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Then it's best to not call people idiots while making such a dumb flub at almost the exact same instant. Calling people idiots in making a fifth grade math mistake while making a fifth grade grammar mistake doesn't look good on anyone.
I don't know where I would put it if I were the kind of person to have it under a desk. I guess I would just put it on a shelf, where I already have my current Mac Pro. It puts out so much heat that having it under the desk in the summer meant unwanted heat billowing from under the edge of the desk. I don't really have space for cylinder on the desk.
What's amusing is that Corrections is, as far as anyone can reasonably tell, an alias for DED. None of the other authors reply with an alias. I suppose there's a fair point that the other authors rarely reply in comparison. It's just that the alias makes it feel like sock puppetry in a way.
?Adobe Creative apps were never free in the first place. But with the upgrade plan that a lot of people take (say every other release), the new plan is more expensive. I don't think anyone really upgrades unless every version there is a clear need to, features of the new version pay for itself, or have money to burn. I've gotten away from monthly payments on a lot of things, I even paid cash for every car I've owned. If monthly payments works for you, fine, but I don't...
Not long after the release of CC, I had been helping someone with their project. The CC updater had an alert bubble pop in the corner every minute that it couldn't connect to the internet, the local WiFi was down. For $30 a month or more, I don't think I'd go for that kind of irritation.
Please don't quote trolls. It's crazy how two people on a jihad are making things much worse.
I thought it was hilarious that they used a bunch of dancing and juggling to try telling us it's a serious product.
Some of that was Apple's choice. The Mac Pro power supply could handle dual super high power GPUs, the OS could handle them too, but Apple didn't include enough power connectors to actually deliver enough current to the cards.Even in their newest announcement, it seems like they're holding back. To me, it looks like there could be another four RAM slots, and there could have been more slots for the PCIe drives.
Tabbed Finder strikes me as a power user function, and Apple doesn't seem to cater well to power users. I'm glad it's a feature now.I don't think my dad would use it if he had a Mac.It doesn't look like MS has ever added tabs to their Explorer (file manager). They can be added with third party programs, which I hadn't heard of until I did a search just now.I like what I've seen so far with 10.9. 10.7 and 10.8 added features that made it useful enough that I felt I almost...
That would be amusing. But given how computer companies throw anything against the wall to see if it sticks, what matters is if they stick with it. It took at least a decade for AIO computers to be a significant segment outside of Macs.I don't see how it's a fire hazard.I wish it had more RAM slots and more storage slots. Given how small the mini-PCIe cards are, they could have included six slots.I wouldn't be surprised if Newertek made an HDD riser for it, like their...
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