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I have iDefrag saying my Time Machine drive is inconsistent. I've done a repair on the disk in Disk Utility, and Drive Genius's Consistency Check in demo mode isn't finding it. Is there anything else I should try? If I paid for Drive Genius ($99), there's a couple more things it can try, but I wonder what good that will do if Consistency Check finds nothing. Maybe iDefrag is making it up or exaggerating, but I hate to write it off and find I left a real problem untended.
I have an AppleTV with active HBO Now subscription. I can't get to certain things, such as any of the first season of John Oliver's show or even the episode listing. It just shows me the spinning wheel of death. The second season comes up fine. I can let it spin for a minute and not show me the season info. I've pulled the power on the Apple TV, checked for updates. I don't know what else to do. My current workaround is to AirPlay stream HBO Now from my iPhone to the...
I'm guessing that HBO is more aggressive about limiting where their services stream because they own the content and the service. Why they care so much is anyone's guess, but they might have content sublicense contracts to protect. Netflix probably doesn't care so much, they just have to make it look like they do.
Isn't part of the problem sites like this that promote the guestimators and spread their "information"?
This isn't the first AppleInsider / Adorama iMac 5k deal. Are these machines not selling well enough? If it's a harbinger of an official price drop, I'd welcome it. It's not a sure thing, but I think there's precedence.
I think they'll do fine. They've done fine for decades as a premium add-on channel, now you don't even have to get basic to get this.With cable TV, you're also paying for channels that you don't watch because they're in the bundle. I suppose you can argue that with the HBO offering here, you're also paying for shows that you're not watching. But the cable/sat packages compound the problem.At the moment, the price seems fine, I don't think it's reasonable to compare to...
"We have X better by some dubious margin" But what about Y, Z, A, B & C? I still haven't warmed up to the new Windows. The Tile UI doesn't mean jack if the apps for it are sparse.
Applecare is a nice bonus, though I'd want to flip the printer.
That's unnecessary. I don't understand the need to declare that.I don't think there's a right to be on a retailer's shelves against the retailer's wishes, nor do I see why this case should change that. If someone sued you, would you really keep offering their stuff for sale?
A protruding lens like that is a bad idea. The iPhone 4 had a slightly protruding lens, and it got scuffed up if you weren't paying attention. The lens should have been slightly recessed. I know it's fixed on the 5s, I didn't check on the in-between models.
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