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    Concerning paying taxes, Apple doesn't seem to be a good pupil either
Why should Amazon pay a percentage to Apple whilst the users databases significantly overlap?
  Mindreader. I'm in awe for your prowess
  There are already 2 direct retail channels One is the Apple Store, the other the Apple Webshop.   And as Apple will probably launch a worldwide carrier - funded in part by the better margin that they get -, they'll subsidize the iPhones themselves.   Again: I totally agree with the idea that the fewer distributors, the better it is for Apple. Kill them. All of them. And let's start doing some serious business
According to TS, this is actually a good thing!   We're trying to have the least possible distributors to sell much much more iPhones than we already do.
  What are you complaining about? Twice I confirmed your POV and that Apple should shut down all distributors. Let's make this a world wide event. Press release would head "we're shutting down our distribution channels to improve selling" There'd be some questions asked , but the strategy would be obious   Let's further make it the super exclusive product that sells by the kazillions. Oops exclusive and selling by the kazillions. There must be some contradiction...
But of course you are right!The least number of distributors, the better.I'd say, dump them all. Apple will make a killing
HiHi Marvin,Pls dońt be to harsh on TS.We all know he's quite outspoken (his 'vomit' remark is case in point) but we can all live with itC
InTS has spoken again, exposing his unflawed logicIndeed, it is much easier to sell unsunsidized iPhones without distribution channel of interest than to sell subsidized iPhones through 3 distribution channels representing over 80% of the market.Time to buy Aeroflot shares. They'll make a killing flying all the people to the nearest Apple store.
Looks like a couple of great improvements
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