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For years, middle class Americans have gotten up in the morning, gone to work, raised their families and rolled their eyes at the things in society that they did not like. They had a “can’t do much about it “attitude”. Over the last 10 years, however, this has changed a lot. Conservative talk radio, to a good extent pioneered by Limbaugh, started to bring the silent majority out of their silence. Today, organized by talk radio hosts and bloggers, these people have...
The level of sarcasim suggests none of you see it coming. Good to hear. Niether do I.
Do you see it on the horizon? The far right around here are saber rattling.
I agree that from here on out what is important is how is does as an owner. I started this thread because I felt that this occasion was worthy of note. Despite laws, racism is alive and well in the hearts of many . I wish him well.
Arizona businessman Reggie Fowler and Vikings owner Red McCombs announced Monday an agreement that if approved by the NFL will make Fowler the next owner of the Minnesota Vikings. Neither man would reveal a purchase price, but the Pioneer Press reported Sunday it could be as high as $635 million. http://www.twincities.com/mld/twinci...l/10898868.htm
a mini , gene
People down here are still a little sensitive about that Civil War thing
Yankees don't know how to cook. Give me Texas BBQ and Cajun food and of course Mexican food.
Ill give it a day and then call.
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