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Hello. Here is the history; New-to-me machine (EMC 1989-G5/17/1GB/80/SD/BT/AP/100) with a diagnosis from second owner as trash. Won't boot and display is a mess. After quite a bit of research and trial and error, I get the local Apple store to diagnose 1 bad cap. The tech says that the bad cap is causing all issues and refers me to local Apple repair center. The tech also tells me that this model has already been "fixed" once for same symptoms. I then open the case and...
Upgraded to ios5 on iPad 1. Lyrics no longer display. Same issue on iPad 2. Settings no longer has switch for turning this feature on or off. Upgraded to ios5.0.1 problem still there. Lyrics will display on iPhone and iTouch but not on iPads. New iPad Music player app leaves much to be desired. Wish I had never "upgraded".
My sister's iPod touch 4th generation 64gb just "died" yesterday. She had half a battery, left it on the table, and came back 20 minutes later and it wouldn't turn on. She tried resetting it and restoring it and it never worked. I've tried both and also haven't had any luck. We've tried on both of our computers and have gotten error codes 1601 and 28. After having it plugged in for a while, I actually got it to turn on. It said it had a low battery but that it was...
Hello I bought apple MacBook pro 6 months ago. I have used it for 6 months. I don't have a password . But computer says log in using your password. There was cancel button. But it isn't there anymore. I have used cancel button on the sign in page for 6 months. Could you please help me?
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