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At the moment I only use Blender ( http://www.blender3d.org ) and, while I don't think it opens them right off the bat, there might be a script that can import them.
Guitar. Started learning violin when younger, had to stop when my finger got forcefully removed from the rest of my hand.
Safari 1.2 improves compatibility with websites and web applications by providing increased support for standards, adds support for personal certificate authentication, and works with Java 1.4.2 to enable websites that rely on LiveConnect for communication between JavaScript and Java applets. This update also provides improved application stability, full keyboard access for navigating web pages, and the ability to resume interrupted downloads.
I've been on two magazine covers. I talk to my imaginary friends. And I answer myself back. I also take chapstick everywhere. I wrote an AI so I could have a friend. Um...probably lots of stuff.
The Incredibles Hellboy Spider-Man 2
It's been taken down now.
Today we are proud to announce the launch of Dark Angel Archive, the newest, and in our slightly biased opinion, the best Dark Angel fan site. With articles, character bios, an episode guide, forums, an image gallery, and much more, you are sure to find what you are looking for. We invite you to join our community. Come visit us at http://www.darkangelarchive.com We hope that you chose to make us your source for Dark Angel news and discussion on the net. --The...
I remember being cut on the cheek by the doctor that delivered me (c-section). I still have a tiny scar on my cheek from that.
Final Draft is pretty good, feature-wise, but it's really poorly ported to OS X. Sophocles for Windows looks really nice, but it's not available for Mac. I own Final Draft, however, and use it often. Works well for what I need it for, and it's a hell of a lot easier than trying to format in a normal text editor.
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