apple Maps anymore: it sucks 3) My opinion is just as valid as anybody else's 4) Maps was included in the article as an addition to Siri (which I like) 5) If you don't want to see my opinion, don't read it
Apple Maps, are you serious? Tried it today... I guess that was for the last time. Google Maps on my iPhone just blew that Apple application to pieces... There is not a single aspect in which Apple Maps is better that Google Maps
it's beta (forever)
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