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It was never about that to those in power, but it was to a lot of Americans and that group of Americans should care today.
After two years, we accept that there are no WMDs in Iraq and the killing rages on. Do more than a handfull of people care? America is so confused. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4169107.stm
I was woken early this morning by a nightmare. I found myself in front of a restaurant with an iron-fenced patio filled with people eating. Leaning on the outside of the fence I saw two very small dead Mexican Indian babies (For some reason I knew that they were Mexican Indians and had died of starvation). Next a man came onto the scene and began to yell and curse at the people eating on the patio for letting this happen. I awoke very distraught by this. I need to do...
Experience tells us it is a bad idea. Paramilitaries turn into the next generation of warlords. Hiring mercenaries to do your killing for you is both hypocritical an amoral. From the "freedom fighters " of Central America to the paramilitaries of Colombia to the northern alliance of Afghanistan, the results are ugly. It is nothing but a way for a government to separate itself from things it would rather pretend it dos not belive in.
The Chicago Tribune has revisited this story today. I was going to post and then I rememberd this existing thread. Mysterious jet tied to torture flights Sat Jan 8, 9:40 AM ET \t _Top Stories - Chicago Tribune By John Crewdson Tribune senior correspondent The first question is: Where is Leonard T. Bayard? The next question is: Who is Leonard T. Bayard? But the most important question may be: Does Leonard T. Bayard even exist? The questions...
Just a bad movie. No big deal From Lonestar Times: Stone faults "fundamentalism" for film flop Matt_Bramanti Oliver Stone is blaming you ignorant redneck Bible-thumpers for the abject failure of his most recent movie: Often-controversial director Oliver Stone has blamed the failure of his epic film Alexander on the "raging fundamentalism" in the U.S. South. The film, which stars Irish actor Colin Farrell in the story of the Macedonian conqueror...
steve666 we depend on these people. It is too late to go back. We need to find a better way for them to be here and work. Nor sure where you live, but Texas would stop cold without the latin american work force.
I understood the question Powerdoc. I reponded the way I did because I found the suggestion that I consider this disaster to be "God's wrath" totally absurd.
OK. These people have a right to present their views. Period. Likewise, we all have a right to protest their views in any peaceful way we want. We can write what we want. We can march in front of their museum 7 days a week if we want. Our constitution allows a lot of things people don't like. The KKK can march through a black community and the neo nazis can march through a Jewish community. This is the price we pay for freedom of speech. There is a problem when...
Huh? What are you talking about?
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