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The indigenous peoples of North America we slaughtered by our forefathers. Period. Many more of these folks survived in what is now Latin America where they were relegated to the lower class. Many Latin American countries have never recovered from the colonial period.
Here are some from a local protest. http://www.lonestartimes.com/index.p...0,1545,0,0,1,0
Yep. I think Groverat is the source for this one. I think you can figure out where it comes from from this image.
Has he ever had an original idea? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programme...ne/4195177.stm
http://www.lonestartimes.com/index.p...0,1543,0,0,1,0 Some interesting photos. Ignore the site's commentary if it offends you. Moe
Thanks for the link to the story, segovius.
I don't post this to blame the soldiers involved. They probably felt that they had no choice.
This is a sobering series of images. There is really nothing else I cans say right now. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/h...far/html/1.stm
Wow. What can I say? "A dainty 100lb woman has become the first person ever to finish Denny's Beer Barrel Pub's monster 6lb burger. Kate Stelnick, 19, of Princeton, N.J., made the five-hour drive with two friends from The College of New Jersey, after they saw pictures of the monster burger, dubbed the Ye Old 96er, on the Internet and on TV's Food Network. She ate the burger in 2 hours 54 mins, 6 minutes under the 3 hours allowed. Not even competitive eater Eric...
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