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I was hoping for an update today, even a low-key update where they push out a web site update and a press release.I think silent update implies they don't even tell anyone, you might figure it out by opening System Information.
WWDC has been used as a platform for new products & product updates about half the time in the last 15 years.Based on information SolipsismX dug up:2013: New Mac Pro, new Time Capsule, new Airport Extreme2012: Retina MBP, updated Air2010: iPhone 42009: “the new 13" MacBook Pro, updates to the 15" and 17" MacBook Pros, and the new iPhone 3GS.”2008: iPhone 3G2006: original Mac Pro, and Xserve2005: (announced Intel transition)2003: first G5 PowerMac and external FW iSight camera
Nice trolling.It's a very profitable business that they're buying. I don't like Beats, but at least I can acknowledge that "minor" detail. You're not proving to be anything better than a hater.
AI is *still* doing that? The people in charge of that really must be juvenile.
They always say "this year we have the best product pipeline evar!" - and it seems like they emphasize that on years with weaker updates. But I don't see much reason to disbelieve them this time - yet. Only time will really tell.
Well, no, but it's been replaced twice.Well, it _has_ been replaced twice over...But if that's your test example, then it's not really helping. Not a lot of people buy that kind of camera, there's several per city.Apropos to this thread, I have two computers with Thunderbolt jacks and exactly one "Thunderbolt" device - an adapter to DVI. I want to see TB get some traction, but it's only going to be a niche device sold only to pros if the feature costs $100 more.
Tasty vintage camcorder.
You revived a five year old thread for that?
The definition seems vague. Is it counting only TVs with built-in streaming, or are they counting streaming through external devices like AppleTV, PS3, etc? I haven't seen a built-in streaming feature that I liked. They seemed like afterthoughts. External devices seem to be much better, they live or die on experience, internal circuitry can be turned off or ignored.
I think the idea of hooking up wired ethernet to a sub-notebook computer is hilarious. Maybe necessary sometimes, but still hilarious.
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