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Thanks for the info. I got excited when it shipped,but that was almost a week ago! Anyway, I know Spring Festival is a huge deal in China so I will be patient.
Just curious. My Mac shipped from China but has not moved from the FedX ramp there because of holiday. How many more days are they on holiday?
Sherry enema Update: The sherry enema story gets another twist: A Lake Jackson (texas) widow denied Wednesday that she provided the alcohol that led to her husband's death from a sherry enema. Tammy Jean Warner said her husband, Michael Warner, 58, not only had a longtime alcohol problem but had been addicted to enemas since he was a child. He gave himself the enema that led to his death May 21, she said. Ms. Warner claims the man used all manner of...
Any talk of using these weapons is very misguided.
If we had only nuked them Russians in the 50s and gotten it over with instead of that drawn out cold war! A small nuclear war? Like Nagasaki and Hiroshima? That was 2 bombs of 1940s strength. No, we don't want a small nuclear war . I dont think that the Bush admin does either.
e1618978 that is why we need the kind of leadership I talked about in my first post. We need to avoid military action unless it is the absolute last resort.
The South will sure hope we can shoot it down. What happens to it when we shoot it down? I really don't know.
Did I once make posts like that? Yeesh
" if we can get the Chineese to agree." I'm sure they will be on board. We have such a good relationship with them, after all.
This one will be a real test for the Bush Administration. The military option is not a good one. If they have the weapons they claim to have, it will be messy. Especially for South Korea. This is a time for solid leadership, solid diplomacy and being tuff without showing disrespect. No time for name calling and clueless tough guy talk. The NK leadership is dangerous, desparate and perhaps a head case. We will see if W and company are up to it. I hope so.
New Posts  All Forums: