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Geez, give it a rest. What does your bitching about a keyboard have to do with the Apple Watch?There's always good third party accessories if you don't like what Apple is offering.
This one has nothing to say about the original article and was yet considerably edited rather than deleted:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/189857/apple-throws-support-behind-houston-equal-rights-initiative/240#post_2801929Why would a mod even bother to spend the time to edit that? If your assertion is true, it should have been deleted. Unless monetary policy has something to do with Houston's ballot initiative, which I don't think it is.
Lots of posts in one recent discussion have been deleted, a certain poster's inflammatory posts have only been edited to remove inflammatory lines with no note as to who edited them. Posts on the opposing side that haven't been breaking any rules were simply deleted. We used to have a custom of mods at least noting edits were made.
I'm not a big fan of it, but I think it can be reasonably argued that people buying the smaller model aren't power users anyway. The previous 21" model was not very upgradeable anyway given you have to cut & later replace the adhesive. I'd suggest the 16GB & Fusion drive if you can swing it though.
You don't seem to have to deal with the trolls much then. They see the number, skim it at best and move on, thinking their beliefs have been confirmed. So "If they read it..." is a contingency that you should know rarely happens.Your list of potential upsides to having this article at all is pretty thin compared to the down sides, especially compared to the aggravation of having to deal with the haters.
Yes, the detractors don't know what's going on, all said. They don't understand what the numbers really mean, assuming they have any meaning. I really question AI making a story of it at all when they don't bother to address what the numbers don't mean, even if they were correct. The article pointing out the "guestimators" quote is lamp shading the issue, in my opinion.
The AI writer or IHS? I'm pretty sure IHS is clear about what they're estimating in their report. Blog writers certainly aren't.
I'm pretty surprised to see the turn around in attitude on Isaacson's book. I don't remember seeing this amount of negativity about the book previously. At least it seems like the tide has turned there. I can't say I'm surprised about people being disgruntled about Sorkin's movie. I hadn't read an Apple news site in many months, if not a year, because I was getting tired of the filmmaking gossip, hanging off of every scrap of information, seemingly down to whoever was...
The source you gave isn't any better than TheWhiteFalcon's. Besides, you need a source for non-data? "Much" is such a vague number that it's meaningless, and pretty interesting that you got defensive about it. Macs are probably a decent share, though I don't think anyone other than Apple knows anything better than a rough estimate.
It's just a BOM. Yeah, it's not a lot of things, but a BOM means something pretty specific. I'm amused at how the article text is defensive about it, and yet gives no context in the form of a comparison to similar estimates of competing products.
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