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I find music I don't understand less distracting than that which I do understand. This lady is an old crab, that's all.
This is interesting. It can be effective if (1) the "terrorists" are really motivated by religion and (2) the "other side" is one they trust and respect. We have far too alienated the Muslim world to ebter this type of dialogue with these folks. Such discussions should have started years ago.
Nothing you can do about people like that but peacefull co-exist when you have to and otherwise ignore them,.
" Canseco claims he personally injected performance-enhancing drugs into some of the biggest names in the game, including All-Stars Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez and Ivan Rodriguez." Trust Canseco? Probably not, but the last 10 years of baseball records are probably a sham. I just find this sad. http://chicagosports.chicagotribune....ck=1&cset=true
johnq I had hoped to not have yet another thread about the US gov
I want to keep this thread hypothetical. It is not about any particular group of people. It is not about Iraq or GWB of SH or anything in the news. I am asking how far you would go to ge tinformation out of someone whom you thought had knowledge that you needed to prevent harm to someone important to you. This would be your girlfriend (or bf) or your family or maybe your country. How far would you go? Ask them? Hold them by the neck? Punch them? Worse?
"As many have said already - that is why the terrorists have already won." Yes, I have thought for awhile that the goal of people like OBL is not as much to physically destroy their enemies (they know that don't have the ability), but rather to push their enemies to their worst an in essence rot from within. If that is the plan, people like GWB have fallen fast into the trap.
I don't support these methods,but I wonder how different things are now than they have always been. Do you think this sort of thing went on during WW1 and WWII? during the Cold War and Korea and Vn? How about during the US involvments in Latin America in the 1980s? Has much really changed? I don't know the answer.
The Bush admin has tried almost everthing short of an invasion in Venezuela with little sucess Aurora.
"Who was it that was operating on ego and not working for the best result for everyone in the first place? You seem to be saying that someone needs to change..." Groverat That was a ref to everyone involved.
New Posts  All Forums: