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Boston terror threat probed By Tom Farmer and Michele McPhee Wednesday, January 19, 2005 "Federal and state authorities are investigating a nuclear terrorist threat against Boston after a man calling from Mexico told California police that he smuggled two Iraqis and four Chinese over the border, the Boston Herald has learned. " http://news.bostonherald.com/localRe...rticleid=64303
I would argue that this is a misuse of religion to justify one's selfish agenda when in fact such people do not believe that they are doing anything to serve any god.
Interesting discussion. What I really wonder is where do meanness and hate come from? We can defend our territory, our hunting ground and our farm without hating. What leads a man to despise another people just because of who they are? I saw the film "Hotel Rawanda" last night. Wonderful film about a horrid situation and it is happening again in the Sudan.
It's hard for me to see how there will be any real call to accountability. I think that most Democrats (elected ones I mean) are afraid to really go after the Administration because they are afraid of the political fallout. The general perception is that the President is popular and most Dems are afraid to try to bring him down. The Dems remember what happened the last time someone tried to bring down a popular President. I think that you need to look deeper than the %...
"US voters 'endorsed Iraq policy' as far as they are concened, its all over. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4178655.stm
Is man intrinsically good or bad? Are we born honest, loving, caring and decent or are we born lying, cheating selfish dolts? Are the good people in the world those who have learned it, or are the bad people those who have lost goodness? I would like to think that we are all good, and that evil is a learned trait. What do you think? Sorry--this should be in AO, not PO.
How long can the Shia hold out before they fall into the trap and start to retaliate? When they do, we will have an all out civil war.
Pfflam, I have to disagree wiht you that a lot of people care. If there was significant caring about this, the Gov would be held accountable. They will not be.
So what is the dudes name?
This is a disturbing practice. It makes one wonder how many "opinions" are for hire. To be fair, I have heard that it predates the Bush administration and was used often by Clinton. I need to find links to back that up.
New Posts  All Forums: