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I thought that the consensus on AI was that large screens were lame. Or did we have to understand "large Android screens"?
What did Apple exactly save?
Oh c'mon: wrong time frame. It's only from 2000 on that really matters  
Carl Icahn on one side, Larry Ellison on the other http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/talking-numbers/ellison-apple-going-down-without-steve-jobs-175209349.html   Now, who knows Apple best?
  Well, there were a couple of innovations. For starters, it worked on literally thousands of models of computers, with various screen sizes and resolutions, with different memory management systems, ... 
You might think your thinking is is flawless.It isn't.I'd like to bring you to one of the most well known quotrd relating to peace as you'll immediatly notice the correlation.Indeed, just as peace is not the absence of war, freedom is not the absence of emprisonment. Both are "a state of mind".You provide the flaw in your reasoning yourself (in your 5th paragraph).If I don''t do something suspicious or illegal, then I probably have nothing to fear about.Who is defining...
Since the dawn of politics, government has always tried to restrain the freedom of its population.Through fear, through abuse, through haphasard taxation, through snitching, ...The US administration is playing the fear card to the fullest. Their motives may not coïncide but Al Queda and the US administration are objective allies. I'm not going to say that AQ had won, but it is clear that the population has lost what should be it's dearest holding: freedom.
Well, can't agree more IF the case is as it is presented. Side remark: we all know about double dipping. Reminds me of Apple asking 30% of in-app purchases.
- Are you saying that Amazon does not pay the taxes that they owe? - Are you saying that the design is trivial? I was under the assumption that the design is what set the Apple products from the rest.
    Concerning paying taxes, Apple doesn't seem to be a good pupil either
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